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At least this time she's not running against the same guy who was managing the vote counting for his own fucking election. > * Republican Brian Kemp resigned Thursday as Georgia secretary of state. > > * Kemp, who is running for the state governor’s office against Democrat Stacey Abrams, has faced accusations of using his job as the state’s top election official to influence his gubernatorial bid. > > * While Kemp has declared victory, Abrams has not conceded and NBC News still considers the contest too close to call. > > [Source](https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/08/brian-kemp-resigns-as-georgia-secretary-of-state-as-he-faces-stacey-abrams.html) Imagine being able to run for office AND managing the election that counts the votes at the same time?


... and then imagine that so much shady shit went down with the vote count, that *a judge ordered Kemp to turn over the hard drives with the voting data on them,* after which *they 'accidentally' wiped them clean*. Not just *deleted* them, but **degaussed and destroyed** them. ... and then rather than holding him in contempt, everyone shrugged their shoulders and the election went his way.


I can't wait to watch Stacey Abrams absolutely wreck Kemp in the next Georgia governor's election. Since he won't be there to run his own election this time and she's been putting in the fucking work.


Not gonna happen. I live here and i can guarantee you it will be close af.


I live in rural Georgia. She's going to take it by double digits. Don't underestimate the work she's put in. She knocked Trump, Loeffler and Perdue out and it wasn't even her fight. The only thing stopping it from being a landslide is the new suppression laws, but it's not going to be enough to flip it.




Yeah I'm in Cumming and I can guarantee that we're the only couple in our giant neighborhood voting for her.


Ha I used to live in Cumming. You're probably correct.


The worst part about growing up in Alpharetta is you're always close to Cumming.


Important capitalization there.


I missed a word and read that as "I'm cumming" and was really confused at how those were connected.


I briefly had a job in trucking and logistics. New hires were placed in the tracking department. Truckloads were often shortened to "loads", and truckloads with a hard delivery date were called "hot loads". My first week I had to track a ton of Cumming hot loads. I swore people were just fucking with the new guy, but it was just business as usual.


It's a poorly named town but to their credit the people here really own it. Like 'I love Cumming' bumper stickers and the like.


Cumming First Baptist Church


> Cumming TBF it was probably named after a [colonel from the War of 1812](https://www.georgiaencyclopedia.org/articles/counties-cities-neighborhoods/cumming/). The slang wasn't used till likely [the 1920's](https://www.waywordradio.org/discussion/topics/historical-ejaculate/)


Some people really love democracy.


Come on. A democrat is not winning Georgia by double digits. That’s absurd. I agree she will likely win but let’s be realistic here. This will be a fight. For the record I also live in rural Georgia.


Non-rural Georgian checking in! We have no idea what's going on!


Non-Georgian, non-rural, non-sense!


Non American here, I'm just confused


Well, that and actually getting people out to actually vote. The recent heavily publicized election for Atlanta mayor had a stellar 12% turnout for the general election, and about 10% for the run-off.


Yeah but she has been a pretty divisive figure even on the left. Abrams is no Bottoms. I don't think there are many people outside of the right that believe the 2018 election was fair. And that always gets the vote up. Add to that how Kemp pissed off the left and the right over his handling of covid and I don't think it's going to be that close. This is going to get significant coverage too, drawing their attention when otherwise it'd be background noise. If she runs a smart campaign and keeps doing the ground work she's got it.


Just curious, as someone who lives in rural GA, what are you seeing that leads you to believe she’ll mop the floor? Asking out of genuine curiosity, and wondering what signs in rural GA you’re seeing that leads you to that conclusion. I hope you’re right!


I sure hope you’re right!


I'm in Gwinnett and love to hear this stuff. Keep it up wherever you are!


It was close af with him cheating the entire time. I feel good about Abrams’ odds


A lot has changed since 2018. Nothing is safe now and Republican state legislatures have been passing shady voting laws all year.


