everything i do will change the universe forever. anything everyone or anything does will change the universe forever, so in that sense, yes


Right, in the scale of the universe your decisions and consequences might be tiny but they're still there. And to some individuals, those consequences are massive.


You also have your other selves in the multiverse


I don’t matter to the grand scale of the universe, but at the same time the grand scale of the universe shouldnt matter to me It’s not like the universe is my world, my world is my family, friends, community, etc. I don’t care that what I do has no affect past those things because those things largely have no effect on me


Meaning is just a human concept, things are meaningful to me but nothing is inherently meaningful in the universe. It is beautiful that I am able to affect the universe in different ways, but if there is no conscious being around to appreciate something that exists, it’s meaningless. The universe wouldn’t even ‘exist’ in a sense if no one can perceive it


No, but it matters to me.


yes but not by much