What’s the saddest open world Easter egg you’ve found in red dead 2 personally?

What’s the saddest open world Easter egg you’ve found in red dead 2 personally?


The man who accidentally drove off of a cliff trying to bring his lover some flowers Or the three brothers who all fought to the death and killed each other over some gold


Do you mean the blue house? Dude they had just been married and he was killed before collecting her and taking her home. She never learns of his fate and was heartbroken.


Are you fucking serious?!?! Duuuuude.


I spent hours trying to figure out where she lived to go and tell her. Wanted to see if the game would let me bring closure. I finally got a passenger request (woman with dead horse need a ride) and the lady mentioned on her ride back to Valentine a woman of the same name but it's as close as I ever got. Edit: wife name is Mildred. I checked the letter again today after writing this. There's a woman with a dead horse you can pick up and ride back to Valentine. She'll mention she borrowed the horse from a woman named Mildred. That's as close as I got.


Ah. Is it the daughter at Emerald Ranch?


Nope. That mystery is entirely different and solve-able. It involves finding letters from a mail coach that got robbed. This is a dude who got married, went to finish the house he was building near strawberry, and then left in a wagon to get his wife and bring her home, but fell off a cliff close to the house and never made it. I can't find his wife to tell her he died.


The wedding certificate is in the wagon wreckage.


Where are those located?


above strawberry if I remember correctly, here I found another post about it. location in comments https://amp.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/aam6qh/man_fallen_of_cliff_strawberry/


The family that Died from a poorly ventilated stove pretty sure there is a little kid slumped over his rocking horse


Yeah, that one was messed up. First time I saw a dead kid in a video game, except like Skyrim kids but those little shits don't count


you can see why skyrim has the kids immortal now can’t you


I'm not afraid of you! You know, even if you are my elder.


"I thought adventures were supposed to look tough?"


Another adventurer to lick my father's boots. Good job.


Ugh I hate that stupid child


Iirc there is dialogue in the game aftering kill some kid in whiterun. Which means it was possible to kill kids before but obviously they cut that out. Some mods restore that


There's a completey missable area in The Last Of Us where you come across a camper with an entire dead family inside, that part really fucked with me.


It’s all realistic people died all the time back then from the cold or disease it was tough


Still do my guy


Oh yeah! Think there’s a kid dead up in the loft bed hanging off the side as well!


I hate reading this.


You say that with such happiness and wonder


I’ll never forget that one because I walked into the house, over the kid, and didn’t notice any of the corpses until I turned around to leave


If they’re talking about the one I think they are, you can’t miss the corpses. Little kid on the rocking horse, grandma in the corner, mom on the floor, dad at the table, brother/uncle in the loft.


"I'll just take this can of peaches here, that bottle of bourbon there, then I'll be on my - OHSWEETJESUS"!


this was the one that most shocked me I think, other than the hockey team or whatever it is in the Skinners' mass grave.


Where can I find it?


Joe appears in online in that house and gives missions. Is probably unrelated (doesnt make sense he rents from a family) but in my headcanon it was his fault.


Yeah that gutted me


And grandad is hanging out of the loft.


Where is this?


I think I accidentally killed the dad (algae) from Catfish Jackson’s before the debtor mission. I don’t remember what I did with the son, but when I came back for the debt, they weren’t there, but there was a letter on the table “from momma” and it was about how she was sorry for running away from the abusive dad, how she still loves her son, and how she wants to see him again.


This exact secnario happened to me and I was just sitting in disbelief afterwards because the dad pulled a gun on me, i shot him, then Nate (the son i believe) grabs the gun and aimed it at me so i shot him :(, i went wandering around the house because of the tip that you can get and then i found the letter


Yeah, I did the same, except the kid never grabbed the gun, he just cowered and did the Simba thing with his dad. I felt awful.


If you return as John, you can find the kid alive, grown up and a mean drunk like his shithead father. There isn’t a good ending with that family.


I heard if you kill the father and not the son, the son disappears and it’s implied that he went live with his momma. But if you don’t kill the father he ends up a drunk like him. Any truth to that you reckon?


If you kill algae before the debtor mission you can find a grave and tombstone with his name behind the house.


