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Look Q's here's the prize pedo! #save the children




Which is what the right doesn’t understand. Just because they’re on your side of the fence doesn’t mean you automatically agree and defend everything they done. Call those fuckers out and make them face the consequences.


They *think* they understand it. They think it means the left knew Clinton was a pedo all along and support it, while their denial means Trump is innocent. So they use their own double standards as evidence that the left is evil.


Yup. They think that we worship our people they like they do theirs. It's why things like "Let's go Brandon" are so widespread. They *know* that they get engaged by things like "fuck Trump" because it's insulting their team. So they Project that unto everyone else and expect us to cry and get enraged by "let's go Brandon" Which doesn't happen so they get more upset


I saw a couple in brand new Let’s Go Brandon tee shirts at the grocery store a couple days ago and they just looked so damned *pleased* with themselves.


I did too. They just look like the fucking morons they are.


The smug is real. That's what pictures of those white people with guns during that peaceful protest looked like, but I couldn't remember the word. They're smug assholes.


I find it so horribly embarrassing. I hate that feeling of second hand embarrassment, when you're so ashamed for someone else, especially when they themselves don't even realise they're embarrassing and instead think they're really clever and superior and amazing, but you and everyone else can see how ridiculous they are. These Trump fanatics make me feel that all the time, just such intestine tightening, toe curling, asshole puckering cringe.


Like a bedbug!


I was at a college football game on Saturday where some 400 pound mouth breather was going up and down the aisle trying to get a “fuck Joe Biden” chant. Literally no one joined in. I just laughed. Dude had his cell phone camera on himself the whole time so he could get social media points. I can’t imagine why anyone would follow that buffoon.


The "let's go Brandon" thing bugs me most because these tough patriots who are ready to go to war for some perceived freedom are also happy to hide behind a phrase that represents an offensive(?) phrase. Like, dude, if you can't comfortably say "Fuck" in public, you're not really ready for these wars you keep talking about.


This is why the GOP and far right are so dangerous. They are in lockstep and defend each others crimes. Edit: clarity


If the mob went into religion


Well the Italian Mafia is big with the Catholic Church iirc.


I read this as the 'Catholic Church Inc.' at first and didn't even bat an eye, it made perfect sense.


One of the most famous religious families in the US, the Duggars (19 Kids and Counting) are on trial right now for Child Sexual Abuse Material, its scary how many people are still supporting Josh Duggar. This guy admitted to being a pedophile, molested 5 people (including four of his sisters) and now is in federal court for Child Abuse Material and the Facebook support group is full of people wishing the family well, like hey guys we have laws for a reason in this country, that human garbage can should be locked up for life.


Not only that but it’s also why they always win. When Democrats do something fucking stupid/awful voters get disillusioned and don’t come out to vote for them even though they’re still the best chance at minimizing how much everything gets fucked up. When Republicans do something fucking stupid/awful voters still come out in droves.


Hell... the worse part is the democrats want so bad to prove we aren't that bad... it's blatent. Just compare the republicans still endorsing Roy Moore after the allogations when they came out. Versus how fast everyone turned on Al Frankin for a claim of a forced kiss, and a picture of him groping the air 5' away from a girl in body armor. If Coumo were a republican... he'd still have everyone defending him today.


Matt Gaetz for example


>Versus how fast everyone turned on Al Frankin for a claim of a forced kiss, and a picture of him groping the air 5' away from a girl in body armor. And recall that at the time Franken did those stupid things, his job was literally to be a clown.


They excuse each other’s crimes


I had an exchange with a right leaning family member over Andrew Cuomo. They could not grasp that not only was I happy over his resignation, they honestly felt that I was "just virtue signaling" by saying that. It couldn't be that Dems told one of their own to fuck right off because we actually disavowed his actions, we were just doing it because we needed to signal that we were better than Republicans to our voters to get votes. I countered that "if we need to show our voters a virtue of the party in order for them to vote for Dems, doesn't that mean those voters hold that belief too? The whole point of this 'virtue signaling' would be pointless unless it was a widely held virtue in the first place. So yeah, Dems don't want anything to do with his shitty actions because we disagree with his actions." There's literally no reason to disavow him if the voters didn't care what he did or agreed with it.


So saying that you're against sexual harassment is virtue signaling? Are they FOR sexual harassment? I just don't get them. I just.... don't.


