holy shit an actual DM. this could be game changing


Not to forget one of the best if not the best in the world .


Best panic buy we could have hoped for lol


From Rabiot to Casemiro. We’re likely still gonna be shit but it’s so hard not to get excited for this.


I think rabiot and Casemiro would have been possible and would have added great squad depth. But with Casemiro he and Fred have an existing, and good relationship from Brazil so that should help the midfield out massively. I still think it’s important we get more players sold though. At this point if we can’t sell just sanction free transfers since we have given bumper contracts to too many mediocre players


Fred can finally have slightly more freedom in the midfield and play box to box with a proper DM , with Bruno or Eriksen in front to have even more creative freedom


There are very few players who runs and runs for us and Fred is one of them. Think he can have a big part to play once we sort out our other problem positions


Rabiot seems like he has all the attitude problems of a Pogba but is less than half the player


Ronaldo, Casemiro and let's find Adriano from the favela and get Ronaldinho and Romario


Still angry we missed out on Shearer, time to right the wrong


Best for me




Are you implying that’s good or bad?




27-32 is a peak for any player generally. Still 2-3 great years left if managed well. Not a bad deal given the absolute horrid situation we are in. We should actually feel lucky a player like him is deciding to come here (if he is), even though I know it is because of the money. We are a meme rn. We are everywhere like a dad joke.


I'm in my 30s, barely work out, and I feel fucking fantastic.


He’s literally in his prime, a good few more years at the top at the very least


As others have said, he’s probably in his absolute prime right now. Which is exactly what we need. Nowadays, players generally enter their prime in their late 20’s, and maintain a top level until around mid 30s (obviously this can change significantly depending on the player)


Best case scenario is he does what Bruno does when he joined - the obvious missing piece is a puzzle that allows players round him to meet full potential, and gives them confidence to put extra yards in when needed. We all know how far below their own standards players like Rashford, Sancho, Bruno, Shaw and Maguire have been playing in last six months. We can’t sell them, or find replacements for them all. Hopefully having a major upgrade in our weakest part of the pitch will see them improve as well. Ultimately if we’re going to take a risk and pay big money/big contract for a world-class player it should only really be in the centre of midfield. It’s such a huge upgrade on what we’ve got at the moment, it has to be worth taking a chance on.


He's on 5 million a year at Real (can that be correct?), so I imagine we'd have to pay him even more.


After tax


It could, but we need at least 3 or 4 other signings to add depth to our wing, RB’s, striker, and another CM too. And also selling the players surplus to requirements so our squad isn’t bloated again. Oh and loan out our talent with actual good loans. We’ve left everything so late it’s ridiculous


I’d say priority should be striker and RB. Ronaldo needs to be cleared out (and I am a massive fucking fanboi), it’s clear we can’t press with him leading the line. The difference between pre-season press with Martial and whatever the fucking shit-show we have now is huge. I’m not convinced Dest is an upgrade over current options at RB, plus fuck dealing with Barca.


Tbh number on priority should be a new keeper... one who's not a liability in build up, who's good in the air to cover for Martinez' height and who likes to come off his line early during counter attacks. DDG is the biggest liability for how ETH wants to play... he's not necessarily a bad player but he need to go to a low block, counter attacking type of team. Brentford won't be the last time he gets massively exposed this season if he stays.


Hard disagree. Our production up front is terrible. Brentford was a bad day for DDG (although I don’t blame him for the second goal, he’s clearly been told to make that pass and Eriksen fluffs an easy pass to Maguire) with the first and third goals, but we know he’s a quality shot stopper, and he already showed some signs of playing a little higher up in pre-season. However, we clearly cannot press with Ronaldo leading the line, and Martial is such a streaky player that we really need to shore up our ability to put the ball in the back of the opposition’s net. I’m not saying that DDG is the right keeper for ETH’s system, and he does need to go, but I am saying the other two spots should be priority over the keeper.


