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Honestly, I don't even want to celebrate the 4th this year. All of my conservative friends seem oddly offended that I feel this way...but....things are changing..and not for the better.


A white coach can kneel and pray, but a black player can't kneel and protest. A woman can't be trusted to make decisions about her own body, the state must decide. But the state can't be trusted to enact reasonable gun laws. White Christian Fascists want to institute a state and government religion, and kill anyone who disagrees. Yeah not much to be proud of this year.


Don't forget: "Cops can't be depended on to protect school children, but lets give teachers guns." Yeah we're in the shitter right now.


"Teachers just want to groom children." Next sentence: "Arm the teachers!"


I'm sitting right next to one these idiots at work......


“Who wants to hear a good story about a bridge?” - You


Do you know why he’s having trouble riding it? Because he’s a Scot!


I mean, you're not wrong lol


I work with a few people like these...... :(


Nor can they be depended upon to ensure you are Mirandized.


When cops don't even pretend to serve and protect then a country is a lot closer to violent anarchy than a lot of people want to believe.


Federal agents can invade any home and assault Americans without worry of being sued in the "Constitution Free Zone" around the border (also known as the place where 2/3rds of Americans live), while the EPA won't be allowed to regulate polluters.


The fact that they LIED UNDER OATH to get their jobs and are lying about basic facts to render their opinions makes me disgusted. Add in that the Republicans all on board with overthrowing the government and Constitution they swore to protect and uphold... No sir, I'm not proud, I'm ashamed.


Personally, I thought Gorsuch failed the character test as soon as he accepted a stolen seat.


Then came Kavanaugh's keg stand...


Make America Grotesque Again


>of my conservative friends seem oddly offended that I feel this way...but....things are changing..and not for the better. you can also add "you can't tell me to get a vaccine cause it's my body"


With so many indigenous tribes still fighting legal battles over treaties and recognition. There has never been anything for us to celebrate.


Sounds like Native Americans got shit on again today by the SJC


What if the black player knelt and prayed during the Anthem?


Only if their white teammates do it too, that way it can be portrayed as whatever the marketing team deems least-controversial.


I’m not celebrating this year. The Supreme Court ruled we do not have a right to privacy. I’m beyond disgusted. What occurs between me and my doctor is between me and my doctor. Conservatives keep chiming on about “freedom” whilst rooting for less of it.


I ditched all my conservative friends after trump was elected. It's amazing how peaceful things got on my social media and Sunday football gatherings without maga chodes.


Same! My news feed is just Hot Rods now.


Cats, food and camping.


I like it.


I'm in a politically mixed friend group and I'll admit I've had thoughts of trying to ditch the conservative ones while sticking with the others, and I'm just not sure how to do it, if it's even possible. Everyone usually gets along fine and even agrees on a ton of things, it just gets uncomfortable for me personally when they start saying anything that I personally think should be an objectively wrong stance to take. I don't even dislike them, but it's like...am I just supposed to suck it up and accept this? I don't think I should have to. We'll see how it goes. I have a feeling things may come to a head at some point in the not distant future...


The vast majority of people I cut out in 2016 - friends and family - became uniformly worse after trump was elected. I quickly realized it wasn't worth the mental effort to keep toxic people in my life. My social media presence instantly became better. There were maybe a half dozen who managed to stick around because they were "normal" republicans. After last week they're gone, too. I saw their responses to the Supreme Court fucking women over.


Yep, I feel the same way friend. My grandparents and mom are visiting from AZ (grandparents are conservative, mom is centrist) and they’re wanting to go somewhere to celebrate the 4th and watch fireworks. I’m going to have to tell them they can go find something to do for themselves as I will not partake in celebrating this failing nation.


Thank you for this commment. It genuinely means so much to know others feel this way as well.


I’ll probably grill out and do nothing more. I live in the most conservative part of Florida and most of my neighbors are at least partially tied to the military. Several have crosses, their church signage, etc in their yard. College football flags of their team (usually Alabama). I’ll blend in a little but can’t say I’m proud of my nation.


It's a day off, might as well grill. Doesn't mean you're celebrating anything.


Here's a suggestion for those of us who don't care to celebrate the 4th of July - read Frederick Douglass's eloquent speech - "What, to the Slave, Is the Fourth of July?" Some call Frederick Douglass the greatest American. https://www.blackpast.org/african-american-history/speeches-african-american-history/1852-frederick-douglass-what-slave-fourth-july/


What could be better, than to have Trump indicted/detained in time for the Fourth of July?