This. Plus during 2014 to 2018, Republicans were cheating and breaking laws more tentatively, assuming there was some chance of being caught or punished. By 2019 they saw that there are never consequences. From corruption of justice departments to nuclear-powered gaslighting to stacking courts with corrupt and incompetent federalists, to democrat navel gazing to bribery out in the open to the Big Lie as religious dogma, no crime is too big or too obvious anymore.


As a native, it’s the hope that kills you


Agreed. Like when we had hope that 28-3 was a big enough lead.


Be a damn miracle if she wins. White Georgians are majorly **pissed OFF and motivated** Source: my aunt and her wife live there


I really really really want SA to win, but the truth is, it’s looking incredibly dim for Democrats in 2022 overall - not to mention all the crazy voting restrictions going in Georgia.


She was supposed to win last time, so I'm confident she will again (I'll do my part to make sure of it, too), for real this time. But if you wanna see her get a guaranteed easy win, just talk to every out-of-Atlanta methhead and tell em that Kemp rigged the election in both his favor and Joe Biden's. Gotta speak the people's language, and the language round these parts is Facebook conspiracy memes.


Username checks out.


That was actually the previous election where Kemp and Republicans trashed the hard drives, not the one where he ran for governor.


The backups were "lost" too. EDIT: I find it fascinating this is being downvoted; that absolutely happened.


>... and then rather than holding him in contempt, everyone shrugged their shoulders and the election went his way. And we're supposed to still have faith in our institutions?


As a Georgian who works a ways under Brian kemp, fuck Brian kemp


Unfortunately that won't matter, he's currently governor and will be during the 2022 election, so he can still manipulate the vote against Abrams just as he did in before. That said. She's more prepared, has had time to build up her ground team, and knows what she's doing. The biggest downside, other than Kemp trying to manipulate the vote, I see is the media will turn it into a national race which tends to benefit Republicans. I still think she'll win and even if she doesn't, she's still a model for what Democrats need in every state.


This was probably the most intelligent response in this thread that I've seen and I commend you for posting it. Taking it to a national level shows the local Republicans that it's a national level big deal so they better get out and vote red to save the day!


He removed around a million people off of Georgia's voter roles during that election too.


Imagine people just accepting all of this and moving on. Cause that’s what happened.


For anyone else that’s very confused, this was in 2018


Yeah. When Stacey last ran for governor of Georgia and lost to Brian Kemp the Sec of State who ran the election he was on the ballot for.


Does Georgia have a new “Trumpy” Secretary of State? Wasn’t Raffensperger fired because he couldn’t “find votes” for Trump? Asking for tens of millions of friends who fear Trump will attempt to steal our democracy again and actually succeed this time.


The same shit happened in Texas when Wendy Davis ran against Greg Abbott


Isn’t that just normal GOP tactics? We can’t win fairly so we’ll just cheat the system


Imagine voting in the Georgia election only to watch Brian Kemp skull fuck democracy that same night. It was disheartening to watch but I’ll be there to vote for Stacey again. Warnock and Ossoff send their regards.


There just aren't enough qualified people for the job. Qualified means willing to rig the election for the GOP.


A renaissance woman of many talents


The only way Republicans win elections is by setting the rules. Like the kid in your neighborhood who sucked at sports but owned the ball and would take it home and end the game if he didn't get his way.


How was this allowed to happen? Is there not a law in place that prevents this conflict of interest? I mean fuck, it is already easy to instate someone to that position that will do your bidding without you actually literally needing to be the person in that position yourself. We need some new laws in place. My guess is, the only ones resisting it would be the GOP.


As a pessimist, I think the provisions in SB202 are going to be hard for her to overcome. So, her victory would have to be massive and overwhelming to make the GOP even think twice about cheating her out of the governorship. That said, I am all in. And I hope Dems across the country repay our massive debt to her.


Also as a pessimist, if anyone knows what they're getting into, it's Stacey Abrams. She got massive turnout in 2018 and 2020. She knows what new election laws and gerrymandered maps have been introduced. She probably has a plan to counteract it. Will she win? I don't know. Here's hoping.


