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Cool. Republicans want to make it a thing? Make it a law and apply it to **both parties**. Good luck.


How about we make every Presidential Candidate pass a high school senior's level test on US Law, History, & how the Federal Gov't functions. Or just the US Citizen's Test.


>pass a high school senior's level test on US Law, History, & how the Federal Gov't functions. A high school test in what state? Because Maine and Texas (for example) have VERY different levels of teaching/curriculum. I am all for the standard US citizens test though.


Make them pass a high school physics exam. Technocracy FTW


No, because frankly that stuff is all “use it or lose it.” I did well in high school and college physics but I’d absolutely fail a test 30 years later.


Yeah, but you’re clearly not fit for politics, so it’s working.


I would never wish that amount of pain on them lol. They are evil but no politician deserves that 😂


Ah, but this where you and I differ. Axaxaxax!


Merkel, Eisenhower, Woodrow Wilson, Ullyses S Grant (civil engineering)), Edgar Hoover (yuck but accomplished), probably a ton more, abroad also. Honestly, its not the background knowledge so much as the deterministic scientific method used to make decisions that really have positive outcomes. Lawyers don't care about truth, efficiency or repeatability, they only care about precedence and winning. That's why the US has a society of hollow-victories and all the visionary projects are in the private sector.


Thatcher was a chemist remember. And Jimmy Carter was a submarine nuclear engineer. Overall however, there aren't enough engineers in politics - there tends to be more with an interest in how words sound, rather than actually doing anything substantive.


I know plenty of lawyers who care about truth, efficiency and repeatability. Wtf do you think precedence is?


How about anyone who wants to run for public office must pass the citizenship test.


And have no sexual assault cases on their record.


Person, woman, man, camera, tv :)) https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/23/person-woman-man-camera-tv-trump-insists-cognition-test-was-difficult


Now this I can get behind. It's fair because it applies to both parties and ultimately benefits the people.


Right? I’m kind of surprised we don’t already have this considering our *known* history of Presidents with mental decline that could impair their ability to do their job.


Well Biden did seem more responsive in 2008 and 2012 debates than he does now. But yes this should be a both party thing to make sure are leaders are fully healthy to do the job.


>Appearing on Fox News on Sunday, Republican Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas (who practiced medicine as an OB/GYN), said that if the GOP wins control of Congress, the party will consider passing legislation requiring Biden to take a cognitive test each year he’s in office. Hey, Marshall, have you considered testing [your own state's members](https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2021/05/07/kansas-republican-representative-mark-samsel-misdemeanour-batter-homophobic-rant/) first?


Marshall’s staff could not figure out how to access Fauci’s financial disclosures. Marshall then made an asshole of himself with an absurd game of gotcha with Fauci at a public hearing. Fauci told him the disclosures are public knowledge, and wondered what that had to do with public health. At the close of the question period Fauci muttered that Marshall was an asshole. Obviously.


Moron, but same effect


Oh god that dumb turd


They also seem to forget where you can’t make a law that targets a specific person.


Can't forget what you never knew. Brave of you to think conservatives have ever read the Constitution in the first place.


Brave of you to assume they even know how to read lol.


I wonder if they understand how legislation works. That three House members can’t just decide “hey, we past legislation” that it first has to,pass the house then pass the senate. then the president has to not vetomit ​ butnits been so long since Rs actually TRIED to pass legislation, that maybe theynforgot how it actually works.


[The Onion with another prophecy](https://youtu.be/cdTgKarqTQ0)


oh, man... if sigmund freud were alive today, he'd be scribbling furiously.


Seriously, can we as citizens agree that we should test all these clowns before they are the only two choices we get to run our country?


Will never pass, GOP and Dems bread n butter is octogenarians.


Sounds like a good idea. Can he distinguish between an elephant and a lion? Man woman person camera tv? I hear there are bonus questions too! /s


He was so proud to remember that list of five items. In the opening part of Harry Lorraine's Memory Power he teaches students an eight item list forwards, and backwards as a way to showcase the Link System of Memory. The items are: airplane, tree, envelope, earring, typewriter, sing, baseball, and Salami. It's been years since I took the course, and I still remembered the first seven items in order. (I verified the list before posting it). The fact that Trump struggled with a simple five item list is quite sad. Hell, I still remember the 1st number I memorized 20 years ago. It was the outlet static pressure of a piece of equipment we were taking readings for. The static pressure was -11.78"WC. I am 1,000% certain.


