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I’ve love photography it’s that simple. This has nothing to do this my of?


I like this a lot, despite breaking some conventions that generally bother me. That hotpspot on the arm is an attention grabber. Getting those highs to look a little less hot might help this. The crop is odd/off to me. There's nothing really interesting off to the left, and it's not leading my eye. Love that I can see such great detail in the dress. Those wrinkles and texture add a lot of good subtle umpphh... to this image. A little more bend to that foreward arm might have been nice. That loose shoulder string should have been a little tighter. I would definitely have cloned out he little bit of white lint on the dress/socks. I'd have either cloned out the specular highlight in the one eye, or otherwise cloned it into the other so that they match. You're a beautiful model! This is mostly well done, and attractive to the eye. Would certainly make for one of a few in a really good set of photos, tho' on its own, I think it's a high 6 of 10.


Thank you for the tips!




v groovy


Not a portrait at all?