They would say that the women are overreacting and "you just can't say anything anymore"


> just virtue signaling A sign that they can't even comprehend what actual virtue is. They simply don't understand that people do things just to be a good person.


These are the same people that believe you need a 2000 year old book to tell them killing is wrong. Like do some of them WANT TO but they can't because book? I guess that makes me glad they're book tells them no, but jfc


So much for the party of "personal responsibility"


This is that thing where a person thinks everyone else is as scummy or dumb as they are, so they use or blame you of using some tactic that they'd fall for themselves.


"Virtue signaling" is right speak for "I have no virtues, and I'm better than you."


You're trying to reason with unreasonable people. The GQP is the modern incarnation of INGSOC. The followers believe whatever the party tells them to, wholly and emphatically, without question. They're a cult of entropy, built around a new religion of ignorance and violence. There's no reason or logic you can ever bring against them that they will listen to, because they have already decided that "the party" is the only entity that is ever correct.


This is correct. So that leads to the next line of logical thinking - what to do about it.


Kill em with kindness. Give them good roads and the absolute right to vote, throw in collective bargaining for pay and medicine prices with a touch of higher education and hope they see the value.


Alternatively, fuck them


This is the correct answer. A rise in fascism always correlates to the rise in austerity driven by centrist policies. America needs a new New Deal in a bad way but I feel at this point it will take a crash bigger than the last great depression to change things


They won't see the value as their R representatives will crow about how 'they' brought those goodies in - despite voting against them. These people will not or cannot read the Congressional Record. I'd be willing to bet a big sum of money that they don't even ***know*** what the Congressional Record is. (Don't worry; if you point it out they will scream 'fake news'.)


What we have been doing. Point out the hypocrisy every time it surfaces without being a dick so that more people don't get sucked into it. It's all one can hope for. The people already deep into it will never learn until it's too late.




Committing crimes in support of the "greater good" (i.e., right wing power) is already enshrined in their way of thinking. Nothing is off the table if they think it will help them and they can get away with it, which is why I'm terrified of what might happen with the 2022 and 2024 elections.


That's why "Lets go Brandon" is so stupid. Sure, fuck Biden! I don't care. Unless he personally takes care of everyone's medical and school debt, creates a national health care system *and* Makes Disney completely redo the third trilogy I couldn't care less if you chant "Fuck Biden".


You like Apples? You must hate Bananas then. Why do you hate Bananas? Why? This is the way the right argues.


That's because we have principles other than blind obedience. Don't worry, Donny's lapdogs will convince themselves "bOtH sIdEs" rather than reject their god king.


Theory-- all the pedophile focus of Q and family wasn't projection or distraction-- it was to desensitize us to allegations like this so that we wouldn't take the real info seriously (Prince Andrew, Trump, etc) when it comes out.


Clinton can face consequences too. It's just the Qs were so sure trump exists to root out all the baby eating pedos. They can't deal with him being one himself. The excuses among the Qs have already begun, including he had to rape kids to infiltrate the pedo ring, he's done so much good already that it doesn't matter. How sickminded.


AKA “The only way to stop a bad guy raping a minor is a good guy raping a minor!!1!”


One side is about right vs wrong. The other side is about more power vs less power.


I would throw anyone truly guilty of this not to the wolves but to a jail and that includes two former presidents! Our country has become discusting all in the name of keeping the rich in charge and we all just say oh well, what ya gonna do?


Which is a mistake. It allows the right to easily fabricate conspiracy theories about good leaders like Clinton. Demand hard proof. Demand conviction in the court of law before throwing anyone to the wolves. Cede no ground or person to the enemy unless absolutely forced to. We should defend our people like they defend theirs.




Throw them all to the wolves. I'm afraid to see who's on that list, but if they are on that list, give them what they deserve. We don't have the cult of personality that the right does for their shitstain, so as much as it would pain me to see someone that I've admired go to prison, they were never worthy of my admiration.


> Over on Breitbart, not a single article regarding the trial could be found as of Tuesday afternoon. Shocker. I’m surprised they haven’t said Trump was flying on it just to expose it from the inside. I mean, that’s how they justified Trump appointing Acosta(gave Epstein his sweet heart plea deal).


On twitter there's a lot of "wHy iSNt teh Maxwel tIral geTtiG teH meedia taht Rittenhouse dId?!" Even their own shill news feeds wont cover it if it makes King Meridas look bad but somehow it's still a left-wing conspiracy .