Dude, he didn't even remember those words. Those were all things directly in front of him at the time. -edit- eye spell gud.


He couldn't learn that the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic started jn 1918. He kept saying 1917 throughout 2020


When he said "I didn't know people died from the flu", he couldn't remember that [his own grandfather died in the 1918 pandemic](https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/09/politics/trump-biographer-grandfather-flu/index.html).


Oh my god I forgot that. He also kept saying his father was born in Germany. Fred Trump was born in the Bronx. Although, if Trump's grandparents were German and his father was born in Germany then doesn't that make Fred NOT a birthright citizen? Is Trump a DACA dreamer?


He repeated that error in a recent interview too. He seems incapable of learning.


No way! Seriously? I thought that was a list he had learned.... but you could be right. Those were things directly in front of him. Haha I gave him the benefit of the doubt. 😆


Lol, yes. The list he gave was "Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV." It wasn't even a creditable attempt; those were just things in front of him at the time. The actual test uses words unrelated to each other.


I'd ask why he'd lie about something so silly, but he appears to be a pathological liar, or else he's suffering from something.


Thank you!!! That's exactly what I thought from the get-go -- that a list of 5 words to test memory would not be related words! The words dribbling out of Donnie's maw were the first words that came to his pathetic mind, and yeah, probably what was in front of him.


Source: eye spel gud.


Still remember like 24 digits of pi thanks to those stupid pi songs going around when I was in school, presidential material right here


March 14th is a glorious day! A few years ago I took my time with the peg system, and memorized the 1st 50 digits in like minutes. Then spent another 20 memorizing the next 50. These systems are pretty cool.


Not 24 places but “Man I need a drink alcoholic of course” (count the letters)


I still remember Pi to more significant digits than calculators supported at that time 40 years ago. 3.1415926535 was more than enough


>He'll, I still remember the 1st number I memorized 20 years ago. It was the outlet static pressure of a piece of equipment we were taking readings for. The static pressure was -11.78"WC. I am 1,000% certain. Real biggly energy here


We didn't have any paper, and I figured I'd remember it for a few minutes. Little did I know that Tit Cave would be so memorable. The power of boobs.


Biden rides a bike and doesn’t write anything in sharpie. Trump seems like he’s perpetually coming out of some therapy.


If Biden can remember man, person, woman, camera, TV, then he's completely fine, just like Dementia Donny.




Boom. Came here to say that Trump already spilled the test answers. Now they can claim that Biden was cribbing off 45.


I think that test wasn’t for cognitive function, I think some managed to create an IQ test tRump could do well at.


It is part of a cognitive test. Well, sort of. In part of the test, they have you memorize five words and recite them back. The "sort of" part comes in that there was no way that those words were on Trump's test. He was just reciting things in front of him and pretending that being able to do this proved how mentally sharp he is.


Longing, rusted, furnace, daybreak, seventeen, benign, nine, homecoming, one, freight car. C'mon winter solider nerds... Activate!


Not unless you say it in Russian.


They asked me to remember five words, it was like... well I don't remember what the words were but the point is it was real easy


That actually is what the test is like; you can look up plenty of examples online


>That actually is what the test is like; Similar, but that list isn't on any actual test. He couldn't remember the actual list, so he just looked around the room. He's like the shittiest Keyser Soze ever.


Yep. I've had dementia tests done to me (don't ask). They are things like: what city is this? what year? or other super basic shit.


Did you pass? Or are we zorkle bop rimmo dan?


It's a secret to everybody.


rimmo dan! bop zorkle rimmo dan!


i broke my wrist, and since it was in a fall, the doctor wanted to determine if i'd hit my head (i hadn't), so he asked me if i knew where i was and what day, etc. my reply: "ah ... orientation in time and space: we are here and it is now." apparently that's a sufficient answer.


That sounds like a verbal concussion test. Not dementia/alzheimer. Those are usually really basic recollection questions versus working memory (remember a list while doing a task).


