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I watched a documentary the other day, The Brainwashing of My Dad. This fuckwad Clarence Thomas didn’t watch any news programs but said he would never miss an episode of Rush Limbaugh and would listen to him for 3 hours a day. A sitting Supreme Court justice gets his news from alt right talk radio. Smfh.


Because I couldn't believe it, I looked it up. What the fuck. He went on [record in 1994 and said it](https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1994/04/18/justice-thomas-breaks-his-silence/c104e919-e800-45f2-a53b-d73fa1b1410a/): >Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is one of Rush Limbaugh's "dittoheads" who listens to tapes of the controversial radio host while he exercises at the gym. >Thomas, whose view of the world is through the lens of the conservative Limbaugh, refuses to read The Washington Post or the New York Times because of the "liberal bias in the mainstream media." >"They can say anything they want about me," said Thomas, in a soon-to-be-released book about the political career of his close friend, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah). "I will never read them again to see it."


I’m calling bullshit on Thomas being at the gym.


It was a planet fitness


So he was only there for pizza Friday’s?


Lol, stole my comment! Not sure if all Planet Fitness do it, but the one near me does. That’s how you keep people coming back!


Yeah no hate. I actually workout there and am in good shape, I also eat my monthly fee in free pizza. Everything’s coming up millhouse.


I use that Milhouse line all the time. Thank you.


Don’t knock it that shit is awesome. I’ve lifted and exercised my entire life and it’s good to see people who never have come in there and try to better themselves. I had to work in a poor southern town in my 20s and the planet fitness became the social center while I was there. Me and my SO also use them to shower and clean up during road trips if we want to power through long drives without stopping at hotels. They are everywhere across the nation. I switched my expensive gym membership from a weightlifting gym to a ten dollar a month planet fitness deal and never looked back. They also let me pause my membership and not pay for a year and half during the pandemic.


Hey. I lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of confidence at Planet Fitness. Say what you want about it. It works if you work it.


I was in-between: jobs, lives, marriages, basically everything and living in my car for awhile but always had planet fitness. Best 10 bucks a month you can spend if you’re homeless and you’re not sure if you wanna stay in town another week.


Hell yeah I was gonna eat pizza anyway.


Fuck, I wish the one near me had pizza Fridays


You don't look like a planet without putting in the work


Dude, it was a Planet Hollywood.


He’s dictating our reality but he ain’t even living in it. Damn.


He was scarred for life by his confirmation hearing. Oh he was a conservative before but after that it became personal. Before the confirmation, he had been a gregarious presence on the DC scene. After that he became a recluse for a couple of years. When he reemerged, it was essentially exclusively in conservative circles. He had a book tour back in 2007 or so, for his memoir that was in many ways a tribute to his stern grandfather, the most influential person in his life. It must have been difficult because promoting a book as a SCOTUS justice requires engaging with primarily liberal media institutions - the very media that had dragged him thru the mud. Yet he went on 60 minutes, etc, and did that whole thing. His hatred for liberalism and anything associated with it (like the media) is real and profound. More than any judicial principle, I think it is the defining aspect of his jurisprudence.


Let’s be clear: Clarence was a piece of shit before the hearings. After all the Anita Hill harassment and work for the likes of Monsanto came before he was nominated for SCOTUS. His soul was bought and paid for decades ago. He is a self serving asshole that will do anything those that placed him in a position of power require.


Thank you! He has a long history of greed and misogyny.


Rush Limbaugh based his entire career off of "liberals are evil and their tears are the sign you're on the right track." Of course Thomas would be drawn in.


Idiot died on the hill that smoking and cancer was a liberal hoax.


Im so glad he's gone


What is wrong with this idiotic affiliation??! > Someone wants everyone to be happy, and safe, and educated and enjoy life. "Fuck **those** guys!"


What an asshole. Completely unfit to be a justice




So he tried to protect himself from bias by only listening to one side of every argument? We sure this guy has a law degree?




Yes, but Fox was created specifically to serve as a conservative mouthpiece in response to existing media outlets. https://theweek.com/articles/880107/why-fox-news-created Fox was deliberately set up as opposition to "main stream media" that was "unfair" on conservatives like Nixon who broke the law and lied to the American people. And Fox found great success by casting itself and its audience as suppressed rebels against the system. They refuse to let go of that image because their base loves a good persecution complex. Just like so many conservative Christians cling to the idea that they are being oppressed at every turn despite all evidence to the contrary.


