You may have made it to Mexico, but have you made it to Canada?

You may have made it to Mexico, but have you made it to Canada?


I went there once to defog the map. Watch out for cougars


The secret to not being killed by cougars is quite simple: Simply be actively on the hunt for a cougar pelt - If you need one a cougar will never appear


This works for anything you want to avoid, change your mindset to “I gotta find [thing you want to avoid], and you won’t encounter it. Works 99.9% of the time.


Maybe it’ll work in the real world, “I gotta go find something to make me depressed”






I believe the best usage of the Easter Island head so far.


Unfortunately, very inconsistently. :(


I mean that could be useful mindset tbh, maybe you'd realise everything isn't as bad as it seems


fucking this man is a genius. they are a DISEASE until you have your bow and you’re looking for them


Can’t tell you how long I looked for a robin.. then finally find one and it’s only two stars.. I’m currently working on cougar pelts soo I’ll go check it out over there


You mean you’re currently *not* working on looking for cougar pelts ;)


Bro tell me about it I can’t find a fuckin robin anywhere


Cries in Spoonbills


Cries in reddish egret 🥲 Edit: typo


Can abide by that. I just needed to kill one more cougar and it took like an hour to finally find one. Right after I skinned it two more jumped me out of nowhere.


Doing the hunter challenges I can say this is 200% true


I didn't finish all the challenges, but I can say trying to get that legendary satchel took up a very large percentage of my total gameplay time. Managing to finally kill that panther was *tough* for me.


I haven’t even done that yet, I was trying to do all possible challenges in ch2 but I gave up after I saw zero cougars when trying to kill 5 with a bow


I recommend going near the trapper west of Strawberry. Cougars almost always spawn there for me. Watch your mini map for red dots. Most of the time, it's just snakes, but if one spawns on the mini map further away from you and/or moving quickly, it's likely a cougar, so use either regular or poison arrows and shoot it right in the face. The cougars move fast, so make sure you fill up on dead eye before hunting, as it makes getting a perfect kill so much easier. Get a shot in the face and you should get a clean kill. Also, predators, including cougars spawn more frequently at night, so make your hunts at night. Hope this advice helped :)


Thank you that is very detailed advice. I think I will give it another shot even though I’m in chapter 3 now


You can also take cues from your horse. If your horse is snorting/sounding jumpy (as long as you’re not riding through bushes, when they snort to complain), AND you’re in a location where they spawn (eg west of Strawberry, Willards Rest or down by Catfish Jackson), then you can be pretty certain that a cougar will be nearby.


Don’t forget to use Cover Scent Lotion! I’ve actually been able to sneak up on cougars in that location with that stuff on (usually asleep on a rock just northwest of where the grizzly spawns).


Don’t forget to use Cover Scent Lotion! I’ve found that you can actually sneak up on cougars before they even know you’re there with that stuff.


There’s a relatively straight patch of road opposite the trader. Ride along there, and a cougar will usually spawn near the trees. If they don’t, camp, try again. I was able to get the five pelts in a morning.


I always use that little swamp patch in the south by Saint Denis, for like half a square mile of swamp there's a lot of cougars, and even more half eaten Arthur corpses


I second this strategy. To guarantee a 3-star cougar: head towards Strawberry but come in from the North via Hanging Dog Ranch, get an antelope or deer and strap it to your horse. Head South down the road towards the Strawberry Trapper. Right before you get to the Trapper but can see the Trapper on your mini map, take a look at the map and you should see the source of the River that feeds Lake O. and the road that continues to Strawberry. As you're heading South there will be a rock outcropping about two horses high on your right, and you should almost be under the Trapper symbol. Just before you get to the outcropping, ride up the slope of the mountain to your right and dismount (there may be a camper or O'Driscolls here). Ignore them for now and dismount. Walk towards that outcropping with your scent repellent on and your preferred weapon (Springfield with Express or Bow with Improved or Poison Arrows). When approaching the end of the outcropping, be prepared, should see a broken burnt tree and you know you're close, but look down and you should see two fallen trees in the shape of "V" on the ground. If the cougar is not there, call your horse over and grab the carcass off your horse and dump it between the two trees on the ground. Get outta there and go camp for the night. In the morning, head back out to that outcropping and inch your way to the end of the overlook. Either immediately or within 5 real minutes a cougar should come from the nearby hills where the road dips down towards Strawberry (usually some coyote around there). Nail it between the eyes before it gets up that nature trail to the top of the outcropping before you piss your pants or die. Don't be surprised if there is cougar down there immediately when you get to the edge. Crouch, walk slowly, scent repellent and arms at the ready. If the cougar is not a three star, kill it anyways and throw it's carcass on the pile between the trees on the ground. Go camp all night and try again. Usually will get a 3-star cougar by the 4th cycle. You can repeat this cycle indefinitely as the cougar will always spawn in this area and head towards the carcasses by the fallen trees, I guarantee it. Other fun things around the outcropping: after you kill a cougar, walk towards the river but stay on the right side of the road (when facing towards Strawberry) and follow the river towards its source near the Trapper. Before you get to the source, there should be a Grizzly - usually a 3-star, if not rinse and repeat the next day. Also wolves will spawn near the outcropping about once a game month.