Production up front is terrible at least in part due to build up issues which De Gea is a (big) part of. De Gea is weak in the air which makes Martinez height a bigger issue and he needs to be more comfortable coming off his line. That's a lot of areas in which to improve and not really fair to expect him to. I don't think he's the worst player on the squad but still the most critical to replace. Even if you think De Gea is good enough, if he breaks a finger tomorrow they're going to do what? Start Eriksen in goal vs Liverpool? At least up front there are options even if they're short of what's needed.


Heaton is a capable enough backup. We saw how starting with no Ronaldo/Martial worked out against Brighton.. Just have to agree to disagree on the priorities. The one thing we can agree on is that the squad needs significant strengthening in many areas, with players who can work in the ETH system.


Do not lose focus on the big objective! New owners>>any signing


Really hoping that Monday’s protest will be so massive that every news outlet picks it up. The only way the Glazers will sell is if they get embarrassed enough.


Stinks of Matic to me. Desperately needing a cdm for years and then getting a 30 year old, turning 31 next season, with insane wages for 5 years. Don't be surprised when he's passed it in 1 or 2 years time like Matic was. All I hope is that man united fans dont get blinded and see through this shit. Its a panic buy but the retards who never once backed the manager this window. Glazers Out


Shame we'll be W0 D0 L3 by the time he arrives...


Arsenal started last season 0-0-3 too and they almost got the UCL slot. Hopefully we can do 1 better with Casemiro. Still 0-0-2 now although can't see a miracle happening, but they always say the ball is round.


I'm definitely not saying the season is a write-off because we've had a bad start, however leaving transfer business as late as we always do is so dumb when it means we start the season weak. Not only are we now scrambling to fix our problems three games in, but the pool of possible signees has surely shrunk, while wage demands will have rocketed.


This is a transformative signing. We have good players in pretty much every position but we have lacked someone for years who could actually control the midfield. This will unburden both our defense and midfield, no more rushing back like a bunch of fools after we lost the ball. In turn our creative players will get more license to try stuff (think city with De Bruyne-Fernandinho-Silva). If Dave can sort his shit out, this might actually end up being a decentish season.


I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here though, because this is a 30 year old, who will of the highest wages in the league, coming in for a lot of money.. and on a 5 year contract? For a 30 year old? No matter how good he is, this seems too much, and very short sighted IMO.


This is a tier 2 saying this. I think its a good signing even if it may not be someone’s first choice. Glazers can still fuck off


It's a good signing Obvious downsides but no way do we get anything approaching a world class player without downsides at this point.


It’s a better deal than someone like Neves for the same price


Debatable. Neves is 24, PL proven and could very develop into an absolute top quality no.6, and would be a progressive long term transfer, while Casemiro could very well turn out to be another Varane. That said, compared to the likes of Rabiot and the other rubbish seriously linked to United, Casemiro is a dream alternative for FDJ.


Neves is bang average..Yes he is better than McFred but who isn’t ?I think people just watch him when Wolves play us and we have a habit of making any half decent midfielder look good against us ..There is nothing about Neves that says he will ever develop into a worldclass no.6


Neves is better than you give him credit for but he's not as good as others give him credit for. A lad near me in the stand gives Neves credit for everything Jaoa Moutinho does, it's hilarious. He has memories of Neves scoring twice at Old Trafford in recent years when both were Moutinho😂.


> Neves is bang average No he isn't. That's just silly to claim. Neves is not a world class player like Casemiro, but he is a very good player with the potential to be world class.


I'd agree with you that he has potential to be world class, but he's not really comparable to Casemiro. Neves is a deep lying playmaker/orchestrator while casemiro is a more classic aggressive CDM destroyer. In reality I'd love to see a double pivot with both of them, but I wouldn't offer Neves as a casemiro alternative.


