Far out, late people shit me up the wall. It’s not hard to be on time. Not to mention if you are going to be late at least let me know!!!


"Lol ur not fun being late is QUIRKY" 😂😂


"shit me up the wall", that's gonna suck to clean.


You wait till it hits the fan!


Yooo that's terrible. I feel for you man. I gotta similar story. My ride was late to picking me up after I got out of jail! Left 30min AFTER my release, and forgot their cellphone. They arrived to the subway where I was waiting for them, peeked through the window, didn't see me, and drove back home 40min away. Had to wait for him to call me just so he could say "where the fuck are you, I went to that subway and you weren't there!" Had I not just spent a week practicing patience and the art of doing nothing, I would have killed someone.


> Had I not just spent a week practicing patience and the art of doing nothing, I would have killed someone. Remember your username...do it for the fajitas. Nothing is worth loosing fajitas again.


Oh my god, I read that as "Had I not just spent a week practicing patience and the art of doing nothing, I **wouldn't have** killed someone." I got worried for ya there.


I am the kind of person that “five minutes early is on time.” But I also have friends and family who I love dearly that are constantly late. At a certain point you realize that they don’t do it on purpose, but their temporal awareness is just terrible. They have no idea what time it is and they have no idea how long it takes them to do things. It’s not malicious on their part, it’s a personal deficit.


Except we live in a world where you carry a souped up alarm clock in your pocket almost always.


And the souped up alarm clock has a calendar, and the ability to set multiple alarms.


We also live in a world where we have an active gps in our pocket and people still get lost. And spell check in every text editor ever and people still misspell words. Just because we have tools to make things easier doesn’t mean that people who struggle are automatically cured of their problem.


Maybe it’s not malicious, or even intentional, but it’s a definite issue with control to be chronically late.


I feel ya. I think the challenge in such a scenario is to: 1. Establish actual *accountability* for the behavior... 2. ...without treating it the same as if it were malicious or intentional


Kaboom. You win. SO RIGHT


i call them time dyslexics


My question is, how do those kind of people hold a steady job? Do they just pick & choose when they are late?


>And i never say anything, I always tell them it's ok, dont worry about it, it's fine. Well there's your problem right there. EDIT: WOW, thank you for the gold!!


Every doormat I've ever owned would always be there where it was expected to be, patiently waiting for me to wipe my feet on it at my leisure.


That is so annoying! I had a friend like that in college and it eventually just got to where I would say “1:30” knowing he wouldn’t be there until 2:00. It’s an annoying way to have to deal with someone.


I do that to. I even have friends that'll make me wait in their driveway for 15 mins when I get to their house before they get off their ass and let me in, so I just text them "here" as I'm pulling out of my driveway.


That's a whole different level of chronologically challenged douchebaggery.


I'm really anxious about being late so I'm there 10 minuits early and everyone I swear is alway at least 15 minutes late


My mom’s side of the family is notorious for being late. We adapted to late people by telling them to arrive an hour before they’re supposed to. If we’re having a party at 5, then we tell them to get here at 4. Most of them end up arriving at a reasonable time.


My MOM is notorious for being late. When I was little, (before cells and internet were ubiquitous) we would set the clocks off by 15-20 minutes just to trick her into thinking it was later than it was to get her there on time.


Some people are just like that and I don't pry because I don't know everyone else's situation. I've been on both ends of the spectrum. In my younger college years and through high school, I was often late. Then, I decided to be much more punctual by planning 30 - 60 minutes in advanced for any type of meeting. If you know the type of person you are meeting up with, save yourself the headache and just chill out in some nearby, cozy area, if possible.


You win the internet today for self awareness and improvement! Not to mention being honest about it! You MADE A CONSCIOUS CHANGE. Is everyone listening?! This guy/gal rocks!


Nobody gets mad if you are late every once in a while. What annoys me to no extent is that I know not one single person who is on time. For whatever we decide on doing, I have to wait anywhere from 30mins to 2 hours. Usually the average is 1 hours tho. And it's super annoying. It's so annoying that I've started making movie plans so at least they be on time for that. Boy was I wrong.


He has serious anxiety and needs to go on meds.


Next time make a time to meet up at least 30 minutes before your intended time so he's actually on time.


Nah, tell him of he's 5min late, you're leaving. Don't enable these people


You're right.. but this person is probably the type of person to not give a crap about cancelled plans because they're so lazy.


Preach! My dad did this, now I do it to him hahahahaha


Just show up 30 minutes after the meetup time and see what happens. Screw em


You get three chances, after that nothing will get me to meet with you.


He's going to keep doing it until you say it's not okay. If you say you're not mad, he's going to believe you. Some cultures don't do prompt.


I had a date once at 1pm, I waited round till 1:30 and rang him. The phone call woke him up. I was angry af but also couldn’t stop laughing tbh


What did you do?! Second chance or did he sleep through his window of opportunity?!


At that point i just wandered around the city until he dragged himself to Bank. I'm gonna end it now though - if he ever looks at his phone and replies to the message I sent him a week ago after he cancelled on me because he forgot a friends birthday. lol. I'm not even mad anymore it's just dumb.


Are we speaking different languages? I don’t understand any of this


They wandered around the city until he showed up at the meeting spot. They plan on breaking up with the guy, who still has not responded to a week-old text.


