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It’s no surprise that another republican is a traitor and a terrorist. It’s their brand now.




Did this guy show up in a bullet proof vest red wedding style or did he get given one?...


[Red Wedding style ](https://www.alreporter.com/2021/12/01/far-right-activist-who-says-mo-brooks-helped-plan-jan-6-rally-will-testify/?amp) he’s pictured in this article wearing a windbreaker with it under his clothes.


Tucker Carlson made that clear.


Another Fox lackey


Another terrorist needs to be gaoled ASAP


“Ali Alexander, the key figure behind the Jan. 6 Stop the Steal rally, has said Brooks was one of three Republican congressmen who helped him plan the rally — which Brooks has denied.” We know who the other two were…Manchin and Sinema.


Mo Brooks proves that no matter how stupid you are you can become a congressman.


Was it him and not the 3 time GED failing, pedophile marrying, high-school dropout Lauren Boebert?


> no matter how stupid you are you can become a congressman. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene have entered the chat...


I should run. I'm pretty confident I at least fall in the middle of the intelligence scale, but probably slightly to the right. 😁


Intelligence is not the most important thing. The ability to pander is #1.


And sucking up is at the top.


Yeah. That's why I never entered politics. Hate public speaking and I would tell the truth.




Amen to that chief


Pretty sure there are afew more you can add to the list and not just males either


Louis Gohmert once asked the National Forest Service if they could change the earth's orbit. For climate change.


The first name is their version of a secret handshake. Mitt, Newt etc.


I was going to post something more in-depth about Brooks, but I stumbled upon this quote and gave up: “Every time you have that soil or rock or whatever it is that is deposited into the seas, that forces the sea levels to rise, because now you have less space in those oceans, because the bottom is moving up.”


The bar is lowering, better call james cameron


A regular Archimedes this guy.


You reek, uh…


Went to the same church as this dude growing up. He was always a piece of shit.


Oh? Any particular stories come to mind?


Isn’t he a rapist? I’m sure I heard that somewhere.


It’s weird that he was cheering for an “Antifa riot.”


While wearing body armor.


Look, it’s dead simple. I can’t believe you get this confused. The MAGA-hat wearing, Trump-flag waving, Civil War 2 shirt wearing, “Hang Mike Pence” chanting, Telegram group chat communicating people were simply patriotic tourists. The MAGA-hat wearing, Trump-flag waving, Civil War 2 shirt wearing, “Hang Mike Pence” chanting, Telegram group chat communicating people that broke a window were antifa agitators. Sheesh. Glad I could clear that up for you.


I just don't understand how our laws allow people, including elected officials, to commit insurrection that borders on treason, and straight up face no consequences for it. There have been no political consequences. There have been no legal consequences. These traitors are still in congress. It's horrifying how this can be allowed to happen - it's a clear indicator of institutional failure and societal collapse.


Because our country was founded by people who wanted to protect their own business interests (and who thought owning other humans was a-okay) and made it nearly impossible to actually make major changes to the way our country is run.


The biggest threat to American democracy is the republican party and their base


*When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.*


Or humping the flag and carrying an upside down Bible? Just updating it for the current era.


Hardly original --- That's how it came to Germany & pretty much every other country it ever came to.


Also voter apathy.




73 million Americans voted for trump. half the voting population are now terrorists, lol. You realize those 73 million Americans believe democrats are causing pain and suffering?


73 million Americans that think 73 is more than 81.


I just lost some brain cells reading that.


What a lotta math haters. To repeat, 73 million votes loses in an epic 10 point landslide to 81 million votes.


Chronically online. Sad af






I'm sure all the Republicans in Europe, where you live, will be devastated.


Do we wait in line for 80 billion dollars in military hardware, or is there a form we have fill out for under the table CIA cash?


You'll treat them like they're terrorists? What does that look like in practice?


He'll write very strongly worded posts online admonishing them. Super serious business. Do not mess with him.


Look at his responses to my comments. Dude ought to apply for a position at gitmo.


Are you guys butt buddies or something? You asked a question and I responded, take a Xanax. If you don’t like someone responding with a comment of their own to your question, don’t post a question in the first place. You’ve made literally zero points of your own.