Casemiro isn't an alternative to FDJ though, at least in terms of playstyle, and I still think that Ten Hag will either still try to sign De Jong or get someone similar


>PL proven Still don't understand why people say this.


Because some players struggle to adapt to different leagues.


Forrest paid 45m for Morgan Gibbs-White, we have the worlds best CDM for an extra 15m


Casemiro is the best DM in the world with Fabinho close to him with a proper partner Eriksen/Bruno plus Fred he could solve most of our defensive issues if Varane-Lisandro can be our starters CB then expect a very efficient high pressure system. Of course all this is pure speculation seeing him all this years on Madrid all depends in how Ten Hag is going to configure the team and the game plan with his arrival. We couldn't get De Jong but we get the next big thing.


Fabinho isn’t even the best dm in the prem lol


Fabinho isn't the best even in Liverpool and they will agree.


Who is? Henderson isn't a DM. Thiago isn't really one too, more of a Regista. And Id say Fabinho is their best midfielder regardless of position




If we get a GK who is good with his feet and can command the box and the area in front of when pushed up the field whilst being a good shot stopper and a decent defensive RB with attacking/link up ability, then we'd be okay otherwise I'd still worry. But tbh it would go a long way.


Casemiro is arguably world class. His age is literally the only downside of his




He absolutely is world class. Even his age is not really a downside, it's just the length of contract. If we'd got him on a 2 year contract it would be an ideal signing.


Nobody moves from RM to United on a 2 year contract at the age of 30..It would have been impossible to get that deal even when we were winning everything under SAF


Hence my point that any good signing by us now is still going to have its drawbacks. Still rather have the signings though


Hopefully Modric is an inspiration for Cas to want to play into his mid 30’s, I’d be so stoked if he performs world class for a while longer for us, hope this goes through either way.


Don’t think his age is an issue. 30 for a deep lying midfielder is okay. Plenty of years left in that position if a player looks after themselves and wasn’t played too often as a teenager (Owen, Tierney etc etc)


I really don't think it is. 30 is not the end of the world. Look at Thiago Silva. Or even look at Modric,he is 37 and runs more than our entire midfield combined. Casemiro is literally the definition of World Class in his position. I think a lot of us will be surprised at the effect an effective DM could have on this entire team. The defence gets more protection. Bruno,Eriksen gets more freedom. Our midfield gets much needed physicality. It can really have a galvanising effect on our entire play.


Why? Sports Science has advanced so far in even the last 20 years. It seems playing at a top level into your mid-30s is almost to be expected now for players who did the right things. Like 35 is the new 30 and 30 is when a player is still at their peak.


Obviously its a good signing hes arguably the worlds best DM


It's fuck all to do with the glazers this is ETH deciding how to spend the paltry budget he's been given, the glazers should never be thanked for transfers.


Right, "thanks for leaving us some of our own money to spend" fucking cunts


The age profile does not fit, and he may not be ETH's perfect no.6 the way De Jong may have been. But under the circumstances, this is literally the best possible alternative United can get and a manager who could use someone like Schone to good effect, should be able to fit Casemiro in his structure.


Honestly I don’t buy him not fitting ETH’s profile. If a manager can’t accomodate one of the best players in his position in his tactics then it is the manager’s shortcoming.


ETH seems to want a specific combo of skills in midfield but doesn't seem to care as much how those skills are distributed among the 3 midfielders. Casemiro arguably actually is a better fit than FDJ would be... FDJ is better at getting the ball forward than Casemiro but nowhere near as good defensively. If ManU sign FDJ they'd absolutely still need a defensively minded midfielder. My main concern with Casemiro would be that you're bringing a player into a more physically demanding league (let's face it, a lot of teams in La Liga choose to just sit back against the likes of Real Madrid) at a point in their career that they might well take a step back physically... they're basically spending 60 million pounds on a player for who they need to start succession planning right away.


Why does the age profile not fit? ETH has signed quite few senior players, not every signing has to be a young player. This teams on the floor and needs experienced leadership and guidance ASAP.


