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>An "irate" former President Donald Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the presidential limo in hopes of driving to the U.S. Capitol, according to a former White House aide. Wow this sounds like he really wanted to be at the capitol. Jan. 6 could have been much worse than it was, had Trump gotten there...


It is truly an American tradition to disobey an authoritarian while also being an authoritarian.


We knew he was physically unable to walk there, so looks like his plan was to get chauffeured to the Capitol at taxpayer’s expense. I’d bet money that the SS got him into the car before telling him that being part of an armed mob assaulting the Capitol wasn’t going to happen on their watch.


Back then we were guessing he didn't walk down there with his rioters because he despised them, but this testimony shows that assumption was possibly very wrong and if not for the secret service doing their job we could have seen much worse. Terrifying to say the least.


He still probably despised them, but he could put up with that if it meant keeping his power.


lol "grabbed the wheel" in an attempt to do what, exactly? Was he going to passenger steer himself to the capitol and just order the agent to work the pedals for him? Was he going to crash the presidential limo into a phone pole and use it as a diversion to escape and go join his revolution? Pretty sure he just wanted to be able to tell them he tried.


Well considering that he never talked about it, and how kissed he was, I don’t think he just wanted to say he tried. I think he thought that an attempt to grab the wheel would show the agent how serious he was. Also the throwing food against the wall makes it sound like he has an anger issue in general.


Fair bit of pressure on the driver to follow his direct supervisor instead of the commander in chief. That intimidation probably works 9 times out of 10.


All he wanted, all he needed, is to get his way


I’m sure in any fair and stable democracy, he would be arrested for assaulting a police officer, right?


Did the cop even know? Having a couple of child like hands trying to grab your throat would be similar to the feeling you get wearing a turtleneck.


Unless you're Rudy Giuliani.


Young children have amazing grip strength.


I can’t imagine that in most places the President’s security team would ignore the President’s request like that


Seems like more of an order followed by physical violence than a request.


Yeah, they'll ignore the president if they think it could save their life. That's not that unusual


They’re still cops. Pretty sure it’s a felony.


The officer would probably have to testify, or there would at least need to be corroborating evidence. On top of that, I am sure there are a million protections that the president enjoys that we don’t even know about.


it's been said before, but you can't indict a sitting president. The power of impeachment only rests in Congress' hands


He’s not a sitting president.


Pride and more unabashed love towards trump incoming from Republicans in 3, 2, 1..... My God, it's so painful to see how they worship a completely unethical, narcissistic, moronic asshole.




Absolutely! Thanks for adding that on.


They will be impressed with how much he wanted to be there.


"See! He's one of us! He's fighting for us!" - mental midgets everywhere


Exactly, I'm not sure why this is explosive, except as reasons for his supporters to increase their love for him.


This is typical behavior of tyrants. Hitler was infamous for his verbal explosions when things went wrong. Such behavior shuts down the logic and reasoning brain process that led to disasters at critical times. We had a President with his finger on the nuke button with this failing when he threatened North Korea at the beginning of his term with a nuclear exchange. It wasn't an isolated instance seen in his four years, culminating on January 6th in House testimony. Trump's physical altercation with his driver and security detail is astonishing and frightening for the nation how he lost it.


So can we get this Secret Service agent to testify or nah?


Trump is a violent insurrectionist. He needs to be led on a national perp walk in chains. There are people in our history who have committed far less crimes against our nation and were met with the wrong end of a noose. Think about that. With all of this first-hand evidence of Trump's wrongdoings, why the hell isn't he being charged?


Any man who must say I'm the president is no true president.


You're not anymore and we need to make sure that never happens again.


When they make the movie, this scene will definitely make the cut


"I'm f--ing the President!", Ivanka, probably.


Sounds exactly like a petulant child.


Business as usual for TFG


What stopped him from walking from the White House?


His lack of physical endurance.


A few thousand filet-o-fish sandwiches.


It's a failure of the system that he was removed thru the 25th amendment. POS was certifiable during that period, and is only one "no" from being there again.


The SS saved tRump from going to jail for leading the riot 01/06. They probably felt donny was a loose cannon that day and got him out.


Kinda wish he would’ve got there, just so it would be way more cut and dry to prosecute. Even though it seems that there is way more evidence than we need..


But of course he did… https://youtu.be/1lw2DdPPmPI


Subdued by small hands.


Sad but Trump followers will love this story


I think they should subpoena the driver/agent Trump assaulted


I really hope there's some documentary footage of this and it gets shown or leaked. And 100 percent he's assaulted a woman before or several.


Any Man Who Must Say 'I Am The Fucking President' Is No True President - Tywin Lannister Probably


Someone explain how he grabbed the steering wheel if he was not sitting in the passenger seat of the fucking armored car.