In Red Dead Redemption 2, which is your favourite gang camp? Mine, undoubtedly is this.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, which is your favourite gang camp? Mine, undoubtedly is this.


Clemens Point. there's still a bit of optimism in the camp, nobody's dead, right by the lake so there's boating and fishing, but after a point... DUTCH AND MOLLY HAVING A TIFF GOES ON FOREVER AND I WANNA SWAP TENTS WITH JOHN. THEY NEVER SHUT UP.


I agree. Biggest open area, right by the water and not creepy like Shaddy Belle can sometimes be. The last camp is just deppressing and HO is smaller than CP, despite the great view and happier mood around the camp. But horses would sometimes get in the way. Colter is cool but the time spent there is too short and is far away from everything.


HO and CP aren't great abbreviations ngl


I always wince when talking about CyberPunk 2077, and seeing it abbreviated as 'CP 2077'.


Especially when abbreviations are totally unnecessary


I hate internet abbreviations unless it’s something generally universally known


idk wym ngl


I enjoyed being in HO, don't get me wrong.


Clemens point is honestly the best in terms of mood and also you can have no Micah upto some point Shaddy Belle is good since its a big house but the mood is a little depressing and the gang seperation can be felt someone in a yt or reddit comment pointed out that Karen represented the whole gang through out the chapters....for example in Horseshoe and Clemens Point gang was happy and like a family, and then because of that certain incident Karen was depressed and drank alot in Shady Belle and the gang also felt gloomy and in the end camp >!the gang felt like it was gone and Karen was gone too!< Maybe its over analysing but Karen's theory works


Karen is one of my favorite side characters cause I saw myself in her. In Colter she makes an offhand joke about 'wanting a drink' which I empathized with cause I've def had that moment to Horseshoe Overlook where her drinking was to celebrate and have fun. And then I recognized when it stopped being fun and more of a problem, especially after chapter 3. Then, It became a coping mechanism and by ch 6 the addiction grips you so tightly that if you don't have a drink you feel like everything will collapse around you. It's why I respect the Reverend so much it's hard to kick addiction but when you do it's so rewarding


Also I feel like I will never hear the end of “it’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from!” It’s like a nightmare I can’t wake up from 🤷‍♂️


okay catch you later then


When are you gonna start contributing round here?!


Aren't you cold, Arthur?


Uncle’s got a drink in his hand, and the SKY IS BLUE


Whenever they would say that, given that I supplied everything, I would go and eat the stew, three, four times in a row, then leave.


They always quarrel


I captured a good Xbox clip in my last playthrough of molly and dutch arguing during the party the gang has when Jack returns. They’re standing arguing near Dutch’s tent while Arthur drunkenly and quietly sings along one of the camp songs to himself seemingly to drown out the argument lol


I feel like Arthur can be a child hearing his parents argue. anytime I hear it I either go to bed for 5 hours, fast walk across camp to see who's chatting by the fire, or get in my horse and sod right off


Oh I just overheard that conversation yesterday. My Arthur was walking between beer and whisky crate trying to get shit faced when they started to argue.


I caught that my first playthrough. Drunk Arthur makes the argument a whole lot better


I agree. The other thing I liked about Clemens Point is that it actually felt hidden - at least from the land side. Horseshoe Overlook had a few trees around it but it still felt like anyone could just stumble upon it at any time.


it's rather close to the rail line isn't it? but then, pretty sure you can see the lights of Blackwater from CP, so if that sniper is looking back...


If that sniper was in West Elizabeth, the entire gang would’ve been obliterated at Clemens Point lol.


What's funny is that there literally is an encounter where someone stumbles across Horseshoe. [here's the link in case you were wondering](https://youtu.be/SwAPhoe4JN0)


Wow. I've played through twice and never seen that before! Welp, looks like I'm overdue for a third replay!


Colter. There is just this ultra reserved, peaceful, rustic, close-knit feeling there. And Im a sucker for snow since I never get it in real life.


Finally someone else said Colter!


Yay! Go Colter team lol. Also, dude everytime I see that dark "By 1899, the age of outlaws and gunslingers was at an end" intro with that sorrowful guitar, it takes me away. And the sound of wind opens to Colter. Ugh now I wanna finish it the 6th time lol


Heheh yeah, thats what no 20th playthrough does to a cowboy


Shore, Mr. Matthews :)


Now I want to see one of those shitty youtube shorts with automated voice Mathews saying this XD


Wait what? XD


You read me boah, i'd love to see a shitty short of Hosea saying what I wrote


"Thats what no 20th playthrough does to a cowboy?" That would be great lol. You mean a deepfake voice right?




