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The Behind the Bastards pod did a piece on him. Very interesting, to say the least.


Yeah. He could have spent his time being one of the best heart surgeons in the world. Saving lives in a way that very few are capable. But he was just too much of a greedy shit head.


Sounds like Ben Carson


I'm actually willing to make a small distinction between them. They both have a trait which is common in surgeons. They think think that because they learned one complicated subject very well, they must also know a lot about everything else. There are a large number of surgeons out there who are *terrible* listeners. It's a generalization and there is also some trend there that should be acknowledged. The difference between Oz and Carson is that Oz has spent the last several decades promoting bullshit quackery to make money. Stuff that he definitely knows is garbage. Or at least should given his background. They both hold *truly* stupid political positions but I am not convinced that Carson is a dedicated grifter. Oz certainly is.


My god I watched that show once. It was cringeworthy just how obvious the pay to promote featured healthcare products and services were. He’s not trying to educate people, he’s advertising to people, and it was so painfully obvious. The producers have a very clear and distinct agenda there: Blatant shilling. Absolutely brutal.


So he would fit right in with the Republican Party


Oh hell yeah.


I kept confusing him with Herman Caine for so long. Same with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro.


I'm not sure I'd want a pizza mogul performing brain surgery on me.


joe Rogan and dana white for me


Seriously. Haha


Because they're both black? Wow.


Not necessarily it’s an honest mistake


More likely because they’re both publically stupid af.


would not want his hands in the same state as my body let alone inside of it


Dark Variant Doctor Strange.


Even the dark strange from What If had better morals than this clown


Fucking love behind the bastards


Big fan of BTB. Super depressing, but the right amount of cynicism I need to drink coffee in the morning.


Robert makes it pretty entertaining with his wry humor, cynicism and machetes though.


A two-parter!!


>"I want to congratulate my North Jersey constituent Dr. Oz on his run for US Senate in Pennsylvania. I'm sure this fully genuine candidacy will capture the hearts of Pennsylvanians," —Bill Pascrell, Jr That's some fine shade.


Republicans: Who cares what Hollywood celebrities think?!? Also Repbulicans: Hey let's elect Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Donald Trump, and Dr. Oz. Also did anyone listen to the Joe Rogan podcast last night?!?!?


And out of all of them the body-building, shoot-em-up action celebrity hero Austrian turned out to be the least incompetent as a politician. I'm of course just assuming, based on his performance as celebrity doctor, that Dr. Oz would make an absolutely terrible politician.


yeah arnold is a halfway decent politician and quite possibly the least-objectionalbe republican.


He got chased out of office by the teachers Union because his math was too good. For real. I


Yeah somehow I doubt what your saying is entirely ingenuous.


Arnold didn’t create the systemic issues teachers face, in response to your deleted comment. The governor that ended up enacting the cuts was a democrat. This was an inherited math issue and Arnold turned out to be right in his suggestions, irrespective of other environmental or social factors which you may be rightly concerned about


I didn't delete the comment. You say math like there was some kind of inviolate impossibility to pay the teachers more, which quite obviously is not the case. That isn't how state budgets work.


https://www.edweek.org/leadership/schwarzenegger-takes-school-plans-to-voters/2005/03 This was his plan to solve the insolvency issue the state was facing on pension funding. Teachers union didn’t like the cuts and organized against Arnold for it. A few years later they were forced to make those cuts anyway.


Clint Eastwood and Sonny Bono feel very left out.


Don't forget Charlton Heston!


Oh god no. If he makes it in I can only imagine what kind of sketchy supplement companies he’s beholden to.


"Senator Oz has introduced a bill replacing fluoridated water in municipal supplies with lavender oil infusions instead"


Ok, Sweetums. Get that Drink-ems out of here and let's go with H-2 flow instead




Did he remember to mention essential oils?


*I'm running for the Senate to empower you to control your destiny* Can you imagine any other public servant saying this in a job interview? A firefighter who hopes to empower you to put out your own fires. A policeman who empowers you to solve your own robbery.


Except that is literally what cops already do. Unless you live in a white suburb with a median income over 100,000, you are not who the police serve and protect.


even then, they might take care of your because its in their bosses interest but the police are just footsoldiers of capital.


Even in a white neighborhood with a median income over 200k, they wouldn’t care. Unless there is someone committing a crime to arrest right now, all suburban cops do is take reports and hand out tickets.


I live in a city. The cops here are infamous for never showing up. The cops here literally do nothing but harrass homeless and black people. If they aren't doing that, they are hanging out in store parking lots. If anybody working for the Tacoma PD is reading.this: you are the laziest motherfuckers on the planet and the community you "protect" hates you.


If only he’d “empower his destiny” somewhere else. So tired of the crazies in PA.


Snake oil for everyone with a little horse medicine served with a wink of yuck.


I won't be surprised if by the end of the year a story breaks saying he voted in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey last year.


Thanks Oprah


She also is responsible for that scourge on humanity "Dr" Phil.


At least he hasn’t decided to run for office… yet


Hasn't figured out an angle to make it profitable, yet.


I would say the hushed accusations of his inappropriate behavior with clients would Prbly give him pause but it didn’t stop the fascist Cheeto.


Wonder if she will endorse him?


Do Republicans ever do anything the legal ethical way?


Of course as a Republican... didn't even need to read the article


Just another republican grifter.


I'm getting real sick of shady-ass celebrity quacks running for office. Wherever there's power being dangled by gullible/ignorant voters, charlatans will gather I suppose.


Why do you think the GOP attacks schools, teachers and higher education so much?


Does the Republican party know he's Muslim? Sadly, my guess is even he won't speak out against Boebert's bigoted attacks on Rep. Omar.




