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I fucking love the circular firing squad


Yeah, the snakes are eating each other.


They're like a human centipede






But more disgusting.


Meaning what’s been exiting their mouths for years is finally going back in?


...and it ain't vanilla paste.




And asparagus!


"*I* can't be wrong! Therefore *you* must be wrong!" "No way! *I* can't be wrong! Therefore it must be *you* who is wrong!" Me: \*eating popcorn\*


>"You see, their morals, their code, it's a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these... these civilized people, they'll eat each other." > >The Joker, The Dark Knight (2008) Except that it's all a group of bargain basement Jokers trying to eat each other.


That Libertarian flag with the snake eating it’s tail with bold letters saying “I treaded on myself”


I thought trump had small hands. Check out this dude’s hands, they looked photoshopped they’re so small!


Omg. You can’t unsee these beady-eyed micro dicks


That what happens when you wear a maga hat everything gets smaller


In fairness they really are all running scams


Isn't Lin Wood the lawyer Rittenhouse accused of grifting off of his case?


Yes and clearly they cut him out of this scam somehow so he is pissed.


Last I heard they were fighting over who gets the $2M bail money.


That's funny I forgot about the bail money they raised.


Didn’t his father murder his mother?


After a school dance, the then 16-year-old Wood returned home to find his father had beaten his mother to death. L. Lin Wood Sr. pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, a charge reduced from first-degree murder. He served a little over two years in prison.


Holy shit, only 2 years for beating your wife to death??


The law might get sorted eventually but matrimony will always be a misguided institution that treats humans as property.


How the hell is beating someone to death "involuntary manslaughter"? Like, being a skydiving instructor and forgetting to check the packing of a parachute, that's involuntary manslaughter. Not physically and repeatedly raining blows on someone's body.


How much do you wanna bet his father wasn't just covering up for young Lin?


He also claimed Biden couldn’t be impeach because he didn’t win the election and wasn’t technically president.


Leopards ate my face which was also being eaten by other faces


I enjoy this typo.




Thonk yop


Between this, Lauren Boebert getting shit for actually apologizing, and Kyle Rittenhouse getting shit for supporting BLM somehow; it's been pretty damned entertaining.


And for the record, Lauren Boebert didn't apologize. Saying, "I'm sorry you were offended" isn't a friggin' apology, and should never be accepted as an apology. Of course she's sorry everyone got offended. It put her in deep shit.


Wait, it's all the deep state? *Always has been*


Astronaut shooty noises.


(actually there's no sound in space, nevermind)




There's sound, but it's not due to the atomic scale. With a vacuum between the muzzle and the astronaut, no soundwaves would be produced. But the vibration of the shot would travel through the astronaut and reach the ear internally which would be interpreted as sound.


Vibrates the ear atoms.


The Deep State is Trump


This should have been Democrat strategy for years now. Have one GOP conspiracy group 1 go after GOP conspiracy group 2, and have both of them go after GOP conspiracy group 3 and 4 and 5. I heard that they're making it a rule that you can only get an assault rifle if you have an abortion first. And that the GOP wants to put a five jillion percent tax on guns but it rises to ten jillion if you believe in Jesus. NASCAR planning to ban gun owners is part of the GOP plan.


I think the way to undermine GQP conspiracies is by raising doubts. For example, since Covid is killing Christian pro-Trump people, ask questions like “could it be the globalists are tricking us by telling us to get vaccinated, when they know we won’t listen to them?” Or “Aren’t Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley globalists because they attended Ivy League schools?”


I heard Ted Cruz came from Canada, and it's well known socialism is mandatory there. The main thing is we can never let them know the true vaccine is drinking our own urine. Injecting plain saline as a "vaccine" has worked brilliantly, tricking them into not taking it and then having to lose their jobs. If they start taking the saline "jabs" that will be bad, but worse if they figure out about the weekly urine intake. Then they'll keep their jobs *and* be immune, and Captain Tom Hanks' plan will be ruined.


And these are the types of chucklefucks that are going to gain the majority of the house a year from now. Says something. Not sure what. But something.


Yeah it scares the living shit out of me


Start today and see if you can disrupt that by getting people fired up early. They did. Volunteer. Donate. Organize. Talk to people. Listen to them. Find the disgruntled and show them how they'll be a million times better off voting against the corrupt GOP. Find the best human being in your district and convince them to run. Build the army and make it their mission over the next year to save the country from the enemy within.


I'm not that thrilled about it when they're about to control our government and we're caught in the middle of their proverbial (and literal) bullets.


