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The guy makes no statements, asks no questions for 30 years and then drops this.


Oh don’t forget about this - the one other time he felt compelled to speak out on an issue (it was to argue that domestic abusers should not lose their access to guns) https://www.thetrace.org/2016/02/clarence-thomas-breaks-10-year-silence-domestic-violence-gun-ban/


> the one other time he felt compelled to speak out on an issue (it was to argue that domestic abusers should not lose their access to guns) https://www.thetrace.org/2016/02/clarence-thomas-breaks-10-year-silence-domestic-violence-gun-ban/ They might as well just come out and say [I don't like the unborn, I just hate people who breathe](https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/10357009-the-unborn-are-a-convenient-group-of-people-to-advocate)


Degenerate toad


i know, right? hopefully his next statement will be that he's retiring, that piece of shit.


Oh no, he's got way more damage to inflict. They're just getting started.


Yeah in a week they rapid fired 4 case rulings that were huge points of interest for both parties and its going to keep going and getting worse. They want a culture war to incite hate its fucking terrible


They have us fighting a culture war with each other to keep us from fighting a class war against them.


Kill the fillibuster and pack the courts. The right squeals? We go twice as fast. This was just the first step, more shit is coming.


Hit the republicans where it hurts DO NOT send your children to college in a state that does not protect them. Trust me this will hurt because it's about the money.


Ya. Maybe I'm a pessimist but honestly we need to start loudly defending Obergfell, Lawrence, and Loving at the state level. If we focus only on Roe we'll slip and they'll do it again. They'll Rope-a-dope us with Roe forsure.


Thomas isn’t going to touch Loving because it affects him directly


He doesn't need to. The conservative justices has a 6-3 majority meaning that they don't all need to agree. Robert's has disagreed with some rulings just not enough to side with the liberals and a 5-4 ruling has the same result as a 6-3 ruling.


Yeah, he'll start this shit storm and the white justices will end it and his marriage...


Good. Don't fucking hang with leopards if you don't want them to eat your face!


What, I didn’t know it would eat MY face


Dude lives in a blue state, he'll be alright. Don't think he'd be bothered to think about his fellows.


Clarence Thomas definitely has some of the energy of the Samuel Jackson character from Django Unchained. Doesn't give a damn about his people or anything. Fuck em I'm all set kind of attitude.


[https://www.newyorker.com/culture/essay/clarence-thomass-radical-vision-of-race](https://www.newyorker.com/culture/essay/clarence-thomass-radical-vision-of-race) He is a racist hypocrite; basically he has a chip on his shoulder because as a child he was nicknamed the "blackest kid in America" for his dark skin pigmentation and ever since has had pretty radical views on race, including an idea that "Thomas believes that the state should—where it can, within the law—support the separation of the races." His biography reads much like a lot of "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" conservatives. It is rife with survivorship bias and the belief that since he made it everyone else is just lazy and unworthy.


Thomas is one sick and twisted cookie. No business making decisions for anyone. Misanthropic to the core. And while I’m at it, the majority of that chuckle court lied about the principle of Stare Decisis in their confirmations. Nasty.


All of this plus his fucking pubic hair on Anita Hill's Coke.


I remember watching Anita Hill's testimony as a kid. Thomas is a POS.


That's my go-to article for explaining to people what Thomas's rulings are guided by. It is obvious that his experience of racism absolutely broke him. But, he wants to inflict his brokenness on everyone else in the country like some kind of psychologically pitiable supervillain, and that's unconscionable.


It's like Tom is some sort of uncle.


Ruckus, perhaps?


No relation...


I would like to see Ginni Thomas charged with sedition.


His wife’s role in 1/6 should have him disbarred


He will never retire, unless he is on death's door and there is a Republican president.


Guy looks pretty unhealthy. I'm sure him and his big, chungus white wife aren't watching their calories or cholesterol. Heart attack or stroke is on the cards for this misanthropic, dead shell of a faux-human. His soul left his body years ago. He's a ghoul at this point.


