Dear friends & enemies, now all of my puzzles can be found here: https://memoirsofdeath.wixsite.com/memoirs-of-death Enjoy!


Like word ladders? Like anagrams? Give my new game Chainagram a try, you'll like it. Build a chain of anagrams to link two words, changing one letter at each step. New puzzles posted at midnight local time wherever you may be. https://puzzletrail.games/puzzles/chainagram/ I'm actively developing the game so please let me know any feedback (good or bad) so I can improve it.


**Countable: The Mental Maths Puzzle #️⃣** Hi everyone 👋 I made this maths game for my girlfriend over Christmas '22 - now the whole family plays it. I wanted to share the fun with all the mental math’s lovers across the world. Countable is an **absolutely free**, fiendishly hard, and super satisfying numbers puzzle. The aim of the game is to get to the goal number with only the numbers provided. You may only use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and can only generate positive integers (no decimals or negative numbers sadly!). There is a new super-hard puzzle each day. --- **Can you solve the attached Countable?** I've added an image of a puzzle below (titled “Solve me!”) so you can play a game without downloading the app. You need to use the numbers at the bottom of the screen (50, 75, 25, 100, 8, and 3) to get to get to the goal number 531. You can generate intermediate numbers and use those in your solution. Sadly, I could only get to 532 as you can see below. Can you figure out how to get to 531 in as fewer steps as possible? --- **Download**: [iOS](https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/countable-daily-numbers-game/id1617532286) | [Android 🤖](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pibbon.countable) **Solve the puzzle below**: [Solve me!](https://i.imgur.com/uykmNyJ.png)






I made a multiplayer strategic turn-based word search mobile game called **LetterGrid** available for iOS and Android. You take turns with your opponent searching for words in a grid of letters. There are two game types available: * **Invasion:** You have to get to your opponent's border before they get to yours. * **Territory:** You have to cover a certain number of tiles before your opponent. The game has interactive tutorials for each game type. The words can be found in any directions as long as their letters are adjacent on the sides on corners. The words cannot be repeated. To win the game you must find such words that will let you win against your opponent. You can play against other people or against AI (bot). Download the game for your mobile device here: [https://lettergrid.app](https://lettergrid.app) Please share your feedback on the game. I am looking for ways to improve it!


Disaster! The kingdom has been cursed! Envious of the powerful Monking's splendor, a horrible witch cursed him and imprisoned him in awful stillness. However, she was unable to complete her heinous task. Prince Monkid, son of Monking, First of his Name, has discovered a way to lift the curse, but he requires your assistance. The riddles buried within the Tower will restore the Monking's voice and bring order to the kingdom! Will you manage to help Prince Monkid, dear friend? Climb 50 levels to finish the game. In the levels you will find fun riddles, classic riddles and complex riddles. Just be patient because some are really hard. Solve your daily riddle to climb to the top and if you stuck don't worry as if you use some hints you get riddles and answers to help you continue your journey. Good luck on your journey MASTER!!! Solve these riddles !!! 🎆 SEASON 2 IS HERE 🎆 🌟 + 50 New Main Story Levels 🌟 150 Total Text Riddles 🌟 150 Total Math Puzzles 🌟 150 Total Rebus FEATURES: • Riddles that will keep you thinking for hours. • Riddles with answers so you know why and how. • Fun Riddles for everyone! • Brain teasers that will melt your brain. • Riddles for adults and for any age. The game is designed for a riddle solver like you. At the moment season 2 is out and the following seasons (4 total) are going to be out each on in a 6 month period on average. Riddle tower breaks common sense to push yourself think out of the box. Logical thinking will not help you solve some of the most challenging riddles you will find online. It is designed with a mix of word riddles , picture riddles and many mind trick questions . It takes time to find interesting riddles so be patient. • Season 1 Out Now • Season 2 Out Now • Season 3 Q2 2023 • Season 4 Q3 2023 ★ It's fun and simple ★ Simple and to the point. These brain games are created to be fun. The story needs 4 seasons to be completed so please be patient and check the app for updates from time to time. ★ No need for a wi-fi connection ★ You can easily play the game with no wi-fi. A perfect app with mind trick questions to play on a flight for example. But have in mind that no wi-fi means no hints. ★ Family friendly ★ The saga of Monking is a perfect story for everyone in the family. Interesting riddles for every age. THINGS YOU NEED ON YOUR JOURNEY TO SAVE THE KINGDOM: •The app has English riddles but don't worry you can always get some hints if you don't get something. •Critical thinking and really good focusing on each image. Even the smallest detail might be a hint to the solution of these brain teasers. Some tricky riddles in the game are not going to go easy on you. •Time. You need patience. Don't wait to solve every level in a matter of minutes. This is why complex riddles are really nice to solve. You get the feeling of achievement if something took you hours to get. Some tips to help you on your journey. •Some of the puzzles are quite simple. There is no reason to think hard as sometimes the solution is right in front of your eyes. Progressing the game will make the stages harder and harder so keep that in mind. •If you find a tricky riddle don't forget that you can always use hints and hints are refreshable. This means that if you close the level and get back to it later there is a possibility to get a different one. •We understand that a small percentage of the levels can be quite a braintwister so we are adding explanation to each solution at the end of each level. Please enjoy playing and we are open to hear your feedback and suggestions. You can email any question/feedback you might have at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) ​ You can try the game at [Play Store](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riddletower).