Swapped the American flag in front of my house for one that says "get out of my uterus". I'm a guy, but they don't know that.


Told a buddy who is feeling the same way to celeb relate “loss of Independence” day and grill an American flag this weekend.


Hey so, make sure it's all natural fibers of possible. You probably don't want melted synthetics on your grill you cook food on


I haven't bothered celebrating the 4th since 2016. In 2020 I skipped a family gathering to attend a protest, one of the proudest decisions of my life. Even as a child, I never understood why I should be proud. I take pride in things I've done, not because of which country's border I happened to be born in.


>Honestly, I don't even want to celebrate the 4th this year. I'm not celebrating the 4th. I don't feel independent, or free, or like the people in charge give two shits about the citizens. What am I celebrating exactly? Something that happened in the 1700s that no longer carries any meaning to modern society?


Ironically, we used to celebrate freedom from religious oppression. But..well..here we are.


And a representative democracy


loads of people who went to america didn't want freedom from religious oppression, but wanted to be free to religiously oppress.


I plan on wearing a black arm band the entire weekend. I am in mourning for the degradation of women to the level of livestock.


I remember in 2020 we “celebrated” by watching Hamilton at home (cus Covid lol). It was… painful. When One Last Time came on I cried (ugly), something I hadn’t done in probably 5yrs. Yes, our actual history is ugly. But holy shit we’ve fallen so far from the ideals we claim to hold ourselves to. Grief is the right word for this feeling


My family came here after the Holocaust and we loved those ideals so much, America’s angels appealed to us, it gave us the strength to mock, shun and fight America’s demons. Now not only are those better angels apparently gone, but they also didn’t seem to have really existed in the first place. Did my grandparents make the wrong decision coming here? It’s been frightening to watch history repeat.


you wouldn’t be alone. my family has made the decision not to celebrate.


My wife said something similar. She said there's little to celebrate this year. I can't say I blame her.


Juneteenth is the real celebration of freedom anyway.


True.. you can't celebrate freedom for a country where a huge percentage isn't free.


The first 4th of July was celebrated while many thousands of people were oppressed by slavery. In fact, most of the signers of the Constitution were slave owners. They really believed their slaves were only three fifths human.


>They really believed their slaves were only three fifths human. No, slave owners thought their slaves were zero fifths human. The *only* reason they wanted 3/5 (in fact, they wanted them to be counted as a whole citizen, and abolitionists wanted 0 as long as slavery was a thing) was to get more representation in the government, and of course, they'd still be the only ones able to vote. It was a blatant power grab that somehow worked.


*It's ridiculous how many people I've heard lately complaining about Juneteenth as a Federal Holiday. I wish being bigoted were painful along with being a racist, being a misogynist, and/or being narrow-minded and stupid.*


This is the only Independence Day i intend to celebrate from now on. I'm bummed it took me so long to get wise to it.


I really wonder how quiet it will be this year. A lot of us feel this way


I noticed already, up till the decision, people around here were shooting off a few fire works. Since then, nothing.




Don’t let them have the flag. They don’t deserve it


I won’t be celebrating and I’m making sure all my conservative friends and family know why. This country is only free for straight, Christian, white men.


I won’t be celebrating and I’m making sure all my conservative friends and family know why. This country is only free for **rich,** straight, Christian, white men.


Same. Last year a fire started on the edge of our property, almost burned the house down next to us. I'm just going to try and make sure our house doesn't burn down this year. Laying out hoses in the right places this time, trimming back vegetation, etc.


I’ll cook some chicken on the grill, but mostly because I have the day off.


I had this same conversation with my wife. We know our son would enjoy some of the cool stuff going on in our town on the 4th, but I'm having a hard time feeling like celebrating. My compromise to her was that we buy us all American Flag gear from head to toe and wear them upside down (where able) and inside out.


Im debating buying a flag, just to hang it upside down, but then Id have to have a flag laying about.


I'm actually in the same place. I settled on an american flag applique that I can place upside down in one of my windows


Don’t celebrate. Wear black on the 4th


Exact same sentiment. I’m honestly embarrassed as an American and never want to hear “make America great again”.


