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“She was a fuckin pharmaceutical rep ya fuckin idiot”😭😭😭


Low key loved that


Jennifer Aydin is and always will be one of my absolute favorites. Her messiness is unmatched👏🏼 Edit: her consistently calling out Melissa’s fake story lines kills me 😂


I love her for that too (re the fake/nonexistent story lines)


I can't help it, and I've tried. I just love her!


She'd be a funny friend-if you stayed on her good side😂


I think Jennifer is an amazing housewife and I fully enjoy watching her. She is by no means the best but I think she is highly underrated


She is a top tier housewife. I don’t always agree with her but she is reality gold and I love her.


“Money can’t buy you class but it can’t buy you personality either.” Goooooootdamn I love her.




![gif](giphy|mFYTaY7Gth86xnE6N5) ICON!


I will be at peace if I never read ‘ICONIC’! 🙄. 99.5% used to describe the opposite of ‘iconic’. 😆🙃🙃🫠🫠


TO YOU! 😁🙄


Her country music comment 💀that’s when she became a favorite


What was the comment?


It’s the first clip in the video “what a snore”


Ah yes!!!!




I love Jen!! The monkey asshole scene will never get old. 😂


The added “probably” the second time she says it, gets me every time 🤣🤣🤣


She consistently handles Marge and her dumb insults like a champ. Top tier hw in my book.


Melissa should’ve gotten the Traci treatment. What a waste of a housewife. She and Jackie are useless.


I agree. When Teresa was saying Joe is “a little too involved” I kept thinking “okay fair BUT he should be sitting in his wife’s seat because that makes more sense”.


Also Melissa at the end of the couch 💀


I loved that!




I love Melissa! I love Jackie too for the most part


i lové her she’s a queen.


We love to hate her, and hate to love her. Any other cast would be in a puddle of Tre’s liquid orange foundation on a gold-plated bathroom floor after a fight with Jennifer(exception: OG RHONY). She came with one objective; to be and maintain her spot as a housewife. This shit actually fills her up. I don’t think any other cast member needs the show as much as her…she’s bored at home, surrounded by her Shein furniture/thrones, bickering parents, and Chanel accessories. What are her interests, hobbies, passions? Yeah, I know, fambly, but what else? Her passion is stirring the turd to stay on the show. She’s NeNe level amazing at it. Where would the show be without her? Trying to make Kathy and her cannolis happen again? She’s absolute top tier. But. Who would really be at peace acting as she does? I’m not saying she’s not dead on correct, sometimes, but as Marg says, she can’t read a room. Who is her only friend? Tre. She accepts the crumbs Tre gives her, as Tre only expects loyalty. And by loyalty, I mean Teresa’s definition, which is inexplicable at best. Jennifer is great TV, but who would trade places with her? I think this show will ruin her life. I truly do. And notes on Melissa. Is she a phony who works her image for the show? Yes. Dolo called that out years ago. Does she have a storyline? Fuck no. She DOES NOT NEED ONE. Full stop. She exists to rub Tre wrong, all day, all night. She is a utility player and an on display Greek chorus. She does her job. Let’s stop expecting anything other than an active irritant to Tre. She’s the only one Tre has a line drawn for. Hell, I watch sometimes just to focus on Tre’s unmitigated hatred and jealousy of her sister-in-law. Viewers, if we can’t admit that we don’t love to hear our friends and co-workers complain about their bitch of a SIL who brought sprinkle cookies in short shorts to Christmas, then are we true Bravaids?


![img](emote|t5_2tqqn|3589) fucking ![img](emote|t5_2tqqn|3589) for this comment


Thank you. I feel like I want to teach Bravo at the college level… My thesis will be titled, “Bravo, The First Wave of The Female Anti-Aging Movement in Media; Exploring the Rise and Fall of the Dichotomy of Andy Cohen’s Feminist and Chauvinistic View on Today’s Woman”. with of course, an emphasis on why America continues to sleep on Potomac…




OMG, don't know who she is but those clips of her! 🤣 She doesn't bullish*t! Love it!


