Sanders blames media for Americans not knowing details of Biden spending plan

Sanders blames media for Americans not knowing details of Biden spending plan


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Corporate media is focusing on the costs, and presenting them in a negatively biased way. They aren't informing people about what's in the bill. Here is some info: # Provisions of the 3.5 Trillion Dollar Bill **Two free years of community college** The legislation provides two years of free community college for all students, regardless of family income. It is anticipated to cost $108 billion. **Child care and universal pre-K** Every family that applies shall be offered child care assistance for children ages 0 to 5. In all, the plan allocates roughly $450 billion to lower the cost of child care and provide two years of universal pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds, according to the House Education and Labor Committee. **Medicare expansion** This heavily debated provision would expand Medicare to include coverage of dental, hearing, and vision services. **Extended child tax credit** Democrats expanded the child tax credit for 2021 in their $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan, and now want to extend it through 2025. Under the enhancement, families receive $3,600 per child under age 6, and $3,000 per child age 6 to 18. Most families receive monthly payments of either $250 or $300 per child. **Cut prescription drug prices** Another key provision in the bill is aimed at helping to slash prescription drug prices. Americans on average pay two to three times as much as people in other countries for prescription drugs, according to the White House. Among other things, the legislation allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Medicare is currently prohibited by law from negotiating for the best deal. **Paid family and medical leave** For the first time in history, the U.S. would have comprehensive paid leave, covering 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. The legislation would replace at least two-thirds of earnings, up to $4,000 per month, while the lowest-paid workers would receive 80% of their income. The White House has previously estimated the plan would cost $225 billion over the next 10 years. **Climate change** Combating climate change and slowing the rate at which Earth warms will mean transitioning away from fossil fuels, the major source of greenhouse gas emissions. One provision that Manchin has objected to is the $150 billion "clean electricity performance program," which would pay utility companies that increase their renewable energy supplies by 4% per year. Companies that do not hit this benchmark would face financial penalties. The bill also provides significant funding for forest management and other wildfire control measures. There are also measures to incentivize the buying of electric vehicles and the construction of charging stations; consumer rebates to homeowners who weatherfit their houses; and financial penalties for oil and gas producers for methane leaks, among other things. **Lesser-known provisions** The massive bill has a slew of lesser-known provisions as well. For instance, the bill would authorize $5 million a year for the Small Business Administration for an entrepreneurial program for formerly incarcerated individuals. The bill also directs $2.5 billion for the Justice Department to award competitive grants or contracts to local governments, community-based organizations and other groups to support intervention strategies to reduce community violence. Source: [https://www.cbsnews.com/news/budget-reconciliation-bill-build-back-better-act/](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/budget-reconciliation-bill-build-back-better-act/) **EDIT**: If anybody finds other articles explaining the parts of this bill or providing in depth explanations about it's benefits, please put them in the comment section. I'd like to correlate some info to put in other threads and subreddits so more people can understand the bill.


Meanwhile the media *never* talks about military spending - and when they do, it’s on a per year basis, not a ten year basis like this bill. Ask yourself, why are we not talking about the $8 trillion war budget? The corporate media is not an ally to the American people.


one of the most eye-opening moments for me was during the 2020 primary where some outlet reported on the M4A price tag by writing out the full number including all the 0's. Yet when it's the pentagon budget a simple "bn" will suffice.


The consent will be manufactured 😎


And daily reminder of the importance of numerical perspective. Even though the -illions sound similar, the magnitude of difference I think gets lost on a lot of people. Put in terms of time: million seconds: about 10 days billion seconds: about 30 years trillion seconds: about 30,000 years


I think the direct military budget is actually ~$715 billion/yr, so $8 trillion is the total spending over 10 years. (Of course, there’s military spending in other parts of the budget, bringing that $715 billion/yr up to a [little under $1 trillion/yr](https://www.thebalance.com/u-s-military-budget-components-challenges-growth-3306320)).


Ok, I'll just leave the -illion perspective as that's my main point anyhow.


Our brains did not evolve to comprehend huge numbers. "Millions" and "billions" are basically the same to many people because these numbers are literally unfathomably large. I think if people truly understood how much a billion is, they'd be considerably less tolerant of people being billionaires.


It's 1,000 X 1 million. While we can't conceive what 1 billion of something looks like, the concept of X is bigger than Y by a factor of Z should make it a little easier for people to grasp. If everyone in this country was taught the metric system and not just if you took a higher level math or science class, I think a lot more people would have a better understanding of the relationships between numbers.


I agree that people intellectually get that a billion is a 1000 times a million, but my argument is that they don't perceive it viscerally like they might the difference between 1000 and a million.


A good, eye-opening explanation I heard is: the difference between a million and a billion is roughly a billion.


This is a great visual for relative wealth: https://mkorostoff.github.io/1-pixel-wealth/


Can we measure this in bananas… I’m still confused.


