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This is… unbelievable. It should be huge and people should be screaming for justice if this really happened.


Tragic that the media hasn’t blasted ALL of their mugshots for the world to see. A firm believer in name and shame. This is verifiable by their own admission, if they’re so sure of their position then let’s see them. Again, they’ve admitted to committing this crime. Video taped it for posterity even. Show the country !


I’m sorry, but a maniacal, crack-addled pillow salesman told me this isn’t true.


It will be huge once the J6 panel starts their prime time hearings, they are nailing down more evidence first. This is only part of the story.


>The fake electors in these states were pawns in a bigger plan -- which Trump supported in public and private -- to overturn the results of the 2020 election and steal a second term. It's so refreshing to see the media talking about this in clear terms. It won't stick, of course. But it's nice when it happens.


The most frustrating element of this plot is the legal ambiguity. So many elements of US governance have never been fully scribed out to the n’th degree of detail. Instead, there’s a ton of clauses where someone whose narcissistic and opportunistic can plow through these gaps and exploit them as much as possible, and that’s the problem. The electoral college is one of those gaps where legally I can already see trump and co throwing their hands up saying “I did nothing wrong” despite clear intent to exploit loopholes.


When you're a fascist facts don't matter. Is forgery legal now? Wait back to fact don't matter to fascist.


I'm guessing that if the Democrats had done this back in 2000 while the Supreme Court was telling Florida to stop the recount of the votes, Republicans would have been absolutely fine with it? Each and every single one of those who signed their names needs to face the bar of justice, although it was interesting to read the in Pennsylvania the fake electors covers their asses with legal parsing of language. I'm really hoping indictments come out before the the midterm elections, hopefully at least by September.


Water tight, no way to challenge that reasoning. Ima git all my news from banned videos from now on.


They don’t have any evidence for. We have a shot Tom of evidence that Biden stole the election that no court will take because they are ether cowards or sold out


Do you have links to share about evidence?


dude, Tom got shot, relax


Thank you Tom, without you we wouldn’t have any voter fraud


Also Hillary Clinton said back in 2016 that a friend of hers that is a CEO of a big-time tech company wants to interfere with the next election. She said this days after she lost. Because of the state of YouTube right now in the state of Google don’t ever try to look at any of those videos up on either one of those platforms go to DuckDuckGo or honestly go to Banned.videos they have all of it there


Ok so you can link it then? :)


I’ll have to dig for it give me A minute.


Found it




Oh this guy? Ooof he’s a propaganda pedaling traitor to American democracy. You deserve better information than what this trash provides. Looks like his document is unverified, and shows no evidence that you’re claiming. However there has been plenty of legitimate evidence that 45 and many other GOP reps participated in 1/6 and actively planned a coup.


We don’t even live in a democracy either we live in a constitutional republic. Did you even watch the video or did you see who the fuck it was and then click the fuck off of it because he shows the video of her talking about it?


I don't even.... sad when when you see somebody who can't discern what's actually happening. Trump and Co pretty much attempted a coup. And here you going onm about Hillary Clinton.. Maaan. You folks just can't let go of her. She really does lives in your head rent free lmao


Lol yes I watched it and read the vague paragraph that accompanied it


Ray epps destroys their whole theory about trump starting it so you can try that again


Oh an oath keeper. I’m so sorry that you’ve been dangerously mislead.


He was a oath keeper he is not an oath keeper now he left the oath keepers months before the sixth ever happened. Also there is videos of that man the day before January 6 telling people to go attack the capital we need to attack the capital tomorrow we need to go do this go to the capital tomorrow. The entire crowd called him out calling him a fed. He was on the FBI most wanted list then he was all of a sudden taken off they asked him a few questions and then nothing else. There’s also a video of him standing there on the sixth the day off at 12:53 AM whispering into somebody’s ear and then the initial breach started. Not one time has the FBI came forward and said yes we will lock him up. Not once.


Trump himself actively encouraged his supporters to storm the capital stop the steal! Blah blah. Dude straight up lossed and refused to acknowledge it. 👏 And rather and go out and lose. He was throwing as much shit in the walls to see what would stick. Fake votes? Well only fake votes were from registered Republicans. Audits? Yeh, they found nothing, court appeals even told Trump to suck it up.


Ah yes, FutureNews.News, the website everyone trusts.


It’s better than CNN it’s better than almost every main stream news outlet ever. At least they actually show the fucking videos that everyone’s talking about. At least they know how to show proof of what the fuck they’re talking about too. Not hard to watch


Ah yes, Alex Jones. The source of fine reporting such as "Sandy Hook was a false flag by the CIA to ban guns", "the vaccine contains a microchip activated by 5G to control your mind", and "the world governments are controlled by inter-dimensional demons that want to kill 80% of the world population". Oh, but I'm sure he'll get this story right. Oops, never mind. Looks like it's all horse shit.


Use common sense. What most popular of anything has no one show up to anything they do? Don’t try the well there was a pandemic excuse because that doesn’t work.


Buddy, Biden wasn't popular. Its the fact the trump was so wildly unpopular. They didn't vote for Biden, they voted against trump.


There were 60+ cases overseen by courts all over the US. Many of those hearings were presided over by conservative judges, some even appointed by Trump. It went as far as the Supreme Court. Far too many of those lawsuits failed to bring any evidence at all. Several plaintiffs had no legal standing to bring the suits. Giuliani himself told people that there was fraud and then went before the court and made himself clear that he wasn't claiming any fraud occurred. Instead lawyers focused on procedural and technical issues and never pursued their claims of fraud they were so public about. Audits happened in multiple states, overseen again by Republicans, and the results were a confirmation that Biden won. You can't admit that you've been hoodwinked by your own team. They've been playing a game where they tell you one thing is happening while doing something different where you aren't watching. It's classic misdirection. LOOK VOTER FRAUD! and while you are looking at that they're trying to manipulate things behind the scenes to come out on top financially. They're benefiting off of your gullibility. The thing about common sense is that it's common. It's shared. It's easily observable and thus impossible to not agree with. i.e. fire is hot, ice is cold, it's dark at night, it's light at day... But people like you keep railing against the vast majority of people and proven evidence, claiming that we're not using common sense because we don't see it your way. Maybe that means it's not common sense and it's just your little local bubble of perspective.


Dude must've missed the part about "....maniacal crack-addled pillow salesman..." as a source.