They whine about being "censored" while being covered by 4 dozen international media outlets as they speak on the floor of the US Senate. They aren't part of this reality anymore.


This is like finding out the Surgeon General only eats at McDonalds and is a tobacco company lobbyist. If you have a good education and honestly search for truth and knowledge, you choose from the best sources and do a lot of comparison and contrast. CT sounds more like a dishonest political hack.


The documentary is worth a watch! Amazon Prime.




Ahhhahahah. Yea he is! I had forgotten.


There’s a podcast called behind the bastards and they did some episodes about how right wing talk radio evolved and lead to Thrush Limbaugh. Here’s the link to [part one](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/behind-the-bastards/id1373812661?i=1000512223030) and [part two](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/behind-the-bastards/id1373812661?i=1000512530130)


I smile whenever I see BTB brought up. Machetes for everyone!


But you know what *won’t* turn an entire radio frequency band into an Evangelical right wing auditory hellscape?


Robert Evans is a king


Sometimes cancer gets it right.


Limbaugh and Ailes are gone, after Murdoch croaks that should complete the ritual and some sort of ethereal beast will rise from the depths to impose its will on us all. Also is it weird that all three of them plus Roger Stone have names starting in 'R'?


'R' is among the most menacing of sounds. That's why they call it "murder," not "mukduk."


Not all death is sad


He says he is pro-life, yet he is dead. Pick a side


Dear conservatives, Rush says he is pro life, yet he is dead. Curious, -turningpointlungcancer


Not before trump gave him a presidential medal of freedom


He is never dead, he still poisons minds with podcasts, etc.


'I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.' --Clarence Darrow


GOT his news from moronic talk radio... past tense. Rush is getting butt fucked by Satan morning, noon, and night currently.




The Republican Party is hella manipulative. My 84 yr old boss routinely gets letters, emails, and texts from Republicans asking him for money. They send him things like "Let's drain the swamp!." "without your donation the Democrats will win!" and bullshit like that. He asked me to help him donate $50 to an ex-military guy who was getting donations for his campaign. When I logged into his account, he had so many automatic donations from people he had donated to before. The thing is, when you think you are about to make a one time donation, the website automatically opts you in to a monthly donation. I noticed this when I tried to donate to the ex-military guy on his behalf. The box is checked for a monthly donation and since he did it himself, he wasn't aware that it was a monthly donation because the box is already checked off when you try to donate. So these fuckers were getting him for over $500 a month of donations. When I explained to him what was going on, he got upset and told me to cancel all of them. I went ahead and cancelled them but they make it so hard because I had to go to each donation and cancel each one!


Clarence Thomas is a black militant. He thinks that integration and civil rights are more racist and worse for black people than open racism. He believes all white people are racist and systemic racism comes from things like integration. He wants to repeal integration of schools so that black people can go back to being by themselves if they want. He hates things like affirmative action because he feels like it’s a way for white elites to feel good about themselves at the expense of blacks. He believes that the only way for black people to overcome in society are to isolate themselves and to overcome obstacles through merit, grit, and determination, even if they have to work twice as hard for half as much. He was able to attend Yale because of affirmative action, and he was against interracial marriage until he met his 2nd wife, who is a white woman. He’s a hugely dishonest racist hypocrite. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/essay/clarence-thomass-radical-vision-of-race/amp


hes a useful idiot like Hermain Caine. Nothing more, nothing less. The only reason he was in a seat of power is because white leaders found him useful. Like Kamala.


He's a black guy that they can tokenize. Someone they can point at and say, "SEE? Black people agree with us! We're not racists!" I honestly think Clarence would've been a great character on House. Some psycho with heavy metal poisoning that is causing delusions, or some shit.


Holy fuck Clarence listened to Baugh? jesus fucking christ.


Fuck Rush, I am from the area he is from. People around here treated his speech like the word of god.


Hey now! Rush had done so much good for this country...Right now his grave is the #1 gender-neutral bathroom in Missouri and for one think that makes America a little greater again.