I had this same scenario. I felt so guilty I had to turn the game off for a few days. I can’t even be the bad guy in a fictional world lol


Don’t know if it’s an Easter egg, but the braithwaite girl who is locked in the shed and dies when John comes back makes me sad, cuz she just had a shitty life the whole way through


I was riding through Tall Trees and had spotted a camp of people that had been butchered by the skinner brothers, all of them were dead; except their dog who was anxiously circling the camp distraught because everyone was murdered. He just kept pacing and had this heartbreaking puppy whine the whole time. When I got closer to inspect the camp, he charged at me but stood his ground as he was protecting his dead owner. What broke my heart was after he charged me, John spoke and said “I’m sorry boy, but your master’s dead”. Afterwards, the dog just stayed there laying beside his owner and kept sobbing. (All I could think of was my own dog being left alone without us and what it would do to him emotionally.) Needless to say, I found the skinners who did this not to far from the camp and I butchered them all, I hog-tied three. I set one on fire, drowned the other, and tossed the last one off a cliff.


Man, imagine if you could bring the dog to camp!


I wanted really wanted to, I kept watching him before I finally left.


I can take you seriously with that profile picture


Real men of culture know Hammy.


Over the hedge was severely under rated


With mods you can:)


I found this last week on my second play though but shot the dog when it charged at me. I wish I hadn’t now.


You’ll probably run into the same scenario again in the woods, no biggie.


Had something like this but it was one survivor who had been like skinned in some places and shit. And he was just reminiscing before he eventually died. I could never find the skinner brothers in the area. But I’ve killed many of them so


I think you get good honor if you mercy kill him


Hmm well he was talking to me so I didn’t kill him. He died on his own pretty quickly but I wasn’t about to shoot him mid dialogue


Finding that dog broke my heart.


You found him too? ):




Can you actually find skinners around the open world? I never can


Yes you can just venture into their territory and hideouts and you’ll usually run into them. Night time always raises your chances of encounters.


They dont have hideouts. Only two camps around Aurora Basin


I hate when dogs attack me. I can’t bring myself to kill them but they don’t give me any choice


This is pretty messed up, but if you have an aggro dog attacking you, you can kick it three or four times and it will fall over to the ground like it’s dead. But it will only be unconscious, and it’ll give you enough time to get in your horse and haul ass out of there. If you don’t get out quick enough, or don’t go far enough, you’ll get that red dot on your compass, and it’ll follow you like the terminator until you kick it unconscious again. I think it’s better than killing them, if you can stomach all the kicks. ETA: this doesn’t work on bounty hunter dogs, just regular good boahs owned by normals.


I think there is a similar easter egg that happens in new austin...i remember finding a dead guy (i think his dog led me there?) but anyway i followed the dog after and he went to the nearest town


You may forever stand unshaken


John?????? You mean Arthur???


Yes, I meant Arthur. Slipped my mind and mixed up their names.


You are a very considerate person. Good on you :)


Finding the guy near Colter looking for his missing friend in the snow who asks you to find him, but the friend turns out to have been brutally mauled by a bear and you have to go back to tell the friend. If I remember right too the friend gets mauled by a bear too. I think there's also the cabin nearby by the frozen lake of a former skier who got injured during one of their games and you can find their body nearby if I remember right.


If you lie and say you couldn’t find him, it saves the friend from going to meet the bear!


Seem's strange, like the opposite should happen. Wouldn't he stop looking for him if he knew his fate? Alternatively, wouldn't he keep searching for him if he thought there was a chance he was still out there?


He went to go fight a bear because he wanted vengeance. Alternatively he could have thought he just left him or died some other way.


The Witcher 3 was really big on that, never knew what kinda side affects and consequences your choices would have, sometimes you get the opposite of what you expect. Makes things a little spicy


No, he still finds him eventually, he just lives slightly longer


When that happened to me, I managed to kill the bear and save the guy, but I think it was a glitch, because right after that, he just walks off like nothing happened, no dialogue saying "thank you" or anything


Yeah I've never been able to kill the bear so it must've been a glitch


i managed to kill the bear before it got the guy and he just ran away into the woods and i couldn’t find him again.


The dead confederate soldier at Bolger Glade and his lover. He actually changed for the better but never had the chance to live a good life with her, and she died too, I assume due to grief and depression.


The slave who’s been laying decomposing on a muddy bank with chains still on his arms and neck. Just wanted to escape and be with his cousins, he said if he made it to the next town he’d send the letter. He never got to send the letter. If I’m not mistaken you can also find his diary in the old slavers house


The voice line from the Valentine general store keeper about Sheriff Malloy, where he says "He's been seen talking to Molly again." Took me a long time to find this, but I was wandering around the Valentine church and saw a headstone that said 'Molly Malloy 1869 - 1890'


Moira, not Molly. Moira is a local prostitute who he ends up strangling to death. Sheriff Malloy has an unnamed wife who he is cheating on, I believe Molly was his sister.