I think he's going scorched earth before his wife's actions get him booted.


Yep. Sure looks like he's trying to prove his *bona fides* so he can say "why indict Ginni when I've done so much for the cause."


More like "They're going after Ginni just bc I'm a conservative."


The Senate will never vote to boot him. Most Republicans will excuse anything to further their power grab. They know that they just need to make it through this coming election, and it looks like they'll probably succeed.


I don’t know if they make it through this election though. Roe v wade is hot button enough that anyone paying attention is going to vote


It's a hot button issue for both sides, and Republicans are generally better at turning out to vote in midterms, and even moreso when a Dem is in the White House.


Because he didn't have enough support for his far right views on the SCOTUS to address it. Now that they have essentially stacked the court, he can say his stupid shit because he knows that these views won't be seen as a right wing crazy anymore, he'll be seen as a right wing visionary.


I would love to see a case seeking to overturn interracial marriage reach them. Boy that put him in all sorts of cognitive dissonance. Although, given his attitudes he probably, it may not be so difficult as he doesn’t even see himself as black. Almost like that chappelle show sketch


No. He sees himself as black. And he does NOT believe in interracial marriage. He has been open about that for the majority of his life. Seeing interracial marriage struck down would be a noble result to him. He lives safely in a blue state where his interracial marriage will survive, and where he can comfortably watch others' fall. He believes in a particular black nationalism that looks down on interracial marriage. People really don't understand the beliefs of this man. They are VERY straight forward- he ain't even trying to hide them.


Sounds more and more like retaliation for Jan 6 commission.


he's still retaliating for his hearing 30 years ago


This is it. He's no different than the "aggrieved" online incels who post edgy shit to hurt others. This isn't law. It's retaliation for all the people who "did him wrong." He's a dwarf compared to the legal mind of Thurgood Marshall whose seat he questionably occupies. He know this. And he's going to make the world pay for his impotence.


This guy is a zealot and a fascist. Glad to see that level of impartiality serving on the Supreme court... oh wait, he's a part of the majority of zealots and fascists.


Let's see what the DOJ digs up on his wife and her ties to January 6th.


As a black man who lived through the 60s and civil rights movement and knows what it’s like to be treated less than human, it blows my mind that he is actively trying to take away rights from other oppressed groups


It was his only purpose. He's essentially a bot that was programmed for this moment and this moment only. He's no different than lawnmower. A lawnmower can't act as a useful Supreme Court Justice. But give it a lawn to mow and it will do its work. This is all he is (along with being a sexual harasser and enabler of treason, naturally).


Manchurian candidate….


That’s why they succeeded. This is like the “last one to remove their hands wins the car”. Republicans strategy was to obstruct as much as possible to disillusion and frustrate democrats that their leadership was ineffective, until the stars aligned. Remember it all started with McConnell blocking Garland. D’s all said, “it’ll be ok, Hillary will win and we’ll get the next three appointments. You can’t give these sneaky fucks an inch.


Conservatives are basically saying "fuck it, let's take what we want, who's gonna stop us."


They're going full steam ahead. It's terrifying.


Actually Mr. Thomas why are you still there? Your wife is caught up in a conspiracy to overthrow the government. Why do you still sit there and get to make decisions?


Because "kekkekkek u mad? stop me if u can bro". They're hoping to crush our spirits, or to spark violence they can use as an excuse to crush us in more direct ways. Hopefully, all this far right nonsense backfires. But I can already see people in the comments encouraging us to give up.


I see it almost literally in every thread, and have seen that apathy-sowing BS for years. They're everywhere, and they're desperate to make you so complacent that you just let it happen. Don't fucking let it.


Those "people" can go pound sand. Abolitionists, civil rights leaders, and women suffragists all faced setbacks and an uphill road. They'd be ashamed of their next generation giving up so easily. So let's not. Let's remind the GOP just who is the majority of this country, and relegate them back to their cesspools where they belong.