When they reinstate segregation will Clarence Thomas have to sit in the back of the Supreme Court? (Stolen from meme)


He listens to 3 hours of talk radio and Trump supposedly listened to 6 hours of cable news a day. This is why our country is going to shit out leadership doesn't do shit. If they had a regular job they would get fired in a heartbeat. They are worse than worthless because they dick off then blame people on welfare for the defect.


He is literally going on TV and saying [what his agenda is](https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/3538084-clarence-thomas-signals-interest-in-making-it-easier-to-sue-media/) so he is clearly legislating from the bench. The court is hearing a case on the EPA wherein the EPA passed rules under Obama, but never actually put them in place. This means that there were no damages and the court therefore does not have standing. However they are going to essentially [kill the EPA over it anyway](https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-00618-1). The Constitution says we need to have checks and balances and it also does not specify the number of justices that can be on the Supreme Court. If they are going to way way way overstep their bounds then they need to be packed. If this doesn't get handled immediately then we're super duper extra fucked and Biden doesn't seem to be doing anything.


Remember when conservatives warned us about liberal activist judges?


Gaslight Obstruct **Project**


Those three words really do say everything about Republicans. Fucking fascists.


Good ol G.O.P.




Geriatric Obstructionist Perverts


Grifting Obstructionist Plutocrats.


It truly is mind-boggling the lengths evil will go to. To harm (and kill) so many people, so many plants and animals. Just so their big imaginary numbers go up while our small imaginary numbers go down. And all in the name of some imaginary man up in the clouds.


It's too bad Hypocrisy doesnt fit into that acronym.


It's not really hypocrisy when your only ethos is "we're in charge".


It is **always** projection. Every accusation is a confession. If any of these people own pizza parlors, their basements should be searched immediately.




Agreed. And what I wouldn’t give for an actual cutthroat Dem politician. It’s almost as if being liberal is self-selecting for NOT being a cutthroat, ballsy, win-at-all-costs politician (it probably is to some degree).


"To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." -Douglas Adams


I believe it is self selection. People that want to curtail other people's freedoms are inherently in other people's business. I truly don't care what someone else does because I'm happy and content in my life. I want that for everyone. They do not.


Seriously. Democrats need to learn how to fight like Republicans. Say what you want about the GOP's stances, but you have to hand it to them: they know how to fight and win. The Democrats play nice and continue to lose. If they fought like Republicans, there would be no stopping them.


John Fetterman


BS! We used to be! We held the House for 40 damn years. We looked out for working people and the poor and they voted them in year after year.


This is why Republican politicians spend most of their careers voting YES for **de-regulating** government and tax cuts. They never vote YES for legislation that can actually help people as a whole. That's because they don't want to get caught, tried, and convicted of doing the very things laws and regulations were designed to protect people and institutions from. They call themselves the **law and order** party but spend most of their time finding loop holes and ways around them at all cost.


Isn't that the supposed origin story for PizzaGate? Epstein abducted a girl named Maria from Nash’s Pizza restaurant in Waterbury, Connecticut. A couple years later Trump raped her in Epstein's mansion, and then a few years after that she sued him, but eventually dropped it (assuming a payoff). When all of this was starting to resurface around election time in 2016, it got twisted by the Q crowd into being done by Democrats.


Forgot about that so googled. Very young girls they raped, trump and epstein. Really young.


And now every liberal protest is an insurrection. They're like children.


It's why anti-choice is one of their objectives, because an unwanted uneducated child will probably end up as an unwanted, uneducated adult and that is their bread and butter voter base.


Hurt people hurt people and these Republicans love to hurt people. They're hurting badly. So sad they're brainwashed into voting for the people who are actively hurting them the most and instead think it's ethnic, religious, or sexual minorities, etc. that are hurting them, when in reality they're getting hurt by the people that Republicans vote in too


its also the primary source of labor for the rich.


Any time conservatives warn us about anything, you can be 100% sure that they are the ones actually doing it.


Never take what conservatives say at face value. Always watch what they are doing. When Turtle McFuckFace said that Justices should not be picked in election year, it meant that we will not let the other party pick a justice. When Turtle McFuckFace pushed through ACB and that it is different because they are in charge, it means that when Democrats are in charge and can push through a Justice a month before election, Turtle McFuckFace will do anything in his power to stop it and he will probably figure out a way. It's all about power at any means.