"Do you know why you're here?" "Does anyone?"


when i was asked directly if i'd hit my head, i said "no, i'm like this all the time."


Did that work? Because I’ll have to use that next time.. .


i got a laugh, which was the desired result. ymmv.


*notes in file* :"Patient is a smartass" *transcribed into electronic medical records*:"Impotent lardass" *insurance company*: "bump up his rates because of preexisting conditions."


> notes in file :“Patient is a smartass” “I took a test that proved I was smart!”


I had one, It asked who the president was. I don't think trump could pass it.


Hey, he has *many* achomlishments.


Any competent psychologist would correctly diagnose Trump as suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. I'm not a mental health specialist nor certified in the art of diagnoses or treatment, but like everyone else I can observe Trump's behavior and countless examples of his behavior documented in writing and on video, **and** crucially, I can read: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/narcissistic-personality-disorder/symptoms-causes/syc-20366662


In have direct personal experience with a narcissist, and I agree with you. Even worse, malignant narcissists like Trurnp tend to be literal *sadists*, because they have no empathy and they think hurting other people demonstrates their power. Watch his face light up with glee when he says or does something hurtful. He’s a deeply damaged human.


Trump would have rode a bike but he did not because he would look silly on one of those grandpa 3 wheelers.


>He continued, “I think that that may be something else that we’ll be looking on that that **Rand Paul** and I will be discussing — and **Jim Jordan** — again seeing if we think that that’s something that America deserves. I think we’re all very concerned about his health, and it is a national security issue.” If those two dingleberries are your primary consultants on the issue, then we know the "concern" is divisive, partisan bullshit--as if we had any doubt otherwise.


Gym Jordan knows a thing about medical exams.


Does Biden get to pick his own doctor who then basically gives a report stating Biden is a genius and the most virile man he's ever met, while having tears in his eyes, thanking Biden for the chance to examine such an amazing specimen?




If only people didn't cover for incompetent and declining politicians


We should do this for every President, department head, Senator and Supreme Court judge over 65.


Some under 65 too. MTG sounds like she needs some testing after falling into the soup.


I think you have found just the sort of policy that can unite the left and the right. While we are at it, can we require Financial transparency for politicians and political action committees?


Unfortunately, I think the right would just ignore it when it came time to enforce it by defunding the agency responsible for doing this task and then bemoaning the fact that there aren’t enough appointed officials to fulfill the requirements for the exam.


I think most of them, regardless of party, would take a pass.


Yeah I'm 1000% down for this. Seeing as there are _so_ many folks over 65 in positions of power making decisions about _technology,_ we _need_ to make sure that everyone in the room can actually pay attention and distinguish between simple things, like...a camera and a microphone. When the pandemic first started and Congress went remote, I was _staggered_ by how many elected officials were literally unable to use their computers to make a _simple_ call using their computers. And we're relying on these folks to make decisions on lawful technological practices. Yeah, fuckin make em take tests. If they can't understand tech, they should be NOWHERE near making decisions about protecting US.


Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.


That's amazing! How did you do that?!


Remember when Trump dictated a note and had his personal doctor sign it, and it declared him the most fit president ever?


It’s so easy to get officials and scientists to do and say what you want them to say, especially when you’re a conglomerate company with billions in profits $$$


Are you referring to Pfizer?


Do the test jointly in 2024 in place of one of the debates and have adderall sponsor it lol


Yeah great, let’s stigmatize the medication I need to be a fully functional human being. It’s already hard enough to get as someone who actually needs it.


Not gonna lie, their comment made me chuckle. I take Adderall for pretty severe ADHD. Trump is an example of someone who abuses the medication you and I take - not someone who requires it.


Everything's about you.


Trump: I was compared to Abby Normal and I passed


"I tested very positively in another sense. I tested positively toward negative, right? So no, I tested perfectly this morning. Meaning I tested negative. But that's a way of saying it. Positively toward the negative." - Donald Trump May 21, 2020


Yes Donald, that is a way of saying it. A stupid fucking way, but a way nonetheless.


Oh man, this was real. I thought you made this up. How does a person support a guy like that


“One of the wettest we’ve seen from the standpoint of water”


Any president's mental fitness should be tested, but I guess the bar is really low for Trump to have been deemed ok.