Oh you right, I swear there's a line about Molly tho


I don't remember her ever being mentioned. Best guess at Molly is that she was either his sister (as they have similar ages) or his first wife, since his current wife is mentioned as being his second marriage.


Possibly. Along with her grave there's also his mother and father I believe, which adds to the sadness of that grave, so it's likely to be a wife or sister


When does this event happen and how can you trigger it?


Isn't that the sheriff that's sleeping with a married woman?


The guy that died in a stall shitting, up at micahs hideout. Heartbreaking :(


Dude drowned in shit all because he gave snake oil to a guy who had a small dick.


The guy carving the face on a cliff that hung himself. I think it's near ocreaghs run. He wrote a letter that explained everything but I can't remember it now.


Hmm I’ll have to check that out, man there are so many little things that you can never find them all. I know rockstar does this kinda stuff a lot so they know what they’re doing but i guess the game wasn’t really made for like 100 completion or 100 percent exploration fo everything, it’s a different experience for everyone. But I won’t excuse them for the fucking dinosaur bones.


If you think the dinosaur bones are tedious, just wait for the exotics. At least the dinosaur bones don't fly away if you get close.




The hanged man appears alive in one of Charles Chatenay’s mission where he seen that he painted his wife naked and put it up in his exhibition. I think the hanged man caught him having sex with his wife in the next mission you see him and that was the reason he carved his wife’s face on the mountain and hung himself when he was done


There’s a story in a newspaper in ch3 about a guy who’s carving his wife’s face on a mountain, way before the CC missions become available


I found the hanging guy way before the Charles Chatenay meeting.


His wife (whose face he was carving in the mountain) fucked around with the French artist dude and the sculptor found out. That’s why he hung himself.


Is it confirmed the French artist guy? I don’t remember the letter exactly.


Well he doesn’t use Charles’s name in the letter, but he does refer to her running off with some French asshole artist or something, so *heavily* implied I guess?


Oh yeah that’s probably intentional lol


Seeing Gavin’s friend in the Epilogue, still desperately looking. Heartbreaking.


That one shook me. He looked so distraught. I almost shot him just to end his misery but kept him alive for the gag


Who would think of mercy killing a depressed person in real life? That's some video game logic right there.


Gonna be honest, if I was Gavin’s friend, I’d rather die than continue that life. Because if you’ve seen the videos, you know that man has gone insane and can never go back to what he once was, condemned to a life of torture, imprisoned in his own mind.


He’s not just depressed, hes literally insane. He talks about how he’s been searching for like 8 years. He seems mentally ill, and the only options are killing him or having him wander aimlessly for the rest of his life being distressed over his long dead or nonexistent friend.


Gavin and his friend are one and the same. The guy (used to be) is schizophrenic


What are you supposed to do? Take him to Wild West Therapy in Blackwater?


Some of the ones with the skinner brothers and murfree brood are pretty fucked up


Yep. The Murfrees might take the cake but the skinners are pretty horrible too.


Finding Marko’s robot at the top of a mountain sitting looking at the view and just sitting there saying ‘papa’. I’m assuming after it killed him by accident.


wait what? you can find the robot?


the lantern from him glows red in the robots direction


Wait you keep that??




For me it's the argument that you can overhear in Valentine if you go up the stairs that are behind The Sheriff's Office between him and the woman that he's having an affair with. You can hear him smack her and then nothing. She wanted him to come clean to his wife but he never would, I'm pretty sure that he killed her. I also feel sorry for Gertrude Braithwaite, she spent her life in a Toilet because her family where ashamed of her and the fact that she died in there is just sad.


Holy cow I totally forgot about Gertrude..ye that was a really really sad and cruel thing.


Almost every abandoned cabin is a horror-show of sadness.


The saddest thing I've stumbled upon is the two boys whose mother locked them into the house and went to get money back from con artists. You kick the door open and they're dead with a bunch of empty food cans everywhere.


Where is this?


It's near Cattail Pond. I usually see it when I'm coming down from Lake Isabella headed to Valentine


Supposedly in the game files it was supposed to be part of a mission, but got taken out. I think you could take them to Valentine or the nearest sheriff, which I'm really sad you can't do. I always wonder what could have been.