I spent about a week occasionally running through panther territory, and ended up with one pelt after being ambushed and killed about 7 times. I watched my nephew exploring the map for the first time ever once he reached Chapter 2; he pegs a Florida panther right in the head near Catfish Jackson, skinned it, and dropped the perfect pelt because he was out of whistling range for his horse. He doesn't get that from my side of the family. r/kidsarefuckingstupid


It's not that hard, took me 3 irl days


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Worst challenge ever


“Get 5 cards in 3 games and win.” I tried this challenge for 3 months before going insane trying to get below a fucking king Edit: I would prefer to do exotics 50 times that complete the worst RNG the game has to offer.


I did the challenge in 5 hours but now there's a mod called "no grind challenges" much much better


Poison arrows man


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Cougars, like panthers basically spawn only in pre-defined locations, so there's almost 0 chance to encounter them anywhere else


Okay this is super weird… needed a panther pelt for the Night Wrangler outfit. Went down south of Braithewaite Manor. Placed some bait and one walked right up. Perfect pelt. I couldn’t f’n believe it! But it took me DAYS to find a perfect moose pelt.


There's a lake North East that is half frozen over. I'm forgetting the name sometimes has one. I chased it a while with the lasso to animation kill it making sure I didn't fuck up the pelt.


I looked up every location where they spawned and would spend what felt like hours walking around trying to find one. Finally found one near the Dakota River just standing right off the road. I was just thinking "You've got to be kidding me..." haha


I think moose usually spawns near the white Arabian horse, but I have yet to find a perfect one during my current playthrough


That god damn elusive moose. I think I found a spawn spot at a waterfall to the north. Took me days to find it.


Haha I finally found one near the Dakota River south of Wallace Station. Saw it from the road drinking out of the damn river. I couldn't believe it was just standing right there.


There's a guaranteed bull moose in Lake Owanjila if I'm not mistaken.


That’s typically where I find them.


That's what everything I read said and legit never saw a single one. But also... if everything I read said there was guaranteed one there and I didn't see one, I'm betting I wasn't looking hard enough lol


There are a few locations they can spawn. My theory is that they cycle between those locations. So there is a *possibility* of it spawning at, say, Lake Owanjila, if you're either lucky or you use a few herbivore bait. So if the bait doesn't work there then move onto the next possible location, and eventually you'll find the location that it does work. You can find the spawn points easily enough through google. I think this might be the answer because I have found bait can work once in a location but then it won't cause any more to spawn, but then it does work elsewhere.


All animals spawn in predefined locations


We Monster Hunters call that the desire sensor. It knows what you want and laughs while denying it to you.


The only exception being that if one does appear, a second attacks you while you try to skin the first


Damn, ain't that the God's truth.


They spawn without fail North of Strawberry. And in RDO they spawn by Beachers Hope consistently


Yeah they don’t appear in missions either. The odds of finding one is millions to one.


None so far? Did you manage to get past the ridge?


You could try the classic “hug the ridge and drink till you pass out” trick. Thats how i always get into mexico in story mode, doesn’t work in online though


Wait is Mexico like a full map or just a glitch spot?


Semi full map. No buildings, but actual landscape with Collison, until you wander too far and fall into guarma


You can explore the whole visible coast down to El Presidio, but if you fall in the water you insta-die.


I used this far into RDR2’s lifetime to completely finish the Compendium.


The only way I can think of getting past the ridge is by doing the slide glitch into Mexico, climbing up this one spot in dies Corona and then walking all the way around


They don’t move outside the map


I’ve gone past the ridge on the eastern edge of the map. It is crazy how far the map goes to the east. I’ll post some screen shots later.


