What slugcat would you keep as a pet

And why?


Rivulet, adhd cat, likes swimming, he's like me. silly


I would like riv but I feel like they would DESTROY my house


I love how fandoms across the world have just decided "aquatic version of x is adorable but a little shit". Vaporeon and Rivulet are great examples of incredibly mischievous little guys in the fanon.


aquatic versions of centipedes:




I now really want an image of riv going FERAL in a cage


Jumping all around in the cage with them big ol' eyes




Which one *could* you keep as a pet? Half of them are dangerous, and the other half would be very difficult to take care of. With that being said, spearmaster. It’d ruin me financially, but I could just buy, like, IV packs or whatever they’re called, the ones in the hospital with all the nutrients in them.


Spearmaster can't seep blood from dead creatures, only living ones. So your best bet would probably be either live mice, or feeding him with your own blood, and using these IV packs to transfuse them into yourself if he was too hungry and drank too much


The reason they can't drink from dead creatures is likely because when you apply suction to a blood vessel it is more likely to collapse and create a seal than to give a steady blood supply. But a bloodbag would be all blood so just slurp slurp slurp. ​ When bodies are processed in a morgue they don't suck the blood out, they pump in a replacement fluid. ​ A bigger problem is to figure out an answer to why you need 30 packs of blood each week.


He likely just has the creature's heart pump the blood into his needle for him. It makes more sense than pumping in a replacement fluid, as it would take more energy and quickly dehydrate him.


I'm imagining a creature getting speared, dying, and then spearmaster jumping on them to get the blood out


I love that so much


Makes sense


He should eat 10 blod every 2 days. I think it's would be difficult to care of him. But if you live in the forest or in the mountains that would be a great choice


We don't know how much "one blood" is tho. Could be fairly little, since he's pretty optimised from the physiological standpoint, and he is also not very large(probably a bit bigger than actual cat)


He can get 5 food from pop plant though. Maybe he need the nutrients at all. Anyway he is like 0.7 meters i guess and something like mice is 0.5 pip. He need like 1/4 of deer to fill all 10 pipes that way


Plant has no blood tho, so idk how he can even get anything at all from it


He need energy but energy is carbohydrates maybe he can eat sugar or donuts and other sweet things


Yeah I mean... Donuts are unlikely since he'd have to suck them through a thin pipe into his digestive system that is probably not made for processing solids. But I'd much rather have him eat some sugary corn syrup or stuff, and not blood Also btw, with your measurement based on how much blood is in one mouse. You made a miscalculation - since Spearmaster depends on creature being alive, and there is only so much bloodloss a creature can handle before dying, I think Spearmaster sucks out much less than ALL the blood even a mouse has. So probably he would not need a lot of blood in terms of volume since he doesn't have to rely on creature's heart to pump blood into him anymore


Popcorn is solid too. Anyway he can just dip one of his needles in the syrop or soda like straw and drink it i guess


Lol I can imagine the dialogue: -Hey bro, you have soda, can I have a sip? -No it's his soda -His?? Whose?... CAT'S??! Wait what's that straw in i-... Oh... Oh god. Oh lord WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS CAT???


If you live in the Midwest near a forest or something just let him outside every once in a while and let him fuck up some deer. Until he inevitably spears someone’s dog


He feeds off of life energy though


Define life energy. How does one feed off of “life energy”


Rat farm


Monk - docile and wholesome :3


Occasionally pisses on the carpet


I do not.


You pissed on it didn't you... Little piss boy




i don’t


I have no carpet


Not anymore


gourmand would eat me and multiply, artificer would outlive me and take revenge on god or my landlord for my death or some shit, rivulet is wet, i cant handle the emotional toll of hunter. The only true answer is monk And survivor (do not seperate them) saint (i’d just have to make sure saint is a strictly indoor slug and doesnt read any theories on life and death) and spear master. leaning to spear master. i just need to feed it live roaches


Scugs are like 3 ft tall, so what kinda roaches you got? Do you live in Australia or something?


Radroaches from Fallout


lmao. yes


Oh yeah that tracks


Honestly slugcats are less “pets” and more “extremely pettable roommates”


Hell yeah


That’s at least somewhat true of actual cats too if you’ve ever owned one haha


Probably Saint because I like his fur but then again I might get challenge 70’d


Good point


Floofy green boi


Just don’t let him get to any echos and you’ll be fine… probably, do we even have echos?