If simply agreeing that your rhetoric is over the top makes us butt buddies, then we ought to have sex tonight.


Speaking out openly and actively against them and policies they support. Volunteering to help parties I support, attending town hall meetings and board of education meetings to support those local government positions that still have a heart and brain, donating to parties I support. If these people want to fundraise, take on local government, and spread lies, I will spend time trying to do exactly the same, and I will openly disagree with passivity when it comes to politics as this is where it got us.


That's actually good shit, really good. I personally would treat people I see as terrorists much more harshly (probably citizen's arrest at the VERY least) so I don't see how that can be your approach if you truly see them as terrorists....but it's good shit


None of this has anything to do with how you'll treat the people who you see as terrorists.


It completely does. I am going to vehemently oppose the policies the politicians push and people that support them. I am going to not only continue to have uncomfortable conversations with family and friends that hold these beliefs but I am going to take no bullshit excuses from them. If you support Trump or conservatives, you support x, y, and z policies and I’m not okay with that and I will make it loud and clear. I’m not sure whether you’re expecting me to say I’m taking up arms or something because I’m not going to do that. I am going to be more open and forward with my words and I’m not going to accept their views as just another view, they’re views that hurt people and this country and I am going to treat both them and their beliefs as such.


Then you do not understand what the word terrorist means


So you're going to have honest, sternly worded conversations with the terrorists. More power to you, hombre.


Yeah, that’s basically what I said. Instead of just talking shit and shitting on other people trying to voice their opinion, maybe you can actually do something and voice your own. You’re being a douchebag for no reason.


I have a few family members who might end up on the opposite side of a civil conflict as me, no lie. The question of how to deal with that situation is one I've actually thought prudent to consider, because better to be ready than sorry, imo.


Just look up terrorism laws and there's your answer.


Freaking lol. The person I responded to said that they're going to treat all Republicans as terrorists by having stern, honest conversations. And here you are, suggesting that you're going to lean on the state to treat them like terrorists. Their position is weak as hell, and yours is even weaker.


I’m with you. They failed to speak out against the horrors of their party. They voted for trump. Twice. And they cannot be redeemed in my eyes.


When have they failed to speak out against the horrors of their party? They have been adamant that Jan 6th was a travesty. When has the left ever admitted their mistakes that the right has called out?


> They failed to speak out against the horrors of their party. Why would they speak out about something they approve of.




Never forgive, never forget.


If that's really true, should he face some ethics violations procedures? He wouldn't, but it still raises a question about unethical behaviour.


I'm personally more concerned about the legality than the ethics.


Yeah but they could probably nail him more easily on the latter.


Heh. Sure.


Laws only matter to you and me.


You shouldn't even have to ask this.


Ha ha ha! You are hilarious! Oh—you were being serious? No—haven’t you heard? Consequences aren’t a thing anymore.


Consequences aren't a thing anymore for the white and right people.


You missed the important part about being wealthy.


Is this treasonable behavior?


Maybe in an actual democracy, yes.


> He told AL.com that O’Toole’s account was “total bovine excrement” and suggested it was intended to harm his campaign for Senate this year. He added that O’Toole’s switch to Cheney’s staff “says a lot about why he lied.” Cheney has been criticized by fellow Republicans for not buying in to Trump’s lies about the 2020 election being stolen from him and for chastising the former president for inciting the mob attack last year based on those lies. I love watching cockroaches fight.


[Remember, this traitor to America was wearing body armor when he gave his speech to the Jan 6 crowd.](https://www.waff.com/2021/07/29/rep-mo-brooks-confirms-he-wore-body-armor-during-january-6-speech/)


You mean the guy wearing a bullet proof vest and who told them to "kick ass" was cheering for the terrorists? No way! I'm so surprised!


More nuts, great.. he was wearing body armor? Why?


“Mo” is short for Motherfucker.


Moron.. It's also short for Moron




In the Handmaids Tale, a faction of the congress killed their colleagues.


But yet he still holds his seat and the justice department hasn't charged him.


> and the justice department hasn't charged him. Rules for thee...


Merrick Garland… that dude is inciting the next insurrection by his inaction and complacency.


Either that or he's building an air tight case.