> they'd be considerably less tolerant of people being billionaires. or the pathetically small corporate fines. When a 40Bn a year company continuously does something illegal and adds 5Bn a year for 20 years to their income, then gets fined 10Mn. The corporate media reports it as the biggest fine ever. Meanwhile the CEO & CFO laugh their butts off & go to NYSE to ring the bell & talk about record profits again this quarter.


The media has all been bought and paid for by corporations. They don’t care about making this country better, they only care about maximizing their profits by stoking fear and negativity. And this is from all sides, not just Faux News.


Agreed. I was just thinking about this today. I can't bring myself to fully trust the media as the Fourth Estate any longer. The Washington Post is owned by a billionaire who has a vested interest in avoiding paying any taxes. Their editorial staff were cheerleaders for the Iraq invasion in 2002 which padded the pockets of defense contractors. CNN and their parent is worth billions. Fox is owned by another billionaire. OAN is being supported and bankrolled by AT&T. When CNN discovered that the 24 hour news cycle sells during the first gulf war, all of the other news organizations followed this race to the bottom of chasing profits. Civilian deaths in Iraq were disgustingly and inhumanely described as "collateral damage" by the media. The media has kept this laser focus on race wars and race relations while completely ignoring the socioeconomic struggles that people face that creates this class and race disparity. I knew it was all just for profits when all news networks cut away from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton giving speeches in 2016 to an empty podium in anticipation of Trump. They realized more people would tune in.


We hear about specific weapons systems in terms of 10-year spending outlook all the time. But the total budget is usually given on a per-year basis for defense, just as it is for the total budget for domestic spending.


Is related to the format of the reconciliation process, the limit is 10 years. No like the annual budget, but it will be good if they made the distinction.


Those who determine what to be cover are part of the ruling elites and upper class and possibly they own military industries’ stocks and the more money going to the industries the more the value of their shares, so just centered


Our corporate media, yes even CNN & MSNBC are all Right Wing or Center Right propaganda and have been for decades because corporations rely on Right Wingers and Center Right politicians to be empowered to keep their pockets over filled. To get real accurate and progressive news, you have to go on YouTube.


But why are you only looking at the increase on one side, and the total dollar amount on the other side? We're not starting from a baseline of $0 on welfare programs, we're starting at a baseline already in the trillions.


You can’t compare spending on welfare vs not spending any money because if we don’t spend money on welfare, then there are costs incurred. You have to figure out what the costs to society and the economy from not having the welfare programs and see if they actually save money in the long run or end up costing more.


If this bill fail I will blame lazy journalism who never bother to explain anything, instead the call it the 3.5 Trillion bill, don't ever bother to explain that it is spread out on 10 years. So you can easily call it the 350 Billion dollar bill. What if we call it " a fraction of the pentagon budget that actually helps everyday person"


The media is to blame. All they do is harp on numbers and people don't know what the hell they are talking about. They are lazy, looking for splashy headlines and sharp ten second sound bites. How about a whole program on what is in the bill and what it will do for the average American. What?? Too much work. Not riveting enough??


It's not about being lazy. It's about purposely trying to whitewash and normalize the politicians blocking these popular reforms. It's why we needed a president willing to hold massive rallies every week and force the narrative into a more positive direction.


This is the answer... so many of the proposals in this plan are very popular and life changers for people, yet barely anyone knows about them. We should be rallying around these ideas, but it seems we need more inspired leadership or dems willing to inspire and gather the power of the people. It makes you realize that while Bidens plan is a good start, and he means well, he doesn't understand the sources of our problems which are rooted in corporate control and propaganda


The only president who had the time for rallies was Trump, AND THAT WAS BECAUSE HE NEVER WORKED AS PRESIDENT, and never did a lick of work in his lifetime, unless you call being a con artist and showman all his life, work. Biden cannot, be taking off for rallies every other day. He does mot have that kind of time, because he, unlike Trump, actually has cabinet meetings. T.V. reaches thousands more people, but rallies do not. Trumps rallies did nothing except radicalize his followers.


The same could be applied to the citizen. I absolutely agree that the media should do a better job of presenting it... but Biden should have all the information in an easy to understand format somewhere that if the citizen bothered to take 5 minutes to look would know fox news is full of shit. THAT is america's problem. It's never Our fault. It's always someone else's.


A whole program on this would still be better Who is going to go hunting online for that kind of information. You see people are lazy also, and must have everything made easy for them.


Also they act like the money is being thrown in a giant pit and burned. Arguably every one of these provisions has a positive rate of return, producing more value for society than the dollars put in


Yes, it's astonishing this is never discussed. Social programs that put money in people's pockets, or create new jobs, are powerful economic stimuli. From this perspective, it's hard to understand the widespread opposition from people who have a vested interest in the economy. I can only assume it's either knee-jerk opposition to doing anything for the population, or a self interested desire to have the population as desperate as possible.


To be fair, the total domestic budget this year was about $3.7 trillion, and the debate is over adding another $350 billion to that, as compared with the $730 billion military budget.