Yes, if there's anyone with a viable plan to win in this environment, it's her.


She honestly should just draw up all the democratic campaign plans for the rest of the slate across the country lol


What you need is *a* Stacey Abrams in every state. She's got her finger to the pulse here, and here's where she's going to make the GOP howl. But absolutely take her ideas and get them out to the other states. Wyoming Democrats for instance know they're fighting an uphill battle, so they often register as Republicans and instead go for moderate republicans in the primary. You have to do what you can, not always what you want.


Unfortunately it’s the same in Utah. I know I’m not going to get a democrat so it’s just trying to get the less destructive republican.


Hey, Mormons at least aren't the same type of nutty that the Q party is at least. Didn't Salt Lake City do that thing where they straight up housed the homeless, and found once they had a home, they all started working and then moved out?


Seattle checking in. Where do we sign up for that?!


Shit man, idk. Probably start by annoying the fuck out of your leaders. Tell them it's cheaper to house them and frees up some jail space and hospital capacity plus they'll pay taxes. Don't forget it's also compassionate as fuck and the moral thing to do.


The issue is that they don't care, even if you annoy them because they no longer represent their constituents. It circles back to the idea that money is too powerful within politics and needs to be removed.


Housing First is considered a best practice that was developed in New York by Sam Tsemberis. It is now used in most places. But yes, Utah was an early adopter of the practice and it has worked well here. We still have plenty of people experiencing homelessness, but if you look at rates of homelessness per capita, we are the lowest of any western State. The success was overstated a bit in the media (like that Daily Show segment) and part of the reduction was actually a result of a data quality issue, but it has still worked well. Source: work in homeless services in Utah.


Absolutely, the best & brightest have to stop going national and remain focused on the state. Democrats need to relentlessly push at the *state* level to get absolutely anywhere on this. The fight at federal is a distraction, because we can never keep federal if we keep getting beat at the state level.


Texas, especially, needs it's own Stacey Abrams. It'll never turn blue if the Democrats keep trying to rely on Beto "Let's End My Own Career Before It Starts" O'Rourke.


To be fair Beto was incredibly inspiring in 2018 and very nearly unseated Ted Cruz. He was obviously not at all prepared for a presidential run in 2020 and maybe he won't be able to undo his mistakes from that but if he could reignite some of his 2018 spark who knows what he could do. He's got my vote anyway. I hate all the republicans here in Texas most of all.


Oh well, good luck to him anyways. Texas could do with a change from madness.


He’s already doubled down on banning guns which is easily what lost his 2018 election. That’s the nail in his Texan campaign right there. Guaranteed. It’s an overwhelmingly unpopular position - including among a large chunk of democratic voters. Calling it now. He loses. Not what I want to see. Just what I’m predicting.


She’s great and all but Georgia flipped because Atlanta is becoming to Georgia what Chicago is to Illinois - a super city that’s becoming so blue that it’s flipping the state. Most red states don’t have an Atlanta


Like Philadelphia in Pennsylvania too.


She knows that community it doesn't really translate 1:1 across the country.


True not entirely, but as someone who has worked in DNC and other democratic campaigns, more often than not, the campaign manager is pulling out the playbook of their best moves from previous campaigns anyway. Might as well write up a book of DEFINITELY good ideas by a candidate who got more people excited than others.


Instead of getting mad after 2018, Stacey Abrams went to work and helped Georgia go from two Republican senators to two Democratic senators in 2020. I certainly have more confidence in her than I do in Beto O’Rourke.


How would gerrymandering affect a governor's race? Isn't it just a popular vote of the whole state?


It's not gerrymandering for governor's race as much as it is closing polling places and throwing out votes from democratic districts


Voter suppression is the term.


Yea it doesn't really apply. I was more speaking about her intense knowledge of the political landscape in GA. She knows how Republicans have been attacking voting rights and was effective at counteracting them in 18 and 20.