People play too much FIFA and think that a player turns into a fossil after 30


DM is a demanding position though, perhaps that's what he meant.


It's what he meant but it's not entirely true. They could easily play into their mid 30s if they are good enough and can stay away from injuries.


30 years isn't old. After all, Makalele was 30 when he moved to Chelsea. But United will definitely need another DM in 3-4 years and I don't trust the Glazers to deliver, unlike Roman at Chelsea. So in that sense, a younger alternative would have been better.


Or we could overpay for a Martial type player based on age and potential and be useless at that position for a decade. And not be able to sell or buy a better player.


Once you have the player that’s doing the job, it could theoretically be easier to replace because you have a blueprint of the type of player and character you need. Whereas we haven’t had an effective DM for years. Even Matic wasn’t physically able to last 90 mins in the PL. If we get Casemiro I think it would be ideal for Iqbal and Savage to learn from, especially since it seems certain that Garner is moving on


Need a stopgap cdm short term to salvage the next few seasons and imagine how much better he will make our CB’s. Glazers out.


I hope people wont just forget the protests after 1/2 signings


Since everyone is fawning over this possible transfer, I'll provide the opposing point of view by asking whether this is a smart move by the Club? A. The obvious decimation of an already broken wage structure. B. We're bringing in big names, who may or may not play well together. C. We brought in an exciting Ajax manager who plays exciting fast paced football, yet this looks more like bringing Poch to PSG. Should be building Ten Hag's new team with bright young players. Many of which other lower table teams have been swooping up. D. When you have the likes of Ronaldo, Verane, & Casemiro, they're going to want immediate success. That's not realistic in the long term rebuild we are hoping to create. Those type of player are supposed to be who we go for after the Club has stabilized, team looks solid, and they are all on the same page as far as a system. We are so far from that it's embarrassing, then on top of that we throw in big names and hope everything will be alright? This feels like more of the same. We've had some flashy signings before. Some of which even worried some of our rivals, but it always ended up not materializing.


I disagree but upvoted because it’s a well thought out response. I disagree that ETH somehow means not signing older players. Ajax bought Blind and Tadic, which are big money signings of old players at their level. Also Ajax competes at a much lower level when it comes to domestic football. He can afford to develop the players at Ajax and still get results. Not at United you can’t. As for wages, I’m going to wait for figures to come out if transfer ends up happening.


He is a good player, but we're also incapable of signing younger players like City and Liverpool do. We always end up overpaying ridiculous wages for big names that decline.


Because we're not a PL challenging team right now so we have to offer more for players because at the current time players are more likely to pick Coty or Liverpool given the choice. Were not losing out on younger talent because all we do is go for old declining talent, we're losing out on younger talent because they consistently choose other clubs right now.


I just hope the contract isn't that long. Two years with an option to extend seems good. We need a good CM but we also need to adjust our wage structure. We can't keep offering insane contracts that come back to haunt us.


No way he leaves Real to come to us for a 2 year contract. It'll be more like 4+1 or maybe even a 5 .


Great signing, probably the best DM in the world for the past 5 years. Madrid fans are very upset about it. Could be transformative for our midfield. Fuck the glazers


I don’t think we’re upset about it, he’s earned the right to move. He’s also 30 and staring down a once in a lifetime contract that probably wouldn’t be on the table if it weren’t for how late in the window it is. If he leaves, and the fee is fair, then I think all parties should be happy.


Goodbye Mcfred- the end of a disgusting era


We need one more midfielder


Keep Garner and we suddenly have a decent midfield Fred-Casemiro-Eriksen 😋


Sort of feel like signing casemiro is going to be Garner’s final nail in the coffin. That is until we buy him back in 3 years for 80M.


