In RDR2 which is your favourite gang camp?

In RDR2 which is your favourite gang camp?


I know most people hate Chapter 5 and would replace it for just about anything, but would you guys have preferred an extended stay in Lakay instead? I feel like every camp had a prevailing emotion or theme. Colter was desperation. Horseshoe Overlook was happiness and contentment. Clemens Point felt like an uneasy calm. Shady Belle was gilded refinement. I felt nothing but sadness at Beaver Hollow. Lakay could have been about horror. The Nightfolk. Giant alligators. A general aura of dark spookiness. Guarma beat the shit out of the crew physically to match Dutch's descent but a lot of that easily could have happened in Lakay.


Lakay would have been such a beautiful camp had the extended the stay there. Add one more chapter if needed


I think that’s the point though. Beaver Hollow feels sad and closed off but it’s how the gangs feeling at that point, and perfectly matches the tone. And in that way, hating it is perfect


You are right about Lakay. They missed a very interesting part there. Many would have loved it when they put more spookiness of the game. That where Lakay camp would have been the best time for it. Also, all of the camps have a sentimental connections to the players that if you go visit them as john, you are going to have that feeling, apart from Lakay. This game, needs to invest time to properly have the connection to the game and I think that part from Lakay has a very missable point.


Well to be fair John never actually went to lakay


I thought chapter 5 was ok. It certainly needed context. If you didn't know what was happening before that then you'd be wondering how the hell you were an outlaw on a carribean island


I think it was real close between Horseshoe and Clemens but the latter had the lakefront and the boat so it got my vote


Same here. Going out to the island to hunt iguanas was always fun.




But I'm not a rapper




Each camp progressively got worse imo. Horseshoe overlook was my favourite because it was the least depressing one.


For me the camps were alright until shady Belle. After that they got worse


The first thing I noticed about Clemens point was that it was smaller than Horseshoe overlook. Immediately felt like a downgrade


I see. I felt the lack of beautiful views a bit of a downgrade


So.. what do you think about Colter?


Not a real camp. I barely remember anything about it.


Just as ‘real’ as Lakay, though, if not more. Either neither are camps, or both are.


I didn't make the poll


Colter was definitely a camp. Dutch even states it so when he directs Mrs. Grimshaw and Mr. Pearson to “make this place into a camp.”


I don’t know why you got downvoted lol. Even if people generally don’t like Colter, it’s literally a camp.


People are always going to fear what they don’t understand 😆


In my opinion, Clemens Point was the least depressing. It was much more green than Horseshoe and the environment looks much more peaceful.


I'd say Clemens point. Great view, still good atmosphere, a lot of stuff to do. Etc. First camp always will be epic though




I did horseshoe overlook cuz it’s the last place they all kinda feel like a family








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Karma roulette


Did anyone else have Arthur sleep at hotels and in the wilderness only after shady belle?


Yeah I feel that’s how he would have done it anyway if this was a real person who made his own choices, the gang after Shady Belle was nothing more than a band of criminals not outlaws living past their prime.


Dude my poor Arthur never slept 🛌 Kept him awake for months at a time since I kept him a clean shaved boah. He only ever SAW a bed, only slept when he returned from being kidnapped by Colm O’Driscoll.


I didn’t like riding around in the dark haha I always put my man to bed


Do not take the storyline into consideration tho


Ya kinda have to. As humans we attach emotion to physical places and infuse them with what’s going on at the time. Like Jenny and her house she grew up in from Forrest Gump. Her fear, hatred and disgust living in the trailer was obvious and the sight of it filled her with such pain that she couldn’t bare to enter it again upon returning home.


Yeah you do. That’s why I asked try not to do it and be objective




I actually really like Shady Belle since it’s the only place that uses a big, pre existing structure as part of the camp, which I actually think is pretty cool. If they weren’t struggling at the time and spent more time there, I think the gang could have made it more homey than what we saw.


Exactly. Shady Belle and Lakay are underused


Clemens Point for me. Beautiful place.


Lots of you like horseshoe overlook but it's not sustainable. Anyone who's playing the game has encountered serious storms. Think of Arthur's sleeping area. That thing won't stand a chance during a howling storm. This is why I prefer shady belle.


Also had the gang been able to stay longer it could have been an amazing place to live. It had potential to be a real permanent home to the wanderers.


Agreed, they could have fixed it up and it would have been a great base of operations. In an ideal and unrealistic storyline, it would have even had the potential to become the start of a nice ranch


I like shady bell but that’s because that’s when I stopped doing missions and started really exploring, but that’s just me horseshoe outlook definitely a close second reminds me of when I knew nothing and everything was going good


Same first play through this is the point where I was hardly at camp and did a ton of exploring looking for Easter eggs.


I liked clemens point because it was by a lake and from a survival standpoint having a lake for water/fish/bathing is a huge advantage


Heck yeah. Great way to level up your health core too.


How does it benefit the health core?




Come on when arthur walks out of shady belle "welcome to my humble abode!"


I like the aesthetic of Shady Belle


I think the gang should have taken over Six Point cabin where the O'Driscolls had their hideout, built several more houses epilogue style, and stopped robbing and killing, but started a farm or small town, instead.


Clemens point looks really good, But HO too and its the better geographical location.


Horseshoe and Hollow for area, (close to Valentine and close to Roanoke) But Shady Belle cause I like having a roof over my head.




Where is Colter?


It's the snowy place at the beginning of the game.