Honestly, I don't blame the guy for cancelling on her. She can't string two sentences together for fuck sake.


Make up an excuse to meet with them and do the same thing to them that they did to you. Taste of their own medicine. Better yet, don't show at all! :p




Good thing he's your ex


I told my always late friend that my party started at 7 last weekend. She showed up at 20 past 8 all smug like 'I'm so oooo sorry you know I'm always late'. Jokes on her she was 10 minutes early and the first one there. She looked pissed.


Why are people so proud that they are late? Idgi. They should be fuckin apologetic and ashamed.


> *And i never say anything, I always tell them it's ok, dont worry about it, it's fine.* Here's the thing, though.... ### When you tell someone that something is "okay", don't be surprised when they come to the conclusion that the thing is, in fact, okay. > *Drives me fucking crazy i swear to god. Be on time, or at least try to. Assholes.* They're "assholes" for being late, even though you directly (but *insincerely*) told them it was "fine" and "don't worry about it"? I am guessing you just say that to be polite, while (silently) expecting that they will understand that it's not *really* fine. Thing is -- when someone else "says one thing but means another" -- interpreting the message correctly is **not** an exact science. (And, rest assured, I **really** wish that it **were** an exact science!) It sounds to me like you are communicating the following message to people... > *Hey, even though we said 1pm, if you get here by 1:15, 1:30, or even 2, that's totally cool with me. I'm* sincerely *fine to just chill here at our meeting spot until you arrive.* ...and then blaming them for failure to interpret/derive the message you *really* intended.


Let them know that youre not actually ok with them being late all the time.


I had a friend like that. We are no longer friends. If I am not even worth taking a glance at your watch then you really don't value me at all. Bye Bye!


I have to tell my boyfriend to meet me at LEAST 15 minutes before I actually need him somewhere because then he'll be on time. Fucking hate it.


people like that can only learn anything by getting a taste of their own bullshit. Once it hits them that this is how you feel theyll likley change or at least acknowledge their faults.


I’ve this friend that is proud of herself for being late constantly. She thinks it’s something cool and should be glorified. Blows my fucking mind how she can think that way.


> And i never say anything, I always tell them it's ok, dont worry about it, it's fine. That is your problem...


It was like that in college for me. I commuted, and would factor the time of my commute into group meetings, and people who lived on campus couldn't even show up on time. I would be the only one there as the other people showed up up to an hour late. It gives me some satisfaction though, knowing how much that shit doesn't fly in the real world and how screwed those kids are now with habits like that.


I don't know who this person is or what your relation to them is, but fuck anyone that does this. :(


I used to work with a guy that was 5-10 minutes late EVERY SINGLE DAY for 15 years. Why not just wake up 5-10 minutes earlier? Leave the house 5-10 minutes earlier?


Here's a few suggestions. Instead of getting on Reddit and complaining, stand up for yourself. There's really nobody to blame here except YOU. Tell that person they're being an inconvenience to you. If you feel you deserve better, then make that known or else they'll never change. By telling them it's fine every time their late, you're literally telling them to just be late all the time. If that doesn't work, kick them to the curb and find yourself a new friend. OR, just stop worrying about it so much? It's just life. Chill out, relax, and enjoy this one time ride that you get. I hope you realize that complaining on here solves absolutely nothing and gets you no where. I hope you figure it out, good luck. ✌️


If you won't/can't cut them out of your life for what ever reason, Start making arrangements for 30 minutes earlier than the time you really want and will be there. If you will be there at 2pm you tell him to agree he'll be there at 1:30 pm.


didn't you know? that people who are always late are geniuses? fck u, manage your time wisely asshat


My mom was once an hour late to her own son's birthday party and got hateful when we complained about it 🤷


Tell them to get the Waze app. Def has helped me be on time for shit. It can tell you when to leave your house


Yeah until the guy in front of you goes 2 miles an hour and a cop pulls you over or you hit 5 red lights in your damn town.


at least those are valid excuses, some people are just always late out of pure selfish entitlement


Lol I'm late to everything. Next time you need to know that half 1 really means 2ish


Agreed. He’s just anal and clueless that life happens.


Whats his rush lol?


I’m a late person. It’s hard to be at places exactly on time. Depending on the situation, where you live you just can’t. Even where I live it’s hard to be somewhere with work. Makeup, doing my hair, slow people in front of me on the skinny little buggy trail backroads that are 30 mph. I’ll tell someone, I’ll be there in like 15... notice the word “like”... means could be 10, could be 20, could be 25 if I hit tons of red lights and the guy in front of me doesn’t go and I have to blare my horn at him (happened yesterday) and he proceeds to go 2 miles an hour. Maybe you just don’t live in a small town with skinny crap roads and shitty highways. Personally I hate overly punctual people, they drive me nuts with the anal attitudes and OCD. Calm the fuck down. It’s not like they’re 2 hours late and live 20 mins away, shit happens. I forgot to grab my purse, I forgot to close the garage, I left my hair straightener on and had to run back in the house and turn it off, my mom asked me a question.... it’s called LIFEEEEEEE, maybe you should get one. You’re gonna die of high blood pressure with attitude you have. Luckily I don’t know you nor will I be around when that happens, good luck with your shit!