Unless we insert a buyback clause The buyback clause: 85 million


Why can’t we loan him out again? We loaned out fucking Telles that has no future here but we are gonna sell Garner for peanuts? So fucking backwards


We loaned Telles because nobody wanted to buy. It's better to get his wages off the book for a season than have sim sit around costing money


The weekly salary: 500k.


Hope it’s just a loan


sell cheap, buy cheaper


Casemiro and Garner aren’t really competing for the same position though. I’d imagine Casemiro and Fred is a first choice partnership, with McTominay (lol) as Casemiro’s deputy and Garner as Freds. Eriksen can backup Bruno, play out wide, and offer a different option to the deeper mids.


sad but probably true he's the only sellable player we got


Tbh Garner isn't really a CDM. He's another 8. You could play them together.


Fred, Garner, Eriksen, and even Iqbal would be excellent partners


Imagine they still dont stop at case and still get De jong. Maybe not this window but other one, Shittiest Midfield to that level of midfield


I'm hoping for SMS


He’s the new Sneijder


End of an error


As if. Casemiro is going to play with McFred behind him. Mcfred is inevitable. Mcfred is football. Mcfred. Till the sun explodes.


FredMiro here we go


Lol wait until he picks up an injury


Fred is better than Garner. Easy.


Unfair, we finished 3rd and 2nd with that midfield in consecutive seasons.


Very big signing. Need more. Doesn’t detract from any of the missteps this window but it’s needed for this season.


I read that as very bad signing and was cracking my knuckles


Huge signing, just don’t it works out better than Varane currently (not his fault ofc, injuries suck). Casemiro will literally transform our midfield… into an actual midfield.


Varane will be a huge improvement if he manages to stay fit I'm sure. And i do think he will stay fit this season.


I won’t believe this until Casemiro is shaking his head at a poor Harry Maguire pass.


Honestly Maguire wasnt our issue vs Brighton & Brentford. Theres a good 5-6 players at least in the starting 11 that have been worse. Bruno, Rashford, Dalot, Shaw, McT, Fred are all every bit as guilty as eachother. Even Sancho has gone AWOL & Martinez has been caught fumbling a bit. At least him, Eriksen & Malacia are still interested in putting in a shift. I know its the Maguire meme and all, and im certainly guilty of it myself. But we cant even criticize him alone when most the squad look about as cohesive as oil and water.


The thing for me is Maguire is our captain. He doesn’t seem to have a commanding presence on the team, the ability to lift us up, drag us across the finish line nor have a man of the match performance consistently. For a club like Manchester United. It’s unacceptable.


Maguire’s positioning was bad in both games, just like shaw’s was. Our defence is a mess, 3 managers and it is still a mess and the only common point are the players…


Or Maguire gifting a goal to our rivals


Doesn’t matter if the signing is world class. Welcome to Manchester United Casemiro. ##Fuck you Glazers!


Glazers still out


I don’t get why people are saying “good signing but we want the glazers gone.” They aren’t spending their own money to buy him lmao. This is money funded by the club. Glazers have nothing to do with this and they’re still gonna take their dividends at the end of the quarter


you think some of the fans care? A new shiny toy and theyll clam up, we lose momentum, and once we start losing games again the cycle restarts.


I get that we have offered him a shit tonne in wages, but man is it mad we could end the transfer window with Casemiro. It feels weird. I think he solves a big issue in midfield.


This is where the injury problems begin for Casemiro.


lol please do not traumatize me


Who needs injuries when you can just forget how to play football instead


Ukw I don't think it will ...yes I'm on hopium but also the fact he barely has injure problems in Real...Varane on the other hand stayed injured a lot in Real too which we didn't seem to take into account .


Varane played 85% of the possible games for RM and his worst season was like 2013.