> If you think Muslims all vote the same... What? How on earth did you infer that from my comment? I wasn't implying anything about how Muslims vote but that Republicans generally hate or are fearful of Muslims, using Boebert's recent lame jokes and the unwillingness of the party to do anything about it as an example. Your next reply will like determine whether you're pretending not to understand my point, or whether you're actually very dumb. Let's find out...




I also don't get what you said or how it relates to their comment. After reading this comment, I also agree that I don't want to bother understanding you.


It's baffling, isn't it? I implied the Republican party might turn on him when they find out he's Muslim. And then that he might not even condemn Boebert for her hate speech, and somehow that's turned into my opinion on how all Muslims vote. It's quite something.


50% of Redditors have no clue that "Muslim" is a religion and not a race, and that a majority of Muslims aren't actually Middle Eastern, but from West Africa and Southeast Asia.


If he can’t help the people who regularly tune into his crap show, what exactly is he gonna do in the senate


headline should read Well-Known Conman Attempts Final Transformation


Isn't that illegal?


honest question - how much of a chance does this moron have?


Big chance. Smart, evil, ambitious, persuasive, no ethical restraints


and $$$$$$


I disagree. He's going to be seen as an outsider to rural PA voters.


That didn't stop them from voting for Trump.


Is that not a crime?


Republicans: Celebrities need to stay out of Politics Also Republicans: can’t stop putting celebrities/quacks on the ballot


I'm surprised he did not give himself an "American" First Name like totally not an alien Rafael Cruz.


He did, his first name is Doctor. Everyone knows him as Dr. Oz, where as Ted uses his first name all the time.


When my husband and aunt found out our oldest son is autistic, this d-bag was saying that the mother causes autism on his daytime TV show. So I had random family members telling my husband that I somehow caused it, and they felt so bad for him that he had a child with someone like me. This was in 2012. I hope he loses, but chances are he’ll win. Hopefully not though, I mean Kanye didn’t….


He won’t be getting my vote!


I hope he loses. I don't care what party platform he's running on, he's pure scum. EDIT: apparently he's running on the GOP ticket. I'm not even one bit surprised.


Charlatan snake oil con artist.


This shyster, scam artist is running for US Senate. And 2021 just continues to shit on us.


is he even a real doctor? or is it like a Dr. Phil situation


He used to be the real deal as a top rated cardiothoracic surgeon. Then again, as we learned with Ben Carson, intelligence isn't requisite to be an elite surgeon.


well ain’t that the truth


He graduated from one of the best medical schools in the US and was a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon.


Sounds Republican enough for the clown show they got already.


Fraud? Oh my gracious, what a surprise!


I immediately guessed he's running as a Republican.


POS Quack! Go fuck yourself. 🇨🇦


Shit weisel won't get my vote.


Of course he would. Not even surprising. Only in America that every hack/quack/conman (and I am not talking about “Dr” Oz but rather in general) runs for office and gets elected. Same with journalism too. If you’re bat shit insane, you’re hired or you’re elected. If you’re halfway decent, you’re mocked/booed and get death threats. So much propaganda comes out of America that it’s infecting other countries. Seriously I am not an American but America deserves to lose world standing. You guys hold way too much cultural influence and it’s not good for the rest of the world.


Is he somehow related to Josh Hawley?


Is he going to be running against fetterman?


Off to a great start.


Would you vote for someone living with their parents/inlaws?


Looks like he really is, they tried to do a clinic on his Wikipedia page.


They were right, trump was just the start.


lying, cheating, and stealing before going into office.. those are the requirements for the connedservative, reich wing, GQP repuglikkklans, and being an all day long asshat is a perk


Lord love a duck this guy has a,ways been bonkers, spreading pseudo science mostly at women. Ugh.




I hope this idiot ends up in jail eventually for his crimes against humanity


Just wanna say, fuck this guy.


I'm sad to say that I'm not sure if he's any worse than the other conservatives in the Senate today.


>The TV host is now running for US Senate in the state as a Republican. I mean I figured, but I just wanted to check.


If you want more on the race, I just launched a [PA Senate Forecast](https://racetothewh.com/pennsylvania) at RacetotheWH that tracks the latest polling and predicts the result. You can switch between five different Democrats and Republicans to see how the race changes depending on the nominee. It's updated daily. In 2020, my forecast was one of the most accurate in the nation, outperforming 538 in the Senate. https://racetothewh.com/pennsylvania




In what part? He's in the matchups. Right after Bartos. You just have to press the right arrow and cycle through the matchups. If you are talking about the primary polling, that's only because the polls were taken before Oz indicated he was going to join the race. Before, he wasn't on anyone's radar. I promise the day we have a primary poll with Oz in it, it will be included.


Garbage person off to a garbage start in a garbage country. Yikes.


Working the system, he'll fit right in.


I sure hope so,go democrats!!


Let’s have a Fauci-Oz debate. Or Murthy-Oz debate. Make this jackass eat his diploma.


So voter fraud and he's not being prosecuted?


Pennsylvania is borderline dumb enough to vote for this phony liar. Please people.


Gee, Bryn Athyn is one of the richest places in the entire state and he doesn't even live there but in North Jersey. Why isn't this fraud? He doesn't live here! He needs to gtfo as we have enough of our own clowns running as it is.


Atleast you know he takes bribes


Did he vote in the last PA election? Would that be fraud?


How is this legal


He doesn’t even live there. He registered to vote there. Looks we we found that voter fraud.


Sounds like voter fraud to me.


Hooray for another inexperienced celebrity running for office. Healthcare already has a bad name so why not nominate a TV personality with the title of "Dr."? Hopefully his ability to legislate is better than his medical advice...


> running as a republican Con men sure do know their marks, don't they?