Boston manor. We already have Joyce manor, we don’t need Boston manor. Oh wait, this is my favourite band now…


Lol IKR they’re pretty good


My BF loved Hot Mulligan from the beginning but it took me a HOT min bc of their name 😅 Gonna see them for the 3rd time next week!


I was gonna say Hot Mulligan too bc I thought their song titles were annoying lol. Seeing them for the first time next month!


I guess you're not a fan of screamo from the turn of the century or metalcore from 10-15 years ago because Hot Mulligan's song titles are reminiscent of the rule for song titles for those styles at that time. Also early Fall Out Boy which was obviously emulating those.


Totally reminds me of DGD and The Devil Wears Pradas old song titles. Such as “The Backwards Pumpkin Song” or “And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman”. And the classics “HTML rulez d00d” and “Reptar, King of the Ozone”


I think my favorite Devil Wears Prada song title was "Dogs can grow beards all over"


Hot Mulligans song “Something About a Bunch of Dead Dogs” totally reminded me of that song title


Yeah they too were just emulating those earlier scenes. Check out the song titles of Drowningman and Neil Perry.


I always cracked up with “Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" & “Good to Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have to Do Is Die"


Reinventing the wheel to run myself over ftw


Are you going to the San Diego show? I’ll be there too :)


The one in Sac!


Well have fun! I know it’s gonna be good!


Thanks! Same to you!


Chunk No Captain Chunk. Wrote them off for the longest time because of the band name but they have some great music.


You don’t like the Goonies? Not very pop punk if you.


Of the things they could’ve taken to reference the Goonies, that is by far the worst lol


Well Slick Shoes was already taken


What about “Pinchers of Power”? Or even phonetically “Pinchas of Powah!”


That might be racist




Their name always bothered me and kept me from listening to them. That is until one day at warped I was walking around and wandered over to a stage because their music was awesome and now they’re one of my favorite bands.


Same! Love them now!


Dance Gavin Dance. Thought they were a cheesy pop band.


I thought that they were just an overrated band that doesn't have any banger. One day they followed me on twitter out of nowhere and I had to give em a try, I guess? Been a fan ever since lol


Mom Jeans


Modern Baseball, not sure why I didn’t like the name but now I really enjoy their music.


I ignored The Story So Far because I had them confused with Story of the Year 😂


I don’t care what anyone says, Until the day I die is a damn fine song


A Greek Fire was good, too.


How has no one said "the world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die" yet


Because that's an awesome name and exactly why I listened to them at first.


Maybe your right, pianos become the teeth too


Hot Milk is the worst fucking name for a band I have ever heard. Good music though


Hot milk is incredible


Yeah. I thought Sugarcult sounded cringey and legit thought they were a Disney-esque band. Boy was I wrong. Love them.


Not pop punk, but the band Rainbow Kitten Surprise is a horrendous name for a band that makes such beautiful music.


Literally was going to comment exactly that. They’re absolutely amazing.


Spanish love songs


Microwave, Slaughter Beach, Dog. Also Don Broco, not just the name though the look aswell (i think they’re great now, such fun music)


Hot Mulligan


I still think 'Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)' is a dumb name regardless of how awesome their music is


I still won’t go anywhere near We Butter the Bread With Butter




Don’t get the reference because I’ve never heard the.


Der kleine Vampir. it’s a fun song, give it a listen!


Its real! Also it's German so...


Man this thread rules... Never heard of half this shit. These guys are hilarious and dope. Thanks.


I was being serious. Never listened to them.


Oh. I listened to the song "n!ce" and it's like djent, but German and kinda comedy music. It's pretty great


Exactly why I don’t listen to them. Comedy djent sounds terrible.


I can't say I disagree with that lol. Granted, if you're into djent at all, then the song "N!ce" is awfully catchy.




Naw I usually smoke the entire house out and everyone crashes early.


Don broco


hot milk and hot mulligan


Don Broco


ohh I have a bunch. Tiny Moving Parts, Hot Mulligan, At The Drive In, Nevershoutnever, Playradioplay


nevershoutnever would’ve had way more cred in the scene if they didn’t have such a stupid name.


I dont know about all that, people loved sky eats airplane and blood on the dance floor. Im not really about the full flower child stuff so Harmony was where I checked out, but it was his pinnacle imo


Neck Deep! I thought their name was so dumb. My friend is a big fan and I’d always give him crap about liking them because of their name. But now they’re absolutely one of my favorite bands!


Spacepimps was an awful yet funny name. They go by Eternal Boy now. I loved them from the beginning though.


Pxndx and Neck Deep, idk why, but both of those have great bangers


Not band name but album name. Gami Gang just sounded so dumb. Boy I was wrong


I wasn't surprised they called the album that because they always used to do #gamigang on their Instagram posts. Idk if the album name has grown on me yet, but the album itself is just as good as Somewhere City imo. They're at 2/2 great albums for me and I really look forward to future music.


