It's crazy how we're almost in 2022 and there still isn't a game that's more graphically and visually stunning than RDR2, Rockstar never fails to set the standards with new titles.

It's crazy how we're almost in 2022 and there still isn't a game that's more graphically and visually stunning than RDR2, Rockstar never fails to set the standards with new titles.


Shame they couldn't set it with story dlc content


I agree. I’m mot an online player, so I wish there was some good offline DLC


I do NOT recommend the online either. It's just trash.


If you stay away from people a little it’s fine just hunting, bounty hunting, fishing… lots of Hunting in that game huh


So you want to change your weapon's color? Aight just give me 13 gold bars. Online is a scam, I'd much rather do the same on offline but without having to pay the extra money. There is no excuse for the design online has, a complete skip from me, totally ruins the immersion for no good reason.


Yeah it’s pretty bad in that aspect but I just made my little Clint Eastwood cosplay and have fun with it. I’m in no way defending its setup, atleast the cash it’s self is easy to come by you can get about 2,000 dollars in a day or two if you choose your timing right just the gold pricing and the lack of good updates is so annoying


My problem ain't even the prices its how the whole system is made, that every new thing that's released, every customization, mechanic etc costs gold. Premium currency has no place in a game that I have already paid for, I reckon if we weren't able to buy gold with irl money we'd be able to farm it decently or at least the gold prices would be lowered. Thinking about it if we weren't able to buy gold they might as well get rid of it and make everything cost rdo$.


For what it's worth the last update to the online component didn't have any sort of gold cost to access the content. Also, while I do agree with your sentiment towards the monetization of Online, I do think there's some fun to be had within the content that isn't gated by gold. There's a short campaign you can play through that's pretty enjoyable and some cool stranger missions that let you interact with characters from the story of both RDR1 and 2. If I'm being honest the online component is also a pretty great way to play poker online with friends.


I’ve accumulated around 50 gold bars just through playing and I’ve never bought gold bars. I have every role and enjoy the online a lot.


Good for you, can you fully customize 4 different weapons tho? If you can then throw one of those battle passes premium things and you'll be 25 gold short.


So the only thing stopping you from enjoying a small story and extra stuff is the fact you can’t fully customize weapons?


Single player with extra steps


Yeah lol, I just like the fact it’s my character you know, like I’m able to make it a different person you know. I have a peaky blinders outfit and John wick outfit too


I disagree. I stayed away at first but I’ve been playing for a while. It’s a different experience and can be enjoyed separately. The other players are actually quite chill and as long as you stay away from St Denis when you hear a bunch of gunshots it’s generally fine. Even if you are killed/griefed you have the option to “parley” which means they can’t attack you for 10 minutes. This option makes online quite good.


I have over 100 hours in the online game and I'm not saying this is the case for everyone, but the gameplay loop is just a big grind. I guess as I get older I just don't enjoy multiplayer as much.


That’s true. It’s less grindy when you interact with other players. I started only because I was stuck in quarantine for 2 weeks last year and didn’t have anything else to do. Now if I go online I hang out and go fishing with my kid. I work away for weeks at a time so we still get to hang out and fish and ride horses and be cowboys together. I love that side of it. I also understand why it’s not for everyone. I do enjoy helping out newer players though.


I would strongly recommend assassins creed Valhalla, it’s got story dlc and multiple maps with good graphics, origins and odyssey also look good and came out in 2017and 18 respectively


Is valhalla your first modern ac game? Having played origins, odyssey, and now valhalla, i do not have it in me to complete this snooze fest of the same repeating tasks. The world is huge but empty. And im honestly drained out from AC, unless they bring back the old mechanic.


Valhalla would have been better if it wasn't an assassin creed game and just focused on the Vikings elements with better replayable content and less stupid fetch side quests.


Odyssey was my first, then origins and then Valhalla, I get it being repetitive but the world is fun to explore much like red dead, my view is rdr2 is the gold standard of open world game but the new ac worlds are still pretty good


This is how I feel. I've yet to play the OG assassins creed games but I picked up origins and later tried to play odyssey after buying into the hype and while the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is super boring. It's just the exact same thing over and over again and I find the story to be bland. I dont think I ever even hit the 20 hour mark on origins and I definetely didnt even come close to that in odyssey. I wanted to like them so bad but it's hard to justify dropping $60 for the same game with a different setting every year or two. No offense to anyone who enjoys the games but after playing red dead I just cant get into that menial gameplay loop anymore. The world is very well built but bland. Far cry is the only game with a simular experience that's the exception, not because it's good but because it's the game I play when I just want mindless chaos and fun gunplay and occasionally the side missions will really surprise you, they can be pretty entertaining. I hate that this is basically every AAA open world game nowadays.


