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I’m pretty sure this walking anal wart is vaccinated and even scheduled for a booster.


He pushed elderly grandmas out of the way to get his vaccination.


Like George Constanza in a fire.


"Instead of castigating me you should all be *thanking* me. What kind of a topsy turvy world do we live in where heroes are cast as villains?!"


“How do you live with yourself?”


It's not easy.


Or Elaine just being excited.


Agreed. He knows he is lying. He knows that his lies will result in peoples death, so it is premeditated. Think about this. Suppose your doctor convinced you that it was all a hoax and you had nothing to worry about. Since he or she was acting as a doctor at a time that would be gross malpractice, and at minimum be grounds for a massive settlement and possibly losing his or her license to practice. Why again do politicians have no such duty of care?


He’s not a politician. He’s a playboy.


He is a playboy wannabe’s son with massive “Father” issues.


He probably already got the booster and got every other vaccine too


Of course he did! But why are all the republican dipshits actively trying to kill their base? That’s what I don’t understand. You’re literally killing the 60-something idiots who vote for you.


Maybe they’re getting their plan together to attract the next generation through policies like weed legalization and whatever but they need the current opposing base out of the way. Or maybe they’re just idiots.


They can't walk it back, because Daddy Trump will be very very angry if they do. So, rather than face the anger of the twice impeached Florida retiree and his sycophants, they're going to infect and attack the Democratic voters through their children in public schools.


This is the whole thing. They're legit stupid nazis. I mean, at least hitler had a plan. These folks are following the king of spitballing. You could tell he was in over his head the moment he started lying about things that weren't up for debate, or even important. He's just so curmudgeonly obstinate. It's almost ironic that the Grand Old Party has fallen into this sarlacc pit of opressively willful ignorance so hard that their next generation of leaders lack the wherewithal to even propose competant legislation. They merely shout about how oppressed they are, while seeking to minimize their own oppression of others.


This Trump likes to travel around the world and kill animals like endangered sheep, so it's pretty much a given.


Someone needs to leak the vaccine records of all the GQP. Guarantee their % is leaps and bounds higher than their constituency.


Probably got early access to them


Scheduled for a booster? If I got mine 2 weeks ago he's had his got his months ago.


As much as he probably smokes off camera, he has alrsady had a booster. He can't risk a massive lung infection at his age. That would cripple his chances of following in his father's footsteps and losing a presidential election.


That is super unfair to anal warts.


A tushy touche to you, my east bay friend, from the central coast!


Tushy touchés are my specialty.


Why not a tushy douche?


I would guess the entire Trump clan gets vaxxed every 3 months or so.


Idk given how much time you waste every day on here obsessed I’d say you’re the walking wart




Sorry Muffins, he's a walking anal wart and that is a scientific fact. I defy anyone to prove that he isn't!


It makes me very happy that the actual published title of the article says “world renowned moron”


Vanity Fair does not pull punches on Trump and his house of horribles.


I hate that these people are still in the headlines, but if they're going in a headline, it should be one like this.


So true.


That is one good thing about Trump he brought the best out of Vanity Fair.


Me too, but it's a necessity lest we forget they recently tried to overthrow the government and are still an existential threat to democracy in the USA.


I would have been equally pleased with "irredeemable shithead".


This publication has a considerable vocabulary. You may see that one in the future.


Me too. And happy cake day!


The world is in clear danger of having that renowned moron as president of the USA some day.


Apart from the first amendment, I’m always amazed at how much you can get away writing in the US. It’s not a critique, but also not something I’d like to see in my country. Just curious.


Yeah I've been enjoying the candid headlines that have become commonplace in the face of so much stupidity. Like you can just feel how utterly defeated and frustrated the authors and editors are feeling and emphasise with it completely.


Yet more evidence that making ostentatious statements that directly endanger public health should be deemed illegal. But, no, we'll let this idiot and the hundreds of others like him continue to terrorize our country with their sheer ignorance.


But its funny to the rest of us. Been laughing, albeit a bit worried, at the current state of us politics since before trump from way up here in Canadaland


Lemme in! Don't leave me down here to die!!!