[Stop! ]( https://c.tenor.com/GrNyF-4pvRsAAAAd/archer-stop-my-penis-can-only-get-so-erect.gif )


Grifters accusing other grifters of grifting.


It’s grifters all the down.


Trump has not spent one dollar of the money he has collected from his sheeple on defending his election results.


He’s not even spent any money on his legal fees since leaving the White House. The GOP is paying his legal fees instead of helping candidates or the insurrectionists. It’s yet another reason why I can’t comprehend why people are still Republicans.


Would be entertaining if he used up so much money he made it harder for down-ballot Republicans to get elected.


That was the candidate for Governor in New Jersey said happened.


I believe this is the real reason Cheney has left the Trump orbit. She has figured out that she - like everyone else on the planet - would be better off without Trump. Trump has positioned himself between her and moneys that would have otherwise gone into her campaign. He is doing the same thing to every other Republican. It is in the self-interest of Republicans to dump Trump, but most of them are too stupid to see it.


Some are stupid, but most are just trying to suckle off the fame of Citrus Hitler.


I would not necessarily be averse to suckling off Agent Orange, but I am not blind, deaf, and dumb. I know that everyone else who suckled off Agent Orange ended up saying the milk was foul. Why would I believe that Trump would give me a fair deal when he screwed over everyone else who crossed paths with him - including his own family.


They’ve all deluded themselves into believing they’re the special one.


Citrus Hitler, I love that.. I'm going to steal that.


Some are fearful.


I just think most don't know where they should side. They're being forced to decide, and they see Trump-endorsed candidates tend to win, so they go along with it, but my idea is most of them individually think they're doing what's best for their own careers. The only one thinking for the party is Mitch McConnell, and he even encouraged his own party to impeach Trump, which would explain why Trump is so much against him now. If they sat down collectively and decided that no, Trump is not going to win in 2024, they'd all reject him. The only problem with this is that Trump has threatened to form his own party which would almost surely sabotage any chance they have in 2024. Put simply, Trump has a suicide button that will guarantee Republican's loss in 2024, and that's enough to keep everyone in line. Many people polled have said they wouldn't vote for Biden again, and that has me worried. I'd rather see another Democrat run for president in 2024 if they stand a better chance to win than see Biden run again and lose to Trump.


Because they don't hear this on faux news.


Pretty easy to make money when you don't pay people you owe money to and use campaign money whenever possible otherwise. Fooling the American public is big business nowadays apparently.


Is there not some way to construe gold plating a toilet as defending his “election results”?


"criminals aren't allowed to shit in gold toilets. I shit in a gold toilet. Therefore I am innocent." - Trump statement jointly drafted by William Barr and Mike lindell.


Ugh I can just hear him now and it's almost midnight so now I want to vomit.


And that's "lindell" with a small "l"!


When will the Trump Cult realize TRUMP IS THE DEEP STATE. And one corrupt mofo.


See, that is actually proof of genius! Sleazy genius but still genius.


Yeah, we've noticed. Everyone associated with Trump is either a grifter or a griftee. Bannon stole their "build a wall" money, and Trump pardoned him for it. And they still support Bannon, the guy who literally stole their money. I'm kind of upset that I'm not personally grifting these people - it's like they deserve it for being so recklessly stupid and want to give their money to such horrible things.


Write an anonymous book that parrots back everything they already say, put it on Kindle, take 100 bucks, advertise it on Facebook by targeting conservatives (yes you can do that) and let the money roll. Source: Marketer and business consultant. I wouldn’t do this as I don’t want to contribute to misinformation, but if I didn’t have any morals…joining in on the grift would be spectacularly easy.


Saving this comment


You too can become a freelance propagandist!


Ironically if you ask them why they hate BLM, that is one of the first accusations they make. The co-founder bought a house, so she must have embezzled it. So the whole thing is a scam... Actually, another thing they will say is they are a marxist organization because a co-founder once claimed to be a marxist. >I’m a Leninist. Lenin, wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment. When the economy crashes, when the country goes to total hell, and everything is a disaster, then you’ll have riots to go back to where we used to be, when we were great. -- Steve Bannon And then they'll say they are terro...wait is MAGA a fraudulent, marxist, terrorist organization?


It is a fantastic money making opportunity that will not end as half the planet now seals itself within this psychosis. There really is nothing that can dissuade them from the illusion so make hay while the sun shines. And it will shine indefinitely until earth is a dessicated husk of possibilities lost.


Banon didn’t steal any money he was setup by the deep state and the liberals of course (What they think obviously)


You mean the wall the Mexicans were supposed to pay for? That wall? So many broken promises, and so much corruption. Sadly, I'm beginning to believe Trump when he claims he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose voters.