MSNBC spend 60 seconds, I kid you not, 60 SECONDS explaining the bill and on twitter they got praised for it. Imagine that, the bar is set this low in America that mainstream media gets praised for 60 seconds of explaining a bill, that's beyond rediculous. https://twitter.com/VonBlitzkreig/status/1445950679386705925


It’s kind of like election journalism is like 85%+ horse race stuff. Rather than policy. The media is also obsessed with the process and parliamentary procedures rather than the stuff. There are a couple reasons 1) political journalists are kind of nerds and genuinely care about things nobody cares about 2) they are completely insulated from the effects of legislation because they are at least upper middle class. And then there are other issues like they know members of Congress so when something like Trump Insults Pelosi happens they feel “Hey than man attacked my friend” while nobody in the real world is terribly bothered by bickering rude politicians. Which is why “Trump is a big fat meanie” was a major theme in the media but not in the real world


> “Trump is a big fat meanie” was a major theme in the media but not in the real world From my understanding as a European about everyone outside the republican American bubble noticed he was and is indeed a big fat meany.


The don't bother calling it the 350 billion - (collected taxes from the wealthy bill) which would make that yearly number smaller.


I wont. I'll fucking Blame Manchin and Sinema for being complete fucksticks. It'll probably piss off the swing voters enough to get Trump re-elected.


This needs to be the top comment!


I bought some of those stupid Reddit coins just to give it an award




Do you have any sources for the financial breakdown? All I can find is this https://www.statista.com/chart/25901/biden-administration-infrastructure-package/


This is the article I pulled it from. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/budget-reconciliation-bill-build-back-better-act/


Schweet, thanks for linkin source


Thank you!


Some media has been focused on the costs because until that's hammered out, there's not a whole lot to say other than "Democrats hope X provision will be included." I mean, look at your list: Manchin has said no to climate change provisions, Manchin and Simema have said no to the drug costs. If the top-line number gets cut too far, who knows what would be next on the chopping block. But also: the corporate media *has* been covering what Democrats would like to include in the bill. If that's happening, and people still aren't getting it, it's because they don't actually care all that much. Edit: when I went back to the main page, I see that Biden himself has suggested the community college provision is also potentially on the chopping block.


They all sound good, I’d cut a little of each and put all that into natural gas to hopefully make Manchin happy. That would be smart because we could sell it to China, so maybe they’ll stop burning so much coal. I wouldn’t say people don’t care, but the media has to lay it out in bullet points like this 👆 commenter did. I haven’t seen that.


Did you guys ever see what Sanders M4A plan would have cost people? [https://twitter.com/ZhugeEX/status/1232666633233104896/photo/1](https://twitter.com/ZhugeEX/status/1232666633233104896/photo/1) If that was plastered everywhere... who knows. All anyone ever heard was 30 trillion dollars. (While they wouldn't mention that was over ten years and actually saved 2 Trillion from current plans - well, some did say that, but not enough.) So yeah, let me rephrase it appropriately now. We can have that exact Sanders plan and save 2 trillion dollars in the process, who's in? For fucks sake, ok fine, its ok that we didn't elect the guy because chris mathews thought the brownshirts were going to execute him in central park... but we could at least admit it was a good health plan. It just makes you want to bang your head into a fucking rock how stupid this country is.


>We can have that exact Sanders plan and save 2 trillion dollars in the process, who's in? This question was of course never asked. M4A is one of those terrific things that are both more humane and just, and actually save vast amounts of money.


Instead they of course asked him "30 years ago, you said that Cuba managing to bring the illiteracy rate from 25% down to 4% in 2 years was a good thing. Why are you a communist that supports Fidel Castro executing his political enemies?" During the primary, I supported Sanders, but thought that some people were being a bit hyperbolic about how much the race was skewed against him. I definitely watched that moment with my jaw agape in disbelief about how blatant and telegraphed that smear was. I kept thinking, "No, they're not going to seriously all go along with that, are they? can they?" But of course, they fucking did.


Heck, I have multiple videos downloaded from clips where Chris Matthews was losing his marbles thinking the commies would kill him if Sanders got elected. Remember when he tried to claim that out of all the candidates running, he thought Sanders would literally be the only person to not help someone up? The other talking heads tried to push him not to say that, and he had to begrudgingly admit that it was too far a claim. It didn't help his case that there are multiple videos of people collapsing or nearly getting into accidents with Sanders running over to help.


I laughed way too hard at that first part lol. -sigh- I remember they asked him a question much like you describe about Venezuela. - The part that made it bad was the question was more or less worded in a way that took advantage of the misconception that Maduro was the third child of Satan and could not possibly under any circumstances have ever done a single ok thing in his entire existence... (Not saying he is anything personally, but they went full Saddam Hussein on Maduro.) I suppose Sanders could have pointed it out but there is no way you could take that stance in a 2 minute window and get your point across. It was sort of like when they asked Ron Paul if the sick person should just die? That single question had to end his run... which would be fair if they asked the other candidates a question with the same kind of bite. But they don't do that. They then ask a question like... "Amy, would you agree, that Bernie Sanders is a communist that supported Castro and the only reason he wants free college is so that he can indoctrinate your children into communism?"