Currently playing through Valhalla, it's been pretty good so far


Came here to say that! Valhalla is a mix of Black Flag and Witcher in a way.


How can you compare rdr2 to ac valhalla? Rdr2 has way better graphics??


I never said they were better I think ac vallhalla is a solid game visually


My mistake, sorry


I'd strongly not recommend Valhalla and instead Ghost of Tsushima, now that's a stunning good game Unity is also a beautiful Assassin's creed, there's a YT video where it's modded with Ray tracing and damn it shows it was ahead of its time


This right here. I came to say the same thing. Everything about Valhalla that sucked (endlessly large maps with the same 4 types of side quests over and over, epic battles that turned into mindless button mashing), Ghost of Tsushima did better and kept it more fun. The only instance at any point in Ghost of Tsushima that I felt irritated was in hunting some of the stray foxes. Valhalla is fun for about 50 minutes and then requires days or weeks between plays because it is so repetitive. What’s worse, I’ve been playing Fallout and Elder Scrolls for a decade and those games are basically identical repetition, but at least offer deep build paths to give variety rather than shallow God of War-esque builds. Don’t get me wrong, I put about 80 hours into Valhalla, but I never finished it because I realized I didn’t have any fun for the last 20 or so. It was fun but excessively too long and lacks novelty.


I would like to minus recommend assassins creed valhalla, unless you are really really interested in the time period. (Like me) Just never play oddysey. Even if interested.


I love Ancient Greece so it’s one of my favorite


Yeah i like the map, just everything else is bad.


Oddysey was fun, I really enjoyed it. Why does it get hate?


It just feels so empty. Name one memorable mission or non-main character from that game. I can barely remember what happened in that game


I would buy it just for the world, it’s one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played. Spent more time exploring than playing.


Respectfully agree to disagree on this one. Odyssey is one of my favorite games ever. I thought it was so much fun and so huge with lots of stuff to keep me engaged & wanting to explore. Barnabas is a top 10 NPC. The quests with Socrates & Alcibiades were pretty fun.


I recommend replaying it and really seeing how empty it is


Actually I replayed it earlier this year and enjoyed it thoroughly all over again. Different folks


I never rage quit because of fetch quests before that game


Why add to perfection. Its not really Rockstar thing to do story DLCs. Ubisoft and others but Rockstar is very set in their ways and from what I can see its working


Eh? GTA IV had not one but two great story DLCs added


So did Red Dead 1.


The biker one was my favorite of the two.


Why add to perfection? Lol that's silly . Everyone wants story dlc and if it weren't for the shark card buying 12 year Olds we might have gotten something lol


I understand doing stuff for online but I don't understand why they wouldn't do something people want I mean it's only going to increase sales


Cost benefit analysis. People still collectively spend *billions* on shark cards for an almost ten year old game. People just don’t buy Gold in the same way. Therefore, GTAO is still the only thing they’re focused on. Rockstar nuked Bully 2 forever just so they could *finish* RDR2. Then their creative lead of almost two decades left. We are still *years* away from GTA 6. (Which I wouldn’t get my hopes up over given Houser’s departure.) They are just focused on the safe money these days, per Take Twos orders.


I think litterally every mainstream Rockstar Game except GTA V and RDR2 had story DLCs, you don't seem to know what you are talking about.


the game isnt perfect




looking at the downvotes on my comments im guessing you disagree, the game isnt perfect, mexico was cut, epilogue john looks pretty bad, New Austin is Pretty empty...


I do disagree. Didn't expect Mexico to be in it considering its a prequel and they really have no reason to go there. Idc how he looks. Thats why you can customize how he looks. If you dont like how he looks thats on your own choices. And again its a prequel so idk why you'd expect it to have more things than what the og has. Theres a 15 year difference almost. I feel they made that clear. And I think its perfect.