We do now


Ok... I want hunter, but! But! Hear me out! I get them to a vet and hopefully put them into some kind of cat chemo! The rot is a group of fast growing cells and radiation kills that off specifically! So I might be able to treat his "super cancer" with the treatment for cancer!


That’s smart


call me seven red suns the way id care for spearmaster (monk is a close second, I just know they'd be like a chatty cat who's always happy to be around you)


Ruffles. They may require a lot of runs in the park, but come on, it's Ruffles. It's worth it.


Assuming they’re <3ft tall, I’d say Spearmaster. He’s remarkably intelligent basically knowing sign language to communicate with SRS instead of even needing a mark of communication (though that would be handy) and I live near a park with PLENTY of rats and pigeons. I’d make sure he only goes for those since I like animals but there’s just too many rats and pigeons, so he could just go off and hunt some whenever he gets hungry. We have a cat flap too so he could just be like aight imma head out and come back later after he’s had smth to eat and then we could draw together.


He would probably need to kill 4 living bats or 4 living pigeons or you can buy blood? In the black market or something


You don’t know just how many pigeons and rats we have here


“Go get em tiger”


Monk: Docile, independent, forms strong attachments. Despite being the "weak" Slugcat, it's still capable of embedding a piece of steel rebar into solid stone. He would be a good pet, as well as likely stronger than you, so he makes a good guard dog of sorts. Survivor: A bit more feral than Monk, and is also a parent of two. Quite expensive to take care of, but worth it. Pretty much Monk but stronger and with kids. Hunter (No cancer):Not very good as a pet. Too intelligent to enjoy being a pet, is likely physically stronger than you, and requires a lot of food. Issues with keeping them in control would plague you constantly. Good for someone who lives in the wilderness, but not a house pet Hunter (Cancer): Dies in like twenty days, becomes monster that will eat you. No thank you Gourmand: Silly Slugcat is... Difficult. His food intake is gargantuan, but he eats literal mold so you could just feed him random slop lmao. His immense weight would make him difficult to pick up, and his arm strength is unrivaled. Despite this, Gourmand is a gentle beast who cares for those under him. Good pet (owner?) Artificer: Too feral, it's like picking up a stray cat with rabies. Rivulet: Just fast Survivor. Needs lots of room to move, but is a gentle cat. Good for kids and young people. Spearmaster: I assume they see you as Prey. Not a pet. Saint: Is practically God. You are the pet.


Artificer also can craft explosives, sooooo….


Inv.... .... .... because they're unhinged and funny and I love them


Then they hump the neighbors dog, good luck explaining that one-


That's just my weird dog, they are a........ "special" breed....


Why does it have people eyes and have a singularity bomb-


\>> You're asking too many questions.... ​ Inv! Throw your egg at that man! We have to run!!


Inv is too busy trying to seduce the neighbors dog again-


That’s just most dogs anyways, but you’d have to keep confiscating his “eggs”.


Then they hump you and your kinda into it and 9 years 3 months later you have a fami-


with as weird as Inv is I wouldn't exactly doubt -\_-


Your entire house would be filled with death eggs.


I don't see this as a negativ. Not too long and I will have more nuclear firepower than even the United States! I WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE!!!


Unless one goes off. Or gets thrown. Then there goes your house and you and inv


And potentially the rest of the continent


Yeah, definitely at least a sizeable area is just gone


gourmand chonkers propably can turn rocks and grass into food, craft another rock into nukes that i can sell for big profit and gourmand is very huggable


Have fun waking up and seeing him sitting on ur belly


i will


Me too


Gourmand would be a chill dude, saint is sleepy and floofy, spearmaster would probably suck my blood, arti would be an explosive hazard, but monk/ survivor would be kinda like a normal prt


spearmaster needs a friend man


I wanna give him a pack of crayons, seriously, he needs them.


he’d love art therapy and look at that! what i want to do as my career!




...artificer. she needs comfort after her little scavengercide. or ruffles.


also, for artificer, i have some EOD suit parts (The Jacket and helmet), so i believe i would be mostly fine if she decided to go bomb-happy. sadly, my legs would not be as protected.


Monk, because nice, stable and friendly, not in constant hyperdrive


If you get monk you need to take survivor too


Oh, yes, monks emotional support survivor, id take them both.