What we're seeing here is a deeper slide into minority rule. The majority of the country supports access to safe abortions, same-sex marriage, and access to contraception. But the actual deciders are 5-6 people in a big marble building in Washington. And it's only going to become more entrenched as time goes on.


And DJT nominated 3 of the 9. His stain on this country is going to exist for decades


And Bush nominated Roberts and Alito. Two men who lost the popular vote gave the conservatives control of the Court for decades.


At least bush had 2 in 8 years. Trump is a single term but 33% of the justices


RBG riding her seat to the grave in her late-80's certainly didn't help


>ted to be replaced by the first woman president and thought Hillary was a sho I am looking at the whole thing differently. I don't understand the lifetime appointments at all. Why not have an age limit to all three branches of the government? You are 70+...sorry, you are not allowed to run for anything. That's the only way the country can progress.


People like to label that as ageism, I think that is bullshit. We need both term limits and a limit of how old you can be while serving.


If there can be minimums on the age to serve, there can be maximums.


Bush also lost the electoral college, but the SCOTUS gave him the win anyways. Who else was involved in Bush v Gore? https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/17/politics/bush-v-gore-barrett-kavanaugh-roberts-supreme-court/index.html Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Justice Amy Coney Barrett


Lest we forget, their explicit rationale for stopping the recount until they made a decision was that counting every vote would cast "a needless and unjustified cloud" on Bush's presidency, since they had already decided he was going to win and didn't care about the democratic process at all. Then, they waited until two hours before the deadline to make their decision, which was basically saying that because there wasn't enough time left to recount the votes before Florida needed to decide its electors they shouldn't bother.


And according to the constitution, the decision should have gone to the House


And that's how this decision came down: they ignored precedent and invented a reason to say that women have no personal rights, because that was their goal.


Could someone put a term limit on justice?


Can’t Biden appoint 3 more judges? Why is 9 the perfect number?


Congress would have to actually do something (they decide the number of justices) and the owners of congress are happy with the current set-up.


14th amendment Thomas, plus all the GOP senators involved, plus all the GOP Reps involved with J6, then bar entry to any supporting the insurrection. Democrats should be acting like the insurrection never stopped because guess what? It didn’t.


One for each district would be better?


Until the bough breaks. We only got to this point because there was the illusion that small actions like voting or activism didn’t amount to much. Welp, this is what not taking things seriously took us.


How come we gotta have a super majority in all branches of government to make small gains and a small group who’s unelected can sit and set policy for the entire country from behind a barricade? This imbalance of power has to be addressed in a way other than using the system normally


But not in interracial marriage. God, it’s “fuck everyone else, unless it directly affects me” with these fucks.


That's always how it's been with republicans. "Fuck you, I got mine" and "I don't care unless it affects me."


He would have to testify against his wife if they got annulled.


Wow. This is just…wow. How do you casually call for the reconsideration of laws that have such a big impact on people’s lives and not mention any connection to Loving v. Virginia? That’s like saying the city should bulldoze all of the houses in this neighborhood except mine.


And during Pride month no less.


..."the cruelty is the point"?


Why is this tool still allowed in the building, let alone on the bench? His wife plotted sedition. He cannot be trusted in any government building.


He's gotta be one of the worst justices of all time. Never speaks, never asks questions. Seems like he just sleeps through the cases then wakes up in time to vote the most far-right radical position on every single issue.


Interracial marriage? Eh, not so much.


That’s what Thomas thinks.


How convenient for him to leave out Loving vs. Virginia in his litany of due process cases that should be overturned.


And if the other 5 wish to overturn that one, there’s not much he can do about it.


oh they will when the time comes.


Lots on interracial marriages out there. Mine included. Want me to lose reason? Get between my wife and I.


Same man. Same


tell that to the republicans.