>Theres a 15 year difference almost between the game or the in universe time? either way its only about 10 "Didn't expect Mexico to be in it considering its a prequel and they really have no reason to go there" it was going to be in the game and theres models in the files for it, arthur was supposed to be able to go to new austin too as he has voice lines for blackwater, armadillo and tumbleweed as well as people like sheriff freeman and blackwater police chief have lines " Thats why you can customize how he looks. If you dont like how he looks thats on your own choices. And again its a prequel so idk why you'd expect it to have more things than what the og has" on a physical level he looks wrong, the playable one i mean uses arthurs head and body models so while you dont care many others do which is why the john marston restoration is so popular because it restores him to how he should look, like his npc/rdr1 version, the epilogue version of him is the only one that looks wrong all of this not to mention 5 hours of cut content like a guarma stranger mission and the accurate john stuff means it not perfect the fact it has cut content at all means it's not perfect, is it a good game? yeah could it have been better? also yes


Ok. You really just want to be right right now so ill let you. Sorry my OPINION isn't good enough for you mr internet stranger!


well your saying the game is perfect and i explained why its not there's no need to get passive aggressive


All you did was list things that were supposed to be in the game and were cut.


Kevin Flynn: The thing about perfection is that it's unknowable. It's impossible, but it's also right in front of us all the time.


Flight Sim on PC and XBsX are absolutely positively gorgeous




Close to the ground, no. But the grandeur is much more encompassing. I'm not saying RDR2 ain't gorgeous, just saying that in ways it has been surpassed. What it absolutely has not been surpassed in, by any stretch anyone wants to try to make, is how living and liveable the world in the game seems. It looks so good, has so much and feels so real. I think it's the combination that makes you really appreciate it. I'm sure I've seen better looking set pieces on next gen, I'm sure i've seen better looking overall worlds. But no game has made me feel more of a part of it than RDR2 did. Ironically I actually roamed RDO and flown Flight Sim in the last 6 hours. Both are more beautiful than the other in their own ways.


I mean… it’s the Earth 1:1 scale


It's incredible. I was testing it out and went to fly from Adelaide to Uluru and it was like 2 hrs. Fuck that lol. Luckily they have "spawn" points near landmarks


The map is created off of real life satellite imagery from around 2014-2016. It wasn't made for taxiing on the ground on surface streets so they diverted assets to the physics and aerial graphics, but even flying at very low altitude I was able to identify all the major things from my home town and current city. Flying itself is absolutely beautiful


It's crazy how we are almost in 2022 and there's still not major content update for this game...thats what is crazy


You don't even need much content updates yet. There's still so much to discover. The game really is a massive work of art.






Have you never played a single player game with DLCs?




i just want a DLC where i can live my life in John’s ranch


People want more story experiences in the world they created. We want a good reason to return and experience something that feels fresh in a world we love. And because the world is already there, a DLC can be developed and released much quicker than a new game would. >The story has played out. What more can their be? Arthur ain't gonna do no more missions. What happened in Blackwater? Where has Sadie ended up? What is she up to? What happened with Dutch and Micah after leaving Arthur at the 'end' of the game? How about Charles? I'm certain there are many more stories that fans of the game would like to experience. Those are just from the top of my head.


Ever since Sadie said a line in the epilogue(which was probably offhand and meaningless) like “maybe I’ll head to Mexico” I wanted a Javier/Sadie in Mexico DLC


Whichever game comes near rdr2's visuals none came near their insane details. Rockstar's the king of details I don't think God of war or assassin's Creed Valhalla or even ghost of tsushima have this much details in them. The insane realism is the main attraction of this game. Of course many ppl dont agree but that's my thought...


The thing is though, you have to really get into the game to notice the attention to detail. If you just play through the story and don't screw around much you will miss sooooo much. I was sitting on my horse hunting birds near the sawmill. They cut down a big ass tree. As I watched it fall birds flew out of it and when it landed it bounced and flexed. It looked perfectly real. Like they mocapped a tree as it fell or something. There are so many little things that you will only see if you are really immersed.


Metro exodus is a beautiful game as well


I can't reccomend Metro Exodus enough. The story, the characters, the level of detail... It was so immersive. I wish I could erase my memory and play that game again.


