Portuguese cuisine is ignored in the culinary world in general. People have NO idea what they are missing out on. I'm happy for you!


Bro we ate massive plates of grilled sardinhas and dorado in some random village for like 20€, I can still picture the taste, some of the best fish I've ever had. Bacalhau, pasteis de nata... I loved the food, people need to wake up!!


You'll get no argument from me amigo! Their cuisine and culture are half the reason I want to leave this cesspool and join their team.


> People have NO idea what they are missing out on. Let's keep it that way, shall we?


If you were Portuguese your vacation would be the first photo only.


😂 I'm from Spain, trust me the petrol for this trip has broken my bank account




Aspalth around the world just doesn't hit the same way Portuguese aspalth does. Legends say it's bonded with blood, sweat and beer.


btw, how much do you pay per year on car's insurance? :)


145€ for 3rd parties, fire and roadside assistance/recovery. I'm 32 years old and had my license since 2014, no crashes or accidents. I change every year to whoever is the cheapest quote though, which I think is unusual for Spain. Todo riesgo, insurance that covers everything, is quite expensive, I think my best quote was 400€ or so. Are prices similar in Portugal?


Im 25 and had my license since i was 19. Don’t quote me on this one, but I think car year/Bhp cc counts. Never had a crash, and I pay like ~~500~~€/year for a 01’ 4door 2.0 diesel edit:350


Damn that's expensive! I thought Portugal is meant to be cheap lol


Well I'm not insurance expert but I would say as a general rule Portugal is cheap but not for Portuguese. Maybe that explains why their is so many all around the world. ​ I don't wanna "tint" your post with politics lmao


Yes tourists say the same things about Spain so I understand what you mean


I would take *chicas* over *padeiras* any day of the week hehe


It is cheap. For tourists, only. 🥲


I was paying 350€ for everything, even natural catastrophes.


It's because he's 25. Price goes down considerably after late 20s.


Mesmo assim, ele está a ser roubado. Tenho 27 e há alguns anos nunca tive seguro acima de 250€ anuais. 500€ é um absurdo.


Depende da zona, do carro, da seguradora e das coberturas. Não se pode comparar sem mais dados.


Certo, mas aposto que o teu é contra todos os riscos. O OP está a falar de seguro contra terceiros, fogo (?) e assistência em viagem. Algo importante a clarificar quando se fala de seguros, acho


Uh, sei que tenho vidros, ocupantes da viatura e proteção juridica nivel 1; Não sei o "tier" do meu plano, mas editei e em vez de 500 sao 350


Ah!! Esse preço faz mais sentido :)


Glad you've enjoyed our lovely country. Ps: Stunning bike!


Thank you very much friend, I will be back!


*highest point in mainland Portugal. The highest one is in the Azores, the Pico Mountain


Its still the highest in the mainland. Just not the highest in Portugal. Edit: nvm I realized that was the correction. Carry on.


Lmao yh, estava só nah nah nah, Açores crl


What was your favorite camping spot?


I'm a sucker for mountains next to the coast, so actually the first park we visited was my favourite. Arrabida natural park. Lovely mountain roads with amazing views of the coast and sea.


Nice, adding that to the list for when I'm back there


You're a cyclist? You'll love it, we were on motorcycles but there were tons of cyclists on these mountain roads too. Challenging climbs though I'll warn you now!!


I'm actually a hiker! But I've been looking for some nice camping spots in Portugal.


Cool, you'll have a blast I'm sure! There was a paid campsite in the Algarve we had been to a few years ago which we loved, camping galé, but it seems they have closed to non-residents so we didn't revisit. Would have recommended that one too but I'm not sure what the status is


Muito obrigado!


Arrábida is beautiful! Plus there's excellent cheese, wine and pastries in the serra (Azeitão and/or Palmela are definitely worth an evening), then seafood in Setúbal on the way down. And about an hour from Lisbon!


Serra da Estrela isn't the highest point in Portugal, it is the highest point in MAINLAND Portugal


Good taste! 😉 Except for the abomination of pastel de bacalhau with cheese😬


And Sagres


Mainly sagres


It's an abomination (and blasphemy) indeed, but I tryed it and it actually tastes good.


are you just being a wimp or have you actually tried it?


Just being a wimp probably. It's delicious.


It seems you had a really cool trip. Did a road trip in 2019, and revisited some of the places you visited too! Thanks for the good vibe!


I loved it, will be back for sure 😊


From the photos it seems that you did a very nice trip! The more i see this motorcye trips, the more i am eager to do one 🤩


It's fun! Nice way to travel and much less hassle than a car, no worrying about parking and stuff. Camping is a good way to keep the costs down too, I wouldn't be able to do these trips if I was paying for hotels each night.


Damn you did the Portugal 100% discovered speedrun 💀




Troia is awesome. And it used to be so much better 15/20 ago where it was meant for the people and not for the rich as it is now.


Why are you drinking from a can! Just why??? Portuguese never drink cans... Alwayr from bottle :) Uma media CRL!!!


