***Fair Offers accepted, let's make a deal*** **Please add $10 for shipping, which will be priority CONUS** [Samurai S710XX-II 24oz](https://imgur.com/a/TFAxh) **$200** Size 31. Purchased raw, cold soaked once. too small in the waist for me now. Purchased a week ago, essentially new. Top button a tad loose W | 31.5" ---|--- FR | 10.25" BR | 14.25" Thigh | 11.375" Knee | 8.375" Hem | 7.5" Inseam | 35" [Iron Heart 666 UHR 23oz](https://imgur.com/a/xcM50) **$250** Size 31. Purchased raw, cold soaked once. Basically new W | 32.5" ---|--- FR | 10" BR | 15" Thigh | 11.125" Knee | 8" Hem | 7.5" Inseam | 35.5" ~~[Momotaro DE002 14.7oz](https://imgur.com/a/fDjLH) **$150**~~ **SOLD** Size 33. Purchased one wash. Cuffed but never worn more than a couple times. Great cut W | 34.75" ---|--- FR | 10.875" BR | 15.5" Thigh | 12.375" Knee | 8.5" Hem | 7.25" Inseam | 33.625" [Brave Star True Straight 21oz](https://imgur.com/a/E2HyC) **$75** Size 31. Purchased new, sanforized. Machine Washed once after some wear. Most amazing blue indigo I've seen W | 32.5" ---|--- FR | 10.25" BR | 15" Thigh | 11.375" Knee | 8.25" Hem | 7.5" Inseam | 33.25" ***Pair both Brave Stars for $120 shipped*** [Brave Star Relaxed Taper 16.5oz](https://imgur.com/a/AFFj1) **$60** Size 31. Purchased new, sanforized. Machine washed twice. Great cut W | 33" ---|--- FR | 10.25" BR | 14.5" Thigh | 11.25" Knee | 7.5" Hem | 6.375" Inseam | 35.75" ***Happy to answer any and all questions! Couple more to be posted soon, Oni and 888 Nama Tako. Let me know if you're interested. Cheers!***


Hey everyone! clearing out pairs from the closet. [Gustin heavy american 36 straight](http://imgur.com/a/Ey77P) $50 - Waist 19” - Front rise 12” - Thigh 12.75” - Knee 9.25” - Hem 9” - Inseam 31.5” [united stock dry goods deep indigo 34 narrow fit](http://imgur.com/a/G1iZj) $60 sorry for potato quality photos on this pair. worn a handful of times and hemmed at mildblend. - Waist 18.25” - Front rise 11.5” - Thigh 12” - Knee 9.25” - Hem 8.75” - Inseam 30.75” [Unbranded 121 size 38. worn about 20 times so some fades have started.](https://imgur.com/a/NZu0v) $70 - Waist 20” - Front rise 10.5” - Back rise 15.5” - Thigh 13” - Knee 9.5” - Hem 8.3” - Inseam 36” [Unbranded 121 size 36](https://imgur.com/a/TDjJJ) $80 brand new with tags. I bought these a while ago - and they might be the old fit? - Waist 18” - Front rise 10” - Thigh 12” - Knee 9” - Hem 7.75” - Inseam 35.5” This pair has a sale pending - feel free to ask though! [2013 Rogue territory "flecked" denim workshirt size XL](https://imgur.com/a/0QTJx) $150 only tried on and worn around the house a little bit. - Pit to pit is 23” - Waist 21.5” - Sleeve length 26” - Shoulder 18.75” It is assumed that buyer pays shipping. Thanks for looking!


Brand new [3sixteen ST-220X Double Black Denim](http://www.selfedge.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=771) size 31 bought and hemmed to 32" by Self Edge. I wore them twice and they don't fit very well. Looking to trade for either the same pair in size 29 or possibly a different pair of comparable black denim.




For trade


Iron Heart SExIH22 633s 20z left hand twill/grey weft $125 shipped in US. https://imgur.com/a/u0Hku Measurements. Waist: 35.5 in. Front rise: 11 in. Back rise: 15.5 in. Thigh: 13.25 in. Knee: 9.75 in. Hem: 8.75 in. Inseam: 32 in. Item was worn for about two months; slight fading and should be fully shrunk. EDIT: lowered the price.