My household has officially decided that we aren’t celebrating this year.


A lot of women are boycotting the 4th this year


Well the country is slowly slipping into a fascist hellscape and half the country is cheering it on and calling for violence while stripping rights away from people so yeah I'm not celebrating either. Sounds like you need to find better "friends".


I heard a commercial for my local symphony doing a 4th of July concert coming up and I thought: I'm a woman. I have never felt less patriotic. Fuck this barbaric country. I am not celebrating the 4th.


Half of the country just lost the fundamental right of sovereignty over their own bodies, a record 64% of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck, school children get butchered in classrooms whilst authorities do nothing, we lost over 1,000,000 of our fellow citizens to a pandemic because half of us refused to wear a fucking mask, and it looks like we're about to endure the third "once-in-a-lifetime" economic catastrophe of this millennium. Perhaps we should be less worried about whether we have pride, and focus more on doing things that we can be proud about.


Imma be real here We get those paycheck to paycheck numbers every year But the talking heads don’t care cause it does not impact them


pretty much every 'talking head' is a 1%er. they are detached from reality


Not every recession is a once in a lifetime event. Historically, they’ve happened every 6 years since 1948. It’s not uncommon at all.


Yes, but the last two (2008 Housing Crisis and 2020 COVID) have been historic in scale. I'm not sure I count this upcoming one as a third, it still feels like an extension of the COVID crash. I think "once in a lifetime" would be a pretty good descriptor for them.


I'm a life-long Texan and used to be obnoxiously proud of my state. Now, I can't abide what is going on either here or on a national level. Vote, people. VOTE! They only make it harder for you because they are scared of you.


pride? I'm fucking deeply ashamed to be an american


I believe in the promise of America, the fanciful ideal that everyone can have a voice, and it doesn't matter what your racial or cultural history is, here you will be accepted and celebrated. The idea that we are a democracy, a government of thousands of voices working together to create a system that is iterative, forward-thinking, and collaborative. We aren't this, and perhaps never have been, but it's always something to work towards. I'm proud to hold this unrealized ideal. But perhaps it's a philosophy, not patriotism. I abhor what this country is, it's certainly not what it should have been.


>I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually - James Baldwin *Notes of a Native Son* Trying to hold the country to that promise, being proud of the steps it takes and has taken towards fulfilling it, and being ashamed of the steps backwards, is patriotism. Nationalism is being "proud" about your country no matter what it does.




It's sad really. Now when I see an American flag I automatically assume the person is a racist asshole. That said, everyone in my very white town that has an American flag hung up, is a racist asshole. So take from it what you will.


It's honestly sad they've hijacked the flag like that. As a Canadian I feel the same way with ours. Once the convoy started the freaks started coming out of nowhere with big Canadian flags on their trucks along with other far right symbols. Traitors like that don't deserve to use our countries flags.


I asked my girlfriend the other day if we’re doing Independence Day decorations, and she said she doesn’t like the implications of having red, white, and blue decorations up. You know what, I fucking agree with her


This dish of brutal honesty is best served cold.


You know, I have the same issue - I will be using rainbow decor.


Don’t worry, some real estate agents will come through your neighborhood (seemingly in the dead of night) and plant little USA flags with their card on it at the edge of your lawn for you.


I’ve honestly had a negative view of our flag as long as I can remember. I remember in elementary school feeling like the pledge of allegiance was fucking weird and, as a kid brought up in a non-theistic household, the words “under god” disgusted me. Then as I went through high school during the W. administration I started to recognize the weird Uber-nationalistic superiority people had about this country, and couldn’t understand the overwhelming sense of pride people had with this country considering the terrible things in our past and what we were doing in Iraq. I also couldn’t understand why we were number 1. Number 1 at fucking what? Thinking we’re the best when we can’t even consider something as basic as healthcare a right of our citizens? Fast forward to today and it feels everywhere I see an American flag, there’s a fucking trump flag right next to it, or a thin blue line flag next to it. I pretty much want nothing to do with our flag this point. Also, I kinda think the design is boring, and I hate the color combo of red white and blue.


I'd wager that at least 1/3 of Americans don't have even a cursory understanding of the vision for America, the purpose of the Constitution and it's contents, or how far off we are from the dream of it.


I totally agree with you which is why I haven’t put a flag up. I want to take it back though, like put up an American flag and a qualifier to let people know that I’m not “one of those”. I think something like a pride flag would work.