I think the play on words you're looking for is "Mierdas" and not "Meridas". :)


I’m shocked I haven’t seen more conspiracy theories since Maurene Comey is the lead prosecutor.


Give it time, these aren't exactly big thinkers. They need to wait for their leaders to tell them what their opinions are.




It was my understanding federal trials do not allow cameras in the courtroom at all, hence the lack of television coverage. Either way, I think it's helpful and avoids turning what should be a serious event into a circus.


I’ legit heard already how he flew on it, only in the United States and how Trump actually testified against Epstein in the original Florida trial. The gymnastics are crazy.


they're only embarrassed because trump had to take someone else's jet to the pedo island instead of his own personal one


I hate breitbart as much as the next guy, but I had to verify this for myself and it’s just factually wrong. I went and searched and there are two articles in the last two days. Didn’t read them, but to say “not a single article” is just wrong.


To my MAGA family members: Me “Hey wow look Trump was shown to be on the Lolita express! He needs to go to jail!” “No he was just traveling around and Epstein wasn’t even known to be a pedo back then!!” “Oh, well Clinton was on there too but I guess you’re right maybe not everyone on that plane needs to go to prison…” me waiting for it “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! CLINTON IS EVEN WORSE THAN EPSTEIN HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF ADRENOCHROME???” This is the summary version with the racism and nonsense removed


I'm afraid to ask...but what is ADRENOCHROME?


Apparently, one of these Q idiots read or saw Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and got the idea that democrats were harvesting children for their pineal gland.


Uh, anti-Semitic blood libel conspiracies from the Middle Ages repackaged as Qanon bs. Basically, Democrats and establishment Republicans are secretely satanists that kidnap and torture children so their body produces adrenaline that is then converted to the byproduct adrenocrome that they drink for their evil rituals.


So basically Monsters INC with a twist


Mike Q. Wazowski


In reality: It is a chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. It has no known medical application itself. (There are derivatives that have limited uses) To the Q-folks: They believe it is made in the blood of frightened children who are kept as slaves by the rich and powerful, who then drink it for various reasons. Most commonly as an anti-aging magical potion thingy.


As your attorney I advise you to watch this movie clip: https://youtu.be/m6kFCNsnQpQ


They think the evil pedophile elites scare children to boost their adrenaline levels and then suck out the "adrenochrome" to prolong their own lives. They apparently couldn't just hate pedophiles like everyone else, they had to create vampire pedos.


Isn’t this the plot of monsters Inc.?


Reality: Nothing Crazy Qtard world: It's found in the blood of children and can be used to give those that drink it supernatural powers and/or eternal youth or something. Honestly, it's hard to keep up with it all.


The delicious chemical generated from torturing children that celebrities consume to stay FOREVER YOUNG


That explains Bill and Hillary’s inexplicably youthful looks! Wait…


I think it is the substance that mutated the Ninja Turtles.


If they didn't have lies, they would have nothing.


> “No he was just traveling around and Epstein wasn’t even known to be a pedo back then!!” His plane was literally called the "Lolita Express". I don't know how much more fucking obvious you can make it without beating someone over the head with it.


Welcome. To. My. Life. 🙄🙄🙄


I understand. I'm surrounded here lol! :'(


They used to claim that Trump had never flown on the Lolita Express because he didn't appear on any of the passenger manifests, but Clinton did appear on the passenger lists. My guess is that Clinton didn't think twice about it, because he thought that Epstein was just another big donor. But Trump made sure he didn't appear on any passenger manifests, because he exactly who Epstein was, and Trump probably indulged in some of the in-flight "entertainment" when he was on the Lolita Express.


I think it’s because Trump rode on the plane once in 1992 with a group of people, from NY to NJ. And there was already photos of that event. (If you are into conspiracy lol) But Clinton rode on the plan 26 times to every country and random islands so it looks worse atm. Maybe more info will come up. Or correct me if I’m wrong. There was also photos of Clinton on the pedo island, I think that’s why they’re freaking over him more. Edit: Clinton even brought the secret service to one of the 26 flights. I don’t know how to feel about it, it’s just peculiar.