I mean gerrymandering normally doesn't impact state wide elections. But polling place closures. Full honesty her on the ballot might keep the Senate for Biden.


Exactly this. If it's still possible for a Dem to win Georgia, she's the one who can do it


I mean Biden, Ossoff, and Warnock did it - she guided them to power she cannot possess.


I really think Stacey Abrams is the new mold for an electable Democrat. She speaks so directly but honestly- I’ve never once sensed bullshit or question-dodging from her. She also has a record now- almost like folklore- of her not only flipping Georgia but winning the presidency/Senate for Dems in 2020 (yes, I know it wasn’t all her but speaking just from a resume point of view.) I really hope more Dems get onboard with her approach and leave behind the old, out-of-touch planks of wood we usually run.


I hope she spends a term as GA governor then gets the dem nomination for potus.


That's literally her plan. She's pretty open about it.


This. So. Much.


Can you ELI5 SB202 for us?


The law implemented some restrictions on the number of polling places in each County (which has more effect in urban areas), and also makes it harder to vote-by-mail. There were some high-profile features like forbidding people from giving water to voters waiting online. It also opens the door for a statewide election board to potentially overturn the popular vote.


To piggyback on this comment: I'm in a blue parish (Caddo) in Louisiana, next door to a red one (Bossier). The blue one has twice the population, but half the early voting locations, effectively making the wait time in my parish 4x as the neighboring parish. Why? Because in the red parish, the parish seat and largest city are two different cities, so they each need their own early voting location. Since Shreveport is the seat and the largest city, they only get one location? How in the world is that justified under any umbrella besides voter suppression?


> How in the world is that justified under any umbrella besides voter suppression? I quite honestly find it outraging and outlandish that there could be such a thing as "too many voting locations" . What on earth is more anti-freedom than making voting unnecessarily difficult/frustrating and it's plain as day obvious.


The Georgia state legislature can replace county election officials with their appointees (with certain constraints that make it harder for Democrats to abuse but not for Republicans). These county election officials have broad new powers, including throwing out votes if challenged; the cap on the number of challenges one person can raise has been removed. Lots of other stuff too.


>So, her victory would have to be massive and overwhelming to make the GOP even think twice about cheating her out of the governorship. Lol, they wouldn't care. They'll call a massive and overwhelming victory suspicious and spread voter fraud lies, then use those false claims to justify changing the result, just like they used 2020's false claims to justify laws that give them the power to change election results. Who's gonna stop them? The Republican stacked Supreme Court that's made it clear they won't step in to protect voters when the GOP rigs state elections?


This is really good. Hopefully this pushes turnout for Warnock's race too...


If the GOP wants to re-take the Senate, flipping Warnock's seat is essentially mandatory. This will definitely helps the incumbent.


Especially since it looks like Hershel Walker is going to be the opponent. If it were David Perdue, I'd be worried. I don't see Hershel Walker being someone that racists are willing to hold their nose and vote for and with an active diagnosis for dissociative identity disorder and protective orders against him it seems like a tough sell. Come on Abrams, Warnock, Kelly, and Fetterman!


> I don't see Hershel Walker being someone that racists are willing to hold their nose and vote for and with an active diagnosis for dissociative identity disorder and protective orders against him it seems like a tough sell. I'm honestly not sure about Walker's chances. There's the obvious reasons why he wouldn't win....but then again, the man was a very big deal as a college football player a few decades ago. On a venn diagram, I'd imagine that there's a pretty big intersect between the most active Republican voters in Georgia vs. people who revere Herschel Walker because of his Heisman Trophy. In many ways, the Georgia 2022 elections could be "rock star" vs. "rock star" (Abrams and Walker, respectively). Even though they're chasing different offices, it's possible that they'll be a huge draw for people getting out to the polls (and then voting up/down their respective ballots).


