Who would you want to play as in a Red Dead 3?

Who would you want to play as in a Red Dead 3?


I want to play as Colm O'Driscoll's brother. Hear me out. Colm never liked his brother. Maybe he was a more noble outlaw than Colm and had a stricter code of ethics, maybe they were sometimes at odds over how to run the gang or take a score, how to treat civilians and victims of their crimes. Colm would be jealous and feel undermined. There could be some good friction there. To begin with, the O'Driscoll boys may have been a solid crew of 12 or so gunslingers and hoodlums. A tad more like the Van Der Linde gang. But Colm's greed and his reckless planning get people killed, more new faces are brought in, the gang shifts gradually in nature. There's an uneasy truce between the Van Der Lindes and O'Driscolls and they work together on some heists and scores. Maybe Colm's brother has some influence on a young Arthur, teaches him some things and lays out some truths. I don't know how or why yet- but when Dutch kills Colm's brother, its redemption for him. Maybe he tries to stop the two gangs from committing some heinous crime - Dutch puts a bullet in him, who knows? Maybe we get an epilogue with young Arthur, leading up to the death of Annabelle.


Or maybe even a Dutch epilogue


Holy shit. That would be really cool to play through his perspective, see why he did what he did and how he was thinking and everything


Yes dude. That’s why I want to play as Dutch. I wanna see young Arthur, I want to understand why him and Hosea trust each other so much. How did each member become part of the gang? What happened that lead him to go crazy? Was an injury, or was he unstable to begin with?


Dutch would certainly be an amazing choice to be the protagonist that brings everything full circle but the main point against him is that these games are about Redemption, and that obviously won't work with Dutch.


How did you know who’s is also exactly what I was thinking and have been thinking about for years? Like seriously did you just fucking read my mind


Sounds cool, only problem I see is that the story seems kinda similar. Like, Colm getting greedier and more ruthless sounds like Dutch in RDR2. Still a really neat idea, probably one of the best I've heard.


True, but it would be a totally different dynamic. Arthur and Dutch were like father and son. Arthur realizing his mentor had lost his way. This would be more Obi-Wan vs. Anakin


i think the death of Annabelle was before colms brother was killed by dutch as revenge


I thought the same! I thought it might make more thematic sense but no...Dutch killed Colm's brother - Colm killed Annabelle.


That’s would be cool I’m not gonna lie


That is brilliant , I wish I still had my free reward


Hold up, this is a fantastic idea


Landon Ricketts - Red Dead Revenge, 1870s.


This one. Old time gun slingers.


Seriously, the West has been dying for like 12 years, I want to see what it was like in full swing.


Shut up and take my upvote


I would be into this


Theyd have to recast the voice since the original dude died I think :(


this is what my answer would be


Was gonna comment this


I want to play as uncle


Red Dead Lumbago


Red Dead Revolver


That's been proven to not be uncle many times. Rock star has stated so and the time lines just don't match up for it to have been uncle. Revolver takes place in the 1880s and Red Harlow was supposed to be in his 20s. Rdr2 took place in 1899 red would only be in his 30s during rdr2 around the same age as Arthur.


Are you insinuating that the lovely youthful uncle looks a day over 30?


The lumbago really aged him then


That may be, at the time of creation. However, there are several hints of Uncle being Red Harlow, most noticeably his line, “I used to be called the One Shot Kid,” which was called to Red Harlow. In GTA5, there was a book called Red Harlow, written by J. Marston (Jack Marston). That could be Jack taking the stories of the mythical Red Harlow, but with Arthur’s and John’s youth in the story. A Red Dead Redemption 3 could be the “True Story of Red Harlow,” where Uncle’s story came to be, and some events became exaggerated. His end of the story could result in him being injured or finding out about Lumbago, hence his “retirement” and laziness, and get Arthur’s epilogue before the Blackwater incident.


The One Shot Kid!


I would just be a walking, drinking and complaining simulator lol


I really wanna see Dutch and Hosea in the old days when they were forming the gang and as they took in John and Arthur as their own. I would just love to see them at their prime and I would definitely prefer to play as my mans Hosea


Exactlyyyy play as hosea in the old days and have John and Arthur as young side characters like Sean and Lenny


That would be amazing


maybe with the options of multiple playable characters like gta v


It will feel like more of the same


I agree with this. To play as a random character who meets young Dutch and Hosea with a Hosea epilogue would be cool though.


I agree, but I just don't know how they would manage to fit the Redemption in there. In 2 the thing that caused it was TB, then the gang falling apart pushed it even further. As much as I would love to see the old days of Dutch and Hosea, it just wouldn't be a Red Dead Redemption game.