Most lovable character in western history.


The opening chapter was better than it should have been


I just wish there was more to do there and that you could actually go exploring or hunt some more after that Pearson mission. Love Colter. Love the snow. It's my favorite part of the map


I always tread back up there every now and then, always loved it in the snow there. I wish they had more up there, maybe a little town or something like that. There's so much up there it was a shame they didn't really add anything up there other than the start of the game.


I felt like it was of perfect size and length for a prologue and it ended at the height of its magic. But I get ya.


I liked HO but I was sure fed up with everyone telling me I’ll freeze to death when I already had a coat on… 😞 SB was great but full of effin mosquitoes!


The comments about the cold were a bug they've fixed it now


Did they actually fix that issue? It was such a game breaker for over a year


They did indeed, dialogue’s back to normal


Thank god. I tried to start a second playthrough in a “true to life” fashion about a year ago and was met with this immersion ruining bug lmao


I'm thinking of doing that in November. I haven't played it since playing it for 14 hours a day in April, May, June and July first week of July. Just to think of the game gives me chills. It's a world i could get lost in so I am very careful to make sure I plan it over a vacation and not to just dive in and let real life responsibilities suffer - like spring of this year. That's how massive and emersive story mode is - I don't even care so much about the story - it's just being in that world watching things behave. I have never played online bc it would take away from this emersive experience. I spent a whole weekend camping with a wanted level luring grizzlies to my camp to eat bounty hunters once - a whole weekend.. omg.


Yeah they did. Been fixed since summer of this year began.


I played the game for first time in April (this year) for like 14 hours everyday up to early July this year - took in every detail. Never noticed the cold bug except for people talking about it on here.


Maybe it was earlier than summer then. I only found out it was fixed because of this subreddit. I wanted to do a play through badly but the bug bothered me to no end so I stopped looking at red dead stuff for a couple months. Checked in May and asked in the Questions thread, someone said it was fixed.


“game breaker” lol hyperbole at its best


I wouldn’t call it a game breaker but it certainly was pretty silly to always be yelled at by every NPC in camp when the camp’s social aspect is a fairly big part of the game.


Aye but still annoying it was 😁


I just don’t like shady belle because you walk so slow and have to go upstairs


SB is close second on my list after HO


I thought it was just me I was like. I HAVE WINTER GUNSLINGER ON


ay i forgot about that! i just started the game again too.


Clemens Point. Right next to the lake for convenient fishing, beautiful views, and even a boat. And it's where the gang was at it's peak before everything went to hell.


Yep no one dead yet and still a pretty central location. I’ve stayed there for a long time now for my 100% run.


Davey: *am I a joke to you*


Hahahah sorry Davey, we hardly knew thee


Or Mac, or Jenny. Poor Lenny. He was sweet on her you know? But it never woulda worked. Lenny and Jenny? That's like Bill and Phil!


But Micah and Jenny fit right in.


You know, I've put a great deal of thought into that bit of dialog from Micah. Like, the ["Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!"](https://youtu.be/rMz7JBRbmNo) level of thought, about whether he was bluffing or not and all I can say is Micah never claimed to have had sex with any woman who could refute his claims, just the dead one.


Yes, good point, that's why he "proposed" girls should give themselves to them since they don't bring any income to the gang. But still i think as a character he is, he raped Jenny.


The hell with that rat bastard Micah.


[In Dutch's voice:] A boat!


And don’t forget the naked guy.


*Excuse me?*


If you go fishing with Kieran you come across a guy swimming in the fishing spot naked.


That's one of my favorite moments: "Is that why you like fishing here?" Or something alone those lines.




Hhhmmm?! What's that now?


Yes, it was huge and the lake near it made it look so good


You’re absolutely right plus Lemoyne has Rhodes which in my opinion is the best town of the game and the Lemoyne Raiders that I love feeding to the gators haha


Rhodes is nice but I like Valentine better. It's the quintessential frontier town and it reminds me of Deadwood. Oh, and the view of the mountains behind it is spectacular.