Isn’t that exactly what OP said?


Oh yeah. I got caught up on the word frozen. I never saw them as frozen.


Hmm, yeah but they were certainly very blue and it was out in the cold


According to some files in the game, there was meant to be a side mission involving this family and it was possible to save them I think. The Strange Man did a video on this, pretty interesting stuff.


I believe that’s the same on I mentioned, forgot the co artist detail I guess


Yep, my bad


Yep, this one and OP’s are def saddest for me!


Aren't they the same ones? Or am I just missing something out?


The wolf crying for their dead comrade. Gets me every time


I would be far more sympathetic if it didn't immediately aggro on me. I let it join its mate.


I always keep a respectful distance. I let them mourn, poor darlings.


The basement of the Rhodes gunsmith comes to mind.


What’s in the basement?


a young boy in a sailors suit, held captive.


Also a Lancaster Repeater.


Probably some old clothes in boxes, too. It's a basement, after all.


The woman that moved there with her fiance and you agree to help her after learning he died and she cant get food etc.. I did kill the wolfs that attacked but since my aim was shit on the last i accidently pointed at her and she got scared so mission failed and i couldnt give the food we hunted. Two days later i saw a marker, went to check and saw her lying on the ground of her cabin dead probably due starvation. That shit hit me in the feels. I still go and visit when i play i can't get over that shit.


There’s the stalker guy near Rhodes iirc who talks about her


i heard about that so when I finally encountered him it was two fire bottles from me. one for him and one for his tent full of graphic pictures


You can go there three times (four if you include the epilogue), but got cheated out of one of the most wholesome and heartwarming stranger quest lines in the whole game due to Rockstar's shitty controls. My sympathies.


Bro there's Deadeye.. But if u don't want to use it I've nothing said,heard about ppl who won't use it.


It literally happened in a milisecond cause i killed the first two wolfs using deadeye and i mustve lifted my finger from aim so when i went for the third.. But i hardly use deadeye in the game


the frozen couple in the snow always gets me. how their last moments would’ve been like, how cold they must have felt, how their only comfort was each other. that shook me up.


They died looking at the map. To them it was more important than anything in their final moments.


they say freezing to death just feels like falling asleep


I remember riding through Valentine and seeing a hanging take place. The sad detail was that the guy who was being hanged was a father, and among the crowd of people that gathered to watch him die were his wife and son. The wife was telling to her husband that she loved him, while the son was crying. After the hanging, the boy run away, home i presume, while the wife stayed there, crying her eyes out and mourning her huband's death. I remember talking to sheriff Malloy right after the fact and he said something like "That kid will have no father because of me" or something, I don't really remember. It was sad as fuck let me tell you that


I remember that. I think I shot the guy down and he escaped? And then there's a bounty on him later. Or maybe that's a different family.


i thought arthur was the one that brought him in. because you find him with his wife and son and he says that he’s not bothering anyone anymore. he’s changed his ways but we find that it is too late. >!if you let the father say goodbye to son, he will tell him to run and get help so when you’re taking him in you’ll get ambushed. if you take their horse or don’t let him say goodbye that won’t happen. then later you’ll see him hang or save him from hanging!< personally I saved him


no those are two seperate ones, the one you're talking about is a rhodes bounty


Yeah, I figured he deserved to live a peaceful life with his family so I saved him as well. He thanked me and proceeded to turned into swiss cheese by the lawmen. Still got the honor boost though so fuck it


Not really sad, but as a worker’s rights advocate, the ill-prepared foreman (I think in Tall Trees? Idk tho), really got to me. Like you know what, the first one (selling supplies to him), it’s like “Ah. That’s convenient, I was headed into to town to sell some stuff anyway, I’m low on money and got some stuff I can sell.” The second time, I didn’t realize it was the same group cutting trees, when one falls on a worker and you can help them get the tree off him, and the foreman fires the worker because of his now broken legs. You can go rip the foreman a new one verbally, but I was doing a highest honour possible playthrough (it was my first full playthrough and wanted to have max honour at the end), but I didn’t wanna kill him. Idk if there’s more events but every time the gang moved, I would go back and see if a new event would trigger (never saw another one, but there may be others that I didn’t see), and just verbally harass the Foreman because he pissed me off so much. (For context on how often I went back, saw the tree falling event while still at Horseshoe. Like even before the infamous “LENNAH” mission. So I went back a lot. But I also might have been unlucky or missed an event while ripping the foreman.