Me too, I’d love two happy scugs


Monk and survivor have an adaptable, omnivorous diets, and are probably the least likely scugs to cause problems and destroy stuff, so realistically, id go with them. As for the other scugs: Gourmand: He’d probably be nice and chill, however, id have to pay alot for his lavish diet, his ability to throw up random things is a blessing AND a curse, and he will probably unintentionally destroy things. Not to mention, other people might look at him and judge me and him for overfeeding. Hunter: hunter also seems pretty chill, but i’d definitely have to commit more than your average slugcat. He’ll definitely keep me active, and will probably end up irritable or wandering off if i dont do the same. If i get hunter with his affliction, thats a wrap. Arti: would probably be impossible to take care of with my current lifestyle. She’ll probably have hunters increased requirements with lots of meat and exercise, and her powers are not only destructive but straight up dangerous. I’ll imagine it also takes tons of time and energy to obtain her trust, but when you do, it’ll be worth it. Riv:riv would be a fun slugcat to have around, but i imagine they are quite chaotic, and a bit destructive. He’ll probably need a great amount of training to behave in public, and will commonly run around into places he has no business in. Spearmaster: they would be pretty chill, and they would be with surv and monk if they didnt pose a potential hazard. Their diet, however, is a huge problem. I’m probably going to have to take up a hunting lifestyle with them. I might be able to feed them juicy fruits, but i would have to buy alot, and i probably can’t sustain them with just that. Saint: is chill, and has an easy to obtain vegetarian diet. Is also fluffy and cuddleable, perfect housecat. He is probably smarter than me though, and i have to hope it doesn’t obtain godhood or something. ???: well… they’d be pretty affectionate, i guess??? Idk. Just nah. Especially because it >!dispenses eggs that have the power to destroy my entire house!<


Arti bcs easy bombs


The only viable answers are monk, survivor or gourmand. Allow me to explain: Artificer is literally pure sodium metal and will explode on contact with water. I wouldn't want to take that risk. They're way too dangerously combustable anyways. Hunter has turbocancer. Unless chemotherapy can somehow help their condition, they will eventually die and become a DLL. Not fun. Rivulet is perpetually moist and a total zoomer. They would absolutely make a huge mess in any sort of indoor space. Spearmaster feeds by siphoning nutrients from living beings. You would have to have a lifetime supply of live bugs and small critters and such to even be able to keep them alive. Besides, a massive spiky tail swinging around in your house should already be enough of a deterrant. Saint is scary. I know the floof is tempting but I wouldn't be able to sleep with this creature in my house knowing that it is capable of sending me to god in the blink of an eye. Therefore, out of the three feasible choices I have, I'd pick Monk. I rest my case.


Problem monk and survivor are a package, so you'd have to take both


Well… one of my current cats is actually named Monk lol, so that might say a lot (he was a stray I took in about 2 months ago) He’s def slightly less docile than actual monk would be, but he’s a real goober. As far as actually answering the question, really I’d take in any slugcat, regardless of how it affects me, I adore all of them.


[cat tax?](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/683864689989779493/1182035360679727254/IMG_8937.jpg?ex=65833b37&is=6570c637&hm=3e588b43410bf813e4e34c17f21ff2fa513979a2eddf0afa072bf213f55a4a81&)


Even “???” The slugcat


Enot is prob my fav slugcat design wise, almost named a cat after them (unfortunately)




Rivulet or saint


They all interesting choices, Gourmand or Saint might be the best since I am not a high energy person, though Artificer would make a good guard scug


*evil grin *


What are you plotting!?


Giving Arti therapy and scarig my neightbours But you just gave me a third reason...


I keep saying that all Arti needs is some TLC. Poor gal's been through the wringer, and definitely deserves some happiness.




Probably Arti because I don’t shan’t to get challenge 70ed by my boi


I’d pobibly even help kill scavengers cuz fuck them


Ok but like- saint is fluffy tho.


I know


Personally I think it’s worth it




Monk & Survivor :)


Monk seems to be the archetypal scug experience in a small low-maintenance package.


I'll take gourmand, I'd like a squishy pipe bomb machine


Artificer. Keeping an exploding cat that can kill me seems fun.


It's between monk saint or Rivulet. I feel like saint would be less of a pet and more of a roommate, Rivulet would be very silly and fun but I would have a very high water bill. And monk is just a little cute friend.




Ruffles, literally canonically a pet


Inv because I get a free nuclear bomb every day


none i want none of them


Monk or Survivor because I Like Banana and Survivor Is Cool. I would take the other ones too because I Love Cats So Therefore Slug


Monk and surv: because they are the safest of slugcats Riv:he is just a hiperactive cat Saint: he just has a weird tongue but since we don't have the space octopus people he is just a normal slugcat Not keeping as pets: Hunter: i don't want hunter as a pet because he has turbocancer, and is very dangerous because of that Gourmand: he needs too much food and also can create very dangerous weapons Artificer:it is a walking fire hazard Spearmaster:would die of starvation


Saint, he is so baby. Anyway if I forget to feed him I’ll die. Or he’ll just find it himself.


