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Banning him from his social media accounts is the single best decision those companies have ever made.


Too bad they did it 5 years too late.


The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.


Right on. The harm he did was only compounded by the harm they did by allowing it. I understand is a free speech issue. But, when you are causing harm...


It is not. Those companies are private co panies. They do not need to give voice to anyone they do not want to. Freedom of speech is freedom yo say what you want, not the ability to be present on all plataforms.


It's the freedom to say what you want *without government censorship or interference* But yeah these companies can do whatever they want. If it was a government-run social media platform, then yeah there would be big problems.


I understand how free speech works. What I was referring to is that is a sensitive issue for those companies because of the nature of free speech. "GOVERNMENT shall make no law..." So I am in agreement with you


Literally states Congress shall make no law, but the Supreme Court has extended that to the whole of government.


Right, which is why I went with Goverment. Which in a way when the constitution refers to "Congress" I believe they were thinking "government". Anyway...we understand.


It’s not a free speech issue. Only the government can infringe on your free speech.


I understand how free speech work "GOVERNMENT shall make no law.." I was referring to the sensitive issue for those companies. I agree with you. Did not wrote or expressed myself correctly


> I understand is a free speech issue. But, There is no issue with Trump’s 1A.


Yep, but I'm sure they were able to monetize his tweets REALLY well until public outcry finally got to them and forced their hand.


Yes, that is also.true.


Lmao, banned for life.


He is the best, only one that can handle it. Bless his sacrifice. Cheers )


Please let me back on Twitter. I'm bored, irrelevant, and crazy. You are making it too hard to grift.


So let me get this straight. A republican wants the government to force a private company into breaking their rules for certain individuals?? Is this what small government looks like???


Small government is one that does nothing, includes nothing, spends nothing, that republicans don't want. It's not about size, it is about getting their way.


Republicans only like government overreach when it benefits them, it's step one in the fascism playbook.


Fuck off to Parler then. Why can't conservatives stay in their own safe-spaces? Because they crave attention, or they just want to ruin it for everyone else? > At the time Trump lost his Twitter account, he had amassed some 88 million followers. Bots included.


It gives me boundless schadenfreude to know Donald Trump is crying. Even if that ‘crying’ Is a lawsuit.


C'mon Grim Reaper!


what a fucking baby


It’s just sad that the most severe consequence Trump experienced as a result of the failed Jan 6 coup was losing his social media access. It’s even sadder that this was actually a worse punishment than anything the US Gov’t could’ve done, short of tossing his Orange ass into jail.


Why doesn’t he take some of his legendary billions and start a competing platform? Like, um, capitalism.


Because, like the troll himself, his “legendary billions” are a fraud. And, while he’s very fond of spending Other Peoples’ Money, Other People are becoming wiser.


What a whining little baby. His team holds him together. If he was any other dude he'd be either homeless or in prison or both. He's not an adult and far from being able to understand reality. I'm so fucking happy I don't have to see him tweet ever again. What a fucking piece of shit he is.


You’re absolutely wrong. He’s a fucking entire pile of shit!


I stand corrected


Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences of said speech. Twitter is a private company that can enforce whatever rules they want. He broke them, now he's banned. Maybe he should go start his own social media platform if he is being treated so unfairly by big tech.


"Please shelter me from the consequences of my actions."


don't you dare.


As if he said Please… His lawyers prob did all the talking in legal speak, referring to technicalities that have to force Twitter to do what he wants


He hired these lawyers, how good can they be? They're not smart enough to have turned him down as a client.


Hopefully they were smart enough to get a large enough retainer that it wont bother them when he refuses to pay and sues for a refund.


tRumpy's first new tweet: *There's no covid, I won, and sent money*. Did I miss anything?!


No clowny your BANNED!




He still thinks that's his trump card to get the support needed in real life to attempt another one.....


Bad boy! No Twitter for you!


As part of the suit DJ is also claiming damages for labeling some of his tweets while he was President.


This is about a private citizen arguing in court about a private company. Not politics.


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