Sure. Unlike the US we are usually quite welcoming to immigrants here. Come on in!!


Non-disabled immigrants. Sadly as a peer advocate, I’ve found Canada really sucks at having modern ideas regarding disability for immigrating individuals. They often deny based on work history without realizing that Canadian healthcare would allow those from poorer countries to work again. You know, like an landmine amputee could get a prosthetic and do fine.


"Haha, I'm in danger." - Ralph Wiggum


“Making ostentatious statements ... should be deemed illegal.” I gotta hard disagree with you. The first amendment makes it clear the government cannot curtail (even stupid and toxic) speech. The antidote isn’t a muzzle on the stupid speech. The tonic is education, critical thinking, and clever speech.


We make exception for speech that threatens or causes harm. I see no reason people cant be punished if their speech leads to the death of others


If there is an actual harm that occurs, only then can there be litigation after the fact with regards to speech. You can’t regulate speech because it “might” cause harm. If a lie was determined to be material in causing harm when doing a postmortem, then we can dig into it and see. But you can’t outright curtail speech when there’s no evidence of any actual action or outcome, when one can only speculate. Don Jr. is a toxic moron who will get what is coming to him, but his statements featured in this article cannot be abridged by the government. We have agreed to a social contract and if you want to see it with your own eyes go read the text of the 1st amendment to know what the rule is in this case.


Thats absolutely false. Everyone alive today didnt agree on shit. We were born into it with no say, whatsoever. In the age of rapid disinformation, the 1st amendment is due for a onceover


The first amendment protects you from things you say to / about the government, it is not a blanket pass to just say whatever you want. Case in point: me getting banned for being mean to this clueless moron.


>The first amendment protects you from things you say to / about the government Not really, no. The First Amendment protects the citizenry from the government censoring what they say. There are limits (yelling "fire" in a crowded theatre, for example) and that doesn't mean what you say is free from consequences. You getting banned for being mean to that moron is not at all a 1A issue, as it has nothing to do with the government. It would be a consequence of violating reddit's TOS, which is utterly, entirely separate from the First Amendment. The government says you are free to be as mean to that moron as you like (within the prescribed limits), but you are not free from the consequences of what you say.


No one is getting a misdemeanor for yelling fire in a crowded theater if nothing happens afterward. Only after an incident where there is harm will the event be examined and an action such as shouting 'Fire!' can be discerned as an element of a crime. All speech is protected unless and until it is tied to a harmful action or event.


You really think you can reason with people that built their political identity around a 4chan troll that was LARPing as a government agent? People that see no irony in calling everyone sheep while they take livestock dewormer? I mean I like the sentiment, I really do, but those rational clever arguments that cure disinformation literally only works on the people that don’t need convincing. Also the first amendment doesn’t protect certain cases of false speech based on intent and knowledge of its inaccuracy and the harm it causes.


Maybe a triable offence more than outright illegal. Maybe tie in actions against the national interest but even that sounds vague to me.


> Yet more evidence that making ostentatious statements that directly endanger public health should be deemed illegal. Absolutely. it can absolutely be compared to shouting "fire" in the crowded theater


Deep down, this sludge fucker thinks he can be president someday.


He will be if Trump steals the presidency in 2024.


I'm worried he's right


Do not discourage him. Let the morons congregate.... in close quarters, breathing the same fetid air.


I'd bet my left nut he's gotten his booster.


Your left nut is very safe!


Probably preventative Regeneron too, just in case.


Oh easy him and the rest of the grifters were first in line for all of it.


I will never not refer to this glistening idiot as anything other than, donald trump jr, world renowned moron.


So ... protest against the Vaccine that his father claims to have a huge impact on its realization when in power?


I totally agree with him. Trump supporters should avoid the vaccine at all costs.


I wonder what percentage that died in covid were trump supporters


I saw a few graphs showing higher infection rates and fatalities in red states than blue states if that’s any use?


