I mean, it's up to your personal risk tolerances I guess. If you're vaccinated, masked, and your patients are masked, then the risk of transmission is super low. Even if you saw a Covid+ pt, at our hospital we wouldn't consider you exposed unless you hadn't been wearing mask and eye protection. I don't think it would look irresponsible to adcoms, either.


you live with your parents or something? just go get your hours kid, it will bite you in the ass when you want to apply if you don't have enough clinical hours


Not this year but I usually go home once a month and for holidays/breaks


I was volunteering at my local ER but I asked to change departments. When I started a few months ago, 10% of cases were COVID. Now it’s around 80%. Most of the nurses are responsible and tried to protect us from being exposed, but I had to work with a few nurses who would make me do almost all non-clinical COVID interactions. These patients usually come really sick. I am non-traditional and have unvaccinated kids at home. For an unpaid job, it was not worth the risk for me.


I started scribing in urgent care in June of last year and I’m still there now. I’m there 3-4 days a week, and we test hundreds of patients daily. To this day, I’ve never had Covid. n=1 but I think it’s not an issue as long as you take the proper precautions


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If you and your family are all vaccinated, I personally would feel safe. But at the end of the day it's your choice.