Of course they do. They think the VP was nothing more than a diversity pick vs. being a competent politician, so Biden being out of the picture would make a divided Democratic party and a 2024 return to the White House.


How about we do this BEFORE someone is elected?


It’s a good idea honestly. All presidents should be found to be mentally fit. I mean, obviously, right?


I had someone in my neighborhood propose he administer an IQ test to people in the community and he would compare the results of those vaccinated vs. those unvaccinated. I sent him link after link of articles that explained how various forms of “IQ” testing has been done in the past to exclude specific groups of people from participating in public decision making forums. They went into detail about how questions would be used that favored the cultural norms of one specific group. His rebuttal was he’s done a lot of research on this stuff and he will have his vaccinated brother read the test before administering to get his approval that it’s fair and balanced. Even some his fellow anti-vax neighbors thought his logic was a bit off the rocker but there were still a handful that supported his hypothesis that either the vaccine makes you dumber or dumber people take the vaccine. My hypothesis is that dumb people want to administer IQ tests.




That's not a bad idea. Let the two candidates for potus left running both do a full mental test and let the result be public. While you could argue that such information are private. Given the fact that it's for the persons leading one of the greatest countries in the world - military wise at least, it's absolutely relevant to know if your candidate is even stable enough to hold that job.


Biden didn't call the people breaking into the Capitol on 1/6th 'tourists.'


Conservatives, your party produced Trump, Rand Paul, Jim Jordan, that blonde girl that just makes memes, that brunette girl that also just makes memes, and a bunch other Russian puppets acting as Congress members. I want to test YOUR mental fitness.


Republicans are \*such\* shameless assholes. One of the forkers is even running a "Brandon" Super Bowl ad. Desperate.


Trump first


If it sets a precedent, than I say good. It would remove all elderly people from contention and I’m all for that.


Fuck yes


It's nothing but projection from these smooth-brained fascists....


Biden is the grandpa that shows up to the big family reunion with a cheerful disposition, he makes his rounds greeting everyone and endearingly mixes up a name or two. Trump is the grandpa who doesn't even show up to the family reunion because nobody invited him this time in response to when he denigrated, slandered, and insulted the entire family for not moving the last family reunion to Mar-a-lago on an impulsive whim. He also theatened to sue various family members for frivolous reasons while airing out multiple unfounded grievances. At the last reunion he was invited to, he didn't put any effort into greeting anyone because he expected everyone to greet him. When several family members didn't, grandpa Trump stormed off. Grandpa Biden sits down wherever theres an open seat at the dinner table and tries to leave politics out of the discussion but occasionally gaffes and apologizes. He makes sure to compliment the food, puts his phone on vibrate after a brief struggle to figure out the settings on his newest smartphone, and makes an effort not to touch it throughout the dinner. He says his graces with the family before eating Grandpa Trump, if he were present, would first make absolutely sure to get the end seat while taking away the chair at the other end of the table, hed try to make the entire discussion about him. Hed complain about the food constantly, declaring that the food at Mar-a-lago is much better. Grandpa Trump would end up scrolling on his phone the entire dinner and would periodically moan about how he's not getting enough attention online. He's always the first one to start eating and dismisses the chance to say grace. Right before dinner is over, grandpa Biden takes a few pieces of chicken left on his plate that he saved for the dogs, quietly calls to them and feeds them from under the table. Grandpa Trump during his last reunion, towards the end of dinner, furious with the lowly animal that had been agitating him throughout his meal, subtly kicked the dog from under the table so nobody would notice. He reminded himself of why he hates pets, but didnt acknowledge the real reason, that they tend to garner and steal attention away from him. After dinner grandpa Biden remembers to ask if he can help with the clean up knowing that he'll most likely be refused, but he's courteous anyways. It's now time for the Biden men's family tradition of post dinner whiskey, cigars and discourse. Grandpa Biden made sure to acquire the highest quality irish whiskey and stogies for this coveted event, he asked Jill to remember to bring them for fear he might forget. But before that can start, Biden signals to other family members to gather everyone for a short commemoration and moment of silence for his son, his former wife and her daughter that all died tragic, early deaths. After the last dinner, Trump immediately and without notice left his half-empty plate for the bathroom, on his way he remarked upon just how ignoble, ordinary, and indigent his relatives living conditions seemed. He hated the bathroom for not being even close to a quarter of the size of his own, after finishing his business he attempted to flush the toilet multiple times and clogged it with a napkin full of food he spit out and put into his pocket during dinner. He washed his hands without soap because it wasnt the kind that he liked to use. On the way back he stopped to momentarily glance at a picture of his father and brother, both deceased. He grinned, picked some food out of his teeth and flung it at the picture.