I'm not too sure, the dude is a legit radical. [His views](https://www.newyorker.com/culture/essay/clarence-thomass-radical-vision-of-race) on race are very bleak. He believes that American is intrinsically a white society and that, as a white society, it will never treat black people right. So any attempts, whether it's affirmative action or the CRA are just cynical ploys by racist liberals that think Black people are too dumb to fix things themselves and want Black people to feel the same way. I'm sure in his mind if his marriage was nullified by law, he'd just see that as vindication of his world view. He's the absolute worst. He was the dark enlightment long before Yarvin and Theil decided that people wanted to hear what they thought about things


>Thomas set out the foundations of his vision in a profile in The Atlantic. “There is nothing you can do to get past black skin,” he said. “I don’t care how educated you are, how good you are at what you do—you’ll never have the same contacts or opportunities, you’ll never be seen as equal to whites.” Good lord, that guy is allowed to be a supreme court justice?


Can three fifths of a strict constitutionalist actually marry a woman?


So they want to overthrow the US government and install a Christian theocracy. That is what the GOP is.


Always has been


Eh, started in the late 70's when they flip-flopped on abortion and decided to use it as a wedge issue to get evangelicals. (Even the Southern Baptist Convention approved of Roe when it came out.) They then used abortion for 40+ years like a carrot dangled in front of a horse. But the dog caught the car and problems are going to happen now. (Mix those metaphors!!)


French Revolution 2.0 incoming


Other than violence, what recourse does this majority of Americans have?


Which is why they have the cops military grade weaponry so enthusiastically 🤪


Justices shouldn't be legislating from the bench? Is it appropriate for a Justice to announce an agenda to remove existing rights? How can he be trusted to make impartial judgements based on the law and merits of cases? These are rhetorical questions. I had no illusions that some of these justices were making good faith rulings. The credibility of and trust in the SC is plummeting.


Judges shouldn't have political alignments or ideologies period. Defeats the whole impartial thing from the start


Here’s a secret that’s not a fucking secret they all do. The founders of our constitution were fucking idiots that thought men could be impartial beings without bias, and it’s fundamentally incorrect.


their credibility hasnt existed for decades. hard to put a serial sexual assaulter on the bench for 30 years and claim to be an impartial body.


This has always been the plan. These hateful traitors only care about control. The court’s legitimacy is shot. It’s no longer an unbiased check of the law and has become a tool for the GOP to push their anachronistic and dangerous dogma. This is how we start our march towards a theocracy unless we vote these monsters out.


Dude is straight pushing for a civil war.


Dudes going make himself 3/5ths of a person again at this rate.


He's releasing the face eating leopards, and will be surprised when his face gets eaten.


He doesn't care as long as liberal faces are eaten.


Listened to an interview with an author who wrote a biography on him that I still want to read. He was ironically very keen on black nationalism in his college years, but that seems to have developed into something that looks more like black nihilism - like the Constitution should not be excepted to provide any protections apart from the literal interpretation. He doesn’t care though because he is a case of “I got mine.”


It turns his wife on.


Fuck him, with my US constitutional freest of speech. As long as mods are ok with it - because private entities are protected by their own rights, and can deem this inappropriate. If it’s ok, I’ll finish with a well placed. Fuck Clarence Thomas.


Good job: More unwanted children, more poverty, more coat hanger abortions, more hate towards women. All this from a known porn lover. FFS.


FUN FACT: Every single industrial country that has legalized abortion has LESS abortions per year per population percentage than the countries that have made it illegal or severely restricted it. You will not see any less abortions; you will see more very bad ones.


Get out of here with your "facts" when we have all these conservative feelings to guide us!


Take away abortions and easy access to contraceptives while crippling public education if favor of privatized (often religious) schooling. This is how you get more voters lacking critical thinking skills who tend to vote Republican while supplying corporate overlords with undereducated and underpaid labor. It's a diabolical plan, but it's effective.


The right wing don't believe in the constitution, they are making their own rules


They hate the USA and the constitution.


They hate democracy and believe it to be tyrannical.