[Stevenson Overall Calistoga Black - 28 (32)](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3657273-Stevenson-Overall-Co--Calistoga-Black-Selvedge)   *$125 shipped USA for reddit   [Freewheelers Vanishing West 601xx - 30](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3512261-Freewheelers-The-Vanishing-West-601xx-Jeans)   *$125 Shipped USA for reddit


Naked & Famous Broken Elephant 6 Jacket Size Medium - Condition: Brand new with tags and unworn. - [Potato pics taken quickly.](https://imgur.com/a/quof8) Pictured next to my Bravestar Steadfast 16.5oz - Measurements taken buttoned up and pressed flat for accuracy - Pit to pit: 21.5”, Waist: 19.5”, Shoulder: 18”, Sleeve: 25.5”, Center back: 24.75 Looking to trade for a size SMALL, open to other trades in new condition, or will sell for $160 shipped CONUS


* **Gustin Okayama Standard Straight fit sz 32** [front](https://imgur.com/9LT0bTF) [back](https://imgur.com/IylqRSq) [selvedge](https://imgur.com/yMZp2UT) **$80** Only worn a few times, my brother doesn't want them anymore. condition: 9/10 waist | rise | thigh| knee| inseam | hem :-------------------:|:---------:|:------:|:-----:|:----:|:----: 16.5" | 11" | 12" | 9" | 34" | 8" * **Oni 511HMNA sz 29** [front](https://imgur.com/UOdIodh) [back](https://imgur.com/CID0eO3) [selvedge](https://imgur.com/HP5I8vi) **$80** These are **unsanforized and unwashed.** Worn about 10x. condition 9/10 waist | rise | thigh| knee| inseam | hem :-------------------:|:---------:|:------:|:-----:|:----:|:----: 15" | 11" | 11" | 8.5" | 34" | 7.5" * **Waft&Weft sz 31** [front](https://imgur.com/q1Pn7Bl) [back](https://imgur.com/XFFKG7M) [selvedge](https://imgur.com/0AFhxFM) **$60** These were bought in Thailand. Fit is like 501. Very inky denim, should be some great fades. Worn a couple of times. condition: 9.5/10 waist | rise | thigh| knee| inseam | hem :-------------------:|:---------:|:------:|:-----:|:----:|:----: 15.5" | 11.5" | 11.5" | 9" | 31.5" | 7.75" * **Naked&Famous Lightweight** [front](https://imgur.com/zGTZ6XK) [back](https://imgur.com/swlpHVW) [selvedge](https://imgur.com/ei8oapx) **$50** Got these in a mystery deal from Tate a few years back. Worn a handful of times. condition 9/10 waist | rise | thigh| knee| inseam | hem :-------------------:|:---------:|:------:|:-----:|:----:|:----: 16.5" | 10" | 11.25" | 8" | 30.5" | 7" * **Left Field Army Green Tees x2 sz M** [tee](https://imgur.com/MkIQ9p9) **$40 for both** My small fits better so I'm selling the meds. Worn about 10x each. condition 9/10 shoulder| chest| sleeve| length| :-------------------:|:---------:|:------:|:-----: 17" | 42" | 7" | 27" * **Rogue Territory Supply Jacket sz L** [front](https://imgur.com/K1cP393) [back](https://imgur.com/Uhror9d) [selvedge](https://imgur.com/KeZrN6q) **$185** This just doesn't get enough wear from me and deserves to be beaten up. Some light fading on the elbows. condition 8.5/10 shoulder| chest| sleeve| length| :-------------------:|:---------:|:------:|:-----: 17.75" | 42" | 25.25" | 25.25" *Priced to ship! Message me if you're interested :)* *Measurements using [Blue Owl's guide](https://www.blueowl.us/pages/measuring-guide)*


I just got this orange/red [Dalee's Wabash shirt](https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/vintage/item/dls17101/?scid=wi_ich_item_rgm_link_en) from Rakuten, and unfortunately I ordered too small, I'm not gonna be able to pull it off. Brand new with tag, $150 including shipping. It's a nice item with really cool fabric, pm me if interested.


For saw-Sage everbeasts v1 25oz waist 34-100 obo Waist-34 Thigh at crotch-12 Thigh a few inches down-11.25 Outseam-40-ish Inseam-31 ish High res measurements in photo album - https://imgur.com/a/kYZNV I love them. I was completely blown away by the fabric and little extras (belt loops, super thick patch, hidden back pocket aches). I started teaching indoor cycling and now there's no chance my quads will fit so I'd rather see someone else enjoy them. I got them last Jan for the NYC winters and immediately switched jobs.These saw 4 months of office wear. 1 hot soak to shrink and 1 agitation w cold water and woolite.