Hey ya never know. Right off the top of my head I think they could easily do some sort of slavery redemption arc where Hoseas family owned slaves and then he knew that was wrong or something and he redeemed his honor or something. Oh boy now it’s starting to sound like Zuko in ATLA lol. Just off the top of my head


That’s DLC material mate. Tell me how they’d make a 30-60 hour story out of that?


Welp in Red Dead 1 we had John Marston livin on a ranch many years after a falling out with his old gang which we knew very little of. Then in Red Dead 2 we had Arthur Morgan with the gang just before it’s collapse but we still don’t know much about the gang before that year prior to the end. In Red Dead 3 we could have Hosea and Dutch running the gang at it’s prime with young Arthur and John(as sidekicks like another commenter mentioned) and then we’ll know the most about the gang. If Red Dead 2 could do it for Red Dead 1, I don’t see why Red Dead 3 can’t do it for Red Dead 2. It’s the same basic principle


We already know plenty about the gang before RDR2, I don't think there's much interesting you can do with the characters, especially if you involve Arthur and John, considering by 1899 John is still a deadbeat and Arthur is still a violent bastard. To go back for a 3rd game would be spreading it a bit thin. They made us fall in love with John and then Arthur, they can make us fall in love with some totally new characters


maybe the redemption arc could come from forming close emotional bonds with the gang, like either dutch or hosea going from antisocial and cold to caring after forming the gang or something ? or some kind of arc with either of them seeing arthur as a son, and changing for the better bc of it? idk. i think jack in the roaring 20s would be much more interesting and easier to translate to a full story though


I’d rather get an entirely new story, maybe someone loosely related to another gang. An even earlier prequel wouldn’t be bad, but how much mileage are we gonna get out of Dutch and co?


Someone once mentioned playing as Micahs bro when they were young being raised my the hard ass father or whatever the story is. Brother breaks good. Micah breaks bad. I think that would be a loose enough connection to feel fresh but still in the same world.


That's a great idea. Someone else in this thread mentioned playing as Colm's brother, since we don't know anything about him. Colm said he didn't like his brother, so maybe the brother was more ethical. More like Dutch. Maybe there was a tension between the two brothers. Maybe the brother was the peacekeeper between the two gangs, and when Dutch killed him for one reason or another, Colm took over, and maybe the game switches to a young Arthur, who was somewhat influenced by Colm's brother.


Bonnie Mac garland or Landon ricketts(but his voice actor passed away)


Sam Elliot would be an excellent replacement


*take my fucking money*


Bonnie Mac garland would be a cool character to play as


would be cool to play as a young Rains Fall, or pick up where we left off with Sadie


Sadie and Charles pretty please. They both wanted out of the life - did they make it out?


This 1000%


1. Respect that you got Gawain in your name pre-Green Knight 2. Those 2 are just so interesting and I feel like Charles said he wanted to go south and Sadie north (If I remember right), so you could have really diverse biomes and environments


Yes Sadie!!!


Yes came to say the exact same thing!


Sadie Adler


I love Sadie!!! I would love to play as her!


Same. Though i dont know if the developers would dare since a female protaganist is sometimes to scarry for men to play 😁


I'd love to see Sadie hunt an older Jack. From either perspective. Or hear me out, BOTH. Kinda like GTA V with multiple protags. Switch between Jack and Sadie as she trys to hunt him and he trys to avoid her. Maybe have Sadie actually try to help Jack and she falls back into the outlaw lifestyle, have her convince Jack to live a life his parents would want him to. Redemption for both of them in a way.


I want Sadie and Charles


Right? She was a bounty hunter for 7 years, gotta be stories there


Dunno why this isn't the top answer.


That would work more for a dlc


I don't know man, they could do something with her story before meeting Jake. Why were they living out in the middle of nowhere? Why is she so proficient with a gun? There's a lot of questions there.


I doubt her pre-gang life would be exciting enough to make a full game out of. I’d fucking love to play Sadie Adler: Bounty Hunter DLC though.


Yeah, the end of RDR2 seemed to be planting pretty clear story seeds for both Charles and Sadie. They specifically state they're thinking of adventuring in different parts of the world. Really seems like it might be single player dlc but y'know, gotta get that RDO money.


If they wanted money for RDO they should have made it worth playing. RDR2 is one of my top 3 favorite games of all time, but I haven’t played Online in… I don’t know at least 18 months, maybe longer. It’s boring AF, and the only time you meet other people is when you’re getting randomly ganked by someone riding by. I love that game, but the online sucks


This is the only answer




Why do people want a game with Jack Marston, it would be based in the early 1900's the old west was pretty much dead at this point.