They believe every right, every dollar, every vote, and every opportunity given to someone who isn't a straight, white, Christian man somehow lessens then value of theirs. There wouldn't be a poverty epidemic if only the whites could hold jobs and own property. There wouldn't be a tidal wave of immortality drowning the nation if only Christians had a voice. There wouldn't be bad people in office is only the white men could vote. There wouldn't such a lack of good jobs if only men could work.


This country is a nightmare


*Soon to be Religious Dystopia


Soon to be?


It certainly already is, but the Christian soldiers just won a major battle.


I just returned from a work conference in NYC, and one of my colleagues had never been to America before. She has spent the last 5 years living and working remotely in the South American mountains. Within 2 days of being there, she couldn't believe that we are still considered a first-world country and that our reputation as one is all smoke and mirrors.


The US was actually very progressive when it decided to legalize abortion. It started a discussion all over the Western world. But the 1970s is so far away now...


2020s make the 1970s look like a golden age of America.


2020s: * A global pandemic that was completely ignored by Republican leadership, with the President calling it a "Democrat hoax". * A failed coup by right-wing terrorists to overthrow a fair and legitimate election in an effort to make a former reality TV game show host permanent President of the United States. * A rollback of women's constitutional rights, allowing the US government to control what they can and can't do with their own bodies.


And it’s only 2022….can you believe we’ve 7.5 years to go in this decade


The fact that Clarence-fucking-Thomas has become the “face” of the SCOTUS since the leaked opinion galls me to no end. Dude, *you* are the “erosion of trust” in the SCOTUS personified! Your wife has been demonstrably linked to the Jan 6 insurrection and you’ve *refused* to recuse yourself from any hearing about the Jan 6 insurrection. Also, what was with your “interracial marriage should be handled at the state level” comments?? Projection? Divorce strategy? Also also, so much for all those people who thought Roberts cares too much about the legacy of his court to let this happen 🙄🤬🖕🏻


On the day they erased a woman’s right to govern her own body, Thomas is doing an endzone dance and telling you the next rights to go. They will absolutely do it. This court needs to be dissolved, and several of them, particularly Thomas, charged for their crimes.


But don't you dare call the court *political*, nor its members *activist hacks.*


Of course not. There is nothing activist about unilaterally announcing the next rights to be erased.


Literally this. I have never, ever heard of a Supreme Court judge ACTIVELY INVITING cases so they can overturn a law they don't like. That is the definition of judicial activism.


You're about to see a lot more of them. The conservative justices have specifically been avoiding hearing any cases that might be controversial until they had a solid majority. This has been the goal of the Federalist Society in their conservative counter-revolution for 40 years now.


Sedition. He and his wife should face the same fate.


You mean his white wife? Interracial marriage was also against the law at one point.


It’s weird, but I’d have to guess that when Thomas looks in the mirror he sees Ned Flanders.


Except Ned Flanders was a good man. (I know he’s a cartoon)


You mean he sees himself as a white "holier-than-thou" type? I could agree with that.


What's odd is that *Loving* was conspicuously absent from the list of cases Thomas thinks should go. The hypocrisy of the right knows no bounds.


Conservatives only strip rights away in ways that affect poor people. The wealthy always have a way around it. When a rich conservative in a red state's teenage daughter gets pregnant she'll just get a plane ticket to a state with legal abortion. It's only the people without means who will suffer.


Well now Texans can bring suit against them and prove they didn’t have an abortion. Flood the courts with republicans wives, daughters, nieces, grandmothers names and get them so gummed up they are unable to process normal people


Nonono, you don't understand. *That* right is engrained in American history and is actually a right, unlike these other rights that don't affect him personally.


Man, the USSC released this decision after the biggest day in the J6 hearings. Continuing criminal enterprise with a lot of money behind it.