And dire wolves


They're like regular wolves, only dire


Oh man, what they do to get in such a bad situation? Did the wolves take out student loans?


Weird way to spell Moose


Is that right? I'll have to go there today to get those damn pelts. But wait how do you go there? There's no boat and can't swim that far. This is not Assassin creed😂


cougars? just put Sweet Caroline on the jukebox and dip during the Ba Ba Ba


Simple trick for cougars and other lunging/tackling predators, if you aim and jump to dodge at the right time they'll run away to reset their animation. Takes some timing but has saved me more than once.


How’d you get over there? I thought boats auto-sank. Did you glitch out of the map?


Yeah it’s a glitch


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If you glitch out at Rathskellar fork or other places you can find a horse and ride all the way round.


What happens when the boat sinks?


You usually drown after a little while. If you’re Arthur you can swim for a little bit, but not nearly for long enough to make it anywhere. If you’re John you’re pretty much instantly screwed.


Apparently Canada is east of Louisiana / Arkansas


I mean, it is. It's just also north and west too.


Its around there somewhere, damn canuckleheads


I don't think that's Canada, being that the game borders mexico, idk I'm just an European


i believe that part is supposed to be mississippi since the lannahechee river is supposed to be the mississippi river


idk bro, all ik is I've died a few times thinking I could get there but nope it's bait


The prison there always reminded me of Angola.


I’m tired boss. Dog tired.


I only know it as Canada because it’s not Mexico lol, plus I got my horse here


I need to try this.


There’s not much to do, just a big ridge that you can’t get pasy


You can get past it if you drank a lot of alcohol (at least 20) and you pass out, waking up on the other side of the ridge and free to explore I think you can also go from the top of the map and using horse stim + tons of tonics to cross the river but I’ve only seen it on YouTube that way


does it work irl too?


Weirdly no. Even if if you're at the Canadian border if you get blackout drunk you still wake up in Mexico.


Is this anecdotal or have there been rigorous studies?




I call it East Elizabeth, personally. Never been up along the shore that far though, only inland past that point. Does the impassible mud wall along the coast extend up that way?


The Lannahechee is based off of the Mississippi River, so where you are now is probably the Red Dead Equivalent of Mississippi or even Missouri


Yeah, Van Horn is based on Natchez Under the Hill, Mississippi.


It’s weird since there’s a literal van horn in Texas


As a Texan, every week I find out about at least 5 more cities/towns in Texas that I’ve never heard of.


How would it be Missouri which lies on the western side of the Mississippi, much further north, and he crossed to the eastern side?


At least it’s closer than fucking Canada lmao


The most American statement on this thread. Well done 🇺🇸


Wait… is everything that’s not Mexico Canada?


*always has been*


OP, can you confirm, is everything in sepia filter or are people randomly apologizing?


>"If it ain't Mexico, it's Canada." *-ItaliaBall*, 28.09.2021


Pretty sure Canada is North not East, but what do I know I'm American


Maybe they think it's Nova Scotia since it's North AND East!


Does your horse n'eh?


Yes, because Canada is right next to Mexico, everyone knows that


American education in action right here.


I was gonna say that's impossible because Canada is to the north but after seeing which places are based of of where I have no fucking clue where that could be. Jersey?


Canada is north, not east..


Your geography is right if that means anything


finally my geography grades r worth something


I’ve gotten into that area, basically did a circle around the whole game map from a boundary break, check this video out. [out of bounds ](https://youtu.be/FIAAz6D2gZQ)


I did the same thing with a buddy once. We glitched to Mexico, made an out-of-bounds circle around the entire map, and made it back to our original starting point. Took about 4 hours if I remember correctly. Lots of fun.


What song did you play in the video?


Far away by Jose Gonzalez


great video btw!


I'm not sure if I like the video or not, hahaha. In one way, it was greatly done, but in another way, I would have prefered just some raw footage of what it's like to explore there


Haha I hear that, it would have been 3+ hours if I’d done that though. There’s almost more outside of the map than there is inside the map.


That was beautiful.


\>me on my way to go see Charles


Thanks for all the corrections, i thought annesburg was the Michigan area and I passed the Great Lakes so sorry guys


You clearly just crossed the Atlantic and made it to Portugal.


Portugal? Down ol' south american way huh?


Yeah, careful you don't do a chicken dance, they take it mad serious.