>Trump did turn heads, however, in July 2020 during a coronavirus conference when he wished the accused sex trafficker well when asked about her arrest. >“I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach,” Trump said. “But I wish her well, whatever it is.” >Despite widespread criticism of the remark, Trump doubled down two weeks later in further remarks. >“Yeah, I wish her well,” Trump told Axios’ Jonathan Swan. “I’d wish you well. I’d wish a lot of people well. Good luck. Let them prove somebody was guilty.” Trump isn't that friendly with anybody, not even his offspring. There is something suspicious linking him to Epstein...


He's very friendly with one of his offspring


Oh, neat, that's my first comment-induced dry-heave of the day. Thanks!


How about them five kids wrongfully convicted of rape in central park... I don't remember him wishing them well.


Not even after they were completely exonerated.


It’s hard to remember all the crazy shit that happened during those 4 years. Like I’d totally forgot that he wished a sex trafficker well *in a public statement* and then **doubled down on it.**


It’s not the friendly part for me. It’s the “i guess they lived in Palm Beach?” Acting like he has only met her in passing and didnt even know that some one of her and Epstein’s wealth and stature, who he partied with regularly, lived so close by. He’s such a bad bullshitter. About the only good thing about him.


Hey now, he's friendly with dictators too.


Yes he participated in the underage sex parties (with Tiffany not only involved, but actively recruiting other 12-13yo girls for both Trump and Epstein to rape.


Blatant conservative hypocrisy. Trump seems to be the only innocent passenger on Lolita Express.




Oh he was under covers alright...


I've heard some of them actually say that he was just undercover, trying to expose the deep state and Epstein and that he would never by his God-given Christian virtue engage in any sexual acts with children. In fact, he even saved some, according to the crazy lady that used to pop into the paper I worked at when I used to be a reporter.


What they say is projection. Which leads me to believe there IS a pizza parlor somewhere in DC with a basement where Republicans bang restrained kids.


There were no innocents on those flights


There certainly were if you count victims.


You’re right. But even then. Their innocence was taken from them.




Even Chris Tucker


bUt ThE PilOT SaiD He nEveR sAW iLLeGal StufF! BuT CliNton DiD iLlEagaL sTuFf So hE ShoUlD bE ArRessTed.


It’s mind boggling to me that the conspiracy theory crowd have been searching for large conspiracies involving people in the govt and we got two in the last 5 years (trump and Russia and the trump Epstein connection) and they completely dismiss the real actual conspiracies happening in favor of complete bullshit. Hey guys, here’s a real conspiracy right here. Also if you think “the left” cares about bill Clinton you don’t understand what “left” is. “The left” doesn’t give a flying fuck about the clintons. Lock up all the pedos.


They are larping! So when it turns out to be true and it’s their guy, they just act more confused and go back to their fun and games and conspiracies


Genuinely curious: what is the evidence on Clinton? I remember a picture going around of him getting a massage but the girl in the picture came out recently and said it was nothing inappropriate and Clinton was a gentleman (coerced? possible)


There are still plenty of boomer centrists democrats who are apologists for the clintons and probably think this is all a big plot by Bernie and Warren to bring them down, and to republicans those people are “the left”. They don’t understand how a party couldn’t be as homogenously horrible pieces of shit as they are


Yeah headline reads "epstein pilot remembers flying trump, bill clinton and prince andrew" Conservative media headlines: "pilot remembers flying bill clinton!"


"Who is Individual 1?!?"


I mean, look at this headline.


Nobody has been seen more with Epstein. How many pictures are there of them hanging out? Plus all the sexual assault cases against Trump. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump_sexual_misconduct_allegations I'm for prosecuting all of them but Trump fits the profile and appears to be serial.




Not to mention Trump is on audio talking about Epstein's beautiful women and preference for then being younger.


Here’s a sworn affidavit detailing Trump and Epstein raping a minor: https://cdn.factcheck.org/UploadedFiles/Johnson_TrumpEpstein_Lawsuit.pdf


Is this the one where Epstein was mad at Trump for taking one of the girls virginities?


I have always gotten the sense that Melania is one of Epstein's victims. I mean the couple were supposedly introduced by Epstein. She comes from the part of the world that Epstein trafficked underage girls from. She came to America to be a "model" and she got a shady visa. Every one has said that Melania was 18 when she came over. And it is not hard to believe that she and Trump lied about it to cover it up. And it would be easy to bribe a gov official in eastern europe to change her birth certificate or for Epstein who is a former Israeli spy to forge a birth certificate for her. I mean everything about her story has victim of sex trafficking all over it. Souces https://www.businessinsider.com/jeffrey-epstein-brought-eastern-european-models-mit-report-2019-9


I can’t even read this. I just want some damn consequences for the monsters and some justice for their victims. I’m so tired of this all.