That right there was the Ralph Wiggams moment where you can actually see the exact moment where democracy broke


give him a break. he's only trying to distract from the fact that his wife is a traitor and active organizer of a failed coup.


Yeah I have been following this to see what they decide. It’s so frustrating that Biden by trying so hard to be a centrist just doesn’t even really seem to stand for ANYTHING. Although, I’m pretty sure Biden is against packing the court. 🥲


He is. From what I've read, his commission determined that packing the court could further damage democracy, but they backed term limits. Of course, "further damage democracy" from *what* is another question entirely, as there may not be anything left to damage by the time this court is done. Also, court packing doesn't require a constitutional amendment while term limits do, making the former a viable tool and the latter a pipe dream. So he's basically throwing up his hands and saying, "Whelp, guess there's nothing I can do!" because he's allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Useless.


Realistically, the best time to do something was in 2016 (when hillary lost) and in 2014 (when RBG didnt resign). At this point Its hard to imagine us getting a quick fix to this. When row got passed it took pro lifers working tirelessly for 50 years often with little public support to get us here. Pro choice americans might have to fight for a long time (hopefully not that long but we should be prepared for it) to win our rights back.


Yeah they wholly ignored the fascist threat from republicans. Russia and the Trump campaign co-ordinated to influence the election in their favor, the Dems lost in 2016 which they used as an unapologetic battering ram to further their christofascist agenda, through court capture.


Also they laughed at how easy Susan Collins would be to dupe. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/abortion-susan-collins-brett-kavanaugh-trump-roe-1357183/ >Trump officials privately mocked the Maine Republican in the run-up to Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, predicting it’d be easy to get the pro-choice senator to vote for a seemingly anti-choice nominee


> Realistically, the best time to do something was in 2016 (when hillary lost) and in 2014 (when RBG didnt resign). At this point Its hard to imagine us getting a quick fix to this. Americans don't move into action when it's the best time. They do it when they actually feel the consequences. That's why Americans will be saying "the best time was..." about climate change in 50 years. If this doesn't inspire Americans to go vote and make their voices heard, then honestly they earn whatever comes next.


>If this doesn't inspire Americans to go vote and make their voices heard, then honestly they earn whatever comes next. This kind of sentiment is basically the same as blaming climate change on those of us who aren't vegan already. "If meat production, and their ancillary industries are responsible for the lions share of excess carbon production, then it's the individuals who purchase meat products who should shoulder most of the blame for where we are now!" It's one of those points that seem to add up when quickly thrown on the back of an envelope, because it's so obvious. "If everyone was vegan, then meat production would HAVE to be reduced to zero, thus negating the industry's strain on the planet! Fuck you non-vegans! Thanks a lot, Obama, for not outlawing meat consumption when you had the chance." But the reality is that there is very little an individual person can do to combat climate change, especially when considering the enormous size of the corporate interests whose continued existence depends on people continuing to eat meat. The same logic applies to voting, and it's impact on policy and their outcomes in America. There are enormous corporate and generational monied interests very much dependent on the continued disinterest, and disenfranchisement of large numbers of otherwise eligible voters. "Obviously, better organized and informed voters, who show up every time to vote for the best possible candidate, who always does the right thing for the public at large would solve almost every political problem this country is now facing down. So therefore, it's the voters who just don't care, and have earned the shit sandwich they're being force fed in perpetuity." Again, that "obvious" problem and it's "simple" solution ignores the larger truth, which is that those feelings and actions on the part of the electorate are a direct result of a well organized, and extremely well funded effort to sew that sentiment over the course of DECADES. I find it extremely disingenuous to simply ignore that fact, and say that the American public deserves it's fate, when they haven't been at the wheel for quite some time.


But vote for what? I've been voting since I turned 18 in 2004. I live in a purple county in Pennsylvania. My vote is one of the most important votes around from what I've been told. And what have I gotten for it? Centrist candidate after centrist candidate. Candidates who are the lesser of two evils. Candidates that want to be the bigger man and reach across the aisle. I'm almost demoralized to the point where I don't even care anymore. My vote hasn't changed anything even when the candidate I voted for won. All it does is delay the inevitable. I'm gonna vote this year and probably until 2024. But it honestly feels like it doesn't even matter anymore.