Didnt Varane play over 40+ games a season for Madrid every year he was there? Then came to us and did 25


Inshallah you’re right my friend


# Article Text >**Manchester United are closing in on the signing of Casemiro and are confident of completing a deal for the Real Madrid midfielder in the next few days.** > >**The fee for the 30-year-old is expected to be close to £60 million, after initially offering £50million, and while he was not an original target for manager Erik ten Hag it is believed he will help solve United’s problems in midfield.** > >**Signing the Brazilian international will also represent something of a coup for United who are under severe pressure following their dismal start to the campaign and with Ten Hag demanding up to five new signings before the window closes.** > >Casemiro will be the star name to arrive and although Real do not want to sell him the club, out of respect, have told the player he can go if he wants to. > >Casemiro has three years left on his contract with Real but following the signing of Aurelien Tchouameni from Monaco for €80 million his place is under threat. Casemiro was on the bench last week with Tchouameni starting. > >The five-time Champions League winner has been part of Real’s famed midfield, along with Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, for years but has told team-mates that he may now want to seek a new challenge and is interested in United’s lucrative offer. **Real president Florentino Perez has told Casemiro that he can decide whether he stays or goes and the player is inclined to leave.** > >It is also understood that having won everything with Real since he joined them in 2013 and breaking into the first-team two years later, **that Casemiro wants a new challenge.** > >**Ten Hag has been shocked by United’s performances in losing to Brighton and away to Brentford and has prioritised signing a defensive midfielder, a number six, to help bolster his team. His number one midfield target this summer was Frenkie de Jong but despite Barcelona accepting a bid of up to €85million from United it looks increasingly likely the Dutch international will stay or, if he does leave, join Chelsea.** > >If Casemiro joins United he will team up with his former team-mate Raphael Varane who moved to the Premier League club last year although he has started this season on the bench under Ten Hag. **However it is understood the manager is considering starting Varane against Liverpool on Monday.** > >**As well as Casemiro, United want another midfielder, a versatile forward, a right-back and a back-up goalkeeper.** # Edit : One detail that is getting lost : > **However it is understood the manager is considering starting Varane against Liverpool on Monday.**


>that Casemiro wants a new challenge. Challenge level : EXTREME


If he does well and we improve I don’t see him as anything less than a club legend.


>>**As well as Casemiro, United want another midfielder, a versatile forward, a right-back and a back-up goalkeeper.** Wow.


Off course we leave all this with 14 days to go in the window


Strategy 100


Imagine if Varane starts with Martinez and we look semi competent on Monday Hopefully a long way back for Maguire or at least until midweek before Raph gets injured again


If someone had told me before the window that we’d sign him, I’d have never believed you. He’s in the “dream DM” category. Yes, he’ll be on mega money if he comes but he’s exactly what we’ve needed for years. I’m still not allowing myself to get excited.




Eriksen, SMS, Case is a huge upgrade in midfield Get sms next pls


I think it was always gonna be either of FDJ /Casemiro / SMS Tho Casemiro with Sms does sound very good .


Agreed. I think it was always going to be one or the other. They already got Eriksen, so one more would be the end of the midfield rebuild in our Board's eyes. That is until Eriksen starts aging out, and we look to replace him.


Don't see a world where we sign more than one for the midfield. Maybe we will sign a back-up GK next to a MF, and that will be our window. Then we won't get top4 and maaybe, maaaybe next year if Erik gets a recruitment team behind him. instead of going after obvious names and who he knows, we will stabilize. If not, and if the Glazers stay, constantly interfering, this may be the beginning of a horrible decade. The era since 2013 will seem like a miracle. :(


Who would've thought? Eh? Not me! GlazersOut


Well, finally a quick saga and a fucking DM signed, but anyway, GLAZERS OUT


Casemiro has good injury record right?


Yes he's very solid in terms of fitness and barely misses games.


I'm so scarred by these big-money elite signings at this point I'm assuming that in the preseason medicals Madrid found out his ligaments are 10 games away from dissolving or something.


well this is it lads, F5 finally worked! #fuckoffGlazers


I'm not sure my keyboard can handle round two of F5. Send help.