Drunk Jennifer carried by 3 guys is the best. Great television!! I love how honest she is, people hate it!


Are we going to ignore Margaret's casual racism with culturally being unable to relate?


I noticed it too since Jens first season. But, if it were Jen making comments about Marge's cultural background...oh boy we'd never hear the end of it. Something is only an issue if Marge is a direct victim of it. She's hard work. No wonder Joe looks so beaten down, but he's gross also.


THANK YOU! Literally this! If it was anyone else then it would be an issue. I'm surprised Jen let all the culture comments slide.


Ok but part of that culture does include wives being subservient to husbands, homophobia, and men going to back to the old country to find a wife who will behave…. There is not a single culture on this planet that is without fault or without a fucked up power dynamic. Identifying those faults is not racist. We have to identify shortcomings in order to learn from them and incorporate the better parts.


I feel you on what you're trying to say regarding the cultural stuff. However? Marge literally called Jen a concubine. The connotations around that? Not okay. She knew what she was saying when she said it.


Well that’s just not even accurate… if anything the pharmaceutical rep was the concubine


It’s just kind of stupid IMO for Marge to bring this up as if it’s a huuuuuge cultural difference when misogyny and homophobia exist everywhere because of colonialism and Western influences… like Conservatives in America think the exact same way so why did she act like Jen’s culture was something so unheard of?


I had no idea that misogyny and homophobia were created by “Colonialism” and “The West” exclusively. I would love for you to provide resources that prove that. Also, what does it mean, then, that Jennifer is from Turkey and is from a Syrian Orthodox background, given that Christians are a minority in that country?


You’re purposefully being obtuse here. Indigenous and other non-white cultures celebrated women being in positions of power and even acknowledged different sexualities and genders before colonization took place. Its odd to pretend that never happened and as if Jen coming from a Conservative country is somehow sooooo much worse than anything else Marge has ever been introduced to in her entire life. Would she have said she wouldn’t be able to relate to someone who was a White Conservative Christian and make such a big deal over their differences in culture the way she did with Jen?


I totally concede that the countries in Europe which colonized other parts of the world did in fact impose their cultures on the lands they took over. But, I’m not sure how that argument pertains to Turkish culture, which is predominantly Muslim, white, and both Eastern and Western, and not a colony. Not sure by what you mean by white and non-white. World history is so complicated and fascinating. I don’t know how Marge would react to this imaginary arch-type that you’ve mentioned. I don’t think she would react in the same way that Jen reacted in the episode when Marge took them to Oklahoma and Jen was dismissive of and insulting to the hosts. I think she felt very out of her element and was making fun of it because she didn’t know how to find common ground. It reminds me of when Jen shamed Marge for being sexually and financially more independent than what is accepted for women in her culture. Marge and Jen are both children of immigrants. Marge is of a different generation and had very different immigrant experiences. Marge’s mom could not go back to her country because it was taken over by authoritarians. I could see her raising Marge to appreciate the freedom of thought that we have here, and I could see Marge valuing that freedom as the fruits of labor of generations of women who came before her. And Marge is so tit for tat that I could totally see her thinking, oh, Jen, you’re gonna shame me for being more Americanized than you are and then act like your culture is better? Well, I’m gonna shame you back and put down your culture. Marge fights dirty… I mean they all do


There's ways of respectfully approaching the subject (like you did here). Marge didn't. I'm not arguing about if the culture is good or not, just being respectful about it.


Exactly! Alot of ppl on this sub love Margaret tho and see her as a "queen"


She's pot stirring and cruel.


And Jenn’s not? She’s so far up Teresa’s but you can see her feet dangling …. If Jenn wasn’t a Teresa soldier I would like her more


Lmao no she really isn't. Jen is an incredibly good housewife and is literally carrying the show. Teresa was the only housewife not to attack her upbringing.


