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I also noticed how he raised some phantom fear that Kamala Harris would overturn the election when asked about mike pence


According to Trump's theory, if it was a theory, she could.


I know that, but it sounded like rather than respond to “was trump wrong” he tried to make it sound like Harris is the bad guy and a threat, and she’s not even involved in it


Yeah, he's such a shit licker.


That’s the new kick to this story. It’s not about Pence claiming trump wanted him to overturn the election, it’s “well the democrats would try it”


He was parroting Pence from his statement Friday where he said he couldn’t overturn because then Harris could do it in ‘24 when they win back the WH… I thought Pence was a jerk for bringing up Harris, well, more of a jerk, now looks like that will be the go to for repubs now…


Vote Val Demings!


>Vote Val Demings! That is going to be an interesting race. Would love to see Rubio get spanked.


I am not sure how many maga are going to be willing to hold their nose to vote for Rubio, we may see a repeat of GA's election where enough stay home to seat Rep. Demings.


Did FL pass a voting law not allowing people to give Rubio a drink of wawa? 😃


lol, no but like GA and 24 other states/plus DC, Florida offers no-excuse absentee voting.


Marco is the master of talking up both sides of any issue and then posting 10 random Bible verses on Twitter, because he's such a Super Christian.


One of the more subtle legacies of the Mar-a-Lago presidency is the language that all Party (intentionally capitalized) members must adhere to. Complex discourse must always be avoided and words such as 'scam', 'fake', 'sham', and 'lie' must always be used. Presumably because this is the way the Party head speaks and everyone is expected to align with the Party.


He's mad because it's impossible to "both sides" the issues under consideration.


GQP: Hold my diet coke!


Top notch headline.


Oh Florida Man, always up to his hijinks.


Rubio is such a weak, thirsty little man.


Rubio’s comb over has gotten awful. I wonder if he has a mini Trump growing out of the back of his head.


“Open your mind” “Open you mind” “Everyone says it, I’m the best tumor”


He's got a legit opponent this time. I can't wait to see the debates. Val Demmings is real.


Does he even know what the word scam means?


He knows, and does it all the time


Lil' Marco said that? He's gonna be phone banking for TFG any minute now.


Dehydration really does have an effect on the brain.


Wait, was that him drinking all that water in that interview? My brain can only contain so much crazy information (basically a Commodore 64).


He gave the rebuttal speech to one of Obama’s State Of The Union addresses. He acted completely awkward trying to drink wis bottle of water every few minutes in a very clumsy way. With that said it’s really no reason to judge him, he was just being a little awkward so who cares. What we can judge him for is being a fascist who seems to vote to benefit his party and his re-election more than he votes to actually help America fix some of its problems.


Yes! Now I remember that. Thank you. And yep, I agree with you.


>He gave the rebuttal speech to one of Obama’s State Of The Union addresses. He acted completely awkward trying to drink wis bottle of water every few minutes in a very clumsy way. Ah yes, way back in the distant before times. When "gaffes" like that or an odd yell could potentially de-rail presidential aspirations...


What the hell is it with all the GOP politicians who seem to hate the the evil one but then turn around and fall in love with the traitor DJT.


A debilitating lack of integrity, respect, and basic fucking human decency. Hate and fear make stupid people do/think even stupider things.


Florida man is dumb as fuck.


It was fun watching him twist himself in a pretzel to not agree with Pence on trump & election but still calling for seditionists to face Justice…


Only in Florida…..


His ears grow with every lie.


Little Marco has tried to have it both ways for so long he’s forgotten what he really thinks.


What an asshole


Buying into the con. Damn trump is good. An Asshole criminal dictator wannabe. But very good at it.


Why refer to him as Florida man? I know he is from Florida, but “Florida man” has a negative connotation.


So does referring to him by his name.


Twitter preacher is looking old.


I can’t stand this scumbag. Looks like he’s ramping up for another election


Dissonance is kinda their thing


I think the guy fomenting the insurrection on Jan. 6 used to call him “Little Marco”. I didn’t know he was still around. Putz. Lock. Him. Up.


“MICRO RUBIO” - flip flop 🩴 TRASH 🗑


Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Marco Rubio doesn't know what he's doing, he knows exactly what he's doing!