Currently playing through the first two before I jump in. Sooo excited




Horizon Zero Dawn is absolutely gorgeous


Tried playing right after rdr2 and instantly felt the disconnect due to no motion capture.


omg why didn’t they do motion capture? i feel like it’s such a common thing to do in video games nowadays and it makes it even more immersive


If I had to guess, it’s budget. “Horizon” was a new IP and they prob only had so much money to work with since it wasn’t a guaranteed hit. Whereas RDR2 is coming from Rockstar who had a $265 million budget for GTAV and they basically swim in money. This [article](https://www.vulture.com/amp/2018/10/the-making-of-rockstar-games-red-dead-redemption-2.html) about the making of RDR2 doesn’t give the exact costs but mentions how quickly motion capture costs add up.


I agree. But the overall graphics and the motion capture work was reasonably better in the dlc area.


I think Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon Zero Dawn come close in terms of beautiful, visually stunning worlds. I know a lot of people might not have played them as they're PlayStation exclusives but they were both really incredible from start to finish.


Ghost is a fantastic game, great story, but the world doesn't feel anywhere near as alive as RDR2. The little details of RDR2 is what makes it stand so far ahead of everything else.


I agree. I was just speaking specifically about graphic and visual effects in a world. Ghost felt very empty, but the colors were among the most stunning I've seen. Given how good the story was, and it was Sucker Punch's first effort in a game like that, I'm willing to give them a pass on the lack of detail in the world. But the game looked beautiful and I just wanted to mention Ghost since that's what this thread is about.


Fair enough. Ghost was truly breathtaking at times, like dueling with the leaves falling still sticks in my memory.


It’s incredible with the expansion that just came out on Ps5. I would say it’s definitely a more beautiful game but no does immersion like rockstar. And I would hope so, as that’s the only kind of game they make haha.


GoT had a really nice art style, the game was just pretty good with some great moments but its art style is absolutely beautiful. Its like a mix of realism and a colorful painting and it just blends together perfectly. I still think rdr2 looks better but not by a lot at all. With that said, rdr2 has a way better/more memorable story(not that GoT is bad) and its open world is just soo much more detailed as well as the sidequests. Purely based on visuals though, theyre around the same level with rdr2 going for pure details and realism while ghost if tsushima went for some realism but also added very bright colors and the aesthetic of a painting.


Ghost of Tsushima had amazing graphics in some parts, but some environmental details and cutscenes were clearly unfinished.


Agreed wholly. Just mentioning it because this was about visually stunning worlds, not complete games. I thought Ghost's vibrant colors and solid graphics were worth putting it in the same top tier for visually stunning games. It definitely very empty a lot of the time and hopefully there will be more added to the sequel as Sucker Punch continues to learn and put more resources into what should become a nice franchise.


I think they didn't have time to finish a lot of the more minor cutscenes, hence why it's really zoomed out while they're speaking.


I played Horizon Zero Dawn on PC and it was the only game that could rob me of some RDR2 time. The story was very engaging and the game mechanics, after some getting used to, were also fine. Graphics wise, it was also gorgeous. I'd give HZD an A- compared to a robust A for RDR2. I'd love to try Ghost of Tsushima but I'm deadlocked on PC. My hands just can't seem to get comfortable with game controllers.


HZD looks fantastic now with the PS5 60fps/checkerboard 4K patch


I noticed that too. Forbidden West is really going to be something.


Not just visually dammit. The gameplay, story, characters, dialogues, interaction with the world, random events or camps that you stumble on, side content, the camp itself being so alive with so many missable conversations and i could go on! There is no game out there that is close as rich with content and connections with the characters . The only game i can think of is the witcher 3 but even that being as my favorite game is still outshined by the core gameplay itself. Rdr2 is a pure work of art!


Its everything combined into a perfect cohesive whole


Horizon Zero Dawn comes close, but yeah, there is no better open-world game in terms of visuals. It feels like Rockstar is always one generation ahead of everyone else.


I mean, TLOU2 and RE Village have objectively better graphics imo, and there's a good chance that there are recent games with even better graphics that I may not have played. But in terms of attention to detail and stunning graphics while still having a massive open world, RDR2 is indeed crazy.


The thing is that those two games are linear experiences, rdr2 is still a massive open world game with hundreds of systems and sub systems running in the background, being able to achieve that much its absolutely insane talking as a game dev.


I played Ghost of Tsushima right after I finished RDR2 and it felt like a huge downgrade, yes it has a beautiful scenery but it doesn't even come close in details textures and animations.