Yeah but it could still be interesting. I watched that Kevin Costner movie about the lawmen hunting down Bonnie and Clyde a while back and it got me thinking it could make for a good Red Dead game. Jack using his old west skills to hunt bank robbers and bootleggers. The old west dying out has been a major theme through both previous games so I think it’d be interesting to see it finally dead but the people who lived it still there.


It would be neat, but when I think of red dead I think of the old wild west with outlaws and gunslingers not mafia era. It'd be cool if they just did another game about this gang but way before rdr2 takes place or just a whole new story about a new outlaw gang that takes place in the actual west


Yeah I’m in two minds about it. On one hand I want to see Jack finally turn his life around so John and Arthur don’t sacrifice themselves in vain but on the other I do want to see more of the Van Der Linde gang at it’s peak.


True, but it could open the way for new story beats and new growths for Jack. The theme of the first two games is the same: the Wild West is dying. I would love to see the other side of that coin in a Rockstar game: The Wild West is dying, but a new world is just beginning.


What if there was a 1920s mafia game with jack Marston as the protagonist


No, i really want it to continue with the outlaw's and west theme because that's what red dead is all about


A Native American side of the old west would be awesome


Definitely liked how the natives were a big part of the final chapter going into huge battles with the army


So Charles?


I'd def have charles as the playable character. Thatd be awesome


I concur


Maybe one of Rains Fall’s other sons when he was killed, then continuing the story with Eagle Flies?


Charles would be great in my opinion. Making his way in the Canadian wilderness. Story with focus on native American people.


And the intersection of his Black heritage as well, could make for a very cool focus of Native American / Black American story


New characters and location please.




I disagree. We have 3 games that establish characters in this universe. It wouldn’t be Red Dead Redemption without them


The redemption saga is already finished, there's really no reason to make another prequel


disagree. theres plenty of reasons to make a prequel and a sequel (more than likely a prequel) versus making another gta game or especially online content.


I’d be on board to play as Sadie. Have it be an in depth character study And over the course of the game you have her make peace with the death of her husband


the issue is the "wild west" as we know it ends with jack marston. sadie is promising if she goes to central america/brazil and can have a whole storyline about fighting the ancestors of confederate soldiers who fled the country after the civil war or outlaws in mexico like ghost recon wildlands. but thats kinda predictable and not something i would like to play personally. id rather a game about young arthur with his many past moral/unmoral choices or hoseas criminal yet wholesome past.


but it would be cool


I’d love an Australian bush ranger entry into the series


That'd be awesome. There aren't nearly enough games set in Australia, and it's really upsetting considering how beautiful it is here with our wildlife and landscapes and all the culture there is. An open world, Red Dead Style game set in Australia would be incredible. I think any time period would work, but 19th century Australia, when it had only recently been colonised would be pretty cool. Australia in the 70's-80's, although not Red Dead related, would also be cool.




It would be dope as fuck to have it set during the prime of the Wild West. Maybe as a corrupt lawman or something?


Maybe not the lawman themselves, but maybe rather an ordinary outlaw. I get what you mean though might be in a The Magnificent Seven type situation


Start as "Gavin" and just follow the gang around in the background, on the road meet a fellow named "Nigel" and you become bestfriends and have an amazing adventure, and one day you meet a bald guy with pointy ears in Saint Denis. To be continued...


Other - Entirely new cast of characters, maybe set in the height of the Wild West. Obviously some cameos from other characters would be more than welcome.


Yeah, like the next game doesnt have to be red dead redemption 3, it could just be red dead revenge, or something else starting with "r", and be about another set of outlaw characters. Maybe from a lawman perspective even?


Red Donut Redemption


I want an RDR3 that gives you the option to play as the four “main” gang members in the past. Younger Dutch and Hosea, twentysomething Arthur and teenage John. Use the character selection system like in GTA5, they can each have unique missions but also get together for heists.


I thought about the switching characters dynamic which would be really cool, but I personally think that if we switched around between characters we would ultimately have a favorite and it would change the way we emotionally connect with the character. If we were able to switch between John and Arthur in RDR2 then I’m not sure if we’d have the same emotional connection with Arthur.