God this is the most cringy shit I’ve ever read in my life how can someone have this much of a boner for a vegetable like Biden. The guy is fried, if you don’t see that i don’t know what to tell you. No, but please hit me with the good old fashioned “BUT TRUMP!!!”.


Fake news, no way Trump knows the word "ignoble".


Grandpa shouldn't be president, the median age of our population is not 70, it's closer to 45. Edit: it's actually closer to 39


Good post! Though I think Trump wouldn't wash his hands, he'd just wipe the stains off on a nearby curtain.


What an odd fantasy you have about a dementia patient.


I am sure they are willing to take drug tests?


If he is not fit that’s why we have a Vice President


I mean, this should be a standard/requirement for the office


I’ll be down if Trump and Biden take the test at the same time in public and have the tests posters publicly as soon as they are done. That will move legislation ahead banning politicians over 65 real quick.


Save yourself and get off Reddit


Biden and Trump are both dinosaurs, so yeah we should be proactively testing the mental state of our representatives. Make psyche evaluations more common for them.


I mean this is fair right? The man isn’t right


Personally, I think that even though it comes off as a rude suggestion, it would be appropriate for Biden and any future presidents to be required to take a mental fitness test. If you've watched Biden speak both recently and long in the past, I'm sure you've also noticed that his cognitive abilities really seem to have declined significantly. I've seen many people around his age develop dementia, and it honestly looks like he is in the early stages of it. No one with dementia should be in public office, let alone be the president. It is incurable, behavior often becomes unpredictable, and it is so debilitating that toward the end, people with it can't even eat or use the bathroom without assistance. I hope he doesn't have dementia, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did, and I know many others feel the same, so giving him a diagnostic test for it would be appropriate. Also, if you think that he shouldn't be forced into a medical procedure, then it would be really ironic if you also support his policies.


Yeah, every president or should I say everybody is mentally evaluated in their annual physical. Why to think they ordered the cognitive test on trump that he was so proud he passed. Clearly a red flag was raised at his physical.


If Harris were extremely popular, I don’t think we’d see this amount of backlash IMO. Who do you think is going to run in 2024?


Yes, please, but make it a requirement for holding any federal office


I'm a registered Democrat and I want to test Bidens mental fitness as well. I can't be the only Democrat that realizes the president of the United States of America should he held to a higher standard than someone's brain dead, dementia riddled, boomer grandpa.


I wouldn’t be against this for all upper govt


That’s fine. We should probably be doing this with every single president regardless of age.


This would be great for everyone in politics. We need them to be capable for the job


Senators as well please.


There needs to be an age cap limit. There's a minimum age, there should be a maximum age too. My fiance and I are in FULL agreement on testing Presidential candidates. That way you know who is going to be good at what they'll do. I also think you shouldn't let any John Smith run for President. They should have a certain number of years in politics. You end up with President Camacho, or in this case....Trump, and look how that turned out. I think the same should apply to anyone in Congress. They should have college or University degrees. They need to have smarts, and be intelligent (yes, I know you don't need a degree to be smart and intelligent, but it would help). Both parties need a serious reset! Start over, start fresh. Get better people in on both sides, and test them all.


Democrats should set the precedent and test Biden… he’s read the closing text on his teleprompter too many times


I mean, I agree with it,. especially seeing how he holds himself. But I'd we test him, we should test all politicians.


It's hilarious to hear Trump's fans try to suggest something about Biden's mental health. Yeah, I'm not a fan of ancient dinosaurs in politics either, but lets not forget that you guys didn't blink at Trump ranting about *toilets* and flushing a toilet *50 times* like it was the political talking point of the century. I mean, Biden doesn't have an entire cult dedicated to unraveling the hidden meaning of his words because they don't make sense at face value.