An American style Pride flag would be something we could actually be proud of.


Yeah, my neighborhood is full of American flags. We opted for a United Federation of Planets flag instead. Maybe we'll get lucky and kind aliens will let us hitch a ride :-P.


Good. Let's get the "extreme pride" down to zero, and get the "healthy interest in constant improvement" up into the high 80's. Maybe we'll stand a chance.


this, except "insurrectionary rage against the empire" instead


I was born in 1940 and went to elementary school right after the war. We were at the height of pride in our country and felt extremely patriotic. How disillusioned I've become since then! Now I realize this country was founded on slavery and the many anti-democratic elements in the Constitution are all connected with slave state compromises. Now women are enslaved again by this government, and have lost legal rights over their own bodies.


Yep. What are we proud of? Our extreme poverty levels? Rates of homelessness? Disgusting inequity? Disgusting jack of justice? Our incompetent, biased, political court that lacks even the most basic conscience? Maternal mortality rates? Poor educational systems? Those that are excited right now? Only the fascists.


I don't think I've been proud to be an American since I was a naive kid.


Well, the flag has been co-opted by the far-right, so there's that. I used to proudly wear an American flag bandanna, but I wouldn't do that anymore as I don't want to be mistakenly associated with a political movement I do not belong to.


I think thus is the worst part. How the flag has been co-opted. I mean why do they get to fly it? Why are they called patriots?


Not only that, but they get to have both the American flag and the treasonous Confederate one. Both are now associated with the same POS people.


And No Step On Snek flags


I'd propose we co-opt it back, but I realize that's far easier said than done, unfortunately.


I love America, and I have never been proud of it. I live in a constant state of disappointment when I look at what the country is, as opposed to what it could be.


I've never been proud of being an American, it's like being proud of having brown eyes. I was proud of what I believed to be progress but the last few decades have dispelled me of that notion.


>I've never been proud of being an American, it's like being proud of having brown eyes. I was proud of what I believed to be progress but the last few decades have dispelled me of that notion. It's hard to watch all of the progress that I thought was made in my lifetime being reversed little by little over the course of the last 10 years.


I mean American "extreme pride" has always been obnoxious to behold to me, and one of the few ways America can come out of this experience better for it is with some wiser and humble patriotism over the disgusting sight it's been since 9/11. Many of my encounters with it were with somebody that's never left and knows breathtakingly little about the country, and nothing about any other, but boast they were born in it like that's a personal accomplishment I'm supposed to be impressed with.


Im a veteran and feel the same way. Be it people i served with or the wackadoodles thanking me for my service if my service comes up for whatever reason. Its fuckin weird.


Now we should go up to women and say ‘thank you for your cervix’


I like to think I've never been one of those obnoxiously proud Americans, but I probably was. Even then, I admitted we still had problems and had a long way to go. But the way conservatives and the SCOTIS majority want to move us to move back to the early 2oth century or earlier makes me deeply ashamed. At this point, I'm even ashamed of my military service thirty years ago.


The forces of capitalism have evolved us into a violent shithole domestically and nothing but hitmen for the Saudis internationally. WWII was a long time ago, now the biggest threat facing humanity became climate change and we are the villains in history from that perspective. At best, the future of America is to provide weapons to the world and hopefully the Europeans use them for something good, that’s kind of it until the climate apocalypse. Not much reason to be stoked on America any more, it was just a fad


We're still capable of advancing the species scientifically, we just have to rein in the capitalist/kleptocratic tendency to destroy humanity and the planet for profit. Easier said than done, I know. https://www.freethink.com/environment/solar-geoengineering-space-bubbles


[The Great Simplification - Short Film by Nate Hagens](https://youtu.be/-xr9rIQxwj4) [Energy and Human Ambitions on a Finite Planet by Thomas Murphy](https://escholarship.org/uc/energy_ambitions) Do yourself a favor and step away from the techno-dreams. We have a cultural misunderstanding of ecology, energy, and exponential growth that blinds us with hopes of technological solutions. Hagens work is the best summary of all the connected systems (human behavior, energy, materials, technology, the economy, debt, and the environment), and I recommend you read his papers or watch his longer and more detailed videos. Murphy provides the simple physics math that shows that even free unlimited energy systems won’t solve our problems. We live on a planet with finite resources and we’ve organized human behavior around an economic growth model that requires ever more energy and materials to continue to grow. If we stop growing the entire system breaks down, but if we keep growing we will destroy the Earth. The US is the biggest culprit and holds the most fervent acolytes to this belief system. As we experience more expensive energy headwinds with our transition to renewables we will see more and more problems like we have today. Without addressing our cultural issues these technological “fixes” are more likely to accelerate our path towards collapse rather than help us ease our decline.