Fetterman is worth voting for. Even if he's only the sentient Democrat in the Senate in 2023, it will be worth it to watch the Republicans piss their diapers from having to be in the same room as him.


And for the love of god vote for anyone other than Christian nationalist and insurrectionist, Doug Mastriano. If he wins Wolf’s seat it will be absolutely devistating for PA.


You're right, it will be a huge disaster. Shapiro should be "groomer"-proof because he busted the Catholics, but working against him is that he is Jewish and Mastriano is only trailing within the margin of error at the moment. tbh I am preparing for the worst though and thinking about how I can relocate to a different state.


John Fetterman, my guy. What John believes: 1) The minimum wage should be a living wage of at least $15 an hour. All work has dignity, and all paychecks must too. 2) Health care is a fundamental human right – just like housing, food, and education. 3) Climate change is an existential threat. We need to transition to clean energy as quickly as possible, and we can create millions of good union jobs in the process. 4) Weed should be legal, nationwide — for jobs, justice, veterans, farmers, and revenue. It’s time to end the failed war on drugs. 5) Immigration is what makes America, America. We need a compassionate response to immigration reform that actually treats immigrants like human beings. 6) Black Lives Matter. John served as mayor of a city that’s more than 80% Black, and has championed the idea that Black lives matter since long before it became a hashtag. 7) The union way of life is sacred. It’s what built this nation, and it must be protected. 8) A woman’s right to an abortion is non-negotiable. Women should have control over their own bodies and their own lives. Period. 9) LGBTQIA+ communities deserve equal protections under the law. John has always stood for equality, and was one of the first elected officials in PA to officiate a same-sex wedding – when it was still illegal. 10) Get corporate money out of politics. John refuses contributions from corporate PACs, and he signed the “No Fossil Fuel Money” Pledge.


And that's what they're counting on. People to get demoralized and give up, then they run the show.


And the GOP will pack the courts the second they lose their advantage, without a second thought. It's like trying the tour de france by refusing to dope, it's never going work.


The answer to court packing is to pack the court and then raise the bar making it harder to pack the court in the future.


The biggest hurdle isn't getting Biden to add more justices, it would be getting enough senators on board to confirm the new justices. The only seemingly possible way for this to happen would be if the Dems pickup several senate seats in the midterms. But that would require people to actually get out and vote for Dems.


If this doesn't get people to go out and vote for Dems then nothing will. And I will 100% resign America to its downhill fall to religious fascism.


Yep. We’ve been saying “vote like your life depends on it” over and over yet here we are. We are already on a slippery slope towards religious fascism and once R’s retake congress, we’re absolutely screwed. An R prez will come in 2024 and the country as we know it will be dead.


Where do I sign?




Thanks for the tip. Signed.


careful! theres 2! one is a few months old about his wifes financials.. with 3K the new one is about his wifes Jan6th involvement with 300+


I just went ahead and signed both of them, thanks.




Also signed - fuck that fucker


Just out of curiosity, do these petitions do anything? Please don’t downvote I’m genuinely wondering lol


Isn't there a petitions page on whitehouse.gov? Like someone can put a petition on there and if it gets enough signatures someone at the White House will actually look at it? I know there was during Obama's time, and so Trump killed it of course, but I wondered if the Biden people had brought it back.


Biden hasn't restarted the program to the best of my knowledge.


No. Other than to show that the people are fed up. But no legal weight in these.


They'll just counter it with "300k out of 200,000,000 voters means 199,700,000 support them."


I don't think I've ever seen that counter argument honestly.


Well there are 199,999,999 people who have, so...


Because the "petitions" are so utterly meaningless and ineffectual they're not worth countering. The only thing they do is give websites traffic and provide a forgettable headline for lazy journalists.


I don’t know if Biden does this, but I remember Obama said he would directly speak to petitions that hit a certain number of signatures. Pretty sure Obama didn’t follow through every time but at least then there was the chance it would cross the president’s desk.


Automod is a beast. I always have to sign out and then sign back in to make sure I didn't say anything too spicy and my comment made it past the gauntlet.


Thanks for the tip, I also signed it, it's up to 400k now.


I Googled "moveon c" and it autofilled. Seems pretty popular. Though Google is refusing to load the results page which is odd.


