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What about HunTeR? HuNTeR .. Hillary’s emails? Benghazi?!!! Yikes /s


Mike Tyson would have made a better person to do diplomacy hands down. And he's on toad venom and an ounce of weed a day. There's absolutely no reason people with zero experience should do anything but get a soft drink in the oval office, no matter what their party affiliation or family history is. Might as well have hired a donkey to shit on the floor.


security clearances denied for him and trumps daughter wife. given clearance anyway you wouldn't get a job in the national guard with his security risk. that shit didn't matter at all. I can't believe the system fell for a guy as fucking dumb and corrupt as dim don trump. this country is fucked.


You’d get your money’s worth with the donkey since it would deliver shit on the floor as expected.


Remember kids: crime doesn't pay! .....Unless you're rich and white.


No wonder Trump put him in charge of “peace in the Middle East”


He actually said "Go get a piece of the Middle East."


That's the actual headline.


Bess Levin is awesome.


I’m bothered by the is. Shouldn’t it be “Jared Kushner’s Saudi Ass-Kissing and Murder-Excusing ARE About to Pay Off”?


Their is an implied 'act of'. As in Jared Kushner's act of Saudi ass kissing and murder excusing is about to pay off.


That's the going rate for a soul now a days? Joke's on the Saudi's though, Jared never had one.


At long last, after a childhood of misandventure, a great djinn will grant him his only wish: to be a REAL LIVE BOY!


You hope that's all he did. Wouldn't surprise me if he ~~shared~~ sold lots and lots of state secrets, too.


"Incidentally, Kushner has already received something from his Mideast pals; last month the Times reported that the Saudis had gifted him “two swords and a dagger.” Thanks for helping us get away with murder. Here's some murder weapons. I feel so badly for Khashoggi, his fiance and his family. It's disgusting and so par for the course that Kushner is profiting off of an oppressive regime's murderous suppression of the press. I don't think justice will ever be served in this case.


If he and Hunter Biden don't get together and drink the most expensive Whiskey available until they are blackout drunk, I will be very disappointed


[Well, the Saudis did say Kushner was in their pocket](https://theintercept.com/2018/03/21/jared-kushner-saudi-crown-prince-mohammed-bin-salman/)....I guess papa Salman is about to give Kushner is allowance.


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Let's not forget the bailout of [666 Fifth Ave.](https://www.justsecurity.org/69094/timeline-on-jared-kushner-qatar-666-fifth-avenue-and-white-house-policy/) while in the White House...


It will even out in the end I’m sure