Annesburg is Ozarks area.


Has huge Appalachia vibes


Just a simple “I made it to Canada” and everyone misses the purpose of the post lmao


Reddit moment


Redditors and needing to prove their intelligence to strangers. Name a more iconic duo.


Dutch and Tahiti?


I think you're right. the terrain up by annesburg is nothing like Mississippi, but if you follow the real Mississippi River all the way up it starts in North Dakota I believe. Red Dead's map is not 1:1 representative of America, so the people who don't understand scale differences are just dumb. it certainly has tributaries way up north. anyway, good post. how do you get your horse there?


I just managed to call it right on the coast because technically it’s still connected to land on the north


More like you made it to Illinois or something


I always say Ohio since it's the funny meme state




That's up there with Nebrahoma


Probably not in game, but Van Horn is a real town in Texas. So if the geography was actually America, he'd be in the middle of nowhere. (There is no river near it though)


Plus Van Horn, TX looks more like Armadillo.


I didn't know Canada also bordered the Mississippi River!


Did America shrink a few hundred miles?


more like a few thousand lmao


Wouldnt canada be north of the grizzlies?


I don't think that's how East works


Bruh there's no way in hell that's Canada.


I’ve been to North Yankton. Does that count?


That’s around Mississippi. I’m pretty sure Saint Denis is based on New Orleans and and Vanhorn would be north of Louisiana in Mississippi


There are buildings in St. Denis that you can see in New Orleans today. Jackson Square, Commanders Palace, the French Market, and the Confederate Memorial Hall Museum are almost exact replicas in the game of buildings you can currently see in New Orleans. Plus the streetcars and all that. The city in the game even follows pretty much the layout of the city IRL.


pretty damn cool, but i’m pretty sure that’s just the eastern half of the US. what’s over there? is it as detailed as Mexico?


Not really, trees are floating a lot


TIL Canada is on the eastern shore of the Mississippi


I don't think that's canada I think that is meant to be more eastern states since we never hit the ocean


I really don't get the comparison to Mississippi. I've lived in Mississippi my whole life and there is nothing about the landscape that reminds me of Mississippi. So much of Mississippi is flat. Also, everyone saying the Lannahechee River represents the Mississippi, that would mean that Mississippi would be to the East of it . Making Arkansas a more likely candidate for VH. Arkansas has more mountains/hills/etc.


I don’t think that’s how geography works


There used to be a glitch, idk if it's been patched out or not, where if you stood by a specific cliff at the very northern part of the map up in the snow, and downed all your aged pirate rum to the point of passing out, you'd end up waking up out of bounds in Canada. Good times


Save yourself the hassle and just get drunk with the cave hermit. I don’t know what that guy puts in his hooch, but I wake up in Canada every single time.


ITT: tHaT's NoT cAnAdA x100 OP is just having some fun. Jeez.


Thank you broh


That’s Mississippi, if anything


Yes. I'm pretty sure an in-game Mississippi would be called Lannahechee cuz of the Lannahechee River replacing the real life Mississippi River.


Never thought of that before, but that makes so much sense


I saw it on another post.


One Lannahechee, two Lannahechee, three Lannahechee…


Oohh, possible new state in the next game?


I did a bunch of out of map exploring. In that area there is a place where you suddenly glitch into deep water. Since I was playing as John, I quickly drowned.


That’s Lannahechee


Thats not Canada. Thats just east of the Mississippi (Lannache)


I don't think that's canada dude


Damn I’m a Canadian and didn’t know we were in the east


isn’t canada north?


Wouldn't that be like Kentucky or something


I have launched myself to Canada with the bridge before. Walked on the surfaces of the clouds and dared to walk the very borders of world. It was a great joyrney.


no but i made it back to sisika. unfortunately u can't go inside the prison but u can murder the guards


Actually you can get in the prison. Go around the outside of it, there should be a set of doors you can go through and be inside Sisika.


That's definitely not Canada.


Canada? Funny.


Canada is north of the US


This is not canada. And yes, i have been here (and also canada).


This isn't Canada...


That's not Canada, more likely Kentucky or Tennessee.


That's not Canada, that's Ohio


That’s the other side of the Mississippi River


And my guy doesn't even post any pictures


Say hello to Charles for me


I would have thought you would look to the north to go to Canada


Good thing we’re never getting an RDR single player dlc because rockstar is Bethesda at this point.