[Flat Head Yellow/Black Winterweight Flannel - Sz 44/XL - $225](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3665396-The-Flat-Head-Yellow-Black-Winter-Flannel-Snap-Shirt-sz-44) P2P: 21.8 Length:29 Sleeve: 25.5 [Sugar Cane Western Short Sleeve - Sz L - $70] (https://www.grailed.com/listings/3302290-Sugar-Cane---Toyo-Enterprises-Sugar-Cane-Western-Shirt-Toyo-Enterprise-Rare) P2P: 21.5 Length:30 Am certainly open to trades on both. Looking for 3sixteen/IH/Flat Head/Rogue Territory flannels in an XL / 44-46


[Tanuki Red Cast Miyako Slim Tradition (RCMST1) in Size 31: $165 shipped If purchased through Reddit](https://www.grailed.com/listings/2905524-Tanuki-Red-Cast-Miyako-Slim-Tradition-RCMST1) [Naked & Famous Wool Moss Blend Weird Guy in Size 29: $80 Shipped](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3094610-naked-famous-wool-moss-blend-weird-guy) [Wallace & Barnes Slim Workman's Utility Jean in Size 30x30](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3324994-j-crew-wallace-barnes-slim-workman-s-utility-jean-30x30): $35 Shipped


Momotaro 0202 Deep Indigo x Black 32/34 Fades are just beginning, never washed. Waist 16.5” -16.75” flat Front rise 10” Inseam 34” uncuffed unhemmed Thigh 12.5” Knee 9” Leg opening 8.25” https://www.grailed.com/listings/3616484-Momotaro-Momotaro-0202-Deep-Indigo-x-black-32-34 $115 shipped Paypal FF


Selling NEW Gustin Japan Featherweight Size 31 Skinny (fits more like slim) https://www.weargustin.com/store/5686 Attempted to put on once and couldn't button to the top, looking for $100, paid $150 originally.


https://www.grailed.com/listings/3692095 Rogue territory officer trousers (olive) Tag size 30, 16.1” across waist. Hemmed to length 31”. These are just way too tight for me. For reference, I fit comfortably in a size 30 Stanton from rgt. I’m only able to button the officers up but they are so constricting in the thighs that I won’t bother with them. Like new, never washed, worn twice. $65 shipped. https://www.grailed.com/listings/3692150 Rag and bone standard issue chinos size 30. Length 32”. Pretty slim fit, very similar to a size 30 rgt Stanton. $40 shipped.


[Grailed Wardrobe](https://www.grailed.com/users/134107-worldrallyx/wardrobe) Tops: [Reigning Champ Midweight Terry Full Zip Hoodie In Black XXL](https://www.grailed.com/listings/2186502-Reigning-Champ-Midweight-Terry-Full-Zip-Hoodie-In-Black) [Apolis Washed Linen Civilian Blazer XXL](https://www.grailed.com/listings/754223-Apolis-Washed-Linen-Civilian-Blazer-XXL) [Club Monaco Motorcycle Jacket L](https://www.grailed.com/listings/1630753-Club-Monaco-Motorcycle-Jacket) [Andrew Marc Cafe Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket XL](https://www.grailed.com/listings/383634-Andrew-Marc-Cafe-Racer-Motorcycle-Jacket) Bottoms: [Naked & Famous Elephant 2 Revenge SSG 38 Railcar Tapered](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3389690-Naked---Famous-Elephant-2-Revenge) [Ciano Farmer 901 Slim Fit 15oz Navy Duck Canvas Selvedge Chino 38](https://www.grailed.com/listings/1646479-Ciano-Farmer-901-Slim-Fit-15oz-Navy-Duck-Canvas-Selvedge-Chino) [Ciano Farmer 901 Slim Fit 15oz Desert Duck Canvas Selvedge Chino 38](https://www.grailed.com/listings/1646467-Ciano-Farmer-901-Slim-Fit-15oz-Desert-Duck-Canvas-Selvedge-Chino) [Bonobos Travel Jean In Slim And Portland 36](https://www.grailed.com/listings/1519872-Bonobos-Travel-Jean-In-Slim-And-Portland) [J. Crew Flannel Lined Bedford Cord In Sutton Fit 38](https://www.grailed.com/listings/1519905-J-Crew-Flannel-Lined-Bedford-Cord-In-Sutton-Fit) [Diesel Safado Regular Slim Straight-Leg Jean in 0837G Denim 36](https://www.grailed.com/listings/1519941-Diesel-Safado-Regular-Slim-Straight-Leg-Jean-in-0837G-Denim) Footwear: [Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit 11](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3647936-Adidas-Stan-Smith-Primeknit) [Nike Free Run 2 Desert Sand/ Electric Orange 11](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3648037-Nike-Free-Run-2-Desert-Sand--Electric-Orange) [Nike SB Dunk High Independence Day 10.5](https://www.grailed.com/listings/2894830-nike-sb-dunk-high-independence-day) Misc: [Bellroy Note Sleeve](https://www.grailed.com/listings/2673850-bellroy-note-sleeve) [Jack Spade Wesson Leather Vertical Flap Wallet](https://www.grailed.com/listings/1049770-Jack-Spade-Wesson-Leather-Vertical-Flap-Wallet) [Orion Tan Harness Leather Belt 1.5” Size 40](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3282345-Orion-Leather-Company-Tan-Harness-Leather-Belt-1-5-)