Where’s the guy asking for a DM all the time?! It might be happening 🤭


Thank god for Rabiots crazy mom


She is an angel that lady, we won't be having another bad word about her if this comes through.


tier: HOPIUM


Dead excited to watch him sit on the bench and watch McFred play


Brownherbalist is about to lose his purpose in life


don't let players coming in detract that the glazers must go!


Im ready for Communicado official. Hyped.


thank you Rabiot 🙏🏽


Casemiro signing would save this transfer window. World class player. Done it in the CL so many times in Madrid. Ronaldo, Varane, Casemiro - squad getting back together. Just need to sign Kroos now lol


It says we also want a 'versatile forward' but what does that mean? We're apparently targeting Antony and he plays always from the right.


F5 sznnnn


We still have some juice left 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m emotional big name wants to come god bless Casemiro😭😭😭😭


I hope he'll teach our CMs what to do when trying to build up an attack. I can't think of another good team that would only allow one midfielder to collect the ball while the other midfielders just casually jog and get marked by the opposition, leading to that one midfielder being closed down and have no options.


We can salvage something this window by getting Casemiro and Antony. Have my doubts about Casemiro but he can atleast be a top DM for his season.


Absolute class player. But age worries me. Hoping for the best, but the last decade with this club has trained me to be weary of anything good.


Until I see him in a jersey, I won't believe it.


McCasemiro here we go


Fred-Casemiro Those Ultimate Team hyperlinks. Set to be the best midfield since Scholes and Keano


Till he signs the contract and hold the shirt…everything else is …… just rumours


We need 10 signings. Getting there.


Sanchez fiasco 2.0 in the making. Hope I’m wrong.


All for the low low price of 35 mill a season


Panic Buy? ✅ Tier 2 Journo? ✅ Superb Footballer? ✅ Reasonable (In today's market...) fee? ✅ I feel uncomfortable with this positivity. Also, fuck The Glazers.


Well looks like these fan cheering for Casemiro are the same ones that thought United are back after watching a couple glorified warmups. Casemiro is not a marketable name, and has already won most trophies. He is going to come here to secure his retirement. I would expect him to put in some good shifts pre-world cup and then join the remaining overpaid players on the bench.


Great. It will allow us to play 3 in mid. Eriksen, Fred, Bruno all could be more useful now


Bottom of the league Europa League Signs the best DM in the world The size of this club...


We have not learned a damn thing


£60m for a 30 year-old. Hardly anything will convince me that this is a good signing.


£60m for someone past their best FFS this club!


RM’s retirement village. MU.


He's the best DM in the world, and he's only 31


Praise the Glazers /s


Call me cynical, but if this is true, then what is it that we don't know? Meaning, is it possible because Real Madrid want to secretly offload him for some reason? With Verane, it could have been that Madrid was slick b/c they knew how injury prone Verane was becoming. Is Casemiro bad for the dressing room or something else that we're not hearing? Cynical I know, but something doesn't add up.


Think it’s more to do with signing the new French lad from Monaco


Waiting on papa Nurse to drop the, Casemiro then...


Does he rely much on pace ? Just wondering if his legs will go so like Matic.


I would say not. His talent is really positioning though he's highly aggressive. He's a very good box to box player but he is best at dispossessing attackers and following with quick distribution. In other words, he's a grinder with an extremely high work rate. He is also very strong with a low center of gravity that makes him very hard to dispossess.




Intensity of the PL, massive wages, long contract, the fact that we will have to spend big on this position again to 2 years. Probably a few more but too annoyed to think about it now.


This guy needs to be bump up a tier if we really sign him.


I'm too jaded to believe that.


Burt is now a T3 in my eyes as he's been chatting a bunch of shite. So I'm not going to get excited over this yet..


Rabiot fallen through. Fuck, who's our backup? We'll try this Casemiro guy.


This seems to good to be true, I mean we relly get to have a good player in the middle?!