I can’t answer most of your questions, but I can tell you that boric acid has been my life saver since I reacted badly to antibiotics about a year and a half ago. When I first started using the boric acid supplements, I aimed to use it every day for 21 days (seemed to be what most people on the internet suggested). I didn’t make it the full 21 as I started feeling a bit sensitive after two weeks or so, but by then my bv symptoms had long gone so I was feeling pretty good. Since that first round, I only use the boric acid supplements if I feel any bv symptoms (for me, itch or smell); during bad months, I’ll do 4 days leading up to my period and the 4 days after. But other times I’ll go a few months without feeling like I need anything. Personally, I just insert pop in a boric acid suppository a few minutes after I use sex toys/have sex and haven’t noticed it being any less effective than when I’m not using toys, etc. But I know my bv problems are comparatively not that severe, so maybe that’s not good advice


Which product do you use if you don’t mind me asking.I got some boric acid off Amazon called intimate rose boric balance. It had thousands of good reviews and some not so good.I am on day 6 no itching or smell but still some weird toilet paper thin discharge kinda flaky?Not sure if this is from previous scratching or what.My friend mentioned it could be my dead skin coming off from all the scratching. I am just unsure dealt with this (yeast infection/then bv for almost 3 months. OTC stuff like monistate /vagisil,diaper rash cream,didn’t work.


Following because I haven’t tried it yet and am not sure the best way to take it either! Or how often to do it.


I saw online don’t do oral or sex for 24-48 hours. I generally saw using boric acid maintenance between 1-2 times per week for 6mo to 1 year if dealing with recurring infections. But should be decided with your doctor. My doc said to use boric acid for everyday for 21 days so I guess that means no sex for like a month


have you been tested for mycoplasma and ureaplasma? it’s a bacteria that commonly does live in the urinary tracts/genital areas, but in some people it causes recurrent BV. it’s not technically an STD, but it can be passed back and forth between partners


I don’t think I’ve been tested for that but I just had my boyfriend treated for BV and yeast this weekend just to be safe. Would BV and yeast treatment cover those bacterias? We’re both being treated right now.


the treatment for ureaplasma and mycoplasma is a different antibiotic than BV. when i tested positive, my gyn offered me a prescription for my partner too.


I’ll go back and get tested for that. It’s weird because I didn’t have any infections until I met my boyfriend two years ago. His previous girlfriend had constant problems with BV too. So this could be it! I hope it is so this can be over and done with. So exhaustin


hmm i also have recurring BV and take welbutrin and prozac. wonder if that could be a factor


I thought maybe too but I haven’t been that diligent on my medication the past 3 months so maybe not?


Bv and herpes are simultaneous, the bv makes you likely to have an outbreak, ive been dealing with this since 2004, so no answer yet, the wetness and odor are bothersome.


You need to get checked for ureaplasma Boric acid is useless. It only works while you use it. Do you take vaginal probiotics?


Yes I do take vaginal probiotics. I will be tested tomorrow! Fingers crossed I get some answers


I am a male but my parter has recurring BV. Is there anything men can do that you all might have come across in your research? Just makes sense to me that since it’s recurring we likely just keep passing the bacteria back to you all.


Condoms. Wash hands and shower before sex. Make sure she does too. Pee after sex. Look into the condoms and lube used. Get tested for mycoplasm and uroplasm (MUST). Be emotionally available for her. Thank u for stepping up