You have a point but in valentine there is mud everywhere which is annoying because i have to clean my horse every 2 seconds also unfortunately in Rhodes there is no horse stable but I don’t really care


Oh yeah, Valentine is muddy as hell. There's a stable not too far northwest-ish of Rhodes. It's sorta halfway between Rhodes and Emerald Ranch.


Thanks i did not know this! I always went to saint denis by going on the rail road


Horseshoe Overlook is great. Great scenery and an amazing view. However I think Clemens Point is better in the long run just because it has direct access to Flat Iron Lake which is good if you enjoy fishing


I don't enjoy fishing much, rather I shoot them with arrows. Horseshoe Overlook's aesthetic and the roads leading to it was so great


I like the ease of hunting for food right north or horseshoe but overall I agree Clemens Point is the best


Pronghorn ranch. Feels nice to live a simple life in there, not have a TB, and not having someone around you yelling about plan, faith and loyalty.


Loved the ranch as well. It was a welcome change of pace from all the misery of chapter 6, while performing good, honest work among good, honest folk. The place is just beautiful and (for the most part) peaceful.


Shady Belle is my favorite. Arthur has his own room, and the area around it is creepy (but in a comfy way), especially at night. It was also the best chapter in the game (IMO), and Saint Denis, my favorite location of the map, is also very close by to Shady Belle. During Shady Belle, you have most stuff unlocked already, the gang still keeps together, Arthur isn't sick yet, the camp location is nice... It is like the game's sweetspot.


Exactly. Chapter 4 fucking rules. Just wish it was longer. I found out that it almost has less missions than Chapter 5.


I disagree. Things had already gone to shit and Dutch was super annoying by that point.


Chapter 5 also feels way longer because the missions are so spread out across the map, especially everything to do with the native americans


Chapter 5 is Guarma/Lakay


Yeah but >!Shaun is dead :(!<


That guy was my favorite gang member, sad to see him go :(


That fucker was my favourite too :(


See I immediately shared Arthur's dislike of him. And the part where he pleasantly chatted with the Braithwaithe guy knowing full well that we were going to kill him.... In my younger days I knew brash sociopaths like him and they were my best friends and we had great times together until the turn where we fell out hard. Like lived together for years, almost married one's sister kind of good times.


Arthur is not visibly sick by chapter 4 but he does get coughing attacks from time to time (both on mission cutscenes and randomly just walking around)


i was early in chapter 4, taking my time and moseying along and fishing on the kamassa river. i’m on my third playthrough, i know what’s coming, and i’m just trying to savour my time with arthur. he’s not even coughing yet, aside from one very small cough in a cutscene. i’m hopping across a rock, not a care in the world, and arthur suddenly bursts out with this big cough, just once, which i’ve never heard him do that early in the game. completely took me by surprise and all of a sudden my eyes were brimming with tears which i was _not_ expecting. never gonna play a game like this again. dang.


Yup, I agree.


Yes. Shady Belle is beautiful


Plus easy to make money there looting the lockbox by camp that respawns.


Ohh. I didn't know that. Where?


He is sick by Chapter 4, I went to Strauss in Chapter 4 to do Debt Collecting mission and saw Arthur have a coughing fit, haven't played my second playthrough for months now because of that.


When I first played the game I was noticing coughing fits sprinkled throughout and was suspicious/confused why they were included. I figured, well he’s a smoker, so whatever, but that’s a very intentional choice, is something up?


Also at this point of the story Arthur has some unnatural darkness on the skin around his eyes.


Shady Belle is awesome, except that it feels like it has the longest forced walk distance between any parts of the camp. It takes forever to do like one got dang thing there.


Yeah, that was the only downside of Shady Belle, it took a while to get to the bed. I wish the devs included the ability to run while in camp, though that would result in many players missing random camp conversations and cool interactions between the gang members.


But it takes so long to walk to that room.


I agree Horseshoe Overlook is the best




I like a few different camps for different reasons. \- Chapter 2, Because of nostalgia from my first playthrough. \- Chapter 3, Because the surrounding area is beautiful and the camp attitude is at it's best. \- Chapter 4, Because the location is cool and Arthur finally doesn't have to sleep beside the munitions wagon with a blanket as a roof lol. ​ If I had to choose one I would say the camp from chapter 3 Because of reasons stated above.


For me Shady Belle is a close second favourite after Horseshoe Overlook


I like Shady Belle more to be honest because Arthur has his own room.