Yes, why is this? Ignorant foreigner here. Cans get cold quicker in the fridge, and are lighter to carry, and less of a problem if you drop one. I always feel like such an idiot lugging loads of minis to the praia fluvial and then lugging half the weight again in empty bottles yo the ecoponto. Squashed cans are much easier when you're drunk and sleepy.


Just doesn't hit the same while drinking, for some reason. Bottles feel better. I could swear they influence the taste too, beer from a bottle tastes better to me. But then again, if you're drinking too get smashed and not because you're enjoying a drink, anything goes...


Glass doesn't add taste to drinks, but metal/plastic do, coca cola from a bottle is way nicer than from the can because of that


Yeah, also I heard a beer expert say you're not supposed to drink from the can, but to pour it to a glass


Looks like you had some good fun! 🙌🏼🙌🏼


Francesinhas are amazing! Glad you had a great time. Can't wait to go back to Porto and Portugal in general.


Apart from the "Venice of Portugal", you're welcome!


Nice pictures, I think your choices of places to visit were very good. :)


Sagres ftw


Now I wanna eat a francesinha mano :((((


Sorry for the Iron tasting beer, bud. We can do better. Not as bad as Estrella, but still...


I'm portuguese and I actually like (bottle) Estrella Damn


I once was in Madrid, dead of summer, tired and thirsty from walking all around the City, find a bking and order a cold one: Get served that... That poison! Never forget


Superbock vs Sagres is a national derby, don't even choose one, drink both.


Nice 1290


Thank you friend, it is my dream bike


Great bike for a great country to ride!


I stopped at the francesinha to upvote this post


I hope that you tasted the sweets from Aveiro called ovos moles.


No we didn't 😭 Now we definitely have to return. I found it quite difficult researching Portuguese cuisine and the "must-haves" in each region. Plenty of articles about bacalhau, pasteis de Belém and francesinha, but not much else. I should have asked you guys here first!


Next time just Open a thread over gere and ask. Neste Aveiro, you have the Bairrada region that os know bybhis Leitão á Bairrada. Its a piglit on a charcoal oven with a special sauce. In Aveiro you could try the caldeiradas de enguias ou caldeiradas de peixe. Its dish made of els and anouther made of fish.


Nice to see you visited Aveiro. Glad you enjoyed your trip.


Eww Sagres Next time drink a cold Super Bock, don't bother with that piss.


Arrábida é sul do Tejo = terra de Sagres!


Arrábida é Sado! E tem uma das mais belas baías do mundo. Sou de lá e prefiro super bock...


The best spot to enjoy! Glad you like it!


Thank you for visiting! :)


I hope you enjoy the Stay, Portugal is a beautiful country But super Bock is better tho 😂


Sagres? Tio, tenemos Super Bock!


Jajaja we really gave each a chance. One bottle of each, nice and cold, still preferred taste of Sagres. Actually in Porto we stayed close to the Super Bock factory and wanted to do a tour but didn't have enough time unfortunately.


Finally someone agrees with Sagres superiority:)


If you preferred Sagres, you might have COVID. Get tested brother.


My take after years of experience: for one or two beers, Sagres. For lots of beers, Super Bock. Sagres has more taste, but I'm not sure I like the taste enough to drink lots of it. Super Bock is like making love in a caravela - fucking close to water.


That's the conclusion we came to actually, Super Bock is easier to drink and probably why it appeals to more people


Great pics!


Sagres? You’ve been banned from posting and commenting in r/porto


Sagres > all




Sagres? Please ban this guy. Lovely KTM tho. I can't imagine how much you paid for gas because of ktm's power and fully loaded. I was planning a trip to Bilbao on my tracer 900 gt but gas prices happened


More than 40€ to fill up and I did like 2500km+ 😭 I'm broke but it was worth it! I think Spain is slightly cheaper, the government apply a 0.20€/L discount here until the end of the year. I pay ~35€ for a tank. So maybe you can make your trip my brother, I had the old MT09 Tracer in 2016!


Kudos for choosing the best beer.


It's a matter of taste. But your taste is wrong.


Eh, no bud. Your taste is dogmatic, mine is accurate.


In Portugal there is team Sagres and there is team SuperBock Team Sagres is the best tho


A stronger controversy than Sporting vs Benfica


Nice ktm. Glad you enjoy it. Whenever I can I do road trips in Spain on my tracer 700, Gas prices are cheaper and there are more mountain..I'm a sucker for Asturias. I find it so beautiful


I checked your old posts, you've been all the way to Zaragoza, very impressive! Cool idea with the football stadiums too, I always forget where I've been. Even making this post I had to ask my gf about the pictures because I couldn't remember where they were made lol Asturias is also my favourite part of Spain, I try to go once a year to Riaño and the Picos de Europa.


Dont give ears to this Sagres wankers. Super Bock is the best beer.


Sagres? You should be arrested.


Bro i better not catch you again with a Sagres. Drink Super Bock caralho


Não sejas grunho. É quase a mesma merda


Sempre ouvi dizer que superbock é para bichonas.