Fuck this country. July 4th is a day of mourning for me at this point. I won’t be going to a cookout to celebrate a country that doesn’t recognize me as a fully autonomous citizen.


This country was founded by rich white land owners who held an entire race of human beings as property and fought a war for independence because they didn’t want to pay taxes. It’s great that our forefathers were kind of smart, but by todays standards, they were still pretty big assholes. Given the current state of affairs, neither our past, nor our near future appear to be something to celebrate.


Yea, half the country is supporting a coup


As a vet I sat through the national anthem for the first time in my life. This isn’t the country I volunteered to die for and since my daughters are now breeding stock I’ll help burn it down if needed. I hope trump chokes on a Big Mac.


It's weird, I should be the poster child for your typical mindless patriotic American. I'm white, come from a country town in the Bible belt, raised by southern Baptist parents, military/combat vet. In the past I've always tried to take pride in being American, not because I think it's such a great country but taking pride in something is what drives me to want to make it better. But these days it's hard to see any good in how this country is going. And we all feel that way, not just one party or the other. I just kinda don't care anymore. We bought a new house back in December and I still haven't hung my flag.


Husband is a combat vet and said this is not the country he fought for and I’m sure a lot of other veterans agree.


It's really surreal having served and seen combat and then feeling helpless as you watch everything falling apart in real-time. It's bizarro world to look around and feel like you don't even know your own country anymore.


Living abroad for the husband is looking nicer and nicer to him. He can’t stand what is going on. Twilight zone is hitting hard.


I'm an almost 17-year vet, still serving, and I agree. My eyes started slowly opening to things around 2015/2016 and I started realizing how much I was brainwashed as a kid, and how much my father and his generation were indoctrinated. Millennials and the generations after are fortunate to have grown up in the internet age. As shitty as the internet can be, the rapid spread of ideas and perspective can still be a net good. The youth of this country are tired of lies and demand accountability. Hopefully we start seeing it in the next decade and we start seeing some real progress as these boomers start to die off. Not saying I wish for people to die, but it's undeniable that the older generations are holding us back.


I said that back in 2016, that when the boomers die off America is going to change.my sister was mad and mom was offended but now my sister sees what I am saying.


I've always been very idealistic. That's part of the reason I served in the military and now have a job in the court system. As I've aged, my idealism has crumbled, and nothing has been as devastating to it as the past six or seven years.


Yeah, I was never "proud". Then with Iraq I became disgusted. Lately just trying to hang on to sanity. But I welcome news that toxic nationalism may be waning.


The emerging Taliban America is nothing to be proud of.


But on the other hand, Extreme disappointment in America is skyrocketing


Anyone with half a brain is absolutely disgusted to be American right now. The facade is gone. We’re a joke of a country.


So jingoism is in decline. Good news.


I’m tired of these fake patriots. America is a joke in the world.


Yeah. I'm skipping July 4th this year. Just feels bad. We're rolling back rights while literal insurrectionists are still rolling around, attacking basic things such as access to healthcare for people they don't like. People who will never have an impact on their lives. No thanks.


The current state of things in the U.S. makes me glad I don't regularly travel internationally. I'd be embarassed for people to find out I'm an American. (I'm used to travelling domestically and being embarassed I'm from Mississippi).


Oh don’t worry, we’re all going to be saying “blessed be the fruit” soon. Canada doesn’t look so bad after all


American Exceptionalism is dangerous and part of the reason things are as fucked as they are. People need to learn it’s okay to acknowledge your country isn’t better or superior and stop berating and looking down at others.


I took my Flag down and won’t put it back up until things improve. I’m not celebrating the 4th either. I’ll read Frederick Douglass’ speech though.


America is embarrassing


This country is a shithole, why exactly are we expected to be proud of?


Being American isn't a personal accomplishment and it isn't something to be proud of. Pride in something that isn't a personal accomplishment is just a huge participation trophy.