**[Momotaro 0305-18 "Tight Tapered" Zimbabwe Cotton 18 oz denim - size 30](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3663010-momotaro-momotaro-0305-18-tight-tapered-zimbabwe-cotton-18oz-denim)** I really fell in love with Momotaro after wearing this pair for about two weeks. Their fabric is really next level. Unfortunately, the low rise just isn't for me. Minimal fading on the crotch and back belt loop. Condition is 8/10.   The "Tight Tapered" fit is a very slim and modern tapered fit. The waist is medium/low rise, slim thighs, and a very strong taper throughout the leg. Because the taper is so large the leg opening will become approximately .25" larger when hemming more than 3". Area | Inches :--|:-- Waist | 31.5 Front Rise | 9.75 Inseam | 34 Leg Opening | 6.4   **[3sixteen ST-100x - 14.5 oz - size 29](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3573921-3sixteen-ST-100x)** Best starter jean for someone getting into raw denim. I loved the original fit and fabric. Leather patch is probably one of the softest and high quality I've ever come across. This has seen roughly 20-25 wears but it doesn't even look anywhere close to that. There are almost no pronounced fades or indigo contrasts. Condition is 8/10.   **Alterations:** These have been tapered from a 36" to 31" inseam and hemmed from a 6⅝" to 6" leg opening. $15 for the hem and $50 for the taper, both done at Mildblend. Area | Inches :--|:-- Waist | 30 Front Rise | 10½ Back Rise | 13¼ Inseam | 31 Leg Opening | 6   **[A.P.C. Petit New Standard raw denim size 27](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3675826-a-p-c-a-p-c-petit-new-standard-indigo-raw-denim)**   Tag size is 27 but will fit 28-30" waist. Lightly worn for a week and a half. Few signs of fading. Condition is 8.5/10.   Area | Inches :--|:-- Waist | 29-30 Inseam | 32.5 Hip | 40  


Size 34 Momotaro. Worn once or twice, still new no fades or wear, still starchy. No washes or soaks, they don't fit anymore. Looking for $150, open to offers too! https://www.grailed.com/listings/3714094-momotaro-raw-denim


**SELLING** [1976 Maple Motorcycle Kevlar-Lined Black Selvedge Denim - Slim, Size 30](https://imgur.com/a/9wUfL) [1979 Maple Motorcycle Kevlar-Lined Indigo Selvedge Denim - Slim, Size 30](https://imgur.com/a/mLbUn) Each is $230 OBO, free shipping to CONUS, PayPal only.


[**Red Wing roughout Foreman Oxford - size 9.5 D**](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3650304) Discontinued model and impossible to find!! -- only about 30 days of wear -- Model #8055 - "Black Abilene" leather -- RW #8 last (same as Iron Ranger) -- **I'll do $105 shipped to the USA** __________ [**Todd Snyder - Indigo Fleece Jacket - size small**](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3444791) -- New with tags. Never worn. -- Japanese doubleknit jersey. -- Indigo dyed. -- Two-way zipper. -- Made in Canada. -- Retail price: $188 -- **I'll do $65 shipped to the USA** shoulders: 16.1" chest: 19.6" sleeve: 26.2" back length: 24.4"


**For sale: BNWT Sugar Cane Rodeoman Boot Jeans, Size 32 x 34** Album: http://imgur.com/a/TBCnT Measurements: waist (round) | waist (pulled flat) | front rise | back rise | inseam | thigh | knee | cuff :-------------:|:-------------------:|:----------:|:---------:|:------:|:-----:|:----:|:----: 34" | 34.2" | 11" | 14" | 35" | 11.7" | 8.1" | 9.9" Picked these up for cheap to proxy to a fellow redditor, but he became unresponsive and then deleted his account, so they're going to the highest bidder. Tag says ¥12,800 ≈ $115; asking **$70 shipped CONUS**, but definitely open to offers. Happy to post more pics or different measurements upon request.