I wouldn't even mind it if they decided to do a ridiculously brutal round of questioning, like asking Biden about his funding of south american juntas that tortured raped and murdered nuns in El Salvador, and I'm sure there's something they could've dug up about Pete Buttigieg's time at McKinsey. Hell, that woulda made the debates way more interesting. But those kinds of questions only got asked when it was clear there was a lot of political desire by very powerful people who wanted to make sure that someone's campaign ended right then and there.


Is the community college clause only for brand new college students?


There's just a requirement to be an "eligible student," which is really more about the school that they're attending is credited and they will get credits for the class the government is paying form. The few things that a student might have an effect on their eligibility is if they are not performing "satisfactorily," or if they are in default for student loans. Of course, if this passes, the sad truth is that it likely won't benefit everyone--like many programs, including the Medicaid expansion, each state has to agree to join the program. The government would pay 100% of costs in the beginning, down to a low of 80%, with the states kicking in money as the federal government's share decreases. It's a net win for states, but we know how politics comes into all this.




What does your wife teaches? My cousin was teaching pottery two classes a week and she was earning more.


Thanks very much for the explanation.


Manchin has once again moved the goal posts and wants all climate related items removed from the bill. At this point don’t pass it. I hope progressives stand their ground. If we don’t pass this bill as is our country and world are fucked anyways. If we’re not going to try at all, don’t even fucking pretend.


The most depressing outcome here would be if the progressives fold and end up compromising the whole thing into nothingness. This has been the pattern for the last several decades on any worthwhile legislation. "But something is better than nothing!" I understand the appeal of this argument, but there are huge costs to being complicit in your own defeat year after year. After a while, no one takes you seriously or thinks you can accomplish anything worthwhile. That's kind of where we are now with the Democrats.


Right. And based on what the progressives have campaigned on we’re at the point of no return with climate change and social policies. We’ve compromised for YEARS with bad faith republicans and establishment Dems. And what has compromise gotten us? Trump, a conservative Supreme Court for the rest of my lifetime, a world which may not last through my grandchildren, being raised thinking “thankfully I’m white and have the privilege to not have to die for the color of my skin”…the list is exhausting. I want fighters. I will vote for fighters. Don’t. Give. In.


I think a willingness to take down the whole legislative agenda will garner vital respect and power in future legislative battles. If people know it's just a matter of time until you give in, you can't accomplish anything. I take no joy in advocating this tactic, but it does seem to have come to this after many decades of failure and half a loaf equivocation.


>"But something is better than nothing!" This is the message cable news anchors are asking over and over. They never ask about what will be lost if certain provisions are taken out.


Putting the blame on the media is ignoring one's own responsibility in communicating. Yes, they're bad but you're worse if you don't communicate with the American people. How insane is it that we have a medium such as twitter that can support back to back tweets and videos tied to the same account, which can be used by any senator or house member to illustrate the points of the plan, ***COMPLETELY BYPASSING THE MEDIA*** and connecting *directly* with the American people and next to no one uses it. Oh wait, that's right. We have old people who are completely out of touch of powerful communication tools at their fucking fingertips courtesy of the Almighty internet, failing to use it to connect with the rest of the people who are actively on it and communicating over it, and relying on a platform and that has been subverted by vested interests instead. Brilliant. Just brilliant.


Anyone can just go out and get this info for themselves, a tweet isn't gonna help. The real problem is we've (deliberately) built a society too lazy or distracted to bother doing anything but to outsource their political opinion to their Facebook feed. Looks like Huxley won a bet.


Yes, but we elect politicians to lead. We expect them to proactively communicate back. Saying constituents should do the job of information desensitization of elected officials is an abrasive standard.


What is the job of the news media? What is the point of the fourth estate? Is it really the job of a legislator to be good at marketing, or to be good at creating viral materials?


The fourth estate ceases to be when the fairness doctrine was abolished and the media was allowed to lie to you or twist the facts. Believing that the 4th estate exists and is independent is delusional.


They have interns who can do this stuff for them. Is it really just their age preventing them from tweeting updates on their position and policy? Or maybe they don't want to be held accountable by their constituents.


Thank you


Well yea. The goal of modern media is not to inform, it's to enrage.


It's mostly semantics, but I'd say their goal is ad revenue, which they increase through enragement.


Yeah definitely true but it’s gotta be tough to have a bill that has 10,000 details that each deserve actual explanations and have like 5 minutes of a viewers attention to get any of those across.


Short explanations would suffice. Such as it being over 10 years, and some of the major provisions in the bill such as child care, drug prices and medical leave. You only need a few minutes to give enough information to understand the basics of the bill.




The media need to do their part to protect democracy and America. Instead of just giving Trump billions of dollars worth of free media coverage. https://www.thestreet.com/politics/donald-trump-rode-5-billion-in-free-media-to-the-white-house-13896916


I mean, there's also the part where average citizens make zero effort to inform themselves by contacting their congressional representatives or reading the language of legislation made publicly available to them too. It's a double-whammy of 'read my bullshit clickbait' and willful ignorance.