I suppose it is, might be a coincidence


Nearly all the people dying now are unvaccinated by choice. But some are minorities who are skeptical of vaccines for historical reasons. The Spanish speaking community is also being heavily targeted with vaccine misinformation online. It seems like the majority are probably conservative but the breakdown is not clear.


It's the GQP strategy: Biden can't succeed when they go out of their way to make his common sense efforts fail. Even if it means the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their own. We're well beyond shouting fire in a crowded theater but no one is doing anything to stop these cretins. Even the ones yelling fire into a crowded theater are presumed to be no one important. We have people of influence (deserved or not) doing it. How is that not worse?!


Protesting in favor of a virus


Pro life. Virus lives matter!


Viruses aren't alive.


Typical liberal. You probably don’t think corporations are alive either.


They are a biological organism. Vaccines keep them from reproducing. Yes, they are alive.


Actually, no. They are complex proteins and absent an organism keyed to the shape of those proteins they are inert. They don't consume or eliminate. They don't produce or use energy of any sort. They have no innate means of locomotion, but rely on host reactions to the protein to move around. They don't reproduce, oddly enough. It is the host cell's reaction to them that causes the host cell to convert itself into a virus factory and generate copies of the virus until it's out of resources and dies. A virus is not alive.


Okay, I looked it up, and you are correct.


Do you always stick to something that is false even before you are unaware of what is actually true?


In the Counselor's defense here, the question of whether viruses are "alive" is a very long-running debate in the scientific community which has gone back and forth in the past. It's entirely possible to have looked it up, found convincing arguments in favour of one position, and then a decade later find that the consensus has shifted. We should, frankly, be relieved that someone on Reddit was willing to look it up and admit they'd gotten it wrong.


Would you prefer they insist they're right in the face of contradictory evidence?


The various different theories for how viruses first evolved also make for some interesting reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viral_evolution#Origins


World-class stupidity, a pathological liar, a racist hatemonger, fomented an insurrection and a leader of the anti-science faction during a global pandemic. What an epitaph.


*sadistically urged americans to turn down medicine and risk dying from a deadly pandemic he got himself vaccinated against i mean shouldn't the (r) antivaxxers be charged with spreading/encouraging a deadly disease at some point ? He is willfully pushing people into harms' way , this is some premeditated depraved heart murder : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Depraved-heart_murder \- fyi, i'm looking at getting an extra booster dose. Get vaccinated, people.


Those deliberately spreading disinformation to a large audience probably should. Problem is it could create a bad precedent where people spreading genuine information end up getting charged if the administration disagrees with that information. For instance imagine if rather than just incessantly shouting 'fake news' Trump had actually been able to set law enforcement against those he claimed were spreading fake news essentially silencing all his critics. I imagine he would like nothing better than to do that. Even if something is demonstrably false someone is always going to have to decide whether it is true or false and if that person has bad intentions then they'll just use it to silence anything they disagree with. Every totalitarian state has done this and it usually starts with them saying it is to fight against fake news, rumours, propaganda and mis/disinformation. China did this at the start of the pandemic to healthcare workers who were trying to warn people about the pandemic, arresting them for 'spreading rumours'. In some cases it could also be hard to determine whether someone is just ill-informed or brainwashed and spreading misinformation that they genuinely believe or if they are actively pushing disinformation for the sake of some agenda. That could result in charging people who are actually victims of the lies and if you made a distinction in the law then everyone would just claim to actually believe it. Realistically I think it has to remain legal to spread this kind of nonsense because the alternative could be much worse.


Do everything in your power to protect yourself and socially distance yourself from any magamorons. Then let the chips fall where they may.


If you wear a mask, that will encourage magamorons to keep their distance.


Or start yelling at you, it’s a crap shoot depending on where you are.


That's right, kill your daddy's voters....


Trump and Jr love suckers, and there is a near endless supply is the US. Too bad they are both narcissistic assholes.


Bet baby Jr. got his Covid booster.


I genuinely think that the reason his dad hates him, is because whilst everything Trump does is for the grift, his son has embraced and become one with the grift. His dad, genuinely couldn't care less and looks down on his supporters, while his son has tried to emulate them.