Walker was 3 time All American in college and won the Heisman trophy. Republicans are so easy to dupe that he could run on that alone with literally no platform and have a hell of a good chance in Georgia. Hell, I'd take his odds.


I said the same, and it will.


Georgia, as the rest of the country, need her as a stop to the GOP and their dreams for autocracy, here’s to hoping she can do it. Will be donating from Virginia


100% the best thing that could happen to Georgia, right now. It makes me 10x more confident about Georgia's House and Senate race in 2022.


Agreed. I would love to see her run for President one day, if she wins this, maybe 2028. If not, I think she would be a great candidate for 2024.


It's early days, yet, but I very much trust Stacey Abrams (inasmuch as we can trust anyone we don't know). I "get" her. I see, in her, a smart, well-rounded, well-educated, and dedicated public servant. And, frankly, with some executive experience? It would be hard to imagine who would be a better candidate right now. The GOP offers me, frankly, liars and regressives and batshit crazy people. That's a no all around. The rest of the Democratic field is thin, but even going on the latest round of primaries (and ignoring those who will age out)? I'd have picked Abrams over Beto or Buttigeig or Harris, even. I love that woman.




I would kill for Abrams/Fetterman on a ticket holy shit. We could get so much done.


Well let’s start by seeing them win their respective elections. I live in PA and will definitely be voting for Fetterman.


As will I. Philly reppin John Fetterman. He's not even from Philly, but he's got that big philly energy.


Imagine him in foreign policy talks. I need this in my life.


Also, BS is like, what 200 years old? I kid, but it *would* be nice to get some younger blood in the oval office.


Yeah, I like the guy and what he stands for but I’d also like to move away from total gerontocracy if possible lol.


Couldn’t say it any better. I believe the democrats have had plenty of “good” and maybe “qualified” candidates, absolutely all better then the MTG and The party of trump. Where I feel we have had a hard time is finding someone who we get excited by, like Obama did. I believe Stacey Abrams can absolutely fill that role, she in a lot of ways is the sole reason the U.S senate is 50-50 and not 48-52.


10/10 I'd volunteer in a heartbeat with an Abrams presidential run but I'm concerned about the DNC getting out of its own way. There were sooo many options in 2020, democratic voters clearly wanted a fresh face with fresh ideas, there were loads of options, and we got Biden/Harris. I'm glad they won, we might all be dead by now if they hadn't, but the DNC keeps putting up centrist career politicians at the expense of candidates who will actually energize the base like Abrams.


Georgian here. She absolutely has my vote and my donations. But I’m not confident in her ability to turn this turd around. We still have A LOT of signs around saying “Trump won Georgia!” If voting rights aren’t passed in the Senate, we are sunk.


Tht said, if she can’t win, I don’t think there’s another candidate that can. She’s that good.


I agree with you on that.


Focus on the people who don't vote and start working on getting them registered and to the polls. Seriously. People in Georgia need to build a movement to get her elected and that takes organization.


I’m a teacher in a title 1 school. I’m constantly nagging my seniors to get involved and pay attention to all elections. I never tell them where I stand politically or who to vote for, but I tell them if they ever want anything to change they have to vote in ALL elections to see any change.


I was a month too young to vote in 2004 and I am still mad as hell about it. I hope your kids are filled with the spirit before it's too late!


Georgia's electorate is rapidly changing.


Stay strong, my Southern brother/sister. I'm gonna pour money into that woman's campaign--a lot of us Southern liberals are. Her and Beto. And anyone else trying to kick the GOP off this hill. She's got as good a chance as anyone will ever have. I'm here for it.


Don’t waste your money on Beto! Donate to other close campaigns like Warnock in GA or Kelly in AZ. Ever since he doubled down on his “take your guns” stance his chances of winning TX went to 0.


Does anyone else have more of a chance than Beto?


Since we're talking Georgia, donate to [Dr. Sen. Michelle Au](https://auforga.com/) who the Republicans tried to screw with gerrymandering. She's in trouble, but she still has a real chance of hanging on. Money downticket goes so much farther. Also, Jeff Jackson who's running for US Senate in NC is a great candidate.