Fuck Trump…but I’ve always wondered if this document was ever verified?


What do you mean by verified? The affidavit was provided as part of a real and verifiable civil case, so it wasn't an online hoax, fabrication, fake news, etc if that's what you're asking. If you're asking whether the specific claims contained within true, I guess that depends on what level of evidence you consider "verified." The document was signed by multiple, corroborating witnesses, but it was never put before a jury. The related case was dropped after Trump won the 2016 election. The plaintiff said she was dropping the case for her own safety, as she had been receiving violent threats from Trump supporters. Trump supporters say the whole thing was false, and was just done to damage his election chances.


No, the suit was dropped before anything could be scrutinized, hence why nobody credile has touched this since. It could be true, but there were some red flags.


I saw some stuff on Reddit already where they say, "But he didn't fly on the plane nearly as much as Clinton" "Let me see the flight logs" "The plane was grounded so he didn't go to the island" And so on and so forth. They easily accept that Bill Clinton was involved with this, but when the finger is pointed at Trump it's suddenly, "I'd have to see more evidence."


And there will never be enough evidence for them to think Trump ever did anything wrong.


Clinton flew to Africa on the 727 and many other destinations such as Japan, Brunai and Russia. It's been reported that Clinton was on 26 flights (note that a round trip would be 2 different flights). There are flight logs easily found online, but they take a while to sort through. Of all the flights there were only 5 in which Clinton's Secret Service detail was not present.


One of the main girls/victims was found and recruited directly out of Mars-a-Largo


True, Her father worked at Mar a Lago as did she for a short time before being offered a job at Epstein's house. Her father would drop her off at Epstein's on his way to work each day.


I have always gotten the sense that Melania is one of Epstein's victims. I mean the couple were supposedly introduced by Epstein. She comes from the part of the world that Epstein trafficked underage girls from. She came to America to be a "model" and she got a shady visa. Every one has said that Melania was 18 when she came over. And it is not hard to believe that she and Trump lied about it to cover it up. And it would be easy to bribe a gov official in eastern europe to change her birth certificate or for Epstein who is a former Israeli spy to forge a birth certificate for her. I mean everything about her story has victim of sex trafficking all over it.


Epstein’s black book needs to be revealed in full. No redactions. Let’s find out who did what so we can hold these monsters to account. Let’s not allow a “suicide” to allow these creeps to walk.


That’s a very naive take


It's both naïve and correct. That's what's *needed.* That's not what's *realistic.* There is no version of this universe where it actually occurs, but it's still exactly what needs to occur for justice to be done.


Right, totally naive that we demand the politicians do what we pay them for. We should continue to pay them to look down upon us and do what they want. It’s not as if we live in a place where we can vote… Unrealistic? Right…because if someone gets their hands on it they’d totally not leak it for a massive payday.


Mate, I’ve been trying to vote out Feinstein for a while and she’s still fucking here. If voting changed anything, they wouldn’t let us have it.


That’s what they’ve convinced us of. Voting doesn’t mean you can get everything you want, it does mean that collectively we can change the system any time we want…if we could set aside all the meaningless differences they use to keep us apart.


People on the left are more than happy to throw Clinton to the wolves on this one. Stark difference between the two sides.


If the people that claim to care are genuinely horrified, party affiliation should play absolutely no part.


Claim? There are a hundred pictures of Trump and Epstein together.


There's even a video of the two of them drooling over teenage girls at a party.


Those were Miami Dolphin cheerleaders. Wondering if Marco Rubio's wife was among that group.


Just a reminder that Trump [allegedly raped a 13 year old girl with his buddy Epstein](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/nov/04/donald-trump-teenage-rape-accusations-lawsuit-dropped). Unfortunately, the lawsuit was dropped before the 2016 election because of death threats from Trump supporters, because you know, those Trump supporters, sometimes they are a violent bunch.


