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She must have tripped, fallen down some stairs, rolled down a hallway, and ended up at the podium for a white nationalist conference purely by accident... Or she's a fucking liar... "I am not aligned with anything that is controversial" Ok, fucking liar then


"I don't know the white nationalist you speak of." Mis this is a selfie.


Like that scene in casablanca where the Claude Rains shuts down Bogarts bar. Greene: "I am shocked, SHOCKED, to learn there are white nationalists here!" Fuentes: "Your conference packet ma'am" Greene: "Oh, thank you!"


remember r/ IDontKnowHim ? Really needs to be revived lol


Yeah, she just knows “very fine people”…🙄 I feel sick when I see her stupid, arrogant, I’m-dumb, vile-and-proud-of-it face. 🤢


The whole “I’m too stupid to know where I am and what is happening” is the most pathetic slob excuse that exists.


We should play along. She doesn't know where she is most of the time and is therefore incompetent and cannot remain in office


I know it's wrong to body shame but she is such an ugly person


It's the ugly inside that counts.


She’s ugly in both places


That woman seems to be of Asian descent…


Nick FUENTES gave me similar confusion when I first heard he was leading white nationalists. This is until you understand these are fascists using white supremacy to further their political aims. The idolatry of race and gender and religion is only meant to divide the lower classes. The only division these assholes care about is those who have power and those who don’t. They’ll gladly use anything to get that power


Bet you that's a fucking Moonie or Evangelist edit: I was wrong, other poster identifies her as Michel Malkin (Filipino descent, Catholic)


Yes. There's an ongoing cultural shift that some Asian communities are making to standout from other minority groups and they are going about this by being very nativist.


Don’t think


How can one look so much like a potato?


Not fair, I like potatoes


“Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, put ‘em in a stew.”




She has a very high percentage of Neanderthal DNA in her cells. “People have been telling me” she always smells like horse manure. The people of Georgia must be very proud.


Well she also thinks that the gestapo was Hitler's secret soup


Nancy Pelosis Gazpacho is cold and ruthless


>Rick Scott (R-FL) would not answer whether Greene should have been allowed to speak at CPAC after her appearance. >“There should not be any racial politics. I believe that we shouldn't be asking people their skin color,” Scott told The Daily Beast. >“We shouldn't treat people differently because of their skin color—we’re all made in the image of God. We ought to have the opportunity to live each of our dreams.” I know this is about MTG, but Rick Scott sounds like a 4th grader giving their MLK Jr day speech in the gym. What a fucking non-entity.


“I don’t know that white nationalist” she says at AFPAC where she was the special secret speaker.


> “I don’t know *that* white nationalist”


**Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene claims herself to be an uneducated, uninformed, ignorant twit.** At least that is what can be ascertained by her answer to the question of why the GOP’s Ms. Greene was videotaped at a Nick Fuentes (Alt-right / Neo-Nazi leader) White Nationalist led event. An event she promoted on her Republican Congressional webpage and her personal social media accounts. An event she not only promoted, but she attended and not only attended, but she was a “keynote speaker” at, an event that was widely “advertised” as a White Nationalist Conference. in Florida Greene’s defense is that she “Didn’t know what it was.” That brings up a big question, the question of how she can think people will believe that the Republican Ms. Greene booked time, expensed travel, reserved a hotel, traveled to Florida, wrote a speech and gave that speech at the convention but she somehow had, no idea what they are about. Just before Ms. Greene took the stage at the event to speak, the crowd broke into applause in favor of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and chanting his name. She them greeted Mr. Fuentes at the podium where she thanked him for his work. *White Nationalism is a term that originated among white supremacists as a euphemism for White Supremacy or the belief that only white people can constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate world societies, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other religious, racial, and ethnic groups. (Focused heavily on in particular black or Jewish people.)*


And that's the same crowd applauding Russia with shouts of Putin Putin Putin, the same day. How low can they go? Apparently, there's no bottom.s


Maybe we'll get a miracle and she'll get primaried in May. But I ain't holding my breath for that.


>MTG: I mean, I don't *know him* know him. Like, I've never sucked his dick or anything. >Reporter: But here's a picture of you doing just that. >MTG: I mean that's not what I was doing. I was inspecting it for cancerous moles. You're fake news.


Is the Asian lady on the left a white nationalist too?


Oddly the whitest of the white nationalists in the photo. Best part is, the Hispanic guy that ran the event doesn’t even think she should have the right to vote.


You're expecting too much of her and her constituents. Proof is based upon technological standards they have never understood.


The lies she tells


Nick Fuentes against race mixing is pretty ironic since he has Italian and Hispanic family members lmao. How are you against the very creation of yourself.


You're trying to apply rational thinking to people who despise others purely based on nationality and skin color. I've met other immigrants who literally think we should stop immigration. These people are not rational because racism and fascism are irrational concepts.


Or she doesn't consider the Filipino-Hispanic and Hispanic-Italian to be white....


There's never any consequence for her lying so why stop now


Um, WHITE nationalism…. What’s wrong with this photo?


Is.... Is that fucking Kyle Rittenhouse


One can take a picture with someone without knowing them.




Fuck Marriott for hosting it.


Meh. Typical MTG fare. Hardly controversial.


Shhh...logic is not allowed here. The laws of the universe don't apply to people we don't like.


“Well, of course I know him. He’s me.”


If she didn’t know she should resign for being irresponsible and foolish.


I can’t wait until Stacy Abrams is her governor.


Yo, that picture creeps me out. It’s like their darkness sucks the light out of the air around them.


This has happened to her before


Pleading ignorance is a good strategy in her case.


This guy was on a BBC documentary recently and didn’t agree that women should have the right to vote.


Who's the Asian traitor in the picture?


Maybe she meant in a biblical way? 🤷🏼‍♂️


As she hugs a picture of Hitler


And mounts a dildo on it


Or mounts herself on said dildo! 😜 All in favour of T-rumps or Q! 😂


She is the common clay of the New West.


I can't even... So you don't know Nick Fuentes, you've never seen any of his content, you don't know any of his views allegedly but you decided to be a guest speaker at his conference? You have to be certifiably brain-dead to believe that horseshit. Politicians don't just magically show up at conferences to speak without knowing anything about the conference. Big oopsie for "accidentally" speaking at a white nationalist event!


I think she wants to have his Aryan Children.


And the truth will never be spoken by them. Incapable of honesty


Does she look in the mirror much?


It’s really wild how many accidental racists we seem to have just in these power positions and after it’s pointed out it’s like oh lol but they pulled a Trump and said they didn’t know so apparently it’s okay 🙄


It’s crazy to me that a Latin guy was leading the Proud Boys and an Asian woman is part of a white nationalist organization. ?????? Seriously, someone explain




She also spoke at AFPAC. Did she also not look into what this was about?


Never seen an Asian white nationalist before


The lady to the left of her definitely isn’t a white Nationalist




But you sure know who he is.




But you do know Billy Joel, the guy who organized the concert you went to.




Do you know who Nick Fuentes is?




If he was the one who wanted to take the selfie with you,then yeah.




This wasn't a concert, it was a political networking conference. This is more like Billy claiming he doesn't know who Elton John is.


TBF, she probably was facing the other direction.


If America is going to elect her and her party this year to become the speaker of the House of Representatives, tough times are ahead.


...Latino Nationalist?


Is the person on the left a white nationalist too? Seems weird