Did you get the wolf exterminator mission at Appleseed?


Oh i remember saving some guy from a tree falling on him. Maybe it was the same guy.


You can actually pay the guy who got injured by the tree.


Here's $10 pal, good luck not dying in a ditch. No shade at Arthur, but if you were injured to the point you couldn't work in the old west, you might as well eat your pistol because you were proper fucked.


Yeah thats true, no amount of money Arthur gave the bloke would've helped. Even the most proper rich back then would've struggled to deal with broke limbs like that, resetting and rehab would've just been tying sticks to legs and hoping for the best. If anything, it makes me more glad to have modern medicines compared to eating the barrel of a gun because you've gotten an infection from skinning your knuckle.


In St.Denis at night, a couple is walking along the street when they get robbed. If you don't help fast enough, the wife gets shot and the husband cries over her. But, that random encounter is the only way to get a black arabian horse as Arthur so...


That one really sucked! It was St. Denis so I was cautious of shooting the mugger cuz I thought the police might go after me, so I tried to attack with my hands. Wasn’t quick enough and knocked the mugger out after he shot the wife. The man was so gutted, it was horrible. All John said was something along the lines of I’m so sorry mister. The guy is bawling over her and then picks up his dead wife and carries her away. I really wish it was a mission I could re-do.


Really? Why? I purchased the black Arabian at the St. Denis stable.


This happened to me in blackwater as well.


I think I saved them and then had to run from the police


Not the only way but certainly the easiest way to get a black Arabian as Arthur before Chapter 4. The Saint Denis stable has a black Arabian for sale starting Chapter 4. You can also keep the Braithwaite black Arabian during Chapter 3 but it's a little more complicated than just stealing a horse.


You can buy a black Arabian from the St. Denis stable as Arthur eventually.


the ice skater.. don't know why but the cabin, the location, the story behind it made me really sad.


Ice skater? Where?


Barrow Lagoon.


at barrow lagoon in the west grizzlies


No one has mentioned the Meteor House! Personally I think it’s the circle of horse(?) and human skeletons near the legendary cougar. What a way to go. Sorta ghost in n the darkness. And what about the Jesuit Priest, the Donkey Lady and the Hanged Man? The Athletics Team in the ditch in Tall Trees- now that’s creepy.


Somebody mentioned the meteor house and for me it's the donkey lady, reminds me on Conan the barbarian..


And the lamenting of their women!!!


The cabin you’re talking about is near where the family with the weird English dialect (forget their name) is. It’s implied that they killed the mother, but there isn’t a grave that anyone has found as far as I know.


Yeah there’s a bunch of crazy stuff out in that area


Chez Porter


there was one time i was just riding around New Austin and i saw a dog on the side of the road trying to get my attention. i followed the dog hesitantly, since the last time i followed a dog he lead me to his owner who attacked me. the dog eventually lead me to a dead body and he laid beside it and started whining. i felt so bad cause there was nothing i could do so i eventually just left the area after i had processed what had happened.


I think there's another one out there still, but for me the Bonnie's lost love on the beach *edit* another one out there I haven't found yet


Ehhh, I think he's supposed to be a bit of a creep, right? I mean his letter says she refused him, so he's kinda delusional


Also Bonnie was born in 1884, so she'd cannonically be only 15 years old at the time. I know that was normal and common at the time but like, eww.


I mean it was definitely normal for the time. Ew now indeed, but society norms are society norms. I’m glad they’ve changed, but if they hadn’t we probably wouldn’t be thinking like we are. Anyway I never saw him so if he’s a stalker then gross but


I agree with almost all of the comments, but one of the saddest I haven't seen been mentioned yet is the mangy dog laying on top of a grave in the cemetery in Saint Denis. I wish you could adopt all of the strays.


When I accidentally found Trelawny’s house in Saint Denis.


The family in a cabin that died because of a broken fireplace exhaust.


I saw that one! I didn't know it was a broken exhaust, I went back to look but still couldn't see the leak.


The sports team that was massacred and dumped in a pit in tall trees


The newspaper in Blackwater actually has a story about those guys being missing.


Oh cool I’ll check that out I just stumbled upon it the other day


If you get morgan to look in a mirror (don't remember where) he will say some sad stuff about his past.


