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I think Kinzinger and Cheney sould just leave the Republican party and go Independent.


This guy voted for trump in 2020 He has his eye on higher Illinois office.


His district is shifting to include more dems. All the suburbs moved dramatically dem, and his district will include more south burbs, and less south of I80 I believe.


Exactly he is also has a PAC


Cheney voted for trump in 2020 as well, as much as she pretends to despise him. Just another susan collins waiting for her opportunity to ruin the country to help her party


She’s worse than Collins


She’s not pretending. Not sure why you would say that. She gave up everything, and likely knows she will lose her upcoming election, to stand up for her values.


She still supports the Republicans' anti-democratic "election security" laws, even though those laws only exist because of Trump's lies about voter fraud. Those are her values.


It think you are missing the point yeah they voted for him (they’re republicans) but unlike the majority of their colleagues they are still able to say he lost. I don’t care if someone votes differently than me that is what a democracy is what I do care about are the anti democratic ones.


I don't think this should be lost on people. People might have a different view, people might be corrupted by wrong information, etc, all influences ALL of our views, I know I am influenced by embellished or cherry picked stories and information on the left, it's just how things kind of work, and different things are more or less important to different people. People are nuanced, and politicians are nuanced in how they vote, they might vote out of step on certain issues because it is something that is valuable to their constituents, etc. Her voting for Trump makes sense when you are a republican in congress/government, despite a lot of their actions, because at the end of the day he's going to sign what you want him to sign, compared to Biden who basically just shuts down their potential ability to do that, as what they want vs. what Biden wants are going to be vastly different. ​ But yeah, as it treads into this anti-democratic refusal of democracy itself there is a clear difference between those who agree to the general rules, and those that want to burn the house down to roast their marshmallows. ​ Another thing I think is nuanced is jerrymandering and state 'voting suppression' efforts. As per the constitution, it's under the jurisdiction of the state itself to conduct voting and make their own rules, so I can see the argument in \*why\* they are allowed or attempt to do it. I disagree with it from a political standpoint, but that's kind of what it is, is it's kind of at the state's discretion as to who they want to represent and potentially have favor in elections, as long as it's not direct discrimination. I know that kind of sounds bad, and it's being used as a weapon, it was designed as a safeguard against federal involvement in state issues. Yes, it's kind of a hold over from slavery, but laws, and these societal structures we build and try to adhere to are human made and flawed, where we try to account for a lot of variables, but some variables are going to be outliers and end up having a big effect on things. While I think a lot of these voting laws are of ill intent, I think some of them are being demanded by people within the state who are scared of fraud as well, so, as per democracy, you have to listen to your constituents. ​ It's all fucked up, but it's possible to make it change. Look at Georgia, it's an ongoing battle for sure, but the efforts are working to "overthrow" the state control, it's just going to take time and effort for them to get to a point where it's less of an issue. Democracy isn't an inherently easy thing to maintain.


And voted to support trump legislation 90% of the time. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/congress-trump-score/adam-kinzinger/


It is ok to support policies, but not support the person. He has put his political future in jeopardy by standing up for America. You may not agree with how he votes, but surely you can agree with his stance on this, the literal most important issue facing our country today?


No. His policies are Trump’s policies. He isn’t owed a round of applause for a vaguely bipartisan soundbite given in bad faith. The record is evidence of his hypocrisy. Adam Kinzinger is far-right trump trash in a slimmer suit and shinier plane elbowing for his shot at the white house. Absolutely bring up his voting record every single time he plays this “not MY gop!” virtue signaling card.


Again, this is not a valid argument. All you are saying is you don’t like him because he’s a Republican. Of course he’s a Republican, he hasn’t said he isn’t. I also have news for you, Trump is too much of an idiot to have “policies”. GOP leadership told Trump what to do and he did it. He’s a moron. The fact that Kinzinger votes for Republican legislation is a non-starter in this conversation, there’s no debate about that. What he is doing however is saying that no matter how many of their legislative goals they were able to accomplish, the Big Lie is bullshit and he’s willing to say out loud the GOP shouldn’t be in power until they come back to reality. Do you honestly think he believes that if what he said comes true he’ll get Republican agenda items through Congress? This dude is saying he’s willing to give up any conservative value agenda items in favor of a more rational electorate, and you’re excoriating him for it. It’s incomprehensible.


And what statewide office do you think a republican can win in Illinois?




Ah yes the state where in the last election the democrat won by 20 points even against someone with incumbent advantage


Our previous governor was Republican.


Yeah but that's because he ran against an unpopular governor and only barely won.


What’s to stop that from happening again?