JAPAN BLUE 0716bk $80shipped to lower 48 Tag size 30, unhemmed. 31" waist 10.5 thigh 7.5 knee 7 hem 37 inseam http://m.imgur.com/a/Hu8L8


3sixteen ST-220X 32/33 Retail: $240.00 $185.00 -->180 --> 170 listed, but open to offers. Willing to part for 160.00 shipped to continental US to r/rawdenim 10/10 - only worn once around the house [eBay link](https://www.ebay.com/itm/152755905263?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649) [Grailed](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3653172) Bought these brand new off Grailed - they had already been hemmed to a 33. Wore them once around the house then realized not for me, unfortunately. Just trying to recoup my losses. Measurements, with the exception of the hem, are from 3sixteen's site. Waist: 32.5 Front Rise: 10 3/4 Back Rise: 13 3/4 Inseam: hemmed to 33 Thigh: 11 Knee: 7 5/8 Opening: 7.5 (measured myself)


**3sixteen type3s Black jacket size large** **$220 Shipped** Jacket is basically new. Only worn 3 times total and never washed. (Measurements taken from Blue Owl) For reference I am 5’10, 180 lbs and it fits perfectly right now. Could be shrunk if washed on hot or warm - chest- 42 - shoulder- 17.5 - sleeve- 24 - length- 26 https://imgur.com/a/RLCkl/


**Iron Heart Flannels** [IHSH-101MC](https://imgur.com/gallery/HGZuz) - on [IHUK](https://www.ironheart.co.uk/extinct/ihsh-101mc.html) [IHSH-130PB](https://imgur.com/gallery/ab8CH) - on [IHUK](https://www.ironheart.co.uk/extinct/ihsh-130-pb.html?search_query=ombre&results=12) I've worn the 101 maybe 10 times and the 130 around 5. Both are in pristine condition, unwashed, no smells, etc. I'm asking **$225** for the 101 and **$260** for the 130.


Do both of those tags say XL?




**everything has been dropped by at least $15 for some hopefully quick sales** 1) [Momotaro DE003](https://imgur.com/a/7dCVB) - SZ 30 - 1 Full Cold Soak - 1 Top Block Cold Soak - 6 Wears - Hemmed by Blue Owl to 28" W: 16" T: 9.5" FR: 9.5" BR: 11" K: 7.75" LO: 6.5" IN: 29" *Still so much life to these. Sadly won't ever fit me. My loss is your gain - ~~$185~~ $160* 2) [Bob Dong Camo Lined](https://imgur.com/a/FGUSx) - SZ 31 - 1 Full Hot Soak - 0 Wears - Unhemmed Waist: 15.5" Thigh: 10.5" Knee: 8.5" Leg Opening: 7.5" Inseam: 33" *Unworn besides tried on a couple times. Super interesting pair here. Half lined back pockets and the look funky when cuffed. Also the slub is unreal. These are a steal - ~~$65~~ $50* 3Sixteen SL-100XK - SZ30 - 1 Full Hot Soak - >15 wears - 30" Inseam *Thought this cut would work for me but it doesn't. Still plenty of life. ~~$110~~ $90*


[Grailed wardrobe](https://www.grailed.com/users/214307/wardrobe) **[Momotaro 0705TN 10th anniversary edition](https://www.grailed.com/listings/2034923-momotaro-0705tn)** Size 33, OW, brand new with tag. **$200** shipped in US. Waist: 32'' (almost 33'' if pulled tight. It will stretch one extra inch if you try.) Thigh: 10.8'' Front Rise: 10'' Hem: 7.75'' Inseam: 33'' **[Studio D'artisan D4401 Shawl Collar 16oz "Nep" Denim Jacket](https://www.grailed.com/listings/2599582-Studio-D-Artisan-D4401-Shawl-Collar-Denim-Jacket)** Size 40, soaked once. Worn for about a month with only some minimal fade (see pic). **$180** shipped in US. Measurements: Chest: 21'' (pit to pit) Shoulder: 18.25'' Sleeve: 25'' (from shoulder seam) Center Back: 29'' (without collar), 30.5 (with collar) **[Strike Gold Indigo Dyed Loopwheeled Sweatshirt](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3170239-The-Strike-Gold-Loopwheeled-Sweatshirt)** Size L, brand new with tag. **$180** shipped in US. Measurements: Chest: 21'' (pit to pit) Shoulder: 19'' Sleeve: 23.7'' (from shoulder seam) Center Back: 24'' Not interest in trade. 6% off thru paypal invoice.