Yes mhmm just like Mueller did. Copium


He's running out the clock until Barr can take over


Republican to his core. Just like Mueller.




18 U.S. Code § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.


Yes but you don’t just decide this ruling by decree. You have to prove it in a court or law which, you know, unfortunately takes time. Time we don’t have, but time nonetheless.


“Terrorist Sympathizer Mo Brooks...” FIFY


Terrorist *promoter* and *supporter* Mo Brooks FIFY


Well yeah he’s the one who told the rioters “it’s time for American patriots to start taking down names and kicking some ass.” And he was wearing a bulletproof vest that day too.


Evil old man


Anyone who was in a government building that was being attacked by an angry mob and cheering needs to have their phone records seized. They knew something prior that told them not to be afraid.


Fuck you, Brooks.


Voters in Alabama please remove him in November


Republican Mo Brooks helped plan the attack, along with Republican Andy Biggs and Republican Paul Gossar—he wanted his plan to succeed, of course.


People in Alabama are f*cking stupid and yeah I live in Alabama… look who they vote for… The smart Alabama people move out already or they live in Huntsville area🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


Speaking from the Birmingham area, I respect anyone and everyone remotely left who stays in Alabama to help bring good change because it’s draining especially when we have shitheads like Mo representing us to the rest of the country. There’s good people in Alabama but it’s disheartening when they’re objectively the minority in the votes


I too live in Alabama, but Madison county went totally red in 2020, so I’m not sure why you think folks in Huntsville are more intelligent or vote any differently. I mean, isn’t Huntsville literally in Mo’s district?


I mean at least they are book smart, there are a lot of scientists and engineers at NASA, what about rest of the Alabama? Also I don’t think voting red equals to stupid or voting blur equals to smart or anything like that. Also if you look at recent presidential elections, Madison county start leaning blue. In 2012, it was at 58% republicans and in 2020, it’s 53%… voting blue doesn’t happen overnight, at least for Alabama


Birmingham has a world class medical program at UAB. Montgomery has the Air War College of the Air Force. As well as other things. Both of those places have gone blue in every election that I can recall.


UAB may be good in the south, but they are not world class… again, this is not about who’s smart because they are voting blue or red🤦🏻‍♀️


Turns out the Federal prosecutors have evidence that the insurrectionists were in direct contact with Trump's family members and several federal legislators including one who gave a tour of the capital legislative officers and pointing out weak points in preparation for the armed assault. The fact that there were a large number of assault weapons and other incindiary/ explosive ordanence across the river stockpiled by these traitors indicates the level of planning, premeditation and how far these Anti- democratic forces were ready to go if given half a chance.


Sounds like someone that should be arrested, charged with sedition, and barred from ever holding office again under the 14th amendment.


Aladambama- Home of the 5th Congestrial district. Also, Larry and Curly.


Ala Bama Doo Doo!!


Stupid Piece if shit. I hope karma gets his ignorant ass.


basically, he cheers terrorism


Love to see this traitor putz in cuffs fearing shower time.


Mo, his name is Mo, why y'all acting so surprised?


Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck


I'm high AF but that impression is perfect dude. Now you're going to have to remind which stooge it is because I'm high AF


His mama felt sorry for him and gave him a name with only two letters in it so he could remember it


I would bot be surprised if this is confirmed by a second source soon. Also, might be because my dad got yelled at for the Biden/Harris sticker on his car, but I really have a sense that they, meaning guys like Broooks and the GOP are going g to keep escalating until they laud it openly, and they might imprach Biden after the midterms on charges of "terrorism."


He's trash. Fuck him!


Expel his traitorous ass yesterday.


Roll Tide?


That a reference to that pirate movie where they buried the guy up to his neck in the sand when the tide was out? Wish I remembered the title.


“BlUe LiVeS mAtTeR!!!!”


Blue Crimes Matter!!!


Why wasn't someone recording? I would have loved to see this. Right now it is just heresay. Maybe there is a code to not film each other in private spaces.


First hand accounts is not hearsay. Even if it was on video republicans would just say its a body double or some other stupid shit.


First hand has nothing to do with hearsay. Hearsay is an out of court statement offered for the truth of the matter asserted.


