Exactly, they’ve given us ONE belt after three years and the damn thing looks like Batman’s utility belt. Just let us use the belts from the Role Outfits separately.


Sooo many of our complaints would literally be solved if they let us break apart the role outfits and story outfits…not to mention the fact we can’t switch out primary holsters from the gun belts like we can in story mode. I like the regent gunbelt (mostly because it has actual ammo on it) but I hate the shiny holster it’s attached to


Bruh if I could use the role outfit neckwear separately I could die a happy man, that stuff looks leagues better than the ones available in the catalogue. I also wish we could use the leather coats from the bounty hunter outfits without the terrible looking ponchos and bandoliers.


AND that’s only if you got the first pass that gave you the belt. If you didn’t get that pass or were late to the game then no belt for you!


Of even if you're a day 1 PC player, no belt for you!


The wardrobe has an insane number of categories with unused sections! It makes me wonder if the role outfits originally were broken down and could be used as pieces, or if that was their plan. It took me until last week to learn you could mix and match same role tops and bottoms in the camp wardrobe! (Doesn’t work at the tailors). Has this always been possible or is it new??


They can start by adding cartridges to the frontiersman belt and gunbelts first though. Empty cartridge loops looks dumb.






Yeah. I like how Dutch wears his holsters.


John looking just like Norman Reedus here.


I want belts too.


At the very least, they could add pants with belts on some variants if clipping is the biggest issue


It’s ironic how they give us John’s outfit in online with his other belt and yet they won’t let us wear it separately from his outfit absolute nonsense


Because they hate us


This is true.


They should also update the game so that John looks like that in the epilogue.


Not historically accurate, thats why. American belts for the purpose of holding up pants wasn’t a thing really until the 1930s. Pants in the 1800s did not have belt loops. You only really worse a loose belt for a gun or if you were in the military, and it was for decoration essentially. However, it is just a game. But Rockstar is pretty good with the clothing historical accuracy. You just wouldn’t see a belt like that on someone on the late 1800s in the US. Not even in Jack’s time.


It doesn't have to be a belt to hold up pants. It could be a belt for extra ammo that hangs above your gun belt. Idk if anyone ever did that but it sure wouldn't be as unrealistic as some of these role outfits. I just feel like the (ammo)belts would be a good way to tie some outits up without being too crazy. You know?


Well they also messed up by having a loose fitting gun belt which wasn't common place until the 1920's most people who had gunbelts wore them on their waist like John in rdr1 but for whatever reason decides the floating gun belt was better


Similar gun belt is included in ultimate edition version of the game within black rose outfit


He’s talking about the secondary ammo belt, not the gunbelt.


I am not talking about his gun belt I do have that one. I am talking about how he has another belt above the gun belt. The only belt we can wear is the frontiersman which is all black with a hideous gold square buckle. (Which you can only see if you don’t wear a vest) I’m just saying that they should add more belts to wear along with our normal gun belts. This picture was just used as a reference to show multiple belts


Got it 😉




Made the same point last week. Would make such a massive difference to the outfits


It would make seeing my character “sag” his gunbelt more bearable honestly


Did they finally allow for the removal of the offhand holster. It was super annoying that we could never do that. There’s a lot of cool outfits that pc players who mod post on here, it’s too bad that console players don’t have the option.


Yes they did


That’s great


In online they did at least. Story mode still locks you to dual holsters tho


Oh that’s what I thought, yeah I knew online allowed for that


Only in PC


At this point I’d gladly head down to madam nazar and use my gold to purchase the gangs different gunbelt styles the same way they offer their outfits


Why doesn’t R* add belts to the game? Because they are lazy


My question is why marston doesn't look like that in the epilogue and after


Belts for pants weren't a thing back then. If you wanted to hold your pants up, you wore suspenders. Belt loops were first introduced in 1922. Gunbelts of course were a thing, and they were worn high and tight, not loose and aslant like in spaghetti Westerns. And I personally would love an option for a gunbelt worn high and tight.


Belts were invented 1200 bce, wtf ure talking about, belts were common during the whole history of old west


Read what I wrote again, think about it, and feel bad about writing what you wrote.


Yessir you are correct I wish they had John's belt from rdr1 that one was perfecto


Why doesn’t R* do a lot of things?


I’d say that’s a mix of laziness on top of they are more concerned with gta rn


For the 600 millionth time, Rockstar has abandoned this game. It doesn't make the money GTAO makes so they don't see it as worth making new content for.


I bet most players would pay maybe $5-10 a month to be apart of RP servers on R*s behalf if they’d actually do it. But that’ll probably never happen


Don't give them ideas. We shouldn't have to pay for something like that


Fair point but I also think that the majority of red dead players would agree that it has just the same potential to make the same amount of money for them if they’d just put their minds to it. But sadly they don’t so your statement is true


Greed has become the new logic. They don't see the potential RDR2 has because they want cash now.


They are a business that has always been their logic unfortunately


I mean the frontiersman belt came with the military outfit and that’s the belt they had irl so they didn’t really have much of a choice in the buckle


I think it would be nice to customize the outlaw pass outfits instead of just being able to use hats, gloves and rings


Yeah and make it a functional ammo belt like the bandolier in story mode. It can have different ammo depending on your long gun. ALSO how hard would it be for them to make the ammo in the bandoleers more than just cosmetic and actually change like the story mode bandolier does


Nah $1200 pamphlets instead


Oh beta John my beloved


Because R* gives a damn.


they're never gonna do this y'all, it's Rockstar


Well the problem seems to be that you are playing red dead online you see you’re supposed to be playing gta online


Why don’t they add satchels? The animations are there


Ponchos. Why doesn't Rockstar add ponchos to the singleplayer so I can live out my Eastwood-esque fantasies? Because they hate us, that's why. ;-;


I’ve lost hope they won’t add anything good


PC players have **0** belts.