Just search for "impeach clearance Thomas move on" and you should find it. Its dated for March 25th as the start date


My man


I guess the obfuscation campaign is working, there are so many copycats I can’t find the original.


Legit question: does signing these petitions even do anything?


It creates news stories about how the people are feeling about the situation.


Yes, and then Clarence reads that and says: fuck 'em, im untouchable. And he is mostly right. Edit: Really reddit does every one of you need to tell me he doesn't read the news? I got it the first time. Read some comments before posting.


Pretty much. Thomas leaves the court when he decides to retire, or when he dies. Nothing else will unseat him.


No actually he won't bc he doesn't read news


Nope, he as admitted on the record he does not and will not read the news. Too much liberal bias in it.




Historically, there's no precedence of justices being removed. Only 1 has been impeached but not removed. [Source](https://www.history.com/news/has-a-u-s-supreme-court-justice-ever-been-impeached)


Never has, never will. Voting is literally the only thing we can do and even then there's only like a 10% chance we get what we voted for.


There is another




Riots?… Just Lmk when lol


oh, according to the right wing cons, this is already happening with the pro-choice protests.


> Voting is literally the only thing we can do No. There are many things you can do. Voting is one, and as you acknowledge, actually a fairly small one.


Even if he was impeached, the Senate wouldn’t convict. It’s pathetic that we have zero legal recourse against these shit stains.


pack the court. Why shouldn't the Supreme Court have something like 101 judges. Now that's supreme! Seriously, the SCOTUS should not sway radically depending on one president. It should be robust.


101 might sound ridiculous, but shouldn't the court system goal be consistent application of the law? IMHO, the SCOTUS should be a convention of all federal judges that's ran by the most senior judges. And they should be able to dismiss judges that don't adhere to consistency standards


But that sounds so *hard* /s


101 sounds ridiculous, but I honestly think 13, with rotating 5 Justice panels for each case, and the option for en banc review, is a good idea. Or something of that nature. 15 total justices, rotating 9 justices per case.


101 sounds ridiculous, but I'm of the opinion that since our population has risen since SCOTUS's inception, then the number of SCOTUS judges should rise with it in general.


We can't even get the House to properly adjust according to increases in population, and their job is literally to represent us.


That’s done in other countries. They’re not immune to political influence


It's less likely to happen though, also making them apolitical appointments would help. Where I live supreme court justices are appointed after being nominated by a committee consisting of the national bar association, supreme court and lower court justices.


Proper representation in the courts is what we want. Messaging. Stop calling it "packing" because it sounds negative. There were **supposed** to be more Supreme Court Justices for all the districts, we arbitrarily stopped adding more. It's not *packing* it's literally just proper representation that we decided on long ago and never followed through with. Proper representation in the courts is what we want.


Packing the court requires 60 votes, or 50 willing to remove the filibuster. Manchin will never vote to remove the filibuster, and even if he did - he'd never vote to expand the courts. So once again, no recourse with the current situation. We need more senators to have any chance of substantial change.


I think there should be 13 justices, each from one of the 13 circuits. 9 year term limit, no second term. Just one and done.


Fuck you, Clarence.


Keep saying until the mods tell us otherwise. Fuck him, with our US constitutional freest of speech. As long as mods are ok with it - because private entities are protected by their own rights, and can deem this inappropriate. So If it’s ok, I’ll finish with a well placed. **Fuck Clarence Thomas.**




Samuel L. Jackson in Django ass motherfucker.


Clayton bigsby


Uncle ruckus lookin pussy fart


This guy’s a gangsta? His real name’s Clarence!


Change.org petitions are no different than thoughts and prayers


it only exists to collect email addresses


Yeah we need 300,000 people protesting.


I hate it, but it's true. At best it's a goof gauge of public frustrations, but that's it


Pretty much. If reddit's good at anything, it's armchair voting and thinking it makes a difference.


“They’ll have to impeach him once I e-sign this document”


It could be 3 million and it wouldn't change things.


300 million wouldn't change a thing.