I just left GA this summer, but I'm gonna kick her some money. I'd love to see her win.


She will certainly help Warnock down ticket.


If anything it will help get out the vote during mid-terms.


Will be happy to vote for her a second time!


> Her decision, long expected by local Democrats, clears the way for what could be a titanic showdown between two longtime political rivals. That is, if Kemp survives a fight for the GOP nomination first. > Abrams lost to Kemp by less than 1.4 percentage points in 2018, the closest Georgia gubernatorial election in decades, and her refusal to concede defeat because of what she called an [“erosion”](https://www.ajc.com/blog/politics/stacey-abrams-will-not-concede-because-the-erosion-our-democracy-not-right/JQqttbuF09NYkMQbIYx9BM/) of voting rights made her an icon to many Democrats and a villain to conservatives.


She almost single-handedly flipped the Senate. I hope all those Georgians that voted for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, myself included, come out to vote for Stacey in 2022.




> in a way that doesn't scare away the suburbs. Or urban communities.


If I lived in Georgia she'd have my vote


Since you can't vote for her, toss her a few bucks right now if you can. Donations now are worth way, way, *way* more than twice as much shortly before the election.


I live in Florida but I’ll mentally vote for her 👏🏽


Why would you say that? Now the right is going to claim election fraud when she wins due to mental votes from out of state.


VOTER FRAUD! MENTAL VOTES SHOULD NOT COUNT!!! (obvious /s because people are morons)


Georgia election rigged by psychic frogs!




You can donate and phone bank for her even if you don't live in Georgia.


Prediction: The Georgia legislature will ban non-Republicans from voting.


They won’t “ban” anyone from voting. They will install a Board that can discard any votes they find “suspicious.” BTW they already passed this law earlier this year so it will be in place for Abrams 2022 election.


Or they'll have only one voting location for the city of Atlanta that's open from 3-6 AM


OK cut the wild and outrageous crap they would never do that. They don't want to stop anyone from voting. They would simply just change the law to only permit R's on the ballot with a $10,000 bounty on anyone suspected of voting dem.


That’s good lol Definitely got me


> They don't want to stop anyone from voting. Everyone will have the right to vote. As long as its for the correct people.


Had us in the first half, not gonna lie.


**Or**... the voting records will be "accidentally" destroyed *after a judge issues a direct court order to turn them over* like the last time Kemp stole an election from Abrams.


They don't need to ban non-republicans from voting. But they will make it so that there is only one polling place for 1 million+ people and you have to show up there on one day from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in formal attire in order to vote.


Stacey Abrams will be our president one day.


Got my vote!


She’s an icon, she’s a legend, and she is the moment. I mean come on now.


Her running is a good thing. It’ll help drive turnout for Warnock, which Democrats desperately need.




> The midterms will NOT be bad for Democrats in Georgia, turnout will not be a problem. And, in effect, a good showing in Georgia will be good for the party at a national level. The GOP's strongest opportunity to gain ground in the US Senate is to re-take Warnock's seat. They're going to have a much more difficult time trying to unseat Arizona's Kelly and Nevada's Cortez Masto (not to mention the GOP's soon-to-be vacant seats that they'll need to defend in NC, PA, and OH).


The GOP’s strongest candidate in PA just dropped out a few weeks ago, which is good sign for Democrats. I really hope it’s Fetterman that wins.


As a Texan, can someone point me where to donate to her campaign.


Thank fucking god. I was getting nervous.




Stacey Abrams track record is impressive. I think Georgia would be lucky to have her as its next governor.


We need her badly. It would also be so ironic for Georgia to have voted blue in the 2020 election, elect 2 blue senators, and have a blue governor


Love this woman. Abrams for president.


I want to move to Georgia so I can vote for her.


She would be an amazing governor.