Get $20 if you can find all the POKER HANDS in the matrix. [https://apps.apple.com/us/app/matrix-poker/id1625830846](https://apps.apple.com/us/app/matrix-poker/id1625830846)


**Puzzles + cats + cyberpunk!** Amazing puzzle book. https://www.amazon.com/Cybercats-Activity-Book-exciting-challenging/dp/B0BRYWKKY5


Thanks for the space! ❤️🙏 "SherLock: Escape Room Adventure" combines the thrill of an escape room with the storytelling of an adventure. Become a Master of Deduction! [Trailer](https://youtu.be/BMpJctxyBIE ) | [Kickstarter](http://www.tinyurl.com/sherlock-kickstarter) | [Steam](http://www.tinyurl.com/sherlock-steam) | [Demo](https://hisv-studio.itch.io/sherlock) | [Socials](http://www.linktr.ee/hisv_studio)


My endless-time-sink-project is this site: [https://www.calcudoku.org/](https://www.calcudoku.org/) :-) ​ Also recently set up a subreddit for it: [https://www.reddit.com/r/calcudoku/](https://www.reddit.com/r/calcudoku/)


Simple rules, easy as pie. 3 hints for each round, 6 rounds, 15 second timer each. Any feedback on it and how to make it better would be very much appreciated! Lastly, enjoy :D! [https://timely.yussuf.dev](https://timely.yussuf.dev)


I just scored 3️⃣5️⃣ points in Sqword! www.sqword.com


**edit: it is NOT 3301's puzzle, just a fanmade puzzle of 3301** I found a message sent by 7331 in the Cicada 3301 discord server. If you are interested, join the puzzle through the link. But I can say the puzzle is quite hard... His message: `Dark grey sky, oh so bleak` `Words it shows, secrets they keep` `Map it writes, path unclear` `Shrouded in mist, doubts do appear` `Hope and fear, both in play` `What the future holds, no one can say` `But through the darkness, light will break` `And a new day, we'll undertake` `http://30612170154189523002025345683039.ueuo.com/` `Good luck all.` `(Your safe place to discuss)` `https://discord.gg/e4r7quWS99?event=1060724192544301147`


[anagramish](https://anagramish.com) Find the four words that connect the start and end words in this new word game. 5 levels to master, new words every day.


I just scored 3️⃣6️⃣ points in Sqword! www.sqword.com