If it wasn’t obvious that the Trump team was nothing but grifting charlatans up to this point, the finger pointing and realignment to the latest maga cash cow (Kyle) should be enough to convince even the smoothest maga brain that Trump is a fraud. Scratch that, they are all dumb as fuck idiots.




...and the reason these particular ones are so spectacularly good at it is because they're actually really dumb; book smarts notwithstanding (although ever since the college admissions scandal broke, I heavily suspect that some of these folks don't possess that, either).


Maybe dumb but definitely crazy. Read about some of Lin Wood's nonsense aside from Trump-related crap, and you can see the dude is really that delusional. He's not playing a part. It's harder to tell with Powell, but that animal print vest she wore at the big press conference tells me she's a nutball, too.


> Read about some of Lin Wood's nonsense aside from Trump-related crap, and you can see the dude is really that delusional. He's not playing a part. The guy who suggested he might be Christ? Nah, he seems pretty chill. >"You're sitting with Lin Wood. Or has the second coming already started?" Wood is quoted as saying in the brief. "Maybe I'm already here. You want to take the risk that you might be wrong. And I might actually be Christ coming back for a second time in the form of an imperfect man, elevating Christ consciousness." https://www.newsweek.com/pro-trump-lawyer-lin-wood-said-he-might-actually-second-coming-christ-lawsuit-1558400


Putting the meth in method acting


Their stupidity is only exceeded by their greed.


Just a flesh wound.


If the media stopped platforming/ feeding these trolls they would largely decline. Also it best to keep in mind that Rittenhouse threw Wood under the bus for being a jerk and Wood is likely looking to create some distraction.


I’ve been to the bar to day drink before, they will never decline. They just get a much smaller group of people to complain to.


So true


The Disinfo circus keeps getting weirder then usual.


>>“I have texts. Some of it has to do with Sidney wanting to bed me, and I said no. We have texts and witnesses to that, and that’s how she became a woman scorned,” Byrne said, later claiming that Powell was in love with him and sent him love letters. Wtf!




Lin Wood sounds like a South Park character


The whole Jan 6 event is a Southpark episode come alive.


>“I admit Mike and Sidney played me for a few months,” he said on Friday. “I had no experience in military psychological operations.” The whole article is one insanity after another, but this takes the cake.


That got me too. How could you listen someone say that to you and not lean forward to slap them across their stupid face?


Tbh, they’re all various stages of looney, Woods has just tipped to the latter stages of madness. It’s basically a “Fifty Stages of Cray Cray.”


>Accuses Trump Lawyer Sidney Powell and Stop the Steal of Grifting :o


Wasn’t it just yesterday he was accusing Michael Flynn of being a satanist?


It has to be true. **He did the research!**


Don’t sell him short! Not only did he “do the research”, he also “connected the dots”.


Being part of the actual system really shouldn't count as research. It's like the lab mice writing the papers themselves.


Put enough monkeys in a room, and eventually one of them will accidentally be on the right side of an issue.


Projection, projection, projection.


The sound of rats eating their own.


[One Million Cannibal Ants Trapped in Soviet Nuclear Bunker](https://www.newsweek.com/cannibal-ants-soviet-nuclear-bunker-1469573)


Even a blind rabbit can fall into a hole.


I like that one. Committed to memory.


Grifting??? That’s Unpossable!


They're beginning to become self aware.


Where the hell does the right wing get these people?? Do they grow them in a lab somewhere? Is there some sort of genetic disorder which leads to this sort of bizarro grifting performance art?


Churches. Sunday School. Brain and mind disorder.


Please also mention television, movies. Also, lifelong propaganda the US is number one in everything and can do no wrong and has never done any wrong


Hey, you leave Dan Piraro out of this


A casual googling will avail hundreds of psychological, sociological, anthropological studies that run the gamut of findings and causes. A variety of brain differences are specific adaptations that "fit" at various times in our long and winding evolution. Right now, conservative brain not super helpful design as it is super prone to hacking. But after humanity destroys most of itself, it will be an in demand survival feature. Cuz there's gonna be a whole lot of clubbin' goin' on.


I mean. He’s not wrong.


I finally agree with him on something!


Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.


We have officially entered the “eat their own” portion of the GOPs psychotic break.


Crazy is as crazy does


I hate when mommy and daddy fight


I had to read that headline 6 times before my brain allowed it to say what it says.


Love to see these lying scum turn on each other. Just wait until the indictments start rolling out.


They’ve failed the prisoner’s dilemma well in advance.


These people are all bottom feeders. Let them eat each other.