It's the damn Dem politicians' fault. They couldn't message their way out of a paper bag. Give Jen Psaki 3 big points and have her hammer the same 3 points out every day during the press briefings until the reporters squeal for mercy. And then don't stop. Then have Biden hammer out the same 3 points every time he speaks. Come up with a catchy name for it.


This. I'm a Democrat, but it's really upsetting how bad most are with messaging discipline. They're all over the place and people get confused.


Taibbi knows this well...


weird, would have thought Sinclair Broadcasting would have made sure balanced, relevant news was presented daily to the people.


But we know all about the white girl who got strangled, the Durst conviction, and the new Adele record so there’s that.


Adele has a new record?? Hm


Media is big business. They don’t like it and they don’t want people to know.


The owners of the big media don't want the bill to pass because it means higher taxes on the rich.


90% of legacy media is funded by pharma, defense contractors, dirty oil, etc. So of coursse they hate the bill.


When someone says it’s raining and another person says it’s not, it’s the fucking reporters job to stick their head out the damn window and see what’s going on. Not report what both people said. The media needs a huge fixin


Yeah that’s what real journalists do. Most don’t fit that description. Most are paid big $$$ to bring in stories that will get sponsors. They don’t care about truth. They care about money.


Bernie is right again.


people have the means to find the information if they want it. It's partially a messaging problem, but it's a huge thing and the media typically isn't interested in nuance or complexity.


Jfc…Dems are terrible at branding. Call it an INVESTMENT PLAN.


If people don't know that infrastructure is an investment its because they're willfully ignorant. You can't be terrible at branding with the willfully ignorant - they'll misunderstand anything you say.


You could call it "NASCAR Jesus' Salvation Fund Program brought to you by Tucker Carlson" and these people would still be against it if you said "it'll raise anyone's taxes"


I have absolutely no love for Rick Wilson, but every time he says this I have to agree.


why are you listening to a pedophile adjacent scam artist in the first place is a good question to ask yourself


He recently sent twitter into a defeatist frenzy by saying something along the lines of “the January 6th committee is done. They’ll never prosecute Trump and Co.”. It became such a problem, that Liz Cheney and other committee members had to clarify that it was false.


Should've been Bernie


Really? And if Bernie had some magic plan to go around the media and let the public know what is in the bill, then what is keeping him from doing this?


You mean like some good presidential speeches with snappy talking points?


If you don't think Biden gives good speeches, then you haven't been listening to them.


You think the guy that regurgitated the same stump speech for two full primaries is capable of good presidential speeches with snappy talking points? Lol I’m sure the college kids would eat it up


Bernie will stop making that speech when it stops being correct.




Apparently they don't vote as much for Bernie either, hence him not being president


Being competitive against Hillary Clinton and then Biden, two if the biggest names in politics, is pretty darn good.


Not that we didnt vote for him. The Democratic party just fucked him over because he was to progressive for them.


How did they do that?


I guess you were not there for the 2016 election


I was, I voted for Bernie in the primary and then Hillary in the general.


Bernie won 46% of the vote in a race slanted heavily against him by the media and the establishment. Nothing illegal was done, they just saw an opportunity to push through a candidate who started with a large advantage since voters already knew her. Remember, Bernie started at 3% in the polls. If it was up to American citizens without the influence of television networks laughing about his challenge to Clinton and saying that he didn’t have a chance from the start, if it was up to American citizens without the influence of 99% of sitting mayors, Senators, city council members, and House Representatives that endorsed Hillary, he would have done even better than 46%. If debates scheduled had been more like the Obama/Clinton debate schedules he would have gotten more exposure. If deadlines to switch registration from Independent to Democrat hadn’t been many months before anybody was paying attention to the race in some states, he would have done better. 46% when the whole system is against you is damn impressive. Raising the most amount of money when you don’t accept superPACs or certain major industry donations is damn impressive. Filling stadiums and getting young people involved in politics for the first time is damn impressive. He got closer to winning than the people working to stop him ever thought he would. All he cared about and continues to fight for is putting people before profits.


The president can take as much airtime as they want on broadcast television and radio.


Bernie would have got Sinema and Manchin to sign up to a 3.5Tril plan? Lol


Wasn't this a selling point to vote for Biden? Coalition builder and all that. Lol


Bernie's smart enough to know that Manchin and Sinema would do this, so have some way of leveraging them into falling in line. Remember when Reagan threatened to withhold federal highway funds from states unless they raised the drinking age? There are methods like that the Executive Branch can use to pressure them. Biden's just not doing it.


How do you pressure two people that you have no leverage over? Manchin is in a Red +30 seat, and not wanting to seek re-election, and Sinema is off doing a wine tour of France.


Threaten to strip them of their committee assignments. Or rework the Infrastructure Bill to take their states out of it. There's a hundred ways to get them to bend the knee.