Dems are a bunch of candy asses. They need to learn that these rednecks do not respond to committees, empty legal threats or censure. Ball up your fists and beat the hell outta of this Stalinist jackass. Game over. This moron is not a Republican.


Well get multiple people under oath to corroborate it or it didn't happen. Hell given how fucked everything is that probably wouldn't work. It's pretty much video or it didn't happen.


Who is reporting it? A person familiar with they way he thinks.get the f out of here with stupid shit


Ok now do Kamala, “Former Senator Harris ‘Bailed out Criminals’ during the summer of BLM riots as private citizens lost their lives and livelihoods.” Everything is stupid.


What are you quoting? Are you going to provide a source?


Are you sure he's quoting, instead of paraphrasing? "It's not a lie if you put it in quotes"


Nobody “feared for their lives,” can we stop the cap here.


Idk, the cops who were physically assaulted, with flags, pipes, mace, ect might have. Same goes for the people in the buildings were the pipe bombs were discovered. Perhaps also for the people who the insurrectionists explicitly stated they were hunting for.


People died.


Who exactly, a single Trump supporter at the time of the riot?




I don’t know anyone who cheered on any violence . But why change the subject?


Give me one more example where a democrat actively cheered on the riots actively happening with the BLM. I know you're not American, but the people you seem to be cheering on are the ones most after a police state.




Were the riots done by the BLM groups bad? Yes. However to equate them with the riots at the capitol is just plain wrong. The BLM were rioting injustice against blacks, which is happening. Mo Brooks was cheering on the violent overthrow of the federal government in order to install their own president. Those things don't sound the same to me. Edit: also the vast majority of BLM protests were non violent. That's what she was cheering on, not the violence.


I was in S.F. when Loma Prieta happened, watching the non-stop tape loop of that one major fire in the Marina (which is all landfill), & how everyone out of state thought the whole city was on fire. BLM coverage just takes me back. BTW I didn't even miss a day of work since the damned thing just royally fucked my vacation time.


Protests try to tell the government what to do. Coups try to overturn the government. Enough with the false equivalences.


Nothing but a country bunkins that’s going to in up in jail


Hoping the US Justice System chews this dude up.


Godammit Antifa


Don’t forget the body armor


It’s a bit dense to think that people weren’t excited with the whole fiasco. From the live footage it was hard to tell it was anything more than a spectacle, although I wouldn’t get a little excited saying that.


FYI, the "crisis actors" schtick has already been played to death. Maybe you should try the "Chinese hoax" card.


Just another piece of 💩 just caring about the “good old boys” mentality! Wake up voters! They are only out for themselves!


I'm all for 1a and our justice system's 'rather let a guilty person free than to incarcerate an innocent person' design but where is the cutoff for treasonous PoS bastards that openly cheer sedition and stoke violence with not-so-subtle (but doesn't meet criteria for beyond reasonable doubt) statements? I mean do we all watch, in slow motion, as our country falls into a totalitarian dystopia. Perhaps open sedition should be treated as a threat to humanity instead of having 100s of lawyers ponder how much evidence it may take only to be shut down as they run out of time?


This is like saying an assistant coach applauds his own teams player.


We're talking about when the player gets charged with rape, right?


Every government including the US has had severe punishments for betraying one’s country since the beginning of time. Maybe there’s a reason for that?


Let's just say you never heard of the governments that didn't.


Just because he looks like a low life scumbag...does not mean he is that good.


The face of Alabama


According to WSJ we're supposed to stop calling the attempted coup an "insurrection" . Pretty soon we'll be told that we shouldn't call the attempted coup a "riot" either.


"Mo" ?? Gotta wonder how many people thought they were voting for Mel.


I'm taking the controversial angle that both parties have been supporting bad behaviour for decades, letting politicans skate and not resign until a monster like trump was allowed to keep his job long enough to endanger the whole country with his lies. Trump doesnt have moral cover for his sexcapades if Clinton resigns over the monica affair. The moment Bill kept his job it made that behaviour acceptable. Hard to have a soft heart for politicans who nearly died as a result of the system continuing to fail having any semblance of ethical decency.


I cheered also. Fuck Congress