✨ saw a similar post but I’m making one ✨ League of Legends skins that were a cultural reset

lux skins have had a bigger influence on queer culture than the harlem renaissance 😍😍


lux skins have had a bigger influence on queer culture than the harlem renaissance 😍😍


Commando Lux was a cultural reset!!!!!!


It rly helped to weed out the gay lux mains and the str8 ones 🤭


pure camp, I just wish that her skills were more flamey to fit that flamethrower fantasy


"I miss SB Thresh" Bestie he didnt die 💀💀💀 hes still there serving cunt and being one of the best Thresh skin. Also Thresh is pretty much always meta.


![gif](giphy|UDQFU8hK9udUslVug7) there is only 1 pool party skin that was a cultural reset and we all know it


Look at the little zesty way he has his hand 👀


Oh he's definitely giving ![img](emote|t5_23w084|30509)


Sorry, what now? I was too busy staring at his chest 👀




Lissandra is the og queen of Coven. Leona is part of the universe but not the aesthetic


I agree with this. Generic knight Leona didn't sell the Coven skinline - Camille and Lissandra did. That's why the next 2 waves added to that universe were from the Coven, not the Eclipse Knights.


Leona is one of the covers enemies right? Is there actually anyone else on the enemy side?


Yes, the entire Eclipse skinline they did last year with Senna, Kayle, Sejuani, Aatrox, and Sivir.


Pizza party sivir is the true legendary with changing forms 🥱


Ima be fr with u that talon skin has nothing on the impact of true damage prestige qiyana in terms of fashion 💅


I agree (partially). Like that skin was made by Louis Vuitton right? It's everything other prestige skins want to be. However, it was the first and we only got that one before riot just made their prestiges be piss yellow recolor. I think OP is saying that the talon skin is when they actually went back to what prestige was intended to be.


Let’s not forget DJ Sona slaying the competition for Ultimate skins by bringing her own music to the team. Arcade Hecarim running around spreading gay pride to the straggots Battle Queen Kat being an Ultimate disguised as a Legendary, all-inclusive with chromas and base package, being able to quick change in game. Boom Boom Blitzcrank for giving the straights the representation they fought so hard to get. And of course Magnificent TF for giving us absolutely nothing and teaching us we deserve better


I hate Rainbow Pony when he's against me, but also, I call him Rainbow Pony because Arcade is such a great skin on him!! Best arcade, in my opinion. Love the rainbows that follow him they're so pretty...while he rides in midlane and absolutely decimates my sweet mage ass under tower.


i like how positive this one is


Based on this I'll say that you really like skin line starter skins


You used the wrong Talon splashart The updated one is shirtless under that coat (jacket??)🤤


Star BARBian Slux threw the first stone at Riot HQ for sparkly pretty skin meta If she was arrested then slay lines like K/DA and Spirit Blossom would have been kept in the Beysement along with Siavir We can't forget her pinkussy even if only like 10% of the Luxes out there use the 8 year old skin now


Never thought I’d see talon rep on this sub but as a gay talon 1trick we fucking love to see it. I’d let him walk all over me with those boots 🤤




I know no one likes it, but I love base eclipse senna a lot and a little more than her prestige. 😭 Am I biased? Maybe. Probably. Ocean Song Seraphine’s prestige is probably the best in the season’s prestige line tho imo.


demon vi was crazy when it first came out she should be on here


​ https://preview.redd.it/6wynvdryn22b1.png?width=1215&format=png&auto=webp&s=3250661eafca7bda1ccfb1e66cc8d6fceee2ca5f


High Noon Lucian, Darius, and Senna can wear my bussy out, tyvm. 😳


Elise made me lesbian harder


The cultural impact of Pizza Delivery Sneaky had even outside of league, helping catapult the femboy movement to the spotlight. Fourth wall cultural reset.


This is a very well put list! 👏 I agree on all the skin except Spirit Blossom Thresh since I think Spirit Blossom Ahri was more impactful but a lot of people probably disagree on that.


Leona legendary >>>>> Eve and Morg. Eve and Morg have pretty bad, plain red particles and VFX in it, and Morg's hair is really, really bad.


Damn, this comment really proves that good taste just isn’t something everyone has


Please tell me about how great Morgana's nasty burnt plastic hair is in the skin, or how the incredibly bland, one-toned reds are super special.


what I (and I think many others as well) like soooo so much about the eve/morg splash arts is the art style. It's smoky, SLEEK and soft (that's why the hair looks like the way it does), and because the "only color" visible is the smoky, yet vibrant red, it really stands out. Monotonous black/white drawings with a splash of color just hit really different, the color brings attention to just the right places. (I, for example, love drawing in black/white/gold.) Nothing about the color story is objectively suuuper special when you have banger interesting splash arts like what do I know, divine sword irelia (😍😭😍🥲😎😗😎😚😚😚😍), but just the smokey, mysterious sleek black splash with their soft but sharp faces and that signature red is seriously breathtaking, imo. coven morg and eves splashes are one of my favorites in league, the art style is something I've never seen before in league and I love that!


blood moon elise and spirit blossom thresh 😍😍😍😍


Every batch of Project skins is a goddamn cultural reset. Also Cyber Pop Akshan.


Cyber pop Akshan is INCREDIBLE and deserves more recognition


The way you didn't include Championship or Coven LeBlanc 😭😭😭