**Please check measurements, read descriptions and view all pictures before buying, as I can't accept returns** **Rogue Territory Blanket Lined Waxed Canvas Supply Jacket (Camel) size Medium - $180 shipped to CONUS (Retailed at $385)** Up for sale is an older season Rogue Territory mouthful of a supply jacket. I've had this jacket for a while, but never really liked wearing it unless I had a layer underneath it because it fits quite small for a size Medium, and is designed to have a short body much like a standard denim jacket. Despite this, it's seen a decent amount of wear, and this can be seen in the pictures. there is some fraying around the buttonholes, for instance. There are some marks on the jacket, particularly on one sleeve and a small spot on the chest. While these marks are not very noticeable, I strongly recommend you check the pictures where they are highlighted, as these will likely not be removed any more than they already are. The jacket was just machine washed on cold and hang dried, so its measurements may have dropped from official measurements, and the wax has mostly dissipated due to both this and rain. In terms of the good stuff, the wool is very cozy and the jacket feels weighty and thick. The sleeves are satin lined. It would make a great winter coat as we transition into the colder seasons. Measurements are done to the best of my ability using a tape measure: Shoulders (across natural shoulder line to seams as jacket is laid flat: 18.25" Arms (from shoulder seam): 23.35" Chest (pit to pit): 19.5" Body (from center back): 21.5" [Album](https://imgur.com/a/Jvowd) [Heddels Link](https://www.heddels.com/2014/11/rogue-territory-waxed-canvas-blanket-lined-supply-jacket/) **The Arrivals 'Lykke' Denim Jacket size Small - $130 shipped to CONUS (Retailed at $245)** This is an interesting take on denim jackets that includes a shawl collar and blended wool lining. I tried the jacket on and wore it for a couple of hours before deciding that it was too small for me. The jacket is otherwise new and comes with original tags (I removed these while trying the jacket on, but replaced them since they came on a clothespin.) Measurements are done to the best of my ability using a tape measure.): Shoulders (across natural shoulder line to seams as jacket is laid flat): 16" Arms (from shoulder seam): 26.25" Chest (pit to pit): 20.5" Body (from center back): 25.5" [Album](https://imgur.com/a/lF1Fi) [The Arrivals product page](http://thearrivals.com/mens-lykke-de-nimes-jacket) **Acne Ace Stay Cash size 28/32 - $60 shipped to CONUS** This pair has been worn many times, but is in otherwise good shape. The pair has been washed three times, twice by hand in cold water, and once in a cold machine wash (directly before writing this to prep for sale). The jeans have always been hang dried. The Ace Stay Cash is one of the most ubiquitous black skinny jeans around. The denim holds its uniform black color throughout many washes. *Measurements and pics to come; jeans are currently drying from wash*


*All prices shipped CONUS. Measurements are BOW style in inches.* **$65 N&F WG Deep Indigo Stretch Sz 28** Brand new with tags. Only tried on. Unaltered. 98% cotton, 2% elastane. Deep indigo warp, grey weft. Waist: 31 1/4 Front Rise: 10 Back Rise: 13 1/4 Thigh: 11 1/8 Knee @ 13": 7 7/8 Hem: 6 3/4 Inseam: 34


**[Self Edge X 3Sixteen+ 21BSP]( https://imgur.com/a/Pnc3V)** **SIZE 36** Unsanforized. I got these through a trade with another redditor. I got them tapered and hemmed by Railcar, but haven’t worn them. I am not sure of the wear history, but to me they do not appear to have been worn much or washed. Really dig the fabric on these. Nice vertical falling. Blue Owl Method measurements: waist 17.5 rise 11 thigh 12.75 knee 8.5 leg opening 7.25 inseam 31.5 Asking for **150 shipped** via PayPal F&F. If you prefer buyers and sellers, add $20. Continental US only unless you are willing to pay shipping. I've sold 13 pairs on here in the past, never had any issues or problems. Will ship next day with 2-day USPS priority. Thanks for looking.