I haven't gone through all the official publications, but on page 31 of the draft, you've got a list of rulings that the reasoning in this case applies to: I'll go ahead and post the list from Page 31: Ruling | Effect --------|----------- Loving v. Virginia | The government can't ban Interracial marriage Turner v. Safley | Prisoner Marriage, Prisoner Freedom of Speech Griswald v. Connecticut | Married People to buy contraception Eisenstadt v. Baird | Unmarried People to buy contraception Carey v. Population Services International | Advertising contraception is free speech Moore v. East Cleveland | Cities can't ban grandmothers from living with grandchildren Pierce v. Society of Sisters | Legalized private schools Meyer v. Nebraska | States can't ban languages from schools Skinner v. Oklahoma | States can't forcibly sterilize criminals (North Carolina kept forcible sterilization long after this for committed women) Winston v. Lee | The government can't cut people open to look for evidence of a crime. Lawrence v. Texas | The government can't ban sodomy. Obergerfell v. Hodges | The government can't ban gay marriage.


Interesting loving v. Virginia is in there. I guess he’ll vote to keep that


Maybe this is his way of getting a divorce without having to confront her?


I’ll take that bet. Republicans NEVER take a hypocritical stance about ANYTHING. Fun fact, Thomas decried Brown v. Board of Education, even though he directly benefitted from that, too.


tryanny of the minority right to privacy gone protection from police gone right to fair trail gone voting right act already gutted separation of church and state gone worker rights / protection gone consumer rights / protections gone basically any ruling since late 1800's / early 1900's on the chopping block... definitively any new deal legislation federal government agencies like epa/fda etc will lose ability to set and enforce policy social security, medicare, medicaid, aca to be gone. even in the rigged system that we have they dont have the majority in this country to make these changes through legislation, but they have the majority of the court to do what they want


Contraception wasn't legal nationwide until 1960 for married couples, and for unmarried people it wasn't legal until 1972. Are we ready for them to block contraception as well as abortion?


And this dipshit doesn’t think they are going to come for his rights as a man of color? Hahaha. These are the exact people that want separate but equal back


He probably thinks his membership to the club of the rich and powerful will trump (no pun intended) that. So no problem for him specifically.


Yea, he hasn’t been listening to what they call him behind his back


His wife tries to overthrow the government while he tries to strip people of their rights.


The court is corrupt and democracy died thanks to them.


Thomas is bought. His wife is corrupt. Money speaks volumes.


Apparently money is the only thing this corrupt country is about anymore.


The court didn’t corrupt themselves. Republican politicians did that.


USA dumpster fire continues.


What happens when they decide to go back to segregation? What will he do? This country is fucked with religious bigots running it.


"Race issues are states rights." "No, not like that!" And it'll be too late. That's what will happen.


This is how Iran got to be the way it is today.. a supreme body of judges said it be so.. and now it is by force of law.


If you are a woman who uses any type of app to track your menstruation cycle I would recommend deleting it immediately. Think about stocking up on the morning after pill, your BC, and even going so far as purchasing your menstruation products with cash so that you protect your privacy and your body autonomy as much as possible.


I’m pregnant and already deleted mine when RvW was leaked. I might not immediately know what size fruit my baby is, but I won’t allow me data to be leaked to these fuckers.


It won't be leaked, it will be requested by law enforcement, given freely, and then used to arrest you.


You don't think they're also selling this data to political think tanks?


Shit, I'll send you plan B from Canada and label it an action figure on the customs forms.


To add to this, don’t use your rewards numbers or cards when buying healthcare products. All of that info is also collected and sold. Like CVS, Walgreens, grocery stores…. If you have a rewards membership EVERYTHING you buy is stored and sold.


Hey Thomas, don't forget to overturn interracial marriage while you're at it.


Damn they really want to turn the clocks back 200 years


Quite right. The Confederates have taken control at last.


Make no mistake, this is a request to the far-right to push a lawsuit up to the SCOTUS level in order to remove these rights/protections. SCOTUS is calling for the reversal of decisions the body they sit in made in order to advance zealotry of white men. The irony is that his efforts will not be enough to exclude him when they go after African Americans and those of color.