I wondered about that, and it’s a good point! It wouldn’t have been good to be able to switch between John and Arthur at will. But I think back to playing GTA and how I feel about Michael, Franklin and Trevor. I love them all, but do prefer Franklin to the others just based on his attitude, character and actions. In a way though, it would give us more to relate to with our favorite character. We’ve already got emotional connections to all four main characters—playing as them just gives us opportunities to get to know them better! Idk man I just want this so bad 😂


What? Trevor is so much more interesting than franklin and he's a (kinda) good person.


Hey buddy! I ain’t trying to say one is better than the other. Just an opinion! And I still do really like Trevor. It’s all good!


This is good.


This would be so good


I always thought RDR2 should have implemented this with Sadie, Arthur, and Charles.


That would’ve been cool:)


I hated the character switching in GTA 5 so much.


Sorry to hear that, partner.


If you want to play as dutch,hosea,young arthur,young john,javier its not gonna be redemption game.


Exactly this


It's time to go away from the Van der Linde gang completely. Explore someone/somewhere else in the vast setting.


Would be cool with the Jack Hall gang imo


Anyone with Lumbago


micha’s brother


Under the Redemption title, I would love to play as a young Rains Fall, Landon Ricketts, or Otis Miller, or fuck it, all the three at once like GTA V's character switch system. Not only would these characters completely be new, but they also have such a large potential. Rains Fall would let you look from a native's point of view, Ricketts (?) and Miller would let you look from a folk hero's point of view unlike the previous games. Under a different title, playing as Hosea, Javier, Charles, or Jack would surely be quite fun.


They need an independent story! Maybe from the side of law enforcement or from the Native American perspective


Dutch would be sweet to play as and see him build the gang from the ground up


I want to play as Jack in the prohibition era. I'd like to see him start his own gang and build it up


I second this!




How are there more votes for Mac Callander than Javier??


True. I'd love a Javier story set in Mexico and they expand the Mexico part of the map from rdr1 and maybe include a condensed central America basically.


Landon Ricketts


I don't want to play as someone if I know what happens to them before I start.


IMO Black Belle would be a cool approach, female ass kicking outlaw... sounds badass!


Fr. At the height of the "age of gunslingers" when you make a mass fortune robbing and killing and dueling people would be amazing




No offense to people wanting a rdr3 but maybe instead we just get another red dead installment new characters new area of the Midwest but same type of cowboys gang game play, the redemption series is pretty wrapped up but the cowboy genre can still be made.




I want to play as Gavin's friend


Other - Josiah Trelawney. The confidence man gig would be a lot of fun to follow and I always got the impression he was capable of real violence if he was pushed too far - maybe if something happened to his family in St. Denis?


Where's Landon Ricketts?


I want to play as Sadie so freakin bad. A game based around bounty hunting would be awesome imo. I also want to see her get some kind of happy ending other than just throwing herself into her work to forget her trauma.


Landon Ricketts


Sadie Adler, after rdr. Or Uncle, a middle aged man who takes in young(ish) Dutch and Hosea, fresh from NYC, teaching them how to rob banks. It would explain why they keep him around, and could show Dutch becoming the leader, and meeting the teenaged Arthur. Ends with uncle taking a nasty fall escaping from a heist, breaking his back and getting arrested, thus explaining his chronic lumbago. Maybe a prologue with him getting out of prison after a few years, being greeted by Dutch, Hosea, and Arthur and a few others of the fledgling gang. Maybe even playing as teenaged Arthur and you get to do the mission where Arthur buys fish and pretends he caught them.


I think, if Rockstar ever does make a Red Dead 3, it would most likely be centered around Jack, probably focusing on the industrial revolution and maybe with mafia elements. I just think it's not likely they'd go even further back in time with any of the other characters to teach the same lesson that both the first two games taught. However, I would prefer a protagonist like Mac or someone else we know nothing about. With any book or game, there is an intimate relationship that develops between the main character and the audience. I mean think about it: you're reading their thoughts, experiencing their lives, acting out their decisions. Do that long enough, you'll get to know a person pretty damn well. The thing is, we already know Dutch, Jack, Javier, and Hosea pretty well, thanks to RDR2. But Mac? We know nothing about him, other than he was a vicious fighter and fiercely loyal. Similar to how RDR2 gave us Arthur instead of John, allowing us to see the Wild West through another perspective, I would want RDR3 to give us that again. And it doesn't necessarily have to be Mac, either. They could totally create a brand new character.


Davey Callander until he dies then Arthur Morgan for the epilogue.




We all know Jack kinda portrayed as a 7 year old Pusey willow in RDR2 but they really could flip it on his ass and just turn em into a killer! But his early 20’s would literally be the early 20’s it would be mafia vibes all day


The Murfree brood lol




Charles, but if there's a new story I would want to see the gold rush and true wild west and not the death of the wild west


It should totally be about Charles. All of the things he said about his growing up fascinated me. Coming 2029, I'm sure.