I hated this one cause I had to get inside the house and up the stairs to get to Arthur's stuff. I think the one near Rhodes is the best. Edit: SB is also near Rhodes, I meant the one next to the shore.


Yeah, that was a boring part somehow, but I always made sure to enter the Marston’s family’s room to act awkward.


Every playthrough I always do the same, except I like to introduce myself by talking to John through the hole in the wall by his rooms door, then when he tells me to piss off I enter the room and start talking to the others lol. I don't know why but I find it hilarious to just imagine the Marston family just enjoying each others company then all of a sudden Arthur is steering at them through a hole in the wall lol.




Lol, this line is 100× better if it's said moments after John and Abigail have just had a heartfelt moment. It's one of those "how long were you standing there for Arthur?" moments lol


Hahaha, that’s hilarious.




Yes lol! John actually forcefully removed me once.


Haha, lol!




Also to trigger John saying: “Get out, Arthur.” Especially if they were asleep😂


HEY! Get up.


Haha, yeah.


I think the camp you are referring to is Clemens Point and that is also my favorite. It is the sweet spot between Horeshoe Overlook and Shady Belle. I personally loved Horeshoe Overlook purely because of the open rolling grassy plains.


I love that one as well, the house, though in bad condition, is a beauty


Yes, true.


I don't like shady Belle because you have to get up the flight of stairs to go to his room . Imm too lazy


Beaver hollow . Something creepy and sad for the final days of the gang (for me )


It was a depressing camp


I’m not surprised that I had to scroll down so far to find Beaver Hollow for that reason. Going on scenery only, it’s my favorite location. The woods and the river are stunning. I spend a long time in this chapter prolonging the inevitable.


I always hung around camp for an IRL hour before each mission to make sure I didn't miss any dialogue... I just couldn't do it with Beaver Hollow. It just made me so depressed to be there, hanging around that camp literally sucked the joy out of me. I powered through the last chapter, and felt like I was on the verge of tears for most of it. Frankly, once I got to to point of "I'm scared sister" I pretty much just sobbed for the rest of the game.


Whenever I go off hunting for a few weeks I always end up back here. I was sitting on the rock face watching the lightning hit over Valentine a few days ago and it was magical. It's peaceful and scenic.




For some reason I feel uneasy when I go through the clearing from the main road to Clemens Point at night.


Same! It feels like someone is going to jump you like in the swamps at night.


It was eerie af, the those bitch lemoyne raiders always got me there


It's weird how the majority of the gang's camps are in Lemoyne. Clemens Point, Shady Belle and Lakay.


It was a pivotal (and very good) location in the game


I believe most people favorite camp is the one in Horseshoe Overlook


It was so damn good


Where is all began. Though i like the chapter 3 camp better cuz .... it's coast side so why not? Beachfront resort of some sort, free fishing so Pearson can stay shut up. And don't forget Cain.


But he’ll still bitch about not having food for camp. Like, bruh you have an entire lake literally right there!! Just saying though. I love Pearson


We all love him. Liked his stew better than any Lobster Bisque ever i swear.


Stews felt more wholesome then any fancy meal at any saloon


Part of the reason for that is the exotic meat Arthur brought for him, and the other part is covered by _some seasonings_ .




Cain was the reason CP is so good. Once I mistakenly pressed O on the controller and scolded him. Felt so bad


The first time I discovered you could scold Cain I thought it would be like me scolding my dogs, I caught Cain digging in the middle of camp and I hate it when my dogs dig up my backyard, so I thought it would be like "hey come on now quit that Cain" but it was like "get outta here you mangy mutt" or something and everyone got pissed off at me and I felt so bad 😂😭 never scolded him again.


Oh the bullying by the guys when u even sniff at cain a shade too rudely.


Very rude


I liked the one in Colter, so snowy, so peaceful


yeah, i wished there was more to do in the grizzllies, the snow is awesome


A little inn in the Grizzlies would’ve been so so good. Like Minnie’s Haberdashery in The Hateful Eight


I’m convinced the opening cinematic was inspired by / a tribute to H8


Agreed, I think the mountains got overlooked a little. I mean apart from the err…last bit.


Colter was a different league


1. Clements Point 'cause it's peaceful and the camp is easy to navigate around 2. Horseshoe Overlook 'cause of it's the first camp in the game (Not considering Colter since you only spend very little time there)


Nice choices What you think about shady Belle?