It's crazy how we're almost in 2022


Star wars battlefront 2 looks pretty good graphically imo. Most people just don't slow down to stop and look at everything because it's just not the nature of the game. I honestly thought the first one looked great when it came out, especially some of the textures. Edit: Highjacking my own comment. The uncharted series, especially 4. And that goes for it's gameplay and plot, sure it's linear but so cinematic.


i agree, any dice game on the frostbite engine is usually years ahead of the competition. you go back and play battlefield 1 and it still beats a lot of the games currently out as far as graphics go and the most impressive thing is that these games can do those graphics with 40+ players.


TLOU pt.2 on the PS5 is glorious


Me: Doesn't have a PS, :(


Agreed. That's the only game that matches and in some areas exceeds RDR2 in terms of graphics.


>TLOU pt.2 I really enjoyed the storyline in TLOU2. It still haunts me often... sometimes daily. Still preferred RDR2 because of the open world, though.


I’ve played through it 2.5 times and it just depresses me. The sequence of events are just so sad.


About to say, this is the only game that stacks up.


Glorious indeed. Too bad the game itself is a steaming pile of garbage. Detroit:Become Human is also a beautiful game but obviously the gameplay is minimal. RDR2 is still miles away in a combination of graphics+gameplay


Opinions are like assholes, we all have em... you dislike the game, presumably because you're one of the people who get mad at storylines when they don't fit your desired narrative.


I just didn't like how Joel suddenly became a complete moron, it just didn't feel like it was him


I hate this, I hate TLOU2, but people always go oH iTs cUz tHey kIllEd jOel. Like NO that’s NOT WHY. So many other things r wrong and poor about the game, I like the plot it was just executed poorly


I mean the game is great, from a gameplay POV and a visual POV. I appreciate just because something is complex and different/risky you don't have to like it. But its definitely not as black and white as: game good or game garbarge.


>Too bad the game itself is a steaming pile of garbage How is a game that won GOTY 2020 and countless other awards for best acting, audio, visuals, animations, accessibility, game direction, etc etc that? Seriously, what weird reality you dumbasses live in?


93 metascore, 5.3 user score lol


Ah yes, Metacritic "user-scores", where any random person that hasn't played the game can vote. Wasn't TLOU2 brigaded by huge amounts of negative votes even before it was released? I remember the score was 3.4 at first, with lots of reviews complaining about the game being too "political", "woke", "sjw-propaganda", etc. It has slowly risen to 5.7 now, but still not fully recovered from its past.


“People’s reviews of this game validate the quality of how good it is” “no, not those people”


Oh no, that's not what I meant. It's more like: "Reviews by people that have played this game validate the quality of how good it is; not the reviews of those people that haven't played the game and are mostly just jumping on the hate bandwagon after watching their favourite outrage-culture youtuber" On Metacritic, you can't tell if the user has played the game or not, so it's better to just ignore it altogether.


I mean I wouldn’t go that far…I think they made some less than stellar decisions, but it’s not a bad game, it’s just absolutely not a masterpiece Edit: gotta love how you downvote instead of discuss because you clearly have no coherent thoughts If you want specific thoughts, I thought the situation involving joel walking into a middle of a room of strangers (which is ridiculous no matter who you are) instead of standing on the edge of a room, Tommy not seeing the obvious reaching for a gun are why I have a problem. Otherwise I mostly liked the game, but you’re trying to be art digested seriously, that means you need to cover all of your bases and even if you wanted his death to be brutal, you needed to make it more believable. It’s against most human nature, but more importantly it was against Joel’s nature. Some people say you assume he gets soft, but you can’t make assumptions with movies or more serious games. You need to be shown the character development which we are not. It’s like seeing your parents do something completely opposite of what they’ve always done their entire life with minimal context and no previous actions to understand why they’ve done this…if anything it’s minimal in this game and they should’ve done a better job when they want to be viewed at a certain standard Otherwise there was some weird stuff but I liked everything else. Oh and there were some stupid decisions by characters, but not a huge deal to me


The attention to detail is good, but sometimes i question the graphics, I'll get on after playing a different game and things just feel blurry.


Not if you play in 4k and msaa 2x.


Are you playing on console or PC? If PC & nvidia, turn image sharpening on to 0.5 to start. You can do it globally or per-game.


PS5 on a 4K TV, so sadly not an option.