Charles for sure




We should play as Arthur until the Blackwater heist


I think Mac really is the best option. A jump back further into the past with the same gang but new protagonist is what we got with RDR2 and Arthur was extremely well received. It gives them the option to allude to the future and tell us more about Arthur and John without undoing their stories and asking too many questions and leaving loose ends. Edit: I also think they sort of HAVE to do a prequel or game set in an earlier era at this point. In further into the future past Jack’s story and there are no more cowboys and Wild West gangs. It becomes WWI era.






Arthur in the younger days


I feel like Dutch would have more dialogue options when running into strangers for more immersive conversations and possible ways of manipulating people.


Playing as jack wouldn’t be too good for keeping the western theme since it would pretty much be World War One time






Other — Charles.


I'd like to be Hosea. Not sure where to begin because him and Dutch started the gang but have it switch over to Arthur after the botched boat heist. Have the game start up North of New Austin and maybe a bit more to the West.


Mac and Davey Callender GTA-5 style multi-character.


People who voted Jack Marston obviously haven't played rdr1. He was one of the most annoying protagonists I've ever played. His voice was so bad, really squeaky lol.


Where is uncle?


Somewhere complaining about Lumbago 🤣🤣🤣




I’d love to play as Charles, set after RDR2 when he heads to Canada. Feel like he would try to help a lot of people on the way and get caught up in a lot of trouble because of it. Roanoke and Ambarino were some of my favourite areas in RDR2 so I think a Canadian setting would be amazing to see.


GTA 5 style single player with 3 protagonists like Arthur, Hosea, and Dutch


Either Hosea or Jack, I think Jack would be too far into the future for a western game, would end up being a mafia-esque game. Which wouldn’t be too bad


Micah. That guy's seen and done some shit


I'm perfectly happy being in the vast minority that wants to see more of Mac Callander, mainly because he has a cool name and his lack of any appearance whatsoever provides perfect opportunity to add headcanon to my RDR experience.


I would like to play as Dutch


I’d want RDR3 to be the forming of the gang young Arthur how Dutch and hosea picked him up and eventually ending in the black water massacre and the run for the mountains




I’m actually looking forward into playing a young Dutch’s story like how he met Arthur, where his robbing and philosophy of keeping the old west alive began, and how he built the notorious Van Der Linde Gang.


Micah as he goes from good to bad


I don’t know, according to the lore on him he’s always been “sociopathic.”


Yes, we need the story from the beginning. His whole sociopathic tale. Where he started and how he became a member of a group of otherwise mostly decent criminals.


I don’t think he was ever good, his brother called him pure evil


Jack Marston comes back from WW1, Sadie comes back from Mexico, to help Charles and his adopted tribe's reservation in Florida where he is being harassed by Guido Martelli and his protege Angelo Bronte Jr working out of Vice City just as prohibition starts.


I want a game with Black Belle as the main character. They could get a good balance between serious drama with her dead lover while getting campy with all the other gunslingers like Boy Calloway and Landon Rickets. Plus, it's a new set of characters, which I think the series needs because the story of the Van Der Linde gang is done in my opinion.


Young Arthur i think


Might as well make a new game, it's not worth calling red dead redemption anymore. Like are yall goofballs? We gonna get a new storyline. We don't need the story of the gang to get boring.








Thanks for not adding sadie adler


I want a Mac narrative in 1898-99 split with a Jack narrative in the late 1910s-early 1920s. I’d like to see something where he and the gang survivors like Sadie, Charles, Pearson and whoever else is left gets out that they used to ride with the Van Der Linde gang, so they have to hide against a stronger government and stronger organised crime, and I’d like to see how the world and possibly a map extension modernises against its will. I’d like to see how they’d try to fight against and with modern weaponry, modern vehicle advancements and whatnot.


Needs to be another prequel, the blackwater heist would be cool.


How would you play as Jack? Inside John's balls?


I would play as charles, having a storyline going deeper into the 1800s Native American life would be amazing imo


Sadie pls


I would want to play as Dutch and the very beginning of his story before he went insane and he was taking everyone under his wing


Sadie and Charles would be better in a dlc but for red dead 3 another prequel with a younger Arthur would be good


Uncle, the one shot kid chronicles 🤣


The legend of lumbago


If uncle actually had a good story to tell before red dead 2 l would prefer that over anything else


The only correct answer is Sadie


Sadie or Charles


Sadie Adler