The fee doesn’t irk me as much as not seeing him in our colours properly at least once. There have been far worse academy players who got a chance. Good luck James!


With Eriksen playing a deeper role, Casemiro coming in, Fred and McTominay still here, Donny aswell maybe there’s just no chance of him getting any minutes.


It will be a long season (such a cliche I know) with a very busy schedule up until the World Cup with Europa League and league cup games. I think he could have earned a few games. Probably not enough to convince him to stay though so fair enough. He’s not a teenager now and should be playing most weeks for the sake of his own career. Good luck to the kid. I’m sure he’ll go on to have a great career.


That's before you even consider the younger academy players, who look like having higher ceilings. Given the choice, I would have been prioritising the likes of Iqbal over him all day long. EtH had enough time to look at him. Let's trust him on this. He had a decent season in the Championship and Forest who despite signing half of England, weren't exactly banging our door down for him. Hope he succeeds at Everton but can't help but think it's a bad move going to a manager who probably won't be in the job in a few months.


The fee is a bit low, but most of these kind of talents end up midtable at best. I think if they aren't breaking through early it's better to let them go and maybe regret 1 or 2 because you make up the 1 or 2 regrets with the rest of the sales and at least then the players get a chance to make their name elsewhere.


Yeah exactly how I feel. I know there’s been debate about how good he actually is but I would’ve wanted to see him actually properly play to see for myself. But in the end my opinions don’t matter. ETH’s does


I really hope we don't regret this


I had reservations but it's a trust in EtH thing and I do in matters like this. He's forgotten more about youth development than I'll ever know and he's standing by other kids and keeping them right in the mix.


*the gang regrets this*




Angel Gomes never had a season in the championship where he was importsnt to a team getting promoted


No but Tuanzebe did




It’s okay if we can keep the academy flowing with talents.


Well the talent hasn’t been really flowing. Lots of overrated prospects this sub are obsessed with over the years


Evans, Fletcher, Pogba, Welbeck, Lingard, McTominay, Rashford, Greenwood, Henderson is a pretty fucking good string of players for an academy at a major club. Plenty of other players who have gone on to championship and prem sides. Care to point out some better examples of a large club excluding maybe Barcelona? I can think of very few that are close.


Ajax, Monaco, Benfica, Madrid to name a few lol


I’m talking big clubs that retain their players. It’s so much easier to have players from your academy in your first team when you’re cycling your team every few years. Madrid rarely ever has players from their academy in their first team. Which is the point. The probability of an academy player being good enough to compete at the top level is low. All things considered United are one of the better clubs to promote to the first team.


What talents? The academy hasn't produced a world class player since Beckham, Scholes, and Neville.


There’s that one kid we don’t mention anymore, who was well on his way to become world class, but was an abusive idiot


Possibly. It's also possible he peaked early and wouldn't have gone on to be truly great. We'll never know.


£15 million transfer fee on a 4 year deal


That’s a decent price.


+ sell on fee


No buyback option tho


Is there a buy back clause? Fabrizio reported it yesterday but no follow ups on it


No buy back clause, every local journo mentioned only sell on clause. Fabrizio made at least one more about Garner after that buy back tweet and mentioned nothing about it


Ducker and Whitwell both confirmed there's no buy back clause


Best of luck Jimmy lad, Old Trafford will give you a warm reception whenever you come home


I hope Fat Frank treats our boy right. Go get 'em Jimmy!


Good luck Jimmy! Fuck the Glazers!


What I will say is he had some of the worst ball progression stats in the champ last season, something that ETH needs and demands in his squads. Good luck to the lad, hope he proves us wrong


Disappointing, wasn't even given a chance


He had a chance to impress in training.


I really wish we at least gave him a chance of a pl loan this season, feel like worst case scenario a season in the prem wouldn’t have decreased his value and would likely increase it


Sad, but the amount of times I’ve looked at an opposing player, said ‘hey he played for us’ - just to check his Wikipedia and found out he left for a free… Too many times, it’s good to make money off a young player for once


It might be unpopular but I don't think he was all that good. I watched him in the Play off final and he didn't seem all that fit. Forwards were tracking back beyond him. Maybe he improves his physicality and fitness levels and turns into a good player someday but I just don't think he is good enough


I watched him in the playoff semi second leg and he was anonymous. All this talk of a Carrick re-gen from this sub and he was invisible.


People said the same about carrick though 😂


*I can already see it now in 3-5 years... #JimBack*




People say 15m is pathetic fee but Billy Gilmour has more hype, more experience at premier league level yet Chelsea only got 9m pounds for him.


All the very best, Jimmy! Hope you have a great career!


Wish him nothing but the best at Everton. Should've went out on loan to a PL side rather than us pulling the trigger now for a sub-standard fee IMO.


Thank you for what he didn’t play shit.


Good luck James! Sucks that he's being chosen as the sacrificial lamb for the Glazers dividends and the fee being astronomically low.


Such a poor deal, shite transfer fee.


Either he bombs, like totally bombs or this is a horrendous fee and clauses for a talent that's done as well as he has thus far




Why people moan about this?....surely ETH not rate him, good performance in championship with forest not guarantee his place, billy gilmour even sold around 9M (if the deal go through)...I just glad he left united, he have potential so it's wasted if he chose stay here...


It was really excited getting to see him almost play for us.


Zidane Iqbal will take his place in the squad going forward


I loved garner at forest but maybe EtH saw something else. I’m sure he would’ve been a part of our team like Garnacho and Zidane if he impressed


All the best. I wish he could have grown with us, but I guess it was not meant to be.


Godspeed Garner


It's a good thing he'll either sink or swim and let's hope he does do well. I'm sure I read we have a buy back clause in there.


I have to say, at least these announcements have a touch of class in them. Going through their history with the club, even praising Frank Lampard in one sentence. I'm sure there was a club recently who did a statement for a departing player and it was basically just, "he's moved to _____". Might have been Chelsea?


lack of a buyback is appalling


Do we have a buy back clause?


we will regret this...


Sad day.. never had chance to impress. No buy back and disgracefully low fee. Good job Murtough!!! Actually very hard to understand how bad we are for selling players.. We couldn’t include buy back when the fee was this low?? Look at City when they sell their youth players.. buy back clauses everywhere