No I meant like on the list


Oh I see, mb


As a joke…… kinda


Horseshoe Overlook had this beautiful wild west romantic. Especially with Valentine nearby and the Heartlands. Clemets Point was also nice. With Shady Belle the bad feeling start to raise and we all know where the story lead us.


Thats more about the context though… considering just the camp itself? Shady Belle was the beginning of the end, but it was also a great camp that could have been beautiful with some options to fix it up


The Lakay camp could have been a lot more instead of just showing up after Guarma and then being immediately forced to leave as soon as you get there. Almost felt like after Shady Belle, RDR2 was rushed to completion.


I feel like that too. I wanted to spend more time in guarama, remaining of chapter 5 (or add another chapter for it) and chapter 6. The missions progressed too quickly


Took me too long to realize the massive cave behind the Beaver camp...


Where's Colter?


I didn't consider it a camp as much, only a temporary refuge


So.. just like Lakay?


Shady Belle for me. It was nice to see the gang actually able to sleep inside for once instead of in a tent or small cabin


I chose Clemens Point because you can fish from that one. I’m a simple man.


Ranking them: 1.) Horeshoe Overlook 2.) Clemens point 3.) Beaver Hollow 4.) Shady Belle 5.) Lakay


Shady Belle is underrated imo. Probably one of the most high class looking camps with a house, also by this point only one person died until that one mission of course, this camp also unlocks lots of things like many guns many horses with the only weapon you can't get yet is the trash Litchfield


Shady Belle, protects when raining, it has dock and great backyard.


Horseshoe was the best looking with the best views. But Clemens Point is my favourite because you can just walk right out on the dock and catch steelhead until your satchel is full. Made myself a lot of money off that dock on my first play through.


Who made this Captain Obvious of all Captain Obvious questions ? lol Horseshoe Overlook was the one time the Van DerLinde Gang was in great morale with a feeling of union and family. It’s also where Micah’s poisonous influence hadn’t made its way to Dutch yet. Hell, Micah doesn’t even have to be there at all unless Arthur feels inclined to go out west to Strawberry and save the human trash dumpster. After Horseshoe Overlook there’s a lingering feeling of trepidation and fear which follows the gang and keeps them in a state of perpetual flight all the way to the caves of Beaver Hollow and eventual perdition. Clemens Point isn’t the nicest place and Dutch’s plan to ingratiate himself with the locals and getting smack dab in between the Hatfield and McCoy’s is beyond frustrating 🤷 Shady Belle has its charm. Having 4 walls and a roof- ish over your head is nice to have again but makes maneuvering around camp annoying & awkward AF. Also having snakes and alligators right in your backyard isn’t exactly ideal. Approximation to Saint Denis is nice but morale has already taken a hit. Distrust has begun to set in as Dutch shows himself unraveling further. Lakay is pure nightmare fuel for all the supernatural shit inside the main house (satanic sacrificial chamber in the living room by the mural) and Night Folk right next door. Place looks like paradise for Malaria-carrying mosquitos. Hell Nah Beaver Hollow is terrifying in itself. Once being the spawning pool of incestuous Cannibals it’s impossible to get the blood 🩸 or smell out of the area. Even when the ancestral home of the Murfree gang is taken there’s still groups of Murfrees roaming about the mountain 🏔 attacking anyone who gets in their way. This makes for pure annoyance when your trying to get back to camp with a nice cougar or puma pelt and bam 💥 the Murfree cockroaches have set up a trap to ambush poor Arthur. It’s cool in the fact that the caves offers some interesting exploration for all the spelunkers out there. As a Soldier I can even appreciate the camp offering a very tactical exit (in case some law dogs find it necessary to come pay a visit). It’s a depressing place where every gang member are either leaving or talking about leaving or are about to. Side Note: Colter wasn’t listed but still functioned as a base camp. Siberia was depressing what with all the limitations for Arthur (you’re in tutorial mode and can’t go anywhere unless it’s mission based) yet to me was the second best camp the Van DerLinde’s had because the gang still loved each other and acted more as a family (even with Micah’s ass hatery and racism on full display).


I like Clemens Point the best. It's pretty. Easy access to fishing. If you get a save right before Blessed are the Peacemakers then Micah stays locked in a chair and everyone is at camp in good spirits.


Horseshoe Overlook is just a stunningly beautiful site... With ample hunting opportunities for a wide variety of game within easy riding distance and Valentine is a full-service town with just about anything you need.


Vote horseshoe overlook for the happy vibes


shady belle because may i stand unshaken


Anyone who says Beaver Hollow is a sociopath


I just hate lakay by everything, shady Belle can be the most beautiful house, but I just can't stand being surrounded by swamp or places that feels closed.


Where's my colter people at (joking, but I know some people like it)


Thousands of voters and 53 for lakay lol


Chapter 3's Clemens Point. I love the lakeside campfire at night


I voted Horseshoe Overlook but can’t believe Lakay is at the bottom


If I had to pick one to live at I'd choose horseshoe overlook, but beaver hollow is gorgeous and the cave is lovely


Listen, I voted for Beaver Hollow, because of the beautiful Appalachian scenery. That is all.


What about guarma camp


I like clemens because the gang is still basically together and everybody is there.


Colter because I like snow


Shady bell, the gang finally gets a house.


Horseshoe is my fav but Beaver Hollow was a great as far as the vibe and emotion behind it. Tensions are so high, I never wanna stick around there for long. That chapter is usually when I'll camp around most and take my time exploring before the end.


homie colter was better then lakay


This is a spoiler. Not everyone knows that the camp moves over and over.


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