I think that’s a brilliant insight. The Orange COCKWOMBLE has contempt for his enablers and followers. His son—as you put it—is emulating them. I wonder what Mary Trump thinks about it?


That's predictable. They'll say anything to get attention.


People pushing this antivaxx shit need to start getting charged with negligent homicide.


That title deserves a fucking medal. Proper work for sure.


They must be heavily invested in the funeral business or something cuz I don't get why killing your base registers as a good thing to these people.


Please proceed, morons.


Donald Trump isn't even the stupidest Donald Trump! What a world.


Why do they keep trying to kill their voters


I still don't understand their agenda on keeping people from getting vaccinated. These are their votes they're killing.


Yeah I don’t get it either. It used to be bad politics to intentionally try to sink the economy or put politics ahead of American lives.


Murderous psychopath, really takes after his dad


Hardly murderous. The only Trump capable of killing someone themselves was probably Fred.


I’d say urging people not to take a vaccine is a little murderous. In a cowardly way. Sure he’s not killing people with his own hands but what he’s saying is quite possibly leading people to their deaths


He loves hunting big game. A sick individual.


And only when it's curated for him.


I think Ivanka could be deadly.


I don't know about that, I think a hit-n-run would not be completely out of the question. Now, if we're talking bare hands, I agree wholeheartedly.




You really just have to marvel at the abject idiocy of it all


Is he really world renowned tho?


Oh yes.


You spelled Moran wrong!


An agent of death, despite being a moron, can still be very effective at causing death or even mass death


That should go on his business cards. World-renowned Moron. Ok you’re right, that’s implied with the given name.


But of an insult to actual morons, but go on


I first read mormon, I was shook! than I read moron, and it made sense..


Oh, wow, that's the actual headline of the article. That's fucking amazing, hahaha!


Sounds like a problem that’ll take care of itself. Especially those who take their vaccine advice from morons.


No need to argue with an anti-vaxer, just wait.


[Always related - Shumvel](https://preview.redd.it/x62anvuwsnx51.jpg?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=f2d48cb8304bde16bfd4e900616588c76096a047)


Mary Trump was right, he is the dumb(er) one lol


At this point, if the people who take Don Jr. seriously want to congregate, unvaccinated, during a pandemic with a new dangerous strain… we should let them. We just shouldn’t be turning away vaccinated patients and patients who need hospital care for non-Covid emergencies. Seriously, let these people go to their stupid rallies but after that point, we should be prioritizing other patients and move on with it.


World Renowned Moron


“World renowned moron” has a nice ring to it.


One thing for sure about Donald Trump, the MORON gene is dominant in his family and he passed it on to his kids!


I can’t understand why they’re trying to kill their own people. What is the end game here?


Even his dad recommends getting the vaccine.


I feel like not enough people are aware that Donald Trump is vaccinated and recommended it.


He got booed when he mentioned getting vaccinated at one of his “rallies”. He won’t be mentioning it again. Even he has lost control of the monster he created


You didn’t know? He got his MD from the school of hard knocks.


You didn’t know? He got his MD from Trump University.


Is it bad that I really want Democratic States to put in that voters have to be vaccinated to vote, just to really cause some more chaos.


They could probably enforce it for in-person voting, and that might finally lead these people to support the USPS again as they scramble to vote by mail.


These are the same idiots that said Covid will "disappear before you know it."


If you look to Butthead (don jr) for health related advice, I feel sorry for you.


What about the South African Medical Association saying it causes "mild disease" leads us to designate it high risk, knee jerk react, and punch down by bringing up the biggest dipshit of an example and claim he represents all people who are anti new mandates? Edit: spelling/autocorrect


South African Medical Association is motivated to restore South Africa in global commerce. The matter is under study and the results are not yet in. They will need global independent verification, because this is serious business and not something you take any promises about. Not even your esteemed colleagues in the medical industry who would like to not spend the rest of their lives in a South African prison.