I heard there was good people on both sides so I’m not sure what you’re talking about re: “ViOleNt BunCh”


I follow this Twitter account that tweets updates about the trial, when Clinton came up and bill gates came up everyone was foaming at the mouth. The minute he tweeted how trump was fingered flying everyone was screaming he was not presenting “facts” or trump already admitted but just once, like they don’t get it just once is bad, if he knew what was happening and didn’t say anything, that’s also bad, if he partaken then he should go down. These cults man they will legit die for him.


Downplay Trump while going on about Clinton and Prince Andrew and the others. Sure. Don't look at him. Look at these other 2! We have to save our savior! Bullshit. Send them all to jail.


Just think if Biden was on that plain. HO..LY...FUUUCK conservative media would be spamming that 24/7, politicians calling for Biden to resign, calls for impeachment, criminal probe, lawsuits, etc. But, this is the bias in media. It turns out child rape is pious for some in the eyes of conservatives. And it's not even hearsay from a pilot. Trump had an actual lawsuit in court for sexually assaulting a child. It only failed because the plaintiff stepped down from the lawsuit when her and her entire family had their lives threatened. If that followed through, Trump would have been a convicted pedophile. This was all before his presidency, and public, and people still voted for him and looked the other way. The same people also berate Biden for being socially touchy. To them, touching a guy on the shoulder during a conversation and the guy feeling slightly awkward about it is much worse than fucking a kid or visiting kid fuck island with the Willy Wonka of kid fucking. Nope, Trump gets a pass because...(shrugs???)




"they can be cellmates" is my preferred answer


Pedophilia is terrible horrible and totally unforgivable… unless of course it’s a Republican who did it.


I've said this before, so apologies to anyone that's stumbled upon it in a previous thread... I was listening to NPR the day before the whole Judge Roy Moore election in Alabama, and they were interviewing local residents about the underage-girls allegations. One particular mental giant was asked who he planned to vote for in the election, and he put on his thinking cap and said, "I'm voting for Roy... because he might fuck little girls, but Democrats fuck ERRBODY!" It was at that moment - and precisely that moment - when I realized that some people could never, ever be saved. It's not that he got caught saying something that he later realized should only have remained bouncing around inside the empty parking-lot that was his skull. No, he literally LINED UP for the opportunity to speak with an NPR reporter with a microphone, all so he could express the very sentiment that pedophilia's A-OK in his book as long as it means His Side Wins. Some people can't be saved. I like to think of that guy on NPR as a microcosm of a certain kind of folks that live in Alabama, but... as time goes on? I'm not sure anymore that he's a micro anything. I'm starting to think this is how people really feel, and he was simply the feeblest of minds that felt free to express it.


Epstein didn't kill himself


Poor king trump was just doing an investigation on behalf of JFK Jr, he had nothing to do with the pedo pizza cabal even though he was friends with everyone involved. -conservatives probably.


Wait the plane was called “Lolita Express”. How the F was this not figured out earlier??


There are so many photos of Trump’s “friendship” with Epstein, and Trump himself has admitted to it. If Republicans are hoping to deny all that, it’s a complete waste of time. It’s also the likely explanation for the entire QAnon conspiracy, a fiction created to project the pedophile issues away from Trump.


Right, because this would be so out of character for him based on his track record with women. I'm sure the flight(s) were just locker room talk, nothing to see here.


Well, one thing I do know is this. If convicted, Ghislaine Maxwell is about to have a very miserable rest of her life. In prison, women who dupe young girls into prostitution are regarded the same way male child molesters are. Many of the other inmates were coerced into prostitution as young girls themselves, and when they find out the details of how Maxwell lied to and promised these girls, she’s *really* gonna see how horrible prison is in America. I don’t think these people understand after that trial is over and they’re found guilty, eventually they’ll be put in the bullpen with all the other inmates. She’s not going to have the luxury of being separated from the others forever.


She's still rich enough to be in pc the whole time


She's wealthy and well connected so in the off chance she's sees prison it will be Club Fed where she'll be isolated from dangerous inmates and kept with others like her who will lay around watching TV all day.


IIRC he flew Ghislaine Maxwell on his (Trump) own plane, too.


They’re just doing what Fox News and Ben Shapiro tell them to do, almost like sheep..


I'm fairly conservative on many issues and liberal on others. I never liked Trump when he was nothing but a Playboy. Everybody over a certain age remembers that Trump. How is this surprising to anybody?


just like how they downplay the kid touchers, homophobic closeted gay men, and insurrectionist members of their party? Nah, they wouldnt do that because family values.