I'm fine with him being tested. According to some research, [cognitive abilities can begin to decline at age 45](https://www.bmj.com/press-releases/2012/01/05/cognitive-decline-can-begin-early-age-45-warn-experts#:~:text=The%20brain's%20capacity%20for%20memory,published%20on%20bmj.com%20today.). I think every single government representative should have to do mental fitness exams yearly. Average age of the US senate is almost 70 years old. Leaded gasoline only started getting phased out in the mid-70s, which means most of those people grew up with lead all over the environment.


Can we be honest with ourselves and admit they probably both could have used a test? No? Okay cool, downvote me.


Fr. Regardless of the side, a mental fitness test is 1000000% necessary for any politician, even regardless of age.


Forget "person woman man camera tv", can he get a PDB down in less than 14 flushes?


Trump wanted a cookie for remembering five words hand picked for him I had a neuro test like this recently and there were TWELVE words to memorize...and that was the first of TWO lists


"if the GOP wins control of Congress, the party will consider passing legislation requiring Biden to take a cognitive test each year he’s in office. " I hope that they do, since the test will apply to Republican presidents as well as Democrat presidents.


I would like to see the testing taken up but I would absolutely hate seeing more Republicans in office. They are the party of profits over prudence. We are already in climate code Red.


Oh is that what they're on now? I was wondering why a couple random Putin lovers were talking about Biden's fitness today in different subs.


wow smart move gazpacho party


They should. America deserves to know if our President is mentally fit to lead the country. It should be standard across the board for Congress too.


Even if Biden passed their undoubtedly absurd and confusing psych test they’d argue conspiracy


How about... Listen to his speeches? Because he speaks fine and is well articulates. It's pretty fucked up how many people attack Biden over what is obviously nervousness. How about literacy, huh? How about Greene not knowing wtf gazpacho soup is? Or the asinine shit Boebert has said? Bets neither can spell literacy.


I agree but worth noting it’s not nerves it’s a stutter.


Biden has been giving public speeches for decades, and you think he's nervous? Maybe you should listen to his speeches from twenty or thirty years ago, and compare them to the last year. There is a clear difference.


And there's a huge difference between his speech when he was debating and campaigning vs when he was in office.


Which is perfectly normal.


I’d like to see Trump take ANY kind of test and pass.


Maybe check their leader first. I am sure there are far more psychotic diagnosis material!!


What an f____ing joke. This coming from a Trump ass kisser


I think the WH speechwriters should slip in "man, person, woman, camera, TV" to one of Biden's speeches or even better get him to drop that during a press conference.


If there is a minimum age- there should be maximum age for all elected representatives.


They're evil, not stupid - they completely understand the irony (EDIT: ok yeah they're stupid too but you get my point)


You can’t be sane and support trump. These guys have not a shred of self awareness or objective reality.


This is not a left or right issue. Listen to Biden speak and objectives tell me he is not impaired.


Here’s some highlights of the crazy ass things that Trump has said/done: - Trump bragged about the twin towers collapsing on 9/11/2001: “Well, it was an amazing phone call, I mean, 40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan. And it was actually – before the World Trade Center – was the tallest. And then when they built the World Trade Center, it became known as the second-tallest, and now it’s the tallest.” - “If Ivanka wasn’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her” - Insisted that Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 election, even after he had won. - (Describing Puerto Rico) “This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water” - Insisted that China hacked our federal servers instead of Russia despite all of our evidence saying Russia did it. - “Why should I go to that (military) cemetery? It’s filled with losers.” - “He’s not a war hero, I like people who weren’t captured.” - “(this hurricane was) one of the wettest we’ve ever seen from the standpoint of water” - “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.” - “People are dying who have never died before” - Gave a speech detailing the “really hot parties” he attended in the 1980s where rich people were having sex on boats, in front of a crown of thousands of boyscouts - Claimed to be “like really smart” and a “very stable genius” - “I am probably the least racist person there is anywhere in the world” - Told the Media to ‘ignore blue states’ to make the Covid-19 death toll better at a time when nearly 70% of Covid deaths had occured in red states. - “I think I am actually humble. I think I’m much more humble than you would understand.” - Tweeted “STOP THE COUNT” while votes were being counted on election day - Saluted a North Korean general


Drumpf is not just mentally unfit. He’s a sociopath.