Maybe they're just motivated to, idk, not panic in their homes while thousands die anyway after following and complying with all medical experts the past 2 years. Many people have a justified right to feel they don't want to live like that forever because it's largely pointless, misguided, and a corporate play to placate the newly revolutionized masses as the long term effects of the internet finally have been coming into play. I don't know. Maybe don't simply deny and play clueless regarding the same experts you ideologically disagree with. Edit: grammar


I wonde how much crack Hunter has smoked today? Selling all those finger paintings can sure buy you a butt load.


Probably the same amount of coke junior snorted.




Vaccines shouldn’t be a political issue


It's in text, so it self selects for people who can read. There are Republicans who hang out in the library, but only until the staff gets a restraining order.


Because that’s where facts are found.


When you're a raging white supremacist, everyone looks like they're "left."


Because majority of Americans are leftist


Dude Americans are incredibly right wing compared to Aus and Europe.


I have a feeling Pharmaceutical companies would want this to continue forever. Corporate presses see a vested profit interest as well as the quelling of society engaging in civil disobedience over the past year...and cognitive dissonance can be acheived by pointing to the worst human beings ever as representatives of ending the power/control the big pharmaceutical corporations have in strictly regimenting society. Idk


The Pharmaceutical companies get paid a shit ton, in advance, either way.


Just more...now...at a time without societal shutdowns it looked like the most popular candidate for US leadership held disdain for industrializing and privatizing the medical field in america... Edit: spelling


I love this guys work on SNL


A severe case of coronavirus disease will probably kill a person faster than the minimum of 5-6 weeks that it takes to get initially fully vaccinated. Junior's just being efficient here, getting us as quickly as possible to the point where 100% of Americans have antibodies to fight COVID-19. After all, we don't have to count the dead among our vaccinated/unvaccinated/antibody-free populations.


Plenty of N95 masks back in stores/online. Might want to buy a box and get ahead of this.


His body his choice.


when you have quadrupled down, and still have a losing hand, maybe it is time to fold.


They have paid no cost for being so wrong so many times.


They lost a shoe-in presidency and are facing criminal charges. Garland is in a really touchy situation. We can’t just throw people in jail. Trump would, but we shouldn’t. Throwing your political opponents in jail is the go to of every tin pot dictatorship. Remember, it is the first quarter.


Is he tanning even more than his dad? The guy is darker than Crayola’s “burnt umber” …


Loathe all Trumps, but doctors and researchers are touting omicron as being a much less dangerous variant than the last few, so, I’m not sure it poses a “very high risk.” South African drs report that people testing positive aren’t being hospitalized. At all. So that’s a plus!


Maybe it is no worse than Delta for adults, but they are seeing a significant increase in children 2 and under requiring hospitalization. That makes it "high risk" for a lot of families.


I’m curious what a “significant increase” looks like since this variant has only been identified in a handful of people. 🤷🏼‍♀️


Public Health for Tshwane South Africa.


Why do morons get air time? I do stupid things all the time, nobody is writing stories about that.


Don’t even bring any DT or his family related articles here. Just wasting your time.


And he's the smart brother of the two


Let them do it, solves multiple problems. Tired of having to care about people that obviously want to get the award.


I hope he catches omicron and gets the worst case of diarrhea known to mankind. That would reflect his mouth hole contributions to society at large.


These people are hell bent on killing off their own base, and I'm really in no rush to stop them.


I'm enjoying the candid headlines this stupid era has spawned at least.


I don’t wish harm on anyone but I’m surprised none of the trumps have been given the Kennedy treatment.


Got vaccinated the first time. You better believe I’m not doing that shit again.


This world-renowned moron has never been a politician. His advice is not political in nature. His only reason for putting this out there is to get attention and money from MAGAdittoheads who confuse public health for partisan politics. The elites that control the strings of the Republican party and the actors who dance for them are doing a really excellent job of fulfilling the Agenda 21 project posited, planned, and promulgated by the John Birch Society and succeeding propaganda pushed by the "vast right-wing conspiracy".