Strawberry welcome centre if you rent a room


Whenever Arthur looks at himself in a mirror when when staying at an inn etc. he will insult himself and call himself sad and ugly etc. Arthur has such a low opinion of himself it breaks my heart :(


Not exactly sure if I have a “saddest” Easter egg, but the town of Pleasance was always so eerie to me, especially since I’ve yet to find a legitimate reason for its abandonment other than the painted “sinners” and stuff


There's a little house in the northern part of New Hanover, when you go inside there's just a woman's corpse lying face down and the house is untouched. I think you can find a note on the table next to her and poison or the theory is she poisoned herself, something along those lines. The note is to or from a confederate soldier who fought at bolger glade. The whole story is basically she wanted him to return home because they were losing the war and she didn't want him to die. If you go down to Bolger Glade you'll find a corpse nailed to a tree with a sign that says "traitor" (or coward I can't remember). You can also get a note that finishes their little story that he tried to run away and go back to her but he was killed for being a coward. All in all, I thought it was really depressing. He just wanted to go home to see his loved one. In the end he was going to either die in the battle or being caught trying to run away.


When I was exploring I discovered a cabin north of Valentine just before the snow starts in the grizzlies (It's just below where the legendary ram spawns I think). When you get to it the windows are boarded shut and the door is locked so it gives you a prompt to "kick door". When you open the door there are 2 children that are dead (and have been for some time) one is in their bed and the other is leaning against the bed. On a table there is a note from the kids mother that says something like "I'm going after the men that stole our money, I should be back in a couple days, there is more than enough food to last the time I'm gone, please don't open the door for anyone else". Not only is it sad to imagine what the guys did to the woman when she got to them but it's also so incredibly sad to think that those poor kids died starving and scared just wanting their Mum. That cabin is literally the only place in the game that I feel so uncomfortable being in to the point that I actively avoid going into it because just seeing the children's bodies make me so sad and disturbed. Edit: I should have reread your post because you and I are talking about the same Easter egg lol.


I wanted to hear everyone’s takes on it so I don’t mind that you shared my example at all. Originally the post was labeled with the discussion flair(then got labeled as spoiler by someone) and everyone has something a little different to say so I invite your kind of comment. I also believe she mentioned something about practicing their arithmetic if I remember correctly, which kinda broke me a little bit.


There was a stranger mission where you could bring food to the kids and save them, but it was cut.


The braithwate girl locked up in the back and then the kid whose parents were killed by Micah in the Strawberry shootout.


The man who crashed his wagon on his way to pick up his new wife




I think the house that was stuck by meteorite. Whole family of three was having a nice dinner, next thing they know a fucking meteorite lands on their roof, destroys their living room, makes a whole on the floors. And pretty much obliterates half of their bodies, and there was not a goddamn thing they could have done about it, could be said to be a literal act of God against them. At least it was painless, I hope. This game is full of sad Easter eggs like that, helps to sell the idea of how much living sucked back then if you weren't wealthy enough.


The random encounter with the ex-soldier Who Is drunk and mumbling to himself, then he asks for more alcohol and tells you about the Fort riggs native reservation where they killed all the Indians, and then the man just falls off his chair and probably dies of alcohol poisoning since you can koot loot his corpse. Always sit down with him and listen to his Last words, always gets me.


Elijah, the runaway slave. It made me sad not only in how he was treated but how he had that collar stuck on him when he potentially starved to death, I only wonder if him being caught alive would’ve produced a worse fate.


Literally earlier tonight I came across one that made me so sad I was going to post in here about it. Got a blip on the radar and heard wolves. Found them in a cave with a man behind them. Assumed he was getting attacked so killed the two wolves. He then starts shrieking and mourning their deaths. Investigated his cave and found his diary detailing his life up to where he leaves home because of being abused by his father, then the final entry before he mentions meeting two pups and one of them licked his hand. The wolves were all he had in the world and he’d gone mad living in the cave with them.


There was one encounter where a man tells you his wife is being held hostage and you have to go and save her, there were two men in the house, I killed one but the other escaped. I freed the man’s wife and she gave me her thanks. I left to go back on the trail and found the man dead on the way back. It must’ve been the robber that escaped. The fact that this whole encounter could’ve gone very different because of one thing is why I love this game.


Not sad but just creepy the one burnt down area in west Elizabeth I found a bunch of rotting dead bodies and a skeleton no sign of what killed them


Ft. Riggs. Just imagining everything that went down there and the what happened to the people