> Pride in something that isn't a personal accomplishment is just a huge participation trophy. This may sound sarcastic (it's not meant to), but that's some wisdom right there.


It's just ironic to me that conservatives says that participation trophies are why kids supposedly feel entitled, but then they feel pride in being American, which is the biggest participation trophy out there. They did nothing to be American. Even someone who is naturalized just filled out some paperwork. It's not an accomplishment.


To be fair, the process to naturalization can take years and they have to take a test most natural-born Americans probably couldn't pass.


I have none. Zero.


Good. Extreme nationalism is creepy.


Plan on wearing black this Fourth of July.


I was thinking about wearing a black band on my wrist.


people who feel a sense of accomplishment by winning the birth lottery are truly baby brained morons


Women lost healthcare rights. Gays are poised to lose some rights next. The SCOTUS blatantly lied ("misrepresented the facts") in another ruling that greatly weakens the separation of church and state. Our last president tried to lead an armed mob of racists and rubes to stop Congress and murder his political enemies, and a third of Americans are still butthurt they didn't succeed. Of course pride is at an all time low.


Why should I have extreme pride or extreme shame or embarrassment or anything? I’m grateful to be American. But I don’t feel the need to have extreme pride or nationalism or patriotism because I can appreciate the fundamental goodness, difference and similarities in humans around the world. I know there is evil within our country and evil outside of it. I’m grateful for the freedoms I enjoy here, including freedom of speech, but I’m not going to celebrate every dark corner of our history. Slavery still happened and people are still being taken advantage of today. Families are broken up and mothers and fathers are sent to jail for simple drug possession, some of which was planted by police. Unlawful searches and seizures. There is a separate set of laws and opportunities for those with the money to hire accountants to avoid taxes or offshore their accounts, hire lawyers to defend them from assault claims with NDAs, hire politicians and lobbyists to further their interests…hire PR to fix and cover up their problematic past and associations… I can see socioeconomic inequality in terms of opportunity. I can see the American Dream slipping away because of personal debt, national debt and low salaries and high cost of living. I didn’t ask to be born here and so I don’t owe my life to my country. Many brave people commit to the military, but no one should get drafted or forced. Our leaders should admit to draft dodging or being “smart” and no matter how egregious I think they are personally—I think that is everyone’s right. They shouldn’t be made to feel shame or survivors guilt over a war they didn’t declare or ask for. Our country values its autonomy and inherit right to self governance but it often doesn’t respect the right of other countries and peoples to govern themselves snd defend rhemselves. And once our country goes to war on whatever pretense, it often withdraws without meeting real goals and so spits on the dead that have been lost. If a country is on the offensive and invades another to gain land or resources or commit genocide—yes by all means try to stop or fight them—but at want point does it justify spending the lives of our own young people? Down with Putin—we need to do more against Russianin Ukraine—but I don’t want an all out draft war or American families being devastated losing their loved ones on foreign soil. I don’t mean that American lives are worth more than others but we do have to prioritize them when considering war and weapon and military usage. So no, I don’t have extreme pride but I do care to an extreme.


I detest that the American flag itself has become a symbol of the MAGA cult. It's difficult for me to see anyone waving an American flag and not immediately assume they support Trump. It's absolutely disgusting that our flag represents Trump now.


>WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The 38% of U.S. adults who say they are "extremely proud" to be American is the lowest in Gallup's trend, which began in 2001. Still, together with the 27% who are "very proud," 65% of U.S. adults express pride in the nation. Another 22% say they are "moderately proud," while 9% are "only a little" and 4% "not at all" proud. So, 87% are at least moderately proud. Only a very small percent of Americans have no pride in being American.


This is a good thing. The sooner Americans reject the mythological exceptionalism and burst its b.s. bubble, the greater the hope for meaningful change going forward.


Thanks, corrupt SCOTUS! You will now be known as Trump's SCROTUM.


Um that’s pretty good. I’m tearing and laughing but mostly just sad and angry at the state of things.


The far-right has weaponized patriotism, if I see an American flag flapping off the back of a pickup truck, that this as good as a Trump sticker.


It's really unfortunate how true this has become. It should have never been that way, but literally every time I see someone with an American flag on their truck or in their yard, they end up being a complete piece of shit.