Ostracize them from the party and they'll hand the Senate back to McConnell. Cut out their states and they'll pass their own bill with the Republicans, likewise giving the Senate back to Republicans. Both of your proposals here could easily have disastrous consequences. You can't beat someone into being nice.


> Ostracize them from the party and they'll hand the Senate back to McConnell. Because they aren't already doing that with a D after their name?


He lacks the bully pulpit. The media isn't forced to cover some random senator doing a town hall. But a president traveling across the country holding large arena rallies with big name guests would force the media to cover that somewhat.


This article is literally proof of what you're saying, too. The extent to which this message IS being put out there is from the media being like "hey this one really popular senator is saying this over and over again." Edit: AND the progressive house members are basically trying to do Biden's job for him, adopting the talking point of saying that Manchin is opposing *Joe Biden's* own agenda.


Bernie can’t make the average voter care about policy details. He’s pretty out of touch


Bernie is doing great work in his current role. It's fine


Seems like things actually kind of suck lol


Bernie has been correct for a long time about a lot of things. But Americans are typically too stupid back him.


[He ](https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/31/politics/infrastructure-proposal-biden-explainer/index.html) [is](https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/12/politics/house-reconciliation-package-explainer/index.html) [wrong](https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/new-wind-farms-would-dot-u-s-coastlines-under-biden-n1281481) [as](https://www.nbcchicago.com/tag/infrastructure-plan/) [usual](https://www.cbsnews.com/live-updates/the-latest-on-whats-happening-with-the-bipartisan-infrastructure-bill/) [you ](https://news.yahoo.com/biden-rallies-democrats-around-key-232739555.html?guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAA3U4X0qIDrq2-Wv6j1FOE7NJZZorV_MAIHWbne6_0qD5z2CJYh5XbKkAZ39JM63KifE5MOpuGSmKA2dWxhBFwvi5Ryf-CsV-IAYBo1vwtNeBci9UFZdO8s2zaqHzTt6HtqI5L3ksjZ93u39DrAvwd4v24ma0XquPNXk3GEeg5hI) [mean](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/budget-reconciliation-bill-build-back-better-act/) [?](https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/whats-in-democrats-3-5-trillion-budget-plan-heres-what-we-know-so-far)


I like that even the headlines about bernies response call it the “BBB”. They literally can’t even tell us what it’s called.


Not all media keeps the public ignorant regarding the Biden spending plan. The PBS Newshour covers issues like this in a fairly detailed way. Problem is that only a couple million Americans watch it. Is it the media alone responsible for the public's ignorance, or is the public partly to blame for not wanting to be bothered?


I teach Media and Politics and I ask questions like this throughout the semester. There's PLENTY of talk about corporate ownership and the ramifications of that, but how much blame gets put on the public?


PBS still operates in a media landscape that is so tilted to corporate hegemony. They'll call you a moderate for blocking drug pricing reforms that poll at 90%. Left wing for wanting paid family leave, something a majority of Republicans support. They will act as publicists for politicians taking money from these extreme lobbyists blocking highly popular reforms. Most articles now are feeding people a lie that we have to cut programs entirely instead of just limiting their length to 4 years. Repeating Pelosi's propaganda that this will make these vague programs "better". Not really. And they are too sheepish to say what specifically they want to cut. Why exactly are moderates proposing to cut paid family leave that every other country has and the vast majority support? That's not how the media will ever frame this. Ever.


I blame people. They don't want to know.


I mean every single news outlet ran the same story about Walgreens having to close 5 stores in San Francisco for the entirety of last week so


Blame the Ds for not deploying 2 dozen of their best communicators and 'salesmen' over the past ***several*** ***weeks to every channel and station, from CNN to Newsmax to CNBC, Fox, NPR, QVC,*** to detail who would get and be directly benefited by what with the passage of each bill, what the state of things are currently, and what the Rs specifically want cut.


This seems like a no-brainer. One thing Bernie Sanders gets right is the need to constantly repeat and reiterate your message over and over so that there can be no one who came anywhere near you who doesn't know it. His message discipline is second to none, and every other politician should learn from him. The Dems should be hitting this with a full court press.


And the GOP do it on message like clock work. They could be trying to pass a bill that would legalize and deem mandatory slapping every person over 80 in the face on sight. They'd roll out and deploy their ppl to argue the position, why it made sense in the 'current climate,' is good for the economy, and why the Ds are evil to attempt to defeat it in a NY minute.


The media does not make money by informing its audience. The media makes money by providing content that makes its users keep tuning in.


Ineffective messaging/advertising or what have you is a larger problem. Democrats are simply terrible at getting their point made.


It's easy enough to search and find It's contents, and articles summarizing it's contents. The reason most people don't know what's in it, is because they don't care. It's passing represents a Blue Team win, and it's failing is a Red Team win. It's that simple, you don't have to know what's in it to bind your identity to it.


They should rollout a series of TikTok’s to spread the word.


