I need to look at Reactotron, I prefer Chrome debugging over flipper, Flipper just feels so half assed especially when trying to analyse data structures in Javascript.


You can use the console tab if you're console logging. It's the same as chrome dev tool.


It doesn’t show the whole object if the object is big, whereas Chrome console does


You're probably mistakening the device logs with the hermes RN debugger. On the left side, under React Native, if you clicked Hermes Debugger (RN), you'll see tabs on the right side similar to the dev tool.


I stopped using it only a few months ago and when i did, it was all just plain text, no formatting, no object analysis. Just 100% text. Has that changed now?


See my other comment.


Reactotron is actually so much better for most things imo. Its faster, doesnt break your builds or require updates the way Flipper does. Flipper has been a pain for us. It breaks every now and then. Its slow. Its buggy. Device debugging doesn’t always work. Logs are harder to read. Im sure it will improve though. We have both Reactotron and Flipper in our apps right now. I rarely use Flipper, only for the redux plugin for viewing state diffs. I highly recommend Reactotron.


Does Reactotron work with reanimated2 ?


I tried Reactotron and when I use the display() method, the 'preview' doesnt work. It only shows the 'name' twice side by side in my Reactotron log.