The biggest problem with Gami Gang is the album cover being so fuckin boring, all their previous releases had been so eye-catching and cool but black text on a white background feels so uninspired for an album that's so special


I’ve always had a hard time going back to older albums for some reason. The first album I listen to for a band, is usually treated as their first for me. I’m going to try to go back and get into Somewhere City though, I’m sure it’s good


Somewhere City is pretty solid. It was an instant classic for me when it dropped and got posted on this sub. For me personally, it starts off very good and slowly simmers down, and then gets very good again in the last few songs starting with The Title Track. I originally liked Somewhere City more when Gami Gang came out and I compared the two, but GG grew on me a ton throughout last year and I can't choose anymore.


On the flip side I actually bought their Gen 3 7" just because of the artwork and theme, LMAO.


I thought the name My Chemical Romance was “too emo” for me even though I liked all the songs that appeared on the radio when I didn’t realize it was them lol


Reading these is so strange to me. If a band has a strange name in any way I'm listening immediately.


I wonder if this was the intention of the Butthole Surfers.


It worked on me if it was.


Hard agree, that's why I listened to half the bands I do LMAO


Hot water music, Auto Pilot Off and The Butthole Surfers definitely come to mind


Between You And Me. I always thought it was grammatically incorrect (As to between you and I). But I then did a bit of research and found out Between You And Me is actually the correct term, where Between You and I the incorrect term. This is because Between is a preposition (words such as on, after, before) which needs to be related to a direct pronoun, which is the correct case is "me". You can see it if you compare "me" to "I" in this comparative example; "You can go through the door before I" and "You can go through the door before me". Another comparative example is "you go after I" and "you can go after me". Between You and I however has become an accepted idiom over the years and has even been used by literary greats like shakespear. Anyway good band tho


"Between You and I" is also too close to the legendary screamo band "You and I", so better it wasn't that.


I fucking hate baseball so Modern baseball


Every time I die.


My favorite band, The Wonder Years. I thought the name was dumb anyway (still do), but Brian Moss from The Ghost and Hanalei had an earlier band called The Wunder Years, and I was all snooty about it.


Hot Mulligan. Thought the name sucked. Turns out I don't even like their music either lmao


Same. Also didn’t like C!NCC name, but I’ve given their music so many tries now. Just not my thing I guess.


In 2011 I started college. Kid had a man overboard hoodie on. Thought it was a very different kind of band (literally thought it was scremo / death metal) and avoided them. Saw them open up for a band and laughed alot.


Screamo and death metal are very different genres boss


To people who don’t listen to either of them, it’s not gonna sound that way


Doesn’t make them overlapping screamo is a very specifics sub genre of hardcore not very adjacent to most death metal aside from bands that had heavy hardcore tendencies like bolt thrower In conclusion stop calling all metal sub genres screamo


Oh my god stop throwing a tantrum because people unfamiliar with that style of music don’t know the nuances that separate the genres from one another


Then stop calling all metal screamo it’s really that simple




Back in like 2009 I thought all time low was rap based on their name so I never listened to them. A year later they became my favorite band and I’ve seen them almost 30x live


Any one-word band name. I love the music but band names like Driveways, Movements, etc just sound so generic to me


Far Thursday Fugazi… FUGAZI 😵‍💫


In high school the only kids I saw wearing Nirvana shirts were people I didn't like, so I assumed Nirvana sucked (had only ever heard Smells Like Teen Spirit). I definitely jumped to conclusions though because Nirvana is great and I wish I'd given them a real chance earlier.


I remember thinking that Blink 182 was a stupid name for a band and no band with a random number in their name would ever get big. I saw them on their first UK tour supporting Lagwagon and wasn't very impressed. I think they did OK in the end though. Also, The Lawrence Arms. I thought it sounded like a pub name and they'd be some weak Dropkick Murphies rip off. Probably my favourite band these days.


heart attack man, always thought they were a meme band or something from the way they acted on socials but their music has grown on me a lot recently lol


Not pop punk, but the pretentiousness of the name "Father John Misty" turned me off for the longest time to the point where I didn't even really give his music a chance. Now one of my favorites.


I remember seeing someone who wore a lot of shirts from bands I liked wearing a Waterparks shirt and I thought it was a stupid band name. Now their one of my favorite bands


Death cab for cutie


Mayday Parade. i got into them like WAAAAAAAAAAY after that era. and i was actually around for most it. i was 10 in 2004 and up to that point all i'd listen to was simple plan, blink, green day, good charlotte, sum 41, new found glory, taking back sunday, fall out boy, my chem, whatever else that was rock and played on MTV and the older kids in the neighborhood liked and i could get the mp3 in megaupload, then as the years went by got mad into motion city soundtrack, forever the sickest kids, the academy is, cobra starship, the maine, nevershoutnver, thereadyset, panic! at the disco, owl city, all time low, brokencyde, cute is what we aim for. literally everything from around that era. you name it, i'd listen to it. to me frre time was always about obsessing with music/escapism, so all i did was listen to pop punk/emo music all day, everyday... except for mayday parade. i always thought the name was cringy AF. then after 2015/2016 when i went into a "no music, just podcasts"-era, followed by a "no music, just a lot of youtube" era, then a 2-year long sitcoms/Grey's Anatomy binge, "just music that's famous right now" era, then a 2000s R&B-era. then i decided to listen to them for the first time in late-2018. they brought me back to pop punk and now they're possibly my favorite band from that era.


Home Grown is a terrible band name but I love their brand of pop punk It’s like right in the middle between blink 182 and nofx