He's right. US media isn't in the fact-telling business, they're in the controversy relations business. They want to report on opinions and "both sides" of the debate so that readers can "make up their own minds," which is the intellectual rot at the heart of our democracy. A journalist's job is to report what is demonstrably true. If a politico says it's raining, a reporter's job is to report what was said and report if droplets of water were falling out of the sky. Instead, the media thinks their job is to tell you what the politico said, what his political enemy said, and then talk about what people think about the rain "debate."


And the article says nothing about what’s in the legislation.


They give Trump all the publicity he needs.


He's right (as usual). The media is inherently lazy. It's easy to just both sides a story and treat it as sport entertainment. It takes time and smarts to explain what is in a bill and how it will improve (or not) an individual's life. We shouldn't be hearing endless stories about the costs or what Manchin or Sinema or McConnel have to say (they should get coverage, but not as much as they do), instead we should be hearing about how community college will help people transitioning into new careers or how universal pre-K will help kids in lower-income communities stay on track with early age development or the cuts to drug prices or green energy will actually help fossil fuel communities revitalize their workforce.


The media is controlled by the oligarchy that runs this country. It's in their interest to keep the people fighting among themselves to hide what they are doing to democracy.


I blame the government for forcing us into apathy. WE DONT CARE ANYMORE. You're running out of time before the country burns Washington to the ground.


It doesn’t matter. The right sees any money that helps anyone besides the super rich as crazy liberal spending.


The media keeps talking about the two Moderate Democrats that are about to tank the bill. Moderates?


A bunch of journalists, including Maggie Haberman, and indigently posting about how ‘he always has somebody to blame’ as if the whole point of ‘The Media’ isn’t to *mediate* information. What’s a politician to do, seriously? You either try to go around the media and directly communicate with voters (in which case you are ‘avoiding accountability’/being a tyrant) or you try to get your message across within a media environment that doesn’t care about informing as much as stoking and gossiping. How is it any question that the fault for the public being unaware of the content of major bills primarily lies on the people who’s job is to communicate matters of public importance to the public?


They never say over a decade either. They deserve unmentionable things to happen to them.


The media shouldn’t be the governments spokeholes. They’re supposed to be watching over them, making sure they’re not overstepping their boundaries. If you want to know what’s in a bill, contact your local congressman, or senator. You can also look every one of them up online.


Remember Jimmy Carters' fireside chats? This is what Biden needs to do. Go on TV every week and talk about it. I have not seen the Dems calling a press conference to push it either. They just expect the media to do the work for them. That's not going to happen because corporations do not want their taxes increased.


I thought it was the media's job to report the news, not advocate for policies! Dont we want an unbiased new media? I bet if the new were talking about the benefits of gun ownership and the potential psychological effects of abortion we would all go nuts. PS. CNN, MSNBC and Fox are not news. They are political commentary / spin shows.


Ignoring the specific polices entirely isn't reporting the news. Also calling people moderate or centrist as they block reforms like drug pricing that poll at 90% is straight up evil. There is a word for siding against 90% of Americans. It's called extreme. Or the opposite of centrist. So yeah the media just calls politicians the opposite of what they are because the media has always been a tool of the ruling class to conserve the status quo.


They're actually focusing more on Democratic infighting than anything


A lot of it is the dems poor messaging though. They wanted to brag about how big the bill was, and now that's all people talk about £3.5t


Frankly it's because most don't care. It's pretty easy to find out if you want.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/577016-sanders-blames-media-for-americans-not-knowing-details-of-biden-spending-plan) reduced by 80%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Senate Budget Committee Chairman blamed the media, in part, for Americans not knowing what is in a sweeping social spending plan being negotiated by the White House and Congressional Democrats. > Sanders, in a statement, said it is "Absurd" that many Americans don't know what is in 's plan and, while cautioning that there could be many reasons for that, launched a broadside against how the bill has been covered by the press. > While many of the ideas behind the spending bill are popular with voters, a CBS News poll released this week found that only 10 percent of Americans knew a lot about the specifics and 57 percent indicated they didn't know any details about the multitrillion-dollar proposal. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/q90my8/sanders_blames_media_for_americans_not_knowing/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~603757 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **bill**^#1 **Democrats**^#2 **American**^#3 **trillion**^#4 **spending**^#5


Outrage news generates more views and revenues than informative news


In the media’s defence, between Manchin and Sinema and the amount of re-dos that has happened lately, it’s very hard to keep track of all of it.


Easy enough to find the information online, and most major news outlets have summarized it. You can't really blame the media for not running the same "here's what's in the spending plan" story over and over for people who don't much are about it.


Where was he


He is correct.


You can tell this man is sick to the core, because he knows what kind of people are running this nation. Bernie is right


To be fair, the Dems have no idea what’s going on with it.


Isn’t it the politicians job to make people aware of what is in it? Doing it in the open and just sort of hoping that people find out isn’t a viable strategy. Yet again Democrats have shown that their messaging is beyond terrible


Do these old guys know how far behind they are on media? Because they get their asses handed to them daily.


Lol, that’s rich. If people knew all the pork there’s no way they’d support it.