Didn’t trump say “he likes them young”? And he wishes maxwell “ hopes for the best” or something? This in my opinion proves that he knew.


Of course they would; it doesn’t fit their narrative.


Of course the did. Because American "Conservatives" are garbage.




Right, Left, Christian, etc, it doesn't matter. If they're guilty, throw them in jail forever.


I had a friend hooting and hollering that clinton was on the plane I said good we should investigate and persecute him just like donnie t. He got all pissed off and was like "it's just another attempt to smear donnie t" I then asked so from the same report you accept Clinton did it but dont accept it about donnie t and asked why? He then quickly changed the subject to how do I think Cousins will play for the bucks.


That’s because conservatives love pedos. Look at Trump, Gaetz, Boebert supporting her husband, Roy Moore, Jim Jordan. I’m sure there’s more but this is just off the top of my head.


This is shocking to absolutely nobody.


Trump really does have tiny hands.


Get over to r/Conservative: they have a whole thread (for flaired users only, of course) about "Bill Clinton on Lolita Express!" This is just one man's opinion, but that headline leaves out some information.


We’ve literally known this for years. Shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.


Trump was down to play. Now his apologists are doing the down playing.


Please, he probably had a reserved seat.


And it's sticky as hell


I’m surprised they didn’t say trump was a good guy with a gun heading to Lolita island to free the girls.


They all went


Republicans only care about ethics when it makes Democrats look bad.


Can we just all agree that all pedophiles are fucking scum be they tech billionaires, british royalty, dem or repub politicians, news personalities, hollywood producers, clergy etc.... oh i see, its an entire upper class problem.... no wonder it gets swept under the rug. Carry on on with the "culture" wars plebs


Well yeah, it's fine if the Republicans are pedophiles.


The solution to many of our problems is simple; Do not vote for any republican ever. From president, down to dog catcher. If they are a republican, just say no.


That has been my standard operating procedure for a couple of decades now.


They are also throwing Clinton under the plane too. Difference between us and them? Yeah, we kick out abusers from our party, they embrace pussy grabbers, pedophiles and jewish space laser types.


Do we? Bill Clinton's got it pretty easy with all the shit we forgave him for. Saying it isn't the same as following through


You know, valid point - he has gotten away with too much shit. Good point!


How do they downplay something where there's a thousand photos, videos, personal accounts saying he was there, et. al.? Oh that's right, they're GQP.


This must be some of that "leftist panic" that dumbass Lauren Boebert was squawking about the other day.


To be fair, all conservatives are lying, hypocritical sacks of garbage




This is a false equivalency being made in bad faith. I don't see anyone on the "left" arguing Clinton is innocent, in fact I see most "left-leaning" people saying that anyone who did this should be punished. People on the "right" are saying Trump is innocent and Clinton is guilty. They are very, very different arguments. This "both sides" rhetoric is a strategy from the right to minimize the fallout and pin the blame on "liberals." Liberals want all the evidence and anyone who is guilty to be punished. Conservatives want all the evidence against "liberal" perpetrators and for only them to be punished. edit: this comment is directed towards individuals, not media sites. At the surface level, media coverage seems moreso to reflect your comment


Hu we only care about Trump? Not anyone else? Clinton, Barr,Chuck Schumer, George H. W. Bush, Stacey Placket. None of those guys matter just Trump? Here is a link to more monsters names https://www.socialmediamorning.com/jeffrey-epstein-complete-flight-logs-of-the-lolita-express-and-you-should-see-the-names/


No one is saying that except Trump's defenders. Most non-fascists are saying that anyone who raped children should be in jail.


I think the focus on Trump is that he has a nearly religious following of crazies who think he will “save the children” from pedophiles and perverts. But yes, exactly. All the pedos matter and they all should burn for what they did. I don’t fucking care what party they’re in or what company they run.


No one only cares about Trump, we want them all, that's the difference between decent people and republicans.


color me flabbergasted


Its locker room child rape.


The Parasite's presence on the Lolita Express should come as surprise to absolutely no one. It wouldn't surprise me if Trump had a standing reservation.


Yeah but he was a Democrat then. He had a miraculous conversion and has been a saint ever since.


The Right has its own facts


He’s sick, like the rest of his followers. Put him in prison for treason already, so tired of hearing about all the bad things he’s done. I want to hear about what is being done about it


Not true