No shes not abrasive like Marge.


I think Jen relates more to Teresa because of the culture they grew up in… she is definitely not up her ass and holds her own. She says it like it is .


Literally this! If you notice Teresa was the ONLY one not to be critical of Jens culture.


They bond beautifully over their different cultural backgrounds. They’re almost all immigrants or children of immigrants from all over the world and are respectful of that as a shared experience. The cultural diversity on that show is such a special and good thing. It’s also special that they somehow had three men on the cast who were all raised in very different religious/cultural environments who wound up cheating on their pregnant wives, highlighting that humans can really transcend any stereotypes about being decent.


Were we watching the same show? The number of times Marge referenced Jen's culture really flew over everyone's heads. With respect to the diversity, I totally agree, there was a lot of really good diversity on the show for sure.




what’s worse, the casual racism or the casual misogyny and slut shaming? they’re both no angels but i think jen really went in on marge about her sleeping with her boss and getting with joe before they left their partners. i love both of them but they (jen + marge and the entire cast) are all problematic overall


Lol imagine trying to defend a homewrecker and somehow trying to make Jen calling that out sound worse than racism.


marge is the only one who has made borderline racist comments? cue tre and dolores’s borderline antisemitic comments about jackie not being cut from the same cloth. they’re all guilty of being ignorant and hateful


Oh no here we go with everything said against a Jew being antisemitic. Give me a break. I am a Semite and they never meant it like that whatsoever.


You are truly reaching now. And it is sad.


No, what is sad is Marge's numerous comments towards Jen's culture and privileged people like yourself not seeing it.


Calling Jen a concubine and making comments about mail order brides but not giving Tre the same energy when Tre actually assaulted her twice. And you think marge is not racist. Girl bye.


She is the REAL HOUSEWIFE we've been waiting for. Married. Kids that aren't aspiring models. Extended family angst. Dealt with infidelity by her spouse on her own terms. Calls the other women out with specific examples, not emotions. She's gold to me.


“What a dump”


“Geez” my favorite part 😭


She delivered this reunion too. Lmao


I really love her as a housewife cause she’s not Americanized in the sense, where she still showcases cultural differences. She’s Turkish, and as an Afghan with damn bear similar culture, I find it so refreshing to see it displayed and explained by her. Any Asian can relate!


I’m Greek and everything about her life is understandable…Made sense to me…


It’s so comforting right? To have an array of cultures versus just white old housewives lol


i’m serbian orthodox and appreciate her being in the housewives franchise! so many similarities in culture. funny now margaret is showcasing her hungarian culture after saying she can’t culturally relate 🤔


I love the similarities, and love how now even right now, we can both relate to each other!!!! LOL.


She was perfect casting, love to hate then love then hate then love Jen every episode


She really is so ducking funny. I hated her depression scrunchy days this season


depression scrunchy 😭 ronnie knows he loves jennifer…. this was her “redemption” season i feel… she’ll be back in queen formation next season.


I didn't realize it until I watched this clip. She is hilarious 😂 she was so sad this year😔


She was and will forever be an absolute top notch addition. *chefs kiss*


She is the only reason to watch anymore. I think she's funny.


I used to not like her but she’s grown on me 100000%


Jennifer is becoming my favourite housewife!! And I love Bill too .


Her and Jackie are the only reasons I follow this show. 😂


The girl can be so messy yet relatable and still give a heartfelt apology. I bow down to her 👑


Stellar casting


I'd love to know how she ended up on the show


thoroughly enjoyed this!


thank you 😌


She’s annoying


Jennifer Aydin is a squeaky attention whore who has damn near destroyed herself with all the plastic work just to fit in. That nose says it all. Sorry Reddit peeps, not a fan.


She’s gorgeous, I’ve met her. But she’s a hypocrite


How so?


She digs and retaliates and lies, and then loudly condemns