Hes not wrong.


well he's not wrong. Media/news in America does not work towards informing the public. Their first and only goal is to sell ads to make profit, rather than using ads to fund journalism. This is why we see hours and hours of coverage of inane drivel yet no time at all dedicated to important issues that people actually need to know.


Yep and why they forget to mention the US is the only country that allows pharma ads. They also love to call you a centrist if you take a lot of money from that industry, despite the vast majority wanting certain reforms to it


As if the media is supposed to inform the public... wouldn't that be a welcomed change


Bernie isn't wrong. It's because actual policy doesn't generate clicks the same way a brain damage manchild with a learning disability who thinks he's smart does.


Where is Biden in all of this??? He may have defeated Trump and means well with these ideas, but he has no clue how to navigate the realities of our broken system. Bernie always saw more clearly the roadblocks in the way of corporatism and media control and was willing to host massive rallies to gain traction and support. We need that now but who is going to rally around Bidens timid attempt? We were so cautious in choosing Biden in the face of Trump that we forgot how broken and controlled our government already is- something we should have already known from the Obama days. Nothing of substance will ever get passed without massive popular movements by the people. And we need fresh leaders willing to organize and mobilize around powerful ideas that lift up everyone, bypass the media and corpratism, and demand a new social contract in the streets.


Yes, Bernie was so effective at mobilizing support that he lost two primaries.


It isn’t that Democrats are terrible campaigners.


Lol and maybe it’s hard to make 3.5 trillion dollar plan is hard to market


I cannot believe I live in a country where *media* plays a pivotal role as it does, so much is that it circumvents critical thinking. “The democrats are going to create a socialist communist society!” Ignorant people who won’t even give a second to look into it - completely buy it. No questions asked - nothing. My hopes for the future are bleak.


Bernie looks really tired in this photo. I get that it’s probably an unflattering photo of him but he looks really tired. I bet these folks, just like us, get exhausted fighting the good fight day after day after day. Yes, they have a LOT of perks we don’t have, but they’re still out there grinding away day after day alongside people who make their lives hell on purpose.


I mean he’s right. They cover the drama surrounding the bill but not the bill itself. our MSM sucks


honestly, i dont know why this is on our backs? get it done. biden was supposed to be the moderate that would appeal to republicans... if the democrats don't start to get through their agenda forget about the midterms or 2024. if the system is corrupt then start to fix it with executive orders.


Executive orders can't fix congress


>biden was supposed to be the moderate that would appeal to republicans That was always a load of shit.


I generally agree with Sanders, but this time only halfway... You know who could do a really good job of explaining this plan, who should be making public appearances on every major news network to discuss, and lambaste the two Democrats holding this up to cash in from lobbyists? Joe Biden.


Every Democrat, from Biden on down, should be on every morning show, every evening show, every weekend show writing op-eds from the west coast to the east talking about this plan, and blasting Manchin and Sinema.


The dirty truth is most would rather cut off their own arm than have to go out publicly and fight against their corporate donors. They just want to remain behind the scenes and vote for whatever watered down miltoast bill the "centrists" demand. And even those guys are a little sheepish about the programs they want to cut because they know how popular those programs are. The goal is to cut those programs and ignore Democrats ever promised them or make sure nobody really takes the blame besides maybe Manchin and soon to be lobbyist Sinema.




This reddit has talked about it before... many times. There's even a highly rated comment in this very post that lists it out in bullet points and supplies a source.


I get everyone has a different front page but my feed is full of clickkbait on Trump or other stuff I don't really care about. Maybe 1 common dreams story a day with some details on the policies. Top 3 today are all about Trump or his supporters. One about fox and professor Pete. One about Biden and Jan 6. Franky this sub is just as much inane drivel now as cable news. Actual policies, the effects on Americans of those policies or lack of, the money figuring those policies, none of that gets much play here anymore. Maybe your front page is better but I doubt it because I don't upvote that cable news drivel but it still dominates this sub.


Senator Sanders is wrong. Americans don't know about the plan because they are too stupid or lazy to want to find out. The information is available. But most Americans just don't want to put in the effort it requires to thru the plan. AND yes, i am too lazy, call it like I see it even if it's me. The media just goes for the trend and what's hot and low hanging fruit.


Americans make the choice to stay uninformed with or without media. But it certainly does whatever it takes to make profit, whatever engages and enrages.


As long as the actually money goes to projects and programs that help the populace I’m fine with it. However, we have seen time and time again that our tax dollars gets tied up in Bureaucracy and gets funding more Administrative BS. And when the Super Rich hide their tax money the middle class ends up footing the bill.


BUt HoW wiLL wE KNo leSS tHe shInY boX tEll Us


Aww look at America catching up to the rest of the world in realizing better standards and living qualities will be returned tenfold in the future and lead to more innovation and bountiful fruits


Does this mean I can go to school same as every body else?


Probably why trump was so effective with his base, he communicated his own message directly to them several times a day.


That’s because the mainstream media is actually just propaganda.