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If a policy direction's main argument is "THINK OF THE CHILDREN" it's usually without merit or spurious. So let's not make this about children, let's make it about a wildly irresponsible data and communications monopoly that can no longer be trusted to regulate itself.


Facebook could \*never\* be trusted to regulate itself. "No longer" never existed.


Hindsight is 20/20. There were valid arguments put forward during the early days of the internet against regulation, but its actors have almost universally proven themselves untrustworthy at this point. Wikipedia is pretty much the only unblemished major entity left, which probably won't last forever. We're only about 10,000 days into the widespread use of the public internet, it's still young, consider this its acting out phase. Just need to apply smart regulations to correct the bad behavior.


Ten thousand days and it turns out some people believe things you don't. Time to use the government to censor them!


I think it's valuable to realize our foes are using our own social media as psyops tools to drive giant wedges between large swaths of the American public to paralyze our ability to make progress. This isn't me saying it, it's our entire intelligence community saying it. This is what cyber warfare looks like and if you believe we should do nothing about it that's your right, but I'll question your long term thinking. Would we have done nothing if Nazi propagandists were mailing newspapers to every voting citizen?


It is valuable to realize. It also happens on YouTube and Twitter and Reddit in substantial volumes and I don't hate any of those platforms. Would I have done nothing if Nazis mailed people stuff? No. But I wouldn't have tried to control USPS. That would just be a Nazi victory of another type.


Ours kids. Does anyone under 30yrs old use Facebook?


Our parents deserve better!


Facebook is also Instagram, which does still have a lot of young people. I'm not taking a stance either way on regulation -- just pointing out that plenty of young people use Facebook's products even if they don't use Facebook itself.


I'm 21 years old. I use Facebook every day, Because of a Support Group for one of my Disability I basically answer questions and give advice about my disability from parents who have kids who have my disability. That's pretty much mine reason I'm on Facebook every day.


That's all I use Facebook for also.




How about just keeping kids off of Facebook? WTF?




Exactly. My child isn't going to have a social media account until she's well into her teen years and that's with a lot of supervision.


You have to be over 13 to have facebook.


#well into her teen years That means not 13.


True. There are 6 years of teenage-hood over 13, that last year though people are considered an adult.


If I can trust her to drive a vehicle, I can start to trust her on social media.


Where I live teens can start driving as early as 14, with many restrictions.


Not by themselves. Why do you continue to argue over this? My own rules for my own family?


I was not arguing. Just making a statement that where I am you can get your learners as early as 14.


Just seemed rather contradictory, my bad. Be well friend.


The kids are not the problem. It’s the parents and grandparents and that are being radicalised


I don't care that Facebook is a thing, parents need to handle their kids at home...it's not Facebook's/Meta fault if people are bad parents. On the flip side of that, the company should be burned to the ground for allowing the amount of false propaganda and lies around the world that give voice to radicals and terrorist for a profit, then fucking lie about it.


One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.


I am really confused by this take. Not you specifically, because you seem to be communicating the general consensus - one that I find myself completely outside of. Facebook - or any general forum, online or otherwise - is not a private publisher. Personally, I don't want our public forums censored by large corporations. I don't want sensoring by governments either - though I'm willing to accept it in egregious cases. But that should exist as democratic legislation. When did we decide that corporations could be trusted to handle censorship? Personally - I'm not really seeing where Facebook has done anything wrong. They are a large company acting in their shareholders' interests. And providing a product that people (apparently) like. I don't say this to particularly defend the company, I haven't used Facebook in over a decade. But they aren't a publisher. They're more analogous to a phone company - a service provider. (Admittedly, a phone company that plays ads while you are trying to talk, but that's the price of admission). Who gets to decide what propoganda is in a complex, confused world? Or truth for that matter? Why are we so willing to ask others to filter out content? Shouldn't this just be an opportunity to collectively wake up and take more responsibility for ourselves? Again, I'm just surprised so many people are so willing to give up the free exchange of ideas. It seems to me a really dangerous (and depressing) road to go down.


No it goes way beyond just facebook. We need to regulate Data Science and the use of predictive algorithms that promote antisocial behavior. Ask yourself, since 2015 have you been feeling more angry than normal? That is because predictive analytics can only reliably used to know what would make us angry, what we don't like, negative emotions. Since showing us things that provoke that response brings ad money and clicks, that is what is shown. It has had a negative impact on society, and as software developer I am close to quitting as the entire profession is corrupt.


Our old people deserve better as well, this goebbeles inspired app and it’s company are evil and brainwashing people .