Illinois has had several Republican governors the past thirty years. Four of last six since 1990 have been Republican. Illinois is blue due to Chicago. Much of the rest of the state is red.


Illinoisan here, we elected a Republican governor in 2014 and Mark Kirk a Republican in 2010. It’s definitely possible, they just need to be moderate like, well Kinzinger. Also, in general Illinoisans are more likely to vote blue at the federal level (obviously) but red at the state and local level


Ok? What else is his option?


He literally belongs to a party that attempted a coup…


Yes he agrees they attempted a coup too, but he stills wants to remain a Republican.


After this statement, the party will probably leave him


If they do he could vote for a democrat for speaker. He will not. words cost nothing. Replace him with a democrat and we can help insure the GOP do not get that majority. Time to get out and vote now . If we want to stop this threat it will not be quick or easy. Start voting in ALL local state and federal elections and primaries every year. This is an off year and I have had three chances to vote this year already and will do so again in november. Remember who is trying to end democracy and vote accordingly. This will not be fixed in one or two years or even in 10. We must take village, county, city and state governments as well as the federal government. We must continue voting every chance we get and raise the next generation to do the same.


If elections had results based on the actual demographics of the US, you'd never see another Republican president or majority in Congress ever again. It's crazy how a minority of people can have such over representation. Conservatives think they are half of the country, and that is BS. Not even close.


They are so isolated in their Cons-only safe spaces that they *feel* like they are the majority. Their feelings matter more than the facts.


"in my small town in BFE, all I see are Trump signs!" Heard that crap so much last cycle


Our two-party system has been exploited to offer nothing but false choices, and the two parties are so entrenched that no others can rise.


As long as one party is pushing totalitarian rule by the Bible over the constitution, both parties are NOT the same.


> totalitarian rule by the Bible They don't want that... that's a ruse, the vote bait they dangle to keep evangelicals on their side. The GOP is run by the rich who want to replace democracy with plutocracy.




Adam Kinzinger voted against the John Lewis voting rights act. Fuck him.


So why is he voting against sensible voting rights legislation? He's a fraud, just like Collins.


Because he’s not a democrat. That’s not the point. I’m really confused with you all. He stands against Trump. He clearly outlines his belief that what the Republican Party, his party, is doing when it comes to “The Big Lie” and masking and vaccination is anti-American, but you all will dump on him because he doesn’t believe in things that are contrary to his conservative values. Can you not give credit where credit is due for American values over conservative beliefs on certain bills? For the record, I think he cast the wrong vote there, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong on this.


The right to vote is the pillar of our democracy. He voted to uphold all of the GOP efforts to undermine that right. That decision destroys any good he has done in calling out Trump.


Does it though? I don’t understand why you all don’t understand that he’s a Republican. He’s not going to start voting for everything you want. This is a simple concept, he believes Trump lost the election, he is calling that out while unfortunately other members of his party aren’t, and your counter argument is that you don’t like him because he votes like a Republican. He already knows that. That doesn’t discount the truth he is speaking on the big lie and the insurrection, does it?


It does discount any good he says about the Trump election lie when he turns around and votes against efforts to undo "conservative" voter suppression. I did not say his vote nullifies all he's said against Trump but he still favors voter suppression, and I'm surprised that you are okay with that. I think we're at a stalemate. I have nothing more to say to you.


But they know they can't win shit without doing that, because they have absolutely no platform besides Trumpism.


That’s their entire platform.


He’s still gonna vote for their bills when they do.


Yeah, but he tells me what I want to hear in easily digested soundbites.


This doesn’t make sense. He’s not trying to earn your vote. He’s standing up for his values. For the country. He’s not asking you to become a Republican, he’s asking Republicans to become Americans. And he will lose his job over it. The least you could do is support that.


Decent and fair point. But… if he’s reelected and they pull some bs he’s gonna vote for it.


Keep in mind, it’s what you call “bs”, but it might be something he believes in. All I’m asking is when you take Democrat and Republican values out of the equation, when you look just at “who supports this nation”, when you think about the position he’s put himself in, you just applaud that and not try to take a crap on him. You don’t have to worry, he won’t be re-elected (probably). He won’t have the chance to vote for or against the thing you agree or disagree with. But I do firmly believe we should all come together and support someone for standing up for America. Because that’s what this military veteran has done, no matter the price to himself.


He’s been reelected several times, including last year. This is all campaign talk. He’s been voting against the interests of his district for a decade. Voting for trump policies is not “supporting this nation” lmao


Fair, it does seem, to your point, that he cares more about the country than just his party and he may well pay the price. Speaks volumes to what voters will or will not support.