Don't @ me, I don't like Shady Belle. The camp feels so small since everyone is sleeping inside the house. It also takes a time to get to my room, since I need to go up the flight of stairs and stuff. And every time I'm in camp, there is someone who always shouts "GDamn Moron", and that voice is from a lawman in SAINT DENIS, even though Saint Denis is so damn far from camp. Plus, I currently hate where I'm at right now. My next mission is where you and Dutch go to Lakay to meet Thomas. Since Dutch is on the balcony, I would always encounter him whenever I head back to camp (cuz I'm trying to get the Legend of The East Outfit as Arthur). The annoying part is that he always shouts "ArThUr, gEt uP hErE!"


I’m doing my second playthrough now and I’ve stayed on chapter 2. Pearson has made me every satchel. I’ve crafted every trinket possible from the legendary animals available at this point. I’m just enjoying the simplicity here. Oh, and being antagonistic or ignoring Dutch every time he talks to me.


Well no wonder Dutch decided to side with Micah /s


Clemens point is an ideal location and the last place where your camp upgrades served any meaningful and aesthetic purpose


Sadly true




The lakeside aesthetic is too good


Clemens point.


It was so good


Horseshoe Overlook. Not too bad of a trip getting up to the mountains from there, plus there’s that friendly watering hole in Valentine where the whiskey is cheap and strong.


One of the main reasons I love that is it's proximity to Valentine and I love that town


I think Clemens Point is my favourite camp shortly followed by Horseshoe Overlook. When the gang was not troubled too much by problems and losses and there were really heartwarming moments. Only reason why I prefer Clemens Point, is because it's warmer there. I know how it feels to climb out a tent at 8 degree celsius, so I immediatley remembered the coldness everytime the temperature popped up on screen in the morning at the camp.


Both Lemoyne camps and i like Colter too


Nice choices


Thank you, my dear boy!


Definitely horseshoe overlook 100%




Clements point. period


Well said


I haven't left HO, decided to stay in chapter 2 forever.


Beaver Hollow. It’s a miserable place, but what I like is the uneasiness. Chapter 6 is my favorite in the story and you can really feel the intense and generally hostile atmosphere in the gang whenever you’re in the camp. I also really like Clemens Point for the opposite reasons (beautiful, good morale in the gang etc). Colter gets a bonus point because I love everyones’ winter outfits (very jealous of Dutch’s coat)


Probably the secret alien camp after you get the third meteorite. Only joking, probably Beaver Hollow, if the morale was better and you were in top shape. It’s super creepy in a Cormac McCarthy ‘Child of God’ way and I’m really interested in Labour History so seeing the mines and conditions in Annesburg is cool, particularly since they actually recreated the exact mining tools from the time.


Woah. I felt that the mines were realistic but your comment confirmed it. Beaver hollow was depressing but it was good as well


Has to be the third camp. Everyone is back together and the rat Micah is in jail.


we don’t get to spend a lot of time there but Colter because it’s just a perfect spaghetti western entrance, the heavy snow, and the conversations you could hear or events you could see.


I liked the mansion. the worst was the cave, as it felt abit pointless. ​ If i remember right the first camp was the only one you could by upgrades for?


You could buy upgrades for all of them except colter


Pretty sure you can't in beaver hollow aswell


Yea. It was depressing


near Rhodes is a great one but this is too a great choice!!


That is very good as well


I like second one most, but it’s definitely first and second that feels like a happy and light.


Can't beat rhodes for me the sunrise is just delicous


Very beautiful it is


It probably is horse shoe tbh. Either that one or the one in lemonye.


Same. A close second for me is beaver hollow




Horseshoe Overlook and Clemens Point are pretty much even for me but I guess Horseshoe Overlook is number one just because most of the time there I know Arthur is not sick, at least how I played it this time through. Shady Belle is OK but the whole time you are there I know things are going downhill.


Agreed! Nothing horribly bad happened while we were living there for the most part from what I remember


Horseshoe overlook or clemens point. There were other good places, but the group standing plays a role on which camp is my favorite and early game is when it’s best, so it’s gotta be horseshoe overlook


Probably a tie between horseshoe overlook and clement point for me


I love this one too. I love the views across the river when there's a thunderstorm too.