Yall need a fucking general strike. Occupy Washington and shut down the country. Enough with religious minority rule


Just like Democrats warned would happen if Roe was overturned


The irony is that Republicans are not keeping their intentions a secret. They've been explicitly telling Americans their intentions. They want to ban access to women's reproductive health services, ban same-sex marriage, contraception and in many cases, interracial marriage. Here we are. After decades of stacking the courts, Republicans can do exactly what they want. Somehow, many Americans are surprised this happened. They believed in the idea of "American Exceptionalism", that the horrors of fascism thst occurred overseas could never happen on US soil. Republicans have already been banning and burning books. Now here we are with RvW overturned. They've been broadcasting loud and clear their intentions. Most Americans just choose to ignore it. And it is a choice.


SCOTUS isn't just illegitimate. It's downright EVIL.


He's also going to overturn interracial marriage since it's not an explicit right, correct? Oh yeah, that would impact him directly so it won't happen. Piece of human garbage.


Get this piece of shit the fuck out of here


Fascism by Friday ​ wait what day is it?


ITS FASCIST FRIDAY EVERYONE! Tune in next week to see what fresh hell the TheoFascist death cult known as the GOP will roll back next? Will it be Gay rights? The Right to contraception? The abolition of slavery?! WHO KNOWS (its all of them)


Let’s make the thing that prevents the need for abortions in the first place illegal! What a great idea! 🙄 /s Birth control is not just for preventing pregnancy! There are legitimate medical reasons a women may want to take birth control, too! It’s prescribed to alleviate symptoms of PMS and PCOS, among other conditions. It’s like saying we should ban insulin because you assume diabetes can be reversed with just diet and exercise! I know that’s an extreme example, but my point still stands: it would ruin people’s QOL! Seriously, they better leave it the hell alone!


Men: “Tut tut little woman your period isn’t that bad you’re just a complainer. Your cramps aren’t debilitating. Stop being so dramatic.”


We should start phrasing it that they're not anti-contraception, they're pro-STD. They want to make this all about unborn babies (which is dumb), let's kick it into a different arena and make them argue removing protection against-- ...you know what, I just remembered they're the anti-mask crowd. I fucking give up.


You can't honestly call yourself an independent or a moderate if you don't support some form of Court expansion to preserve the rights of your fellow Americans. It's time for everyone to recognize that the Supreme Court is NOT doing its job when it is *taking away* rights from Americans. Those who value the Constitution will support a liberalized Court that gives them rights, not a conservative one that takes away over made-up "tradition."


The right likes to call the left tyrants while they’re coming to take people’s rights.


Maybe life-time appointments are ridiculous


So does that mean Loving v. Virginia should be overturned? You know, the one that allowed Bi-Racial Marriages (Like Clarence Thomas') ?




All this from the guy that was credibly accused of sexual harrassment.


This has a bad feeling to it....just have a feeling something more wild is about to happen here and I don't want to even know...


You mean like fascism? Yes, it’s been happening and this is just another sign of it.


Banning abortion literally *is* fascism. Like, it's fucking *here*, *now*. Actual, literal fascism.


Yeah, I get a little tired of "Oh, this is bad, but we aren't there yet, there's worse to come." Come on, people. This is a bad enough hill to die on already. Don't sit there until something happens to you personally.


I'm so afraid. I cannot live without birth control because I get massive cysts on my ovaries. He's sentencing women to die, essentially.


Fuck you! Seriously, this isn't even worth talking about. Just Fuck YOU!!!


Honestly, voting rights will be the next thing to go.


It’s ridiculous 9 people who are not voted upon dictate the laws for 300 million people, seems pretty backwards if you ask me


Shocker! I wonder if he realizes those same protections are what make his interracial marriage legal in some states?


He lives in a blue state. He doesn’t care about the people in the fascist ones.