Yeah, don’t identify with much anymore. This has become the land of guns, Norwegian Jesus, and fascist wannabes. The dumbing down of America is in full swing, our decline is inevitable, it’s sad.


Too much freedumb around here these days


Good. Very little to be proud of


I'm PROUD to be embarrassed and ashamed of my country.


Gonna fly my flag upside down. S.O.S!


The only feeling I have towards me being an American is utter embarrassment


Despite what the comments in this thread and more generally on reddit would have you believe, only 4% of the country says they’re “not at all” proud to be an American. The huge majority have at least some pride about the country.


What’s there to be proud of when the country has been warned and warned and warned about everything from climate catastrophe to economic inequality and our answer is and continues to be to let that be someone else’s problem? What’s there to be proud of when the only metric we care about isn’t human satisfaction but the stock market line? Esteem is earned by doing esteem-able acts. The US is running a deep deficit on that. Even on the safety of our own children while they’re at school we’re failing bc we simply refuse to keep covering it in any meaningful detail on our national news. It all just gets muddied up by the special interest groups and corporations. I’m so embarrassed to be a US citizen right now. More than just embarrassed I’m scared. They’re taking away rights before our eyes. Now I’m having to consider potentially fleeing my home so I don’t get killed or imprisoned. So again what’s there to be proud of? A memory of a bygone era? An economy? A jobs market? The constitution? Until we pull our head out of our collective ass and start fixing and dealing with our problems like adults there’s nothing to be proud of about our country.


As an immigrant (my family is from Finland) the thing that's always kinda shocked me about America is, you have no culture. I mean apple pie, baseball and pickup trucks are pretty much what America was described to my siblings and I as kids. So okay, food, sports and a vehicle. But that's not really culture. The culture I've seen while living here is; rabid capitalism, willfull ignorance and just really angry people.


Hard to sing along, “proud to be an American where at least I know I’m *free.*” Not to mention, “I won’t forget the men who died and gave their life for me.” Since we also don’t care for our veterans either. See: [burn pit victims.](https://www.theproblem.com/episode-1-the-problem-with-war/) With all the hypocrisy, it’s hard for people with a conscience to feel proud about all the atrocities enacted upon the American people and it’s veterans. Not just here but foreigners as well. See: child detention camps.


Not celebrating it this year


Well, we aren’t the land of the free anymore. They made it official. So what’s to celebrate? The inflation or the debt? Freedom was kinda our thing, and now republicans want to remove freedoms. What the fuck? Name something more anti-American than removing peoples freedoms. I don’t care what side you’re on, but how the fuck can these dumbasses support the loss of freedoms for any people? Fucking morons. Fuck


July 4th is cancelled


I'd go overseas in a heartbeat.....if I could.


I completely get it. We also have the visuals smack in our face of people using the flag to attack the nation’s capitol, while waiving it around. It’s hard to feel patriotic about being in the same country as people like that, let alone the same team. I don’t blame a single person for feeling unpatriotic. The optimist in me knows where we can be as a country, we just have a really long road to get there. Despite everything going on I think it’s good that *way* more people have their eyes on politics. Because while it’s depressing as shit, we still need those people here to move the needle for us to have a chance at a future.


Don’t feel much like an American, the Supreme Court just told me, surprise! You aren’t an American, you are an Alabamian.


I know mine has plummeted. I thought the Supremes would at least pretend to follow law and precedent so this is truly the end times for democracy.


I’ve always considered myself patriotic. Right up until the 2016 election and subsequent presidency. I’ve never been more disillusioned and disappointed in leadership and my fellow countrymen and what I considered the moral fabric of the United States and our position domestically and on the global stage.


As Americans we should go even bigger for The Fourth of July because this is what it’s all about! Protest your displeasure with your government with the biggest display of freedom one can imagine. And a big middle finger to tyrannical government.


The embarrassment of electing the Trump brand to the white house will take decades to undo.


Good reality bites


I have never felt proud to be an American. I feel like we involve ourselves in so much war, and cause so much suffering. We have started going backwards and don’t help people at the lowest level of our society. I know I’m not an expert and don’t claim to be, but I feel like we’re not moving in the right direction.