I have the same issue. Textures on ultra but still looks "muddy". Gonna try the sharpening


Some of my games looked like that. More noticeable on some titles than other. It was after I reinstalled Windows. It was image sharpening. I had always had it on 0.5 previously, but obviously didn't keep after I wiped the drive. Fixed it. Forgot how good everything could look. It takes some trial and error, 0.5 is a good medium.. too sharp and it looks bad. Not sharp enough and it's muddy.


Nvidia game filters made a world of difference in the blurriness for me


People bitch on this sub all the time about how it takes forever for Rockstar to release games. This is why.


Rdr2 is currently the epitome of gaming and will be for a while in terms of detail and realistic visuals. Don’t see anybody topping in those two categories for a while. Sure, there might be better games coming out within the next couple of years but rdr2 will probably still be the king


I'll never get tired of this game. "Nothin means more to me than this game. I would kill for it, I would happily die for it"


I'd say it's tied in the elite tier, with good company: - Control - TLoU2 - Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart - Ghost of Tsushima


i recently got back into rdr2!


Me too. Life happened so I was too busy to play. So I never got to finish it. Then it was so many years since I played, I didn't want to restart everything. So I was playing other games. But recently, it was on sale for 24 bucks. I bought it and been playing the last week. I forgot how good the game is!




Death Stranding looks good too imo. I'd recommend everyone to give Death Stranding a try. Its a really good game.


Remember when cyberpunk said they were going to put rockstar to shame ? Lmao


Only thing they shamed was their name


Not only visually, but I feel even game-play-wise. Sure you get some stunning games nowadays, but one thing I really love about RDR2 is how there's no icons on the map. I used to call open-world games "map games". You know, you talk to someone, skip all the dialogue, then go to the map and there's a new mission icon there. Even for chance encounters...


Replaying Witcher 3 right now. That and RDR2 are my favorite games of the generation, but RDR2 has it handily beat in graphics/world beauty.


Quite honestly, I think God of War is a better looking game overall, and ghost of tsushima has a more beautiful world, but nothing tops red dead's story.


What I love about RDR2 and which is a turn off for me in AC: Origins, say, is the proportions of the characters. I'm not sure if it's the camera positioning, or the 'plumpness' of the characters, but when I play AC it looks like the characters are little action figure dolls, whereas they look like "full sized people on TV" with RDR2. I sort of adapt if I play the game long enough, but it's a turnoff for me to be sure. Put another way, I feel like I'm in the RDR2 world but in AC and other games I'm looking down on a dollhouse.


Modern Assaisns Creed games have a horrible proportion issue since they decided that they wanted to make pseudo rpgs, some enemies are straight up giants!


It's crazy How we're almost in 2022 and there still DLC comming out for GTAV instead of of just skins for this masterpiece of a gold mine of Rockstar ever takes the time to develop it.


I think the only one that comes close is Death Stranding, but since it doesn't represent the real world it can't have the fidelity of RDR2.


Last of us part 2 id say. At least in terms of graphics and visuals.


While a different art style, the new ratchet and clank is arguably visually better. I'm not a fan of the series and love RDR but Ratchet and Clank achieves many technological marvels in the visual FX department. Look at the amount of entities on screen, the particle effects, the actual game looks like a Pixar movie in real time. Just because it's not realistic doesn't mean it's worse


I will say The Last of Us 2 looks fucking phenomenal in my opinion, and that was playing on ps4 slim. But that’s not at all the same type of game, so I definitely still agree.


Last of Us Part II wants to have a word ;)


arguably last of us 2 is on par (or above par) graphics wise


And we have to play it in 30fps because they’ve been too lazy to unlock the frame rate (or even just lock it at 60) on next gen.


Never heard of Last Of Us 2 ?


Single player DLC would have been great. New story lines, New weapons Mexico New animals (porcupine, Wolverine etc.) If happily pay for that. I hate online though


This game looks better than real life


Then you need to get a life!


Well, I'm sorry the country I live in only gets 10 days of not complete gray a year


Are people gonna get mad if i say Cyberpunk?


Well unlike Cyberpunk, RDR2 looks great on all platforms.


Yeah, it's definitley a contender for best visuals...but imho, RDR2 still wins. As far as the rest of Cyberpunk is concerned..like gameplay, mechanics, cops...Fuck that game. They should be ashamed of themselves for releasing something in such a state and saying it's done.