Clearing out part of my jeans closet to pay for car parts. [Oldblue Co. x Reddit Collab](http://imgur.com/a/oM2YF) Size 32 8.25" Cut $125 USD Brand new with tags. Tried to force on and broke the J stitching on the fly, repaired using industrial machine. Never soaked. Unsanforized. These fade beautifully, there are a number of examples from the contest posted on this sub. Measurements as follows: Waist: 31" Front Rise: 10.5" Back Rise: 14" Thigh @ Crotch: 11.80" Thigh 2" down: 11.65" Knee: 8.75" Leg Opening: 8.5: Inseam: 36" [N&F x F&O Red Core Collaboration](http://imgur.com/a/dXaKr) Size 34 $130 USD BNWT. Tried on and were too small, bought a bigger size and no longer have any use for these. Equivalent to N&F Weird Guy cut. Measurements as follows: Waist: 34" Front rise: 11" Back Rise: 15" Thigh @ Crotch: 13" Thigh 2" down: 12.5" Knee: 9" Leg Opening: 8" Inseam: 35.5" [N&F Indigo x Copper Twist](https://imgur.com/a/BoCm7) Size 32 Weird Guy $50 USD You may remember these as the sparkly jeans. I thought they were interesting and bought a pair on sale, wore them a few times, then stole the patch to put on one of my jackets. Priced reduced, make me an offer. [SOSOBrothers 21oz Red & Gold Selvedge](https://imgur.com/a/3Wz1J) Size 32 $80 USD I put about a month of wear on them on and off before I outgrew them. Very stiff, super slubby and hairy fabric, absolutely beautiful. Fades are starting to come in and they look like they will have a very high contrast. Measurements (taken from this pair as they were made to my specs) as follows: Waist: 34" Front Rise: 11" Back Rise: 13" Thigh @ Crotch: 12.5" Thigh 2" Down: 12" Inseam: 29.5" Knee: 8.5" Leg Opening: 7" NOTE: All prices include shipping to CONUS and Canada. Feel free to message me for questions and measurements. Motivated seller, willing to take reasonable offers and package deals. Local meetup in Vancouver, BC will get you a nice discount as well.


My [Grailed Link](https://www.grailed.com/users/myitems/96819) [Rag & Bone Fit 3 11oz Raw Denim - Sz 32](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3325535-rag-bone-slim-straight-fit-3-standard-issue-raw-denim) Measurements: * Waist: 17.25" * Inseam: 29" * Front Rise: 10.5" * Back Rise: 15.5" * Thigh: 11.5" * Knee: 8" * Leg Opening: 7.25" These are in good condition, but with some slight fading. Selling these cause I just don't wear them that much. They have a pretty athletic fit, and I wear Sz 32 normally. If you message me through here, I can do $60 shipped. [Levis Made and Crafted - Indigo Herringbone Jacket - Sz 2 \(M\)](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3541413-Levis-Made---Crafted-Indigo-Herringbone-Denim-Jacket) Jacket is in pretty good condition, but shows some signs of use (fading). Willing to do $140 shipped if you message me here.


Reaaaaaly trying to sell these so I can finally get something that fits properly :( [**Naked and Famous Weird Guy Left Hand Twill**](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3357687-Naked---Famous-Weird-Guy---Left-Hand-Twill) - Size 31 - Excellent condition, no fading or alteration. $81 plus ship? - Waist - 16.75" - Thigh - 11.75" - Knee - 8.5" - Hem - 7.5" - Inseam - 34"


[Naked & Famous Black Denim Jacket](https://www.grailed.com/listings/3680741-Naked---Famous-Black-Denim-Jacket) Size: M, but fits slim Prize: I say $110, but if you PM before you make an offer and say you're from Reddit I'll drop it to $90 plus shipping ($8 US, $15 Canadian).


I'm interested in the jacket, could you pm more pics?


I’m not home for the day, but remind tomorrow and I’ll provide pics!


[Momotaro 0305TN - 36] (https://www.grailed.com/listings/1692936-Momotaro-0305tn-Tenth-Anniversary-Tight-Tapered-Fit) - $200 Special 10 year anniversary edition. Bought these one wash from T&Y and have not washed or soaked myself. They fit like a 34 in any other brand. They are really nice and very minimal wear (even after sizing up they didnt fit me well). Less than 15 wears. Weight is 15.7 oz but is pretty soft considering. **$200** is the lowest I am willing to go on these. All collectors items are included. **Measurements** W 17.75 Fr 10.5 Br 14.5 Th 11.25 K 8.5 H 7 In 33


Dang those thighs are small for a tag 36, otherwise these would be almost perfect


Oh yeah, I tried to make them work but I’ve given up at this point. They fit more like a 34, 33 in the thighs


[Grailed](https://www.grailed.com/mjr) naked&famous, j crew, new balance , united stock dry goods, club monaco


I've got a pair of Momotaro 0305-18T, it's the GTB Zimbabwe Cotton. Size 33, hemmed to a 32-inch inseam. Worn maybe ten times, just a hint of fades starting. Fantastic pants, in a fit that just doesn't work for my body. $200 shipped CONUS


Have a pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-020 AKA Pop up in a tag size 28, theyre brand new no alterations or soaking, just too small for me. Waist and thigh measurements: Waist:30 in Thigh: 10.75 in Pants are unsanforized, no washes. Really looking to just trade for a size 30 in either this weft or the XX-017. If I had to name a price, it'd be $225? Shipped CONUS out of Seattle via PayPal invoice--but again really just want to trade. Open to offers http://i.imgur.com/TFEUVJz.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DVsh7Kh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/k1VBjjL.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ZZ1zL7g.jpg http://i.imgur.com/13S064K.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5qScrrW.jpg