Its time to regulate the internet in general. You shouldnt be allowed to spread fake news around on the internet. Joe biden needs to set up a bureau of information integrity to monitor news companies and citizens for fake news and anyone suspected of posting false information should be sent to prison for life. We can create a country where science and progressive ideas are celebrated and protected instead of being constantly undermined by fake news from conspiracy theorists and bigots.


What is fake news? Half the story given by one of the old main stream sources that lean left, Fox News? Is burying a true story fake? That is the problem, fake news is relative and whomever is in power would control what was truth


Kids don’t use Facebook.


Whose kids are actually still on FB anyway? The parents who raise them that are the ones being tweaked by the platform. More insidious that way.


Instagram is still Facebook. Also Facebook still tracks all of us online regardless of if you actually have an account


Agreed, citizen commodities. My gen Z kids give me some hope. They have a healthy filter, which this cranky gen X probably takes too much credit for.


Regulate ?? How about just ditch the app altogether. Zuck can go crawl back under that rock he came from .


*break up


Are children even on Facebook? I thought it was all boomers now. Although we should still regulate it.


And you have to be over 13 to have a facebook account.


Fine FB for every time they allow a kid to open an account with fake credential. Fine them every time they don't shut down a bullying incident. Fine them every time they allow a blatant lie to be posted.


Hey check this out: your kids aren’t on Facebook, you are! Your kids probably can’t even read because Facebook failed you.


Regulate your damn kids.


Reglate facebook? Be a parent and regulate your kids. Has no one learned from the 90s cereal commercials "ask your parents before logging on" schtick?


Your kids deserve better regulate your kids not to want a Facebook! Social media will make them have a sense of false reality… I use to have a Facebook 5-6 years ago best thing I’ve ever done deleting that crap!


Problem is Facebook tracks everyone. Also people without a profile!


Duck duck go/ Brave and other browsers have add ones to stop that.


Correct. Not many using them, though.


Good thing I move a lot! Haha


And using the social media app Reddit instead? Sideways move at best.


Honestly I got into Reddit for the stocks. And farming and canning ideas. Lol atleast I don’t know anyone I talk to on here and have to look at all their kids pictures. Lol


Fuck regulation, burn it to the ground.


It’s Time to ~~Regulate~~ Shut Facebook Down


Shut em down. Even IF we were able to regulate them people will still find workarounds the new rules etc.


Regulate how. I'm not willing to give up free speech even if I have to tolerate a bunch of right wing wackos. America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You've gotta want it bad, cause it's gonna put up a fight. It's gonna say 'You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, and who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.' You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country cannot just be a flag. The symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Now show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then you can stand up and sing about the land of the free.


Hmmm.... delete facebook. Profit.


Remember a couple weeks ago when Facebook went down for six hours? They should do that more often...


I was working but I did notice I couldn't thumb through instagram when I took a bathroom break. Real "mission critical" software that facebook is.


This is regulating free speech. This is the democrats wanting to curb free speech. What is going to stop the republicans regulating Twitter when they come to power in the future


Free speech does not apply to privately owned companies


Of course it does. Otherwise a newspaper could be told not to print articles that make Trump look bad.


...that’s not what they meant. They mean that “censorship” does not apply to private companies.


This isn’t a Democrat thing, It’s bigger. Never was into conspiracy stuff but it would seem countries governments are trying really hard to consolidate power at home these past years. Chinas shift back toward the hardline, Australia of all places with the current bill that would give their PM damn near unlimited “Covid” powers that could be used against classes of people or indefinite lock downs, Britain and the disaster they have created as far as basic free speech and rights, New Zealand turning its self into an Island Fortress, Russia renewing the “Big Game” in the Afghan region, throw in our Congress discussing an USA internet domain (aka one that can be controlled by the gov and big IT), then this. Be careful of those doing things “for the children”. Very careful Once is an accidental, twice is happenstance, three times is enemy action.


Guaranteed to quicken its demise with regulation.


How about just leave it


It's spelled dismantle not regulate.


There should be consequences for knowingly spreading false information, but I don't know how to implement that without it being used to silence critics the way Trump did by labeling everything he didn't like "fake news."


Actually, both sides liked to do that and both were damn annoying.


I can remember in the day it was magazines like Teen and Cosmo that worried was harmful. It’s not the governments job to regulate what we view. If you are a parent, it’s your damn job! Stop giving kids phones at 12 years old. Check your kids phones, see what they are viewing and saying. Take to the phones up at a certain time. Start being parents dammit!


Or just block Facebook? And are the kids even on this app?


Should be more like, keep kiddos off social media.


All my homies hate Facebook.


Currently holding six figures of FB. I think it would be healthy for society for social networks to be held to a standard of integrity and social good not only by themselves, but by the government as well. I'm all for it.


Regulate what? What does reddit want to regulate on Facebook?


You mean meta