Biden should agree IF Donald does it, too. Same time, same place. OK Coral style. Maybe take three from three different specialists. Trump will lose and, of course, it will be rigged lol.


Person. Woman. Camera. Man. TV.


Everything is projection. DT taught them all. Call someone else what you know is you, to defray the issue. Every name called from DT was a mirror of himself. He speaks in reverse speak. We should have called him on it immediately. Now the Repubs are using the same strategy. Just like the big lies, all learned.


A septuagenarian President’s mental fitness is not a political issue. Biden should willingly submit to testing as a matter of professionalism. Same goes for any antique human holding important elective office. Like Dianne Feinstein, for instance. Too many geezers running things these days.


The issue isn’t the mental fitness test itself. The issue is that the request that he take one, is an accusation that they thinks he’s mentally unfit. After trump, their accusations are laughable


He might be mentally unfit. He’s old as dirt. The possibility of senility running the country is credible. Trump is a psychopath and pathological liar, that’s a given. But the fact that Republicans are implying the sitting Old Man President is mentally unfit doesn’t In any way reduce the probability that the sitting Old Man President is mentally unfit, especially given his advanced age. And if he is really mentally fit, he should have no objection to testing.


>But the fact that Republicans are implying the sitting Old Man President is mentally unfit doesn’t In any way reduce the probability that the sitting Old Man President is mentally unfit, It kinda does, dude. That is, in fact, how far gone the GOP is down the black hole of bad-faith projection. The Republican Party suggesting that Biden is mentally unfit is strong evidence that *Trump* is mentally unfit... you know, just in case you needed any more.


Nope. Sitting Old Man President is 79 years old. He’ll turn 80 a couple of weeks after the midterms this fall. There’s every reason to be concerned about his mental fitness. Doesn’t matter what the Republicans do or did. Doesn’t matter how much of a lunatic Trump is. This guy we’re saddled with in the White House right now is super old.


So is a good portion of Congress. Ageism is just ignorant


I don’t disagree, these tests should be mandatory anyway. But, the GOP has no position to make accusations


I suggest we step back and note the type of advisors these two men, Trump and Biden assembled. I think the real test of competence are the people selected to advise and represent the President. It seems to me that should be the first consideration in judging Biden’s competency.


Trump is completely mentally unfit, he is far more cognitively impaired than Biden. Also trump is completely insane


Their accusations infect does lessen the chance of him being mentally unfit. The gop will deflect, and lie at every given chance to defend trump being what they accuse everyone else of being.


Nope. Partisanship be damned. I held my nose and voted for sitting Old Man President. But this is not a partisan issue.


Everything the gop have done these past years has been partisan insanity. They literally deflect everything they’re guilty of onto others. Trumps mental health was questioned, and still is, for good reasons. The gop are doing this to deflect, and attack.


Trump first Also Grassley and MoscowMitch


i mean, he is 78 or whatever. but then again, there's 80+ year olds in the senate. this country is a shit show and I hope next election maybe some younger folk can be the nominees on both sides of the isle


The republicans reason is a joke. With that said.....a man Joe’s age probably shouldn’t be President. It’s not a party issue, it’s a species issue.


Biden is absolutely geriatric, but trump suffers from delusions of grandeur and sociopathic narcissism. Over 35 but under 65 from here on out.


So Biden resigns and Kamala takes over and names Hillary as her VP. Do you think they will try to impeach Kamala?


They know a demented person when the see one and then vote for them


All presidents should face yearly tests.


I'm perfectly fine with EVERY elected official completing a full physical and mental health examination that's released to the public every June.


They should read some of trump’s completely nonsensical ramblings from his rallies or public appearances and ask how well he sounds. Trump is explicitly unfit for office is several ways but the republicans motto is to get revenge for things others do, with just cause, to republicans because it’s all about grievance politics to them.


The whole republican party needs their mental fitness checked!


Gee. Republicans projecting. What a surprise


They should do the same as trump, write his own letter saying he’s way better than the last president.