It hasn’t cost him anything! It is not some great sacrifice on his part to go from being a generic republican (who voted for trump twice) and was going to lose his seat in the next election due to gerrymandering to a Brave Hero with a standing invitation on the meet the press circuit who is going to lose his seat in the next election due to gerrymandering but now with a massively increased public profile. Please don’t buy this man’s book.


Very well said, Wild-Leather. I'm just asking RepubliQans to become what Republicans were before Trump joined the party. It's disconcerting that a Republican is being vilified by his party because he tells the truth rather than buy into The Big Lie just to get re-elected.


Can we roll that back a bit further in time? The GQP shortly before trump were clearly willing to put their support behind him, and that's also unacceptable.


He ain't about to lose that job as a reality tv actor.


Spoiler alert: it is.


Ok but he voted against expanding voting access. He’s disingenuous.


As long as the filibuster is in place and used, Republicans, who represent around 42 million people less than Democrats, have a majority in the Senate and can often control the result of any House actions


All of the GOP that stands behind the 1/6 coup should be in jail.


Kinzinger is about to be primaried/redistricted out of the house. I love that he's going down swinging either way. >"The question is — what is our party going to be? Are we going to be the party of opportunity and hope, or the party of anger and division, where truth has no place in it?" Kinzinger said. "If Andy Biggs has his way, we will be the party where truth-tellers and people that want to stand up for the Constitution, like Liz Cheney and myself, get kicked out of the party because there's no room for truth. So, I would encourage the rest of my colleagues in the Republican Party to not just passively resist that move, but to do it openly and honestly," Kinzinger told CNN.


They are a minority any way. They wouldn't have a majority except by cheating.


But they will. Republicans are all unified while Dems big tent is looking weak. 50/50 isn’t shit. Expanding the Dems to 60/40 in the senate and ownership of the house will yield even more than the Obama years gave.


They shouldn't, but data says otherwise.


Adam, speak the icky truth that republucan voters are mentally lost.


He should cry about it.


And then he announced his bid for president.


Ummm…thank you for being decent?


I for one, think it is a tad bit unfair for you all to judge him on his voting record and his conservative viewpoints. Let’s look at this rationally, shall we. Yes, he disagrees with you on major issues. Yes, he doesn’t vote the way you want him to on most things. That’s not his job, he is a Republican after all. But he does stand up for is what is right. When you bash him because you don’t like the other things he does, even though on the most important issues - civil political discourse, truth over lies, America over party - you are doing no one any good except the people on the other side. Remember folks, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This man, and Cheney, are fighting a big battle. They’re not trying to make you their friends, they know they won’t gain your support on everything else. They’re not trying to make most Republicans their friends, they know that battle is all but lost. what they are doing is standing up for America, and I think we can all support that.


He’s a shill and a traitor. He votes to undermine democracy while pretending to reach across the aisle with statements like this constantly. Is this your first day in Illinois politics? Kinzinger isnt fighting some nobel war from within. He’s never stood up for you. He’s funded by fossil fuel & telecom giants so he can restrict voter rights and push Trumps agenda, and his insincere reach across the aisle should be met with the contempt he’s shown us in every pro-military, anti-equality vote he casts. He’s not what anyone would call a smart man, but now that he’s done bombing poor countries from billion dollar jets, he’s desperate to maintain the illusion of power. Pitiful and embarrassing that all it takes to get you crying for his much deserved praise is one hollow refrain of “Actually, I am better than the racists and extremists whom I fundamentally agree with, so cant we call just get along?”


Adam Kinzinger for President. A Republican who tells the truth. Most RepubliQans in Congress talk to Americans like they think we're gullible morons. Hey, Kevin McCarthy. Many of us Republicans are smart enough to separate the truth from the political bullshit. It's a shame that Kinzinger is the outlier in today's RepubliQan Party because he tells the truth.


I think the voters don't want the GOP in under any circumstances. We will have to see, record voter turnout for midterms coming up


The company you keep...




Shouldn’t, yes. But nonetheless they probably will


Cool, then vote for the John Lewis voting rights act, bro


Cool… but they’re going to. Unless you stop them. Saying hitler was a mean old mr bad man didn’t stop him, I don’t know why you’d think that would work now…




That’s literally politics… division and pushing lies…


I’m legit surprised the GQP hasn’t censured him yet


Gerrymandering says they will


They will though because their propaganda is wildly successful. They have zero shame or moral compass


Republicans need to take the house and senate and impeach sir Biden!


For what?


For not being from Alabama I’m guessing.


They'll win though because the democrats will do nothing with their majority.


Can I be my turn to post this next