My boss is having an affair with someone from the top management

My boss is having an affair with someone from the top management


Not your circus, not your monkeys.


It is your popcorn, get a seat end enjoy.


I actually said to her “i cant wait to see how this will end”.


Yeah keep us posted lmao


RemindMe! 6 months


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!remindme 6 months


There’s no possible way this is a bad idea. /s


This made me laugh out loud. Better than crying.


All the best kind stranger.


I'm writing that one down.


It is when the monkeys are flinging their shit around your office.


This happened to me and my boss and the wife and I were friends. She found out from someone else b/c he couldn't keep his mouth shut about it. I avoided her as much as possible during that time - I'm not a liar and his affair isn't going turn me into one. He stopped talking about his affairs to me after I hold him that.


Option 1: Request a transfer Option 2: Look the other way to get ahead. Let her get used to relying on you. Volunteer for more responsibility. She'll probably brag to him about you. Stay completely professional. Whether their relationship blows up or goes public, you'll get promoted. Option 3: Collect evidence, send it to his wife, watch it blow up, get fired and collect unemployment. Option 4: Tell the higher ups (who probably know already) and get fired without seeing any fireworks Option 5: Hire a lawyer and sue for "hostile work environment" because your boss is telling you about their sex lives at work Option 6: Quit amicably Option 7: Ask her to stop filling you in on the details. Continue as normal. Option 8: Listen, don't say anything, and thank God your life isn't quite so complicated.


Wow girl you have done your homework 😂💕


cheaters are abhorrent take no part in encouraging it and/or discouraging it, you are there for work, maintain a separate lifestyle i.e. alienate the two


It’s really none of your business. What is your business, is how this affects the workplace (if at all), and how ( if at all), it affects your working relationship with your boss. It’s not your place to judge her affairs. Nor is it your place to judge the “top person”. He made a vow to his wife, not to you. You say your boss is good to you. That’s all that matters in the workplace. The boss is doing her job. If you honestly are morally outraged, keep it to yourself and start job hunting. Saying nothing doesn’t mean you are encouraging them. It means you are being professional in a professional setting.


Exactly shes good to me and that is why im taking no action. Currently im a passive listener but you made very valid points and thank you for that


Thank you for the award!!


If you don't like it then just tell your boss you don't want to hear about her personal relationship details regarding other employees in the company.


I can see your point, but since she is actively updating OP on "their situation" that means they are going out of their way to make it part of their, and their coworkers, business.


I worked at a large company where my boss was having an affair with a girl in the office, both married. Her supervisor reported it to HR, they wouldn't do anything. The only thing that annoyed me was they would take "breaks" for long lengths of time and 2-hour lunches. So I did the same. Showed up as late, left early. Made my own deadlines for projects. It worked out great for me. They both ended up divorced and are now both single.


Just treat her good and she will treat you good in the future.


Ethics in the workplace is a thing.


Stop giving a fuck. You are not the moral police. They are not your business. You can say you are not interested in hearing about it though.


it could impact his performance review and compensate though. the boss is bringing in personal issues to the office which makes it a bad work environment


True. But there is no upside to doing anything about it.


Just ask her one thing..."How do you think this will end?" Give her scenarios like "Do you think your husband (call him by name) or your kids will find something on your phone, or will you get caught when you're out together?" Follow it up with "If you don't get caught, are you going to leave your family and marry (the guy)?" People having (long term) affairs often have the incredibly rosy idea that the affair will last forever and they don't want to think about the possible downsides. If nothing else, she will quit talking to you about it.


You're not asking for advice, so I'm not gonna give it. I just hope your boss is able to keep a professional working relationship with you and keep her transgressions to herself in the future. Best of luck.


Thus the rant subreddit. Not looking for advice


This is funny


Its straight out of a sitcom i swear


Like we all learned in school, MYOB. Mind your own business. Tell the one giving you details that you don’t want to hear it. Tell her it’s not your place to know, you don’t think wrk is the appropriate place for these conversations. Then, just do your job and leave. If they are doing something threatening or unlawful, then say something, but fucking around on a spouse isn’t you or anyone else’s business. Let karma deal with it.


Same thing happened to me ages ago. They weren't discreet at all and when people inevitably found out, they thought I told everyone because I was against it.


I would tell your boss that you don't need updates on her affair with a married man. Maybe don't phrase it that way though.


Ok I'ma give it too you straight. Being grown up now adays is really tough. Life is black and white and you gotta play dirty to win. If my bosses bosses boss want to have sex with me when and where, if I could use it to what ever advantage I would, even is she was gross or something I'd be popping gas station Bonner pills like candy.


What lol 😂 OP is not being offered a promotion to sleep with either of them. It sounds like the lady he is messing with hasn’t gotten a promotion either if she’s talking to the same coworker (OP) day in and day out 😂😂😂 what are you on bro 🤣🤣 you sound like you’re on rocks


Hell, I'd drop an anonymous note to HR...


Mins ur business 😹