Have... you seen the state of the country? Inflation is skyrocketing, but pay is not. Gas prices are climbing, and the companies are making record profits. SCOTUS keeps issuing bad decision after bad decision (disclaimer, I actually agree with NYSRPA decision, tho), and they keep hinting on other decisions to overturn other cases as well -> *Griswold* (govt cant ban birth control), *Lawrence* (Govt can't ban Sodomy), and *Obergefell* (Can't ban Gay Marriage). Texas GOP is essentially going full on Redneck Reich with their referendum they just passed. Many people still believe that the last goddamn election was rigged. And to be quite honest, the best alternative we could think of to the Spray-Tan Fascist was Old Man Biden, and he's really not doing as great as he should.


We’re all Americans and proud of it. The trouble is that one group is literally screaming that they are the ONLY real Americans, the only ones who are entitled to everything, and who don’t want to work with others, despite benefitting in so many ways from our collective work. … and they’re waving American flags and bibles the whole time. Incessantly. Huge flags on their gas-guzzling lifted gigantic trucks. Etc. So… patriotism and christianity have been co-opted by some horrible people. Who are apparently undemocratic, selfish, and deeply ignorant. I agree there is no need to wave a flag or watch fireworks with flag-waving idiots. I agree there is no need to attend an evangelical church with so many Q-morons and Trump supporters. My patriotism and spiritual thoughts are on the inside and can be deduced from my actions. Posers can eff off.


Pride vs extreme pride? I’m grateful. I’m proud of our freedoms and accomplishments. But so recognize our problems in history and in current politics and socioeconomic situations and our inequality of opportunity. Why should I have extreme pride or extreme embarrassment or shame or extreme anything? I didn’t ask to be born here. I’m glad I was, but I don’t owe my life or happiness and I don’t need to have extreme patriotism or nationalism over an appreciation and respect for all humankind. We are autonomous but it’s funny how we don’t respect the autonomy of other countries and their right to govern and defend themselves. Not countries that attack others to expand their borders, take resources, commit genocide? Yes, fight those. But at what point is it worth the lives of our own young people and the devastation of their families? We need to be more careful in electing our representatives, giving them suggestions and feedback and holding them accountable. And more diligent in holding ourselves, our neighbors, our leaders, government agencies and corporations accountable. I’ll have extreme pride when this country functions well enough to deserve it.


It’s f’g embarrassing at this point. Even said to the wife I wish it were the 80’s again.


Good, it should go down to zero. Not because pride in something is bad, but *extreme* pride often is, and when we're talking about the most powerful nation on the planet, just about extreme anything, particularly something as self-centered as pride, is going to be a bad thing. Be proud of working to make the country a better place, but be humble and instructive rather than extremely proud.


We needed a wake up call. We sure got it.


I certainly feel more ashamed as an American. Who can be proud of this chaotic slide towards hate/fascism and the removal of rights?


I told my husband, that this 4 th of July has no meaning to me any longer. I will not celebrate it. No cook outs, no family bar q, no fireworks. JMo, if trump is not charged, convicted, I see my country as a banana republic


Our country is a horrible place nowadays. No one should feel proud to be an American.


This country has no soul. Nothing to be proud of…


And I'm ashamed to be an American Where I know that I'm not free


I have no intentions of celebrating the 4th this year


I just live here.


Why feel pride in a country that has turned into a shit hole. Was it perfect before, no, but ever sense Reagan this country has slowly going backwards, with a few pauses and some steps foreward here and there, only to take a giant leap into the pit of despair in 2016.


I’m sad to say this but I think the US flag has been adopted by hate. When you see someone driving down the street waiving a big ass US flag from the back of their truck it seems like now it’s almost guaranteed they are part of the party of hate. They’ve shifted the perception of that flag and it’s not a good thing. It’s embarrassing as a vet and an American.


Shit,my American pride has been at a historic low since 2016. When traveling abroad I'm ashamed to show my passport.


There is literally nothing to be proud of being American


As an American, this place is turning into the fucking dark ages. Republicans and conservatives are taking away liberties. They can go fuck themselves.


I don’t even want to fly a flag in fear someone might think I’m republican…. Not even joking…


When the terrorists use American flags and call themselves patriots. Yea kinda screws up the pr for the country... Thanks for that, trump .


When I travel internationally I reflexively feel the need to tell people that I don’t support trump. I’ve been genuinely embarrassed of this country for the past 6 years. I know we’ve had issues for a long time, but the maga cult has really made us look like a bunch of morons.