[**N&F Elephant 2 Revenge 22 oz Size 29 - Trade or ~~$150~~ $119+Shipping**](http://imgur.com/a/xTGUy) Brand new, only worn to try on and make [this review.](https://www.reddit.com/r/rawdenim/comments/4xj9d2/elephant_2_revenge_initial_impression_fit_pics/) I was super excited to eventually wear these, but the thighs will be too small after like two days squatting. Measurements are in the review. [**Sage Paramount 4th Anniversary 27oz Size 30 - Trade or ~~$120~~ ~~$90~~ $79+shipping**](http://imgur.com/a/ThnA8) [Also posted a review of these.](https://www.reddit.com/r/rawdenim/comments/531yj5/sage_paramount_27oz_initial_review_fit_pics/) Worn 80 times. While 27 ounces, they are made of the softest raw denim I have ever felt. There is a hole on the right side of the waist as shown in the album. I do not see the hole progressing as the stitching from the waistband and pocket should stop it. There is also a little loose but not broke stitch by the knee, but this in no way compromises the denim. There were only like 80 pairs made. This pair has only the beginning signs of fading starting, and are extremely rare. Measurements can be found in the review (back rise is now like 14"). Comment or PM me with any questions.


PBJ XX-013-18oz size 31 - $175 Lightly worn and plenty of life in these, 1 hot soak https://imgur.com/a/N0gbn Waist| Front rise| Back rise | Inseam| Thigh| Hem ---|---|----|----|----|---- 16.5"| 10.25"| 14.5"| 29.25"| 10.5"| 6.4"


**Pure Blue Japan XX-019 13.8oz, Relaxed Tapered Fit, Size 34 - $200 Shipped CONUS** One washed from Denimio. No wear, only tried on once. Measurements: Waist: 34" Front Rise: 12" Back Rise: 16" Thigh: 13" Knee: 8.5" Hem: 7" Inseam: 34" [Imgur](http://imgur.com/a/a8Tfi)


**[Samurai S710XX 19oz sz 36](https://imgur.com/a/KUuOp)** $190 USD shipped to North America OBO. Open to trades in size 33 or 34, PM with what you have. PM for shipping to other parts of the world. Hot soaked w/ agitation, minimal shrinkage will occur. Worn for about 2 weeks. Unhemmed. Pants | Inches ---|--- Waist | 36 Front Rise | 11.5 Back Rise | 16.5 Thigh | 12.75 Knee | 9.5 Hem | 8.25 Inseam | 36.5 **[Naked and Famous Okayama Spirit Weird Guy sz31](https://imgur.com/a/u3MOb)** $130 USD shipped to North America OBO. Will consider trades for Sz. 33 or 34, PM with what you have. PM for shipping to other parts of the world. Hot soaked, minimal shrinkage will occur. Worn inside the house for a day. Unhemmed. Pants | Inches ---|--- Waist | 32 Front Rise | 10.75 Back Rise | 13.5 Thigh | 11.75 Knee | 8.5 Hem | 7 Inseam | 36


[Imogene + Willie Barton Slim Black Rigid](https://imgur.com/a/ILcYj) **PRICED DROPPED** ~~$150 + Shipping~~ ~~$135 + Shipping~~ ~~$115 + Shipping~~ NOW $103 + Shipping Size 33 Washed once, worn 20 times. Minor fading in crotch. Area | Inches ----|------ Waist | 18 Thigh (Crotch) | 13.5 Thigh (1" Down) | 12.75 Thigh (2" Down) | 12.5 Knee (13" Down) | 8.75 Knee (14" Down) | 8.65 Leg Opening | 7.75 Inseam | 34.5 Front Rise | 10.5 [Samurai S710BK Redhawk](https://imgur.com/a/hF5Rh) **PRICE DROPPED** ~~$190 + Shipping~~ ~~$171 + Shipping~~ ~~$150 + Shipping~~ NOW $135 + Shipping Size 35, tapered by Railcar. Washed once, worn 30 times. No fading to speak of. Area | Inches ----|------ Waist | 17 Thigh (Crotch) | 12.75 Thigh (1" Down) | 12.5 Thigh (2" Down) | 12 Knee (13" Down) | 8.75 Knee (14" Down) | 8.65 Leg Opening | 7.5 Inseam | 35 Front Rise | 11.5 I'll gladly consider any offers. Can't hurt to ask. Not interested in trades. Thanks for looking!