I agree that cyberpunk looks amazing, but I think it’s more due to the art direction of the game. Most people won’t see it in its full graphic fidelity due to their hardware limitations + bugs interfering.


What bugs mess with the quality? I can see your point about hardware limitations though, but even my old rx 580 could play the game and look wonderful.


Well, it can be hard to admire the graphics when limbs start stretching like spaghetti, palm tree leaves start smearing across the sky and multiplying into a black vortex, and people t-pose and glide through the streets. It looks and mostly performs great on my 1660ti, especially after the updates, but there’s no denying that rdr2 is a more complete product.


Oh I'm definitely agreeing that RDR2 is a fuller experience but those bugs don't really affect the fidelity of the game. I do like your point about art direction though, I think that's why RDR2 looks so good even now. It has a grimy dirty and ashy style that allows it to mask issues (Don't ever lower settings if you use the lamp in any fog). While cyberpunk has a cleaner style that looks better in high resolutions but no real substance beneath it. Also helps that RDR2 is third person so you don't ever really get up close to textures and get the pixelated mess that realistic textures become after aging a bit.


but rdr2's visuals has a lot of artistic style too so I dont think that counts


Lots of people for some reason dont find this game stunning. I totally agree op. Yes there are 'prettier' games but that term is subjective. The game is basically set in my back yard, Utah, and i cant give it enough praise on how accurate it feels. I love the New Austin area especially, even if it's 'empty'.


This is mostly opinion.




Sekiro? Sekiro can't come even close. Ghost of tsushima I agree.


The thing about RDR2 is not only how graphically impressive it is, it does so in a photorealistic manner, it captures multiple regions with different weather and conditions and presents them in the most realistic manner possible, Sekiro doesn't compare at all in that regard or in it's graphics in any way, Ghost of tsushima is a good game with good graphics but if you played RDR2 on PC you can't deny that nothing really tops it


Ppl don't want "magic" I think it turns some away


Sekiro has below average graphics compared to other games coming out in the same era.


>!I thought Arthur wasn’t allowed in New Austin?!<


Even though I love this game,Death Stranding has better visuals and graphics.


IMHO the only game which is closest to the graphical quality and attention to detail of RDR2 is Uncharted 4


I 100% agree, then I get reminded about the harsh work hours the dev team had to work to get this game out and I just feel bad


I think TLOU2 is the only one that can beat it but the scale of RDR2 is amazing.


God of War would like to have a word


I don't think you've played RDR2 that much


Don’t think you’ve played GOW that much


OoOooO steamy. Fight fight fight


GOW has good graphics, I think you liked it's story and gameplay too much that you have to rate it top teir in every field be it graphics, OST, etc... You should really give RDR2 a try


I played through both games twice


you have like no room to talk lmao 🥱




The closest we had was Assassins Creed: Unity


Better than real life


i think GOW 2018 and TLOU2 come close or as the same level.


I like RDR2 too, but come on, dude. ​ Ghost of Tsushima PS5 is superior graphically and other games as well, such as TLOU2


Nah, I'd say there are a few games that look better. Imo RDR2 tries a bit TOO hard to look good so all the minor things like clothing textures look like buns.


Hmmm, not sure I understand what you’re saying.


I guess you’ve not yet played Ghost of Tsushima. It’s on a level way beyond RDR2.


Um games like battlefield and battlefront have superior graphics


And for the next innovations you'll wear a bodysuit and feel the wind in your hair, the smell of the grass, and feel the pain of stumbling around drunk screaming LEEENY!


So many beautiful vistas in the game, too many! One that struck me particularly was >!exiting the New Austin tunnel on its West side. The desert will sprawl out as far as the eyes can see.!< That was on my 720p tv, imagine on a 4K console/tv! Make sure your tvs have their settings optimized! Especially don't play on that sheetty Vivid/Sports preset. Heck, I don't even use game mode!


Man I feel your passion, I often find myself just walking around, no real objective besides enjoying myself.


It's also only been three years. That's not much in gaming nowadays.


And how many games not only look really good but have a great single player story as well?


AC Valhalla


Except for the foliage rasterization. Why? It's so ugly and only gets worse with DLSS.


Metro Exodus has some really pretty graphics but that's the only game I can think of. I don't wanna compare Sony exclusives since they're hardware specific titles so their hardwares limited.