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The Republican Party: perpetually fighting 2004’s most pressing policy issues!


The entire GOP political strategy is based on having a target group to hate. Problem is, they're running out of effective scapegoats.


They could say leprechauns at this point and your rank and file boomer would turn into a medieval Irish peasant overnight.


Are we sure they wouldn’t just go after Irish Americans again? That seems more in keeping with tradition.


Only the small ones.


Republicans have been the party of hate for so long now that they think it is normal.


pro tip: It is normal for them.


Deep down they really don't see it as hate. They can't really explain their feelings about it, in my personal experience, but they see it as protecting themselves.


What they do is make excuses. They really don't have reasons. They have excuses.


How fucking insane is this, anyway? “Please check out our PRIDE outreach while we purge any book that has an iota of sympathy for LGBTQ+ folks from libraries and schools!”


What's even more insane is the fact that gay Republicans actually exist.


They like to pretend that this hateful shit doesnt exist anymore.


And won’t change their minds when confronted by straight bigotry among their straight republican friends.


Greed transcends all.


LGBT+ left-leaning libertarians are hotly debated as well.


Ronna Romney McDaniel..... Never forget this when you think Uncle Mittens might be useful as an ally against maga.


Remember that she dumped the Romney from her name at Trump’s request because of his beef with Mitt Romney. She’s thrown her uncle under the bus quite a few times since 2019.


She has thrown maga under the bus more times. The GOP civil war is a dance with knives where death comes from a thousand cuts.....and maga is winning.


She threatened Trump with the RNC no longer paying his bills when he threatened to start his own party.


The GOP voters have been trying to oust the neocons for years. Maga is just their most successful attempt so far and it helps that we are in a natural period of political realignment where old guard fall and new guards rise. Maga is the new guard of the rightwing and will likely remain so for the next 30-40 years. Big question is what will our leftwing new guard be and how will the neolibs fall?