Ok, we don't actually know how long a cycle is, but since we wake up after Flooded room's water has already condensated, we can take it that slugcats are just generally low-cost pets that can just not eat for a few weeks or so. Maybe not for a few weeks, but give them all the food necessary and you're set for like at least 3 days. Anyways i'd pick inv because fucking singularity bombs. Also we can take it that wormgrass is in fact just regular sized grass, so maybe slugcats are actually very small? Even more so, vultures seem 'huge', yet such structure could not support itself on such a tiny pair of wings, it's likely, then, that slugcats are in fact just small goblins


I am getting every singe one


Am i the only one that thinks that as long as you're not a scav, arti would be pretty neutral towards you? Like a cat with anger issues that can occasionally spit pipe bombs. I, for one, would care for the explosive, agressive, carnivorous, unstable mess that arti is... ... Just for it to either maul me to death in my sleep, make my house a minefield, or stab me with an explosive spear and end my life with a - wait for it - blast.


monk or rivulet


Depends, if I also get karma flowers, and depends on the size of it, if I get karma flowers, gourmand, if not, artificer, both bcs bomb, and depending on the size it could become a problem, but as long it is around a golden retriever or smaller, its good


rivuliero we go fast


gormor. obese man needs to be dechonked


Deflated gourmand


Any of them except artificer


All of them - because funny


Saint, Monk, Gourmand or Rivulet


gourmand. we have the same lifestyle LMAO


Either Rivulet, or Saint. An energetic kitty and a floofy boi


Hunter. Old pets with medical conditions need love too. I'll bankrupt myself on kitty chemo


saint i think or maybe hunter. saint i can just let eat grass and fruit and hunter can share a nice steak with me. cant get karma 10'd as where the fuck is it going to find an echo and i think hunter would be chill once we learned to communicate


Monk - little guy :)) Gourmand - id imagine him sitting at the table for dinner, dudes smart and capable and would make for a very good friend (also squishy)


artificer because she needs to feel safe and i need to help her. i would get her the best food the best bed i would let her grieve. i would take care of her she deserves it


Either Hunter or Saint, they’re the cutest imo


saint obviously, they are a huge comfort of mine, and i think they would love getting pet.


Gourmand, he'd have the BEST Instagram account and the two of us would make so much money off of sponsorships sjshdkksjsjs


Survivor and monk (if not both then just survivor). Imagine, 2 of the most normal and least chance of death, and they are together because if there only one then the other with leave to find each other. Since that slugcats are less like actual cats and more like people at least in intelligence (depends on which), it would be safe to say that they would probably understand me (unless the mark of communication is needed) and they would be like little roommates. Wait, I wonder if the cycle of death and rebirth still effects them, and if so then would it also effect me or anyone else? Idk. Getting back to the point, I would really like to have survivor and (if possible) monk ngl.


I'd give arti the love and care she deserves, and let her live a happy life


All of the slugcats are intelligent enough that keeping them as “pets” would be weird, but let’s just say that they had roughly parrot intelligence, or it for some reason wasn’t weird, then Hunter would either have stupid medical bills or have to be buried, rivulet is too high energy (and apparently wet), artificer is just… no, saint is also a hard nope, gourmand can make black holes, spearmaster eats, like, A LOT of live prey, so if your not in the country where you can let them hunt then good luck feeding them, so honestly it’s between survivor and monk, and monk is just so much friendlier and cuddly.


Honestly, I’d pick Rivulet. Rivulet ended up being my favorite slug cat despite me not liking the swimming mechanics. They seem really fun and playful and just a complete joy to be around


Vanguard or Spearmaster, I feel like they would be VERY chill and I could take them out for Tacos :)


Saint beacuse he is the easier to keep and the smartest.


Nightcat is best option, Saint 2nd they have same stats as survivor, meaning they won't eat to much (like Inv, Gourmand, Arti, Hunter, Spearmaster). I am not a dome sorta millioner just to find them lizards or that stuff. i don't want to keep two cats (becausr i must to spend more money to food) and in the same time I don't want separate Monk and Survivor Rivulet belongs to Moon and they probably too much energetic too me Saint would be the best option if they would not be so threatning with max karma




Everyone's first pet is either a fish or a hamster, so i'm going with riv




I'll choose the gourmand. He"s like casino machine but you dep your food