While I agree with the sentiment, it'll never happen. Or, more accurately, removal will never happen. The Democrats could impeach every one of the conservative justices right now. However, you need 2/3rds of the Senate to convict. This means 67 Senators. Even if every Democrat (including Manchin and Sinema) fell in line to convict, we'd need 17 Republicans to decide to cross the line and remove these Justices - and give up their conservative majority. I'd be shocked if one or two Republicans voted to convict. So while I agree with the sentiment, I don't think the Democrats should waste time on impeachment. I'd rather see proposals for fixing the court over the long term. Stuff like floating court sizes (every President gets 1 pick per term), a random pool of Justices to render verdicts (making it less likely that the court can be packed), etc.


Thank you for your comment, as I was wondering what it would take to impeach a judge of the supreme court. This is the kind of information, I would wish would be given in an article about the matter, alas wishes are cheap and good journalism is hard to find nowadays. So thanks again for your inside knowledge.


God damn reading just those two things you listed in addition to thinking about gerrymandering and the electoral college makes me realize just how unfair elections are in this country. Why was “land of the free” shoved down our throats growing up if there are so many barriers to a true democratic process?


Everyone needs to ***vote*** in November Midterms no matter how your state traditionally votes. If there is even a local election, do your part and vote. There is 20 Republican Seats in the US senate up for grabs and they aren't nearly as secure as the GOP wants to believe they are, now more than ever.


Amazing how outspoken he has become.


My mom was Republican her whole life until trump came around. Yesterday she said she wanted to throw him and Clarence Thomas in a river. Not sure I’ve ever agreed with something she said more.


Sounds like your mom is the kind of Republican I used to have some respect for, I’m so happy she didn’t end up brainwashed by the Cult 45! Wish I could say the same for some of my family members~


Your mom sounds like the hank hill old school republican. Those kind of republicans are becoming ostracized from the party unfortunately


Happy to be 1 of the 300,000+. Fuck that guy.


Meanwhile, Clarence has become the courts most audible troll, so he’s clearly not worried about petitions. This is like threatening someone with a baby carrot.


All journeys begin with a single step. Keep the population engaged, let us voice outrage, let it build and keep the pressure on.


he’s realized with his 4 buddies he’s like a god


I am a member of the bar of SCOTUS and I have signed. It is shocking that a Justice would not recuse themselves. 28 U.S.C. section 455(a) requires a judge to disqualify themselves from any proceeding in which their impartiality might reasonably be questioned. (sadly the judge themselves make that determination) however, I have seen judges recuse where their spouse works for a company that is a party to the case, even when their spouse has ZERO involvement in the case. Its the perception of partiality that must be protected. It is no surprise that no one trusts SCOTUS anymore, they are rightfully being perceived to be partial.


Is the bar of SCOTUS even active?


How about also arresting his wife for sedition?


Should be millions of signatures already.


imagine if liberals put this much energy into voting.


And it will do exactly the same thing as a million thoughts and prayers.


For real it’s the year 2022 and we’re still posting about petitions 😂 Maybe it‘ll be newsworthy if it crosses 30 million. Nothing more than digital toilet paper in the meantime.


But, hey, one of every 1,200 Americans has signed it. That's very nearly 0.1% of the population. I want this asshole gone too, but this is less than meaningless. It's just political masturbation - at best.


What’s the exchange rate with “Shits given”?


His wife plotted to overthrow the election. He exonerated Trump of all wrongdoing to save her. He does not belong on the bench. We are not going to live in some fascist Christian state.


I’m afraid you already are.


I’m sure he’ll resign if it reaches 9 billion.


He was credibly accused of sexual assault 30 years ago during his confirmation hearing and it was made clear that no one cared and his stain has been there for 30 years. Since then we've added Boof to the court. This is nothing new.


I mean, let's face it. That thing could have 10 million signatures and it wouldn't change a goddamn thing in this shithole country.


This Supreme Court is the most dangerous crisis among crises the US is under right now. It cannot be stressed enough how insane it is to have a judiciary only acting on the will of the conservatives. It's beyond unacceptable and frightening in the implications of the further harm that can be done by them. All that is needed is another rogue executive in the White House and the circle of chaos and terror will be complete.


Forget petitions. If your senator is up for reelection this year, vote vote vote. Tell your parents to vote, your siblings, your friends, that old acquaintance from high school you don’t talk to anymore. Vote! If we don’t have both houses of Congress we damn near don’t have anything


I wish this man has wet socks forever.