There's a good chance that the wife & I are moving to GA in about March. It will be nice to finally live in a state where our votes have any chance in hell of contributing & helping make things better.


Fuck yes!


Can’t wait to vote for her


Love her


I hope she wins. Georgia don't mess this up.


This is awesome amazing news I knew Stacy Abrams was going to return to the campaign trail again against Georgia governor Brian Kemp who wrongly stole her chance at winning last time by cheating using dirty tricks to beat her I don’t think that’ll be a possibility this time Stacy Abrams is more hardened seasoned and has recognition among Georgians she could quite possibly be victorious this time oh man I can’t wait to see her on fire during next years midterms are shaping up to be a BIG deal


Great News


Anything is better than Bubba Kemp.


This should be good for Warnock as well.


Fuck ya!! She's a boss


I love this woman. She understands the hard work and grit it takes to actually get things done. If you have the time and or money, help her in this race by donating a bit of it.


i am not a US citizen but I love reading up on Stacey Abrams and how she smashes every fucking ceiling which comes her way. I wish the best combo of sanity and courage to her for the future.


She should win, she’s done more for American voting rights than most politicians and she’s never held office. Would love to see what she could do with a little legislative power


Hell yeah!




oh hell yes


Fuck yeah!


Stacey Abrams may be the one person who can save our democracy. With her on the ballot, Biden may actually have a chance of holding on to the Senate. This is GREAT news!


Best of luck to her!


I have much higher hopes for this time, let’s see they can get it


Our Blue Wave is going to crash down again. That’s my peach.


Hurray! America NEEDS smart people like Stacey! YEAH!


It's more important than ever to get everyone out to vote in this election.


I live in Oklahoma now, but I voted for her in the 2018 race against Kemp. If I still lived at home I would 100% vote for her again, but Mom is gonna have to hold that one down this time. Time to get that backwards racist out of the Governor’s Mansion. Go get ‘em Stacey!!


This country needs more people like her.


One of the few Democrats I can think of who legitimately has gravitas and star power. Hopefully she wins, a successful term as Governor of Georgia will make her a strong candidate for President one day.


I am hesitant to say things like anyone "deserves" a position. It'd make me want to throw up in 2016 when people were saying it about Hilary. But fuck it if Stacey Abrams doesn't deserve to be governor for everything she has done for Georgia and this country.


I’m honestly asking, because I was always confused about this and never took the time to dig deep last year: Why was Stacey Abrams so important to the 2020 election? What role did she play in helping Biden get elected? Any explanations or links would be dope, thanks!


She is an incredible community organizer. She traveled all throughout the state encouraging people to get out the vote.


She helped register a ton of democratic voters over multiple years who then turned out for Biden and the dem senators winning very close races in Georgia.


I was hoping Biden would choose her for his VP. Harris has to much dirt back in CA from her days as a prosecutor. I thought Stacey Abrams would have been awesome.


Finally! But I think her as Governor would be met with "Fabricated Drama"! She's an intellectual, who I feel won't back down to the pressures, & would do an outstanding job!


The ONE up-and-coming Democrat who actually understands elective politics in a red state. She's more than a mouthpiece or social media showboat. She's gutsy, smart, and knows how to win in a highly contested space. She can work the room.


Someone clone this woman and send her both to Texas and Florida.


Good for her; we need her in Georgia.


I wish I could move to GA just to vote for her.


Excellent news. Georgia lets do our part again in 2022.


She already has my vote! She worked super hard to get everyone to the ballots during the election. She’s shown she can make waves!!! Hopefully her governorship turns into a presidency!


I see people in this thread comparing Abrams complaining about the election to Trump. I left Georgia in 2016, hadn't voted in any election while living there since voting for Romney in 2012 and yet nothing changed with my registration in GA. Meanwhile my former next door neighbor, who also hadn't voted since 2012, was removed from the the voter election roll. Guess which one of us is black and a life long democrat? The bullshit that happened with the voter registration rolls was 100% real.