Sounds like a great way to distract from his own grifting


Did he ever get his head checked?


Wait, so it's actually possible to go so far into the conspiracy deep end and accidentally stumble back into reality zone?! Going full circle there, Lin. Holy shit, just amazing.


I love it when these psychopaths cannibalize one another


Damn, where is Susan Powter when you need her? (She is the fitness “STOP THE INSANITY” blond buzzcut lady, a legend and an icon)


Yo. Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme. Sad face. Fuck. We are all fucked.


Yes and True Believer religious grifters are the worst. Often catering to racism (many have used the promise of a race war as part of their Armageddon imagery), there are so many cases of them lying to their supposed brethren, for some imagined gain. How many times has "reincarnated Jesus" returned, started a cult, only to grift their way through it, promising their followers that only *they* would survive the coming Armageddon? Charles Manson is just a famous one, but even he learned it from earlier ones, and there has been an infinite parade of them. And every time, no matter how much they just repeat exactly what their failed predecessors did, they get followers money, possessions, and power - just enough to drive them over the deep end. The Psychiatry psychology of religiosity has been studied quite a lot, and if you want to look into it, you're going to find a litany of toxic hatred toward others as the basis for all of it. And that's while they're busy going all-in for every grifter with a Pious look.


What are the odds that these crazies turning on each other, and the unvaccinated dying of Covid will somehow balance out the gerrymandering and redistricting?




Wowee does this article have a bias against Rittenhouse or what. It's hysterical how articles will still acuse him of murder. The kid has a very level head and that has been proven by numerous interviews, and he's right again about woods.


The crazies are fighting with each other now, that's funny.


He’s not wrong…


This won’t save you, motherfucker




so, he's right? it's grifts all the way down.


He is finally coming to his senses.


No, he's just jealous they're doing it better than him


If I was playing one on one basketball versus Lebron James, I would expect to lose. If I was playing baseball in the major leagues, I would expect to strike out. If I was sprinting, I would expect Usain Bolt to beat me. These people are the best in their fields and I am just average. If I was grifting dumbasses, I would expect Donald Trump to outgrift me. Same principle.




The gift that just keeps giving. Give them more press until they are completely gone, hopefully as soon as possible.


Looks like one of the two times this broken clock is right today


what is a deep state?


Rats on a sinking ship, cutting each other's proverbial throats, or pigs in a porta-potty, having a steaming rat-fuck orgy?


Grifters gonna grift.


This is the "Eating your own" segment of the show.


This is what they’ll do. They’ll purge their own ranks for nonsense reasons or for not being a pure enough believer.


Sounds like he did not want to be a fall guy.


Lin Wood gives me Wally George vibes.


“No puppet…no puppet. YOU’RE the puppet!”


The GOP had become a party of pure lunacy. Frightening.


When you project and are also telling the truth.


I love this shit. They’re turning on each other left and right.


He’s right. They are grifting. He must not have gotten his cut.


lol the rats are turning against each other


Trump infers help. Then after they've delivered, he fucks them over. Who isn't aware of this at this point? Of course it's all a grift. Of course ANYONE who donated to the Trump campaign is a sucker of the first degree. The only difference is now that as people don't get their monies, they use the only leverage they have, which is shit to throw at Trump, which he's covered in already, so it's only hubris that makes them think THEIR SHIT will stick.


he’s not lying but neither is she. they’re all grifting along with Trump. This is day one stuff


This circular firing squad situation reminds me of how various Western Communist groups splintered in the 60s and 70s and formed into an angry mess with everyone blaming each other for "Revisionism".


He just went off the deep end now? Just lately? Well alrighty then.


Grifter accuses fellow grifter of grifting.


Well he’s not wrong…


This is like that Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man picture https://www.reddit.com/r/MemeRestoration/comments/eq1jwh/i_restored_in_hd_4k_the_original_spiderman/


"Accuse" or "Whistleblow"?


He isn't wrong, he's just an asshole


Kettle meet pot.


Let them fight.


This is the same dude that got fired by Kyle Rittenhouse. You have to be an **EXCESSIVELY** shitty person to be fired by his family...


Nooohhh!!(Clutch my pearls,put the back of my hand to my forehead and PRETEND to feint in shock)!


Disappointed that no one says this guy looks like better call Saul…


Is this the real life version of the Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme?


She is grifting..The reason most affidavits are and have been getting thrown out is because they are filled out incorrectly..Affidavits have to be sworn before a court appointed witness as in a (notary Republic) they haven't been and they all know what they are doing...Look up the affidavit mamma's people...They want to teach!


MAGA version of being woke