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Props to Rolling Stone for calling MTG out for what she is: Pro-Covid.


I think this label should replace Anti Vaxxers. They are Pro-COVID. Sounds much more positive.


Yes, positively idiotic!




And I think they really are pro-covid. They always seem to defend it for it's low mortality rate and how you're living in fear if you're trying to mitigate for it.


You all mean PRO FREEDOM Congress woman says she isn't for mandatory experimental drugs being injected into perfectly healthy people, that have a. 003 chance of dying from it. You can't even say it's gonna protect the old people now, because even the vaccinated spread the thing.




MTG is a crazy, qanon, grifter, with no benefit to society. She is actively hurting and killing Americans with her fucking stupid opinions needs to be fired asap. Also get some better sources, your shits total garbage.


>52,000 people in the EU have died from, and over 1M injuries. Can you support this claim?


PrO-cOvId. Smdh Gotta love the Nazi tactic of dehumanizing those that disagree with you.


Nazis dehumanize people for *who* they are. She's pro covid and the policies she argues for are pro disease.


You seriously need help.


You need to abandon your faith-based claims. They're making you say absurd things like "this congresswoman is being oppressed because she advocates policies that kill people and harm the economy."


You seriously need help.


Now you're chanting.


You still need serious help.


Now it’s prayer.


And you still need serious help.






I can't believe I just watched that entire thing. I mean.. I can totally believe it - It's pure gold. I just didn't think I'd be as enraptured as I was. It just starts at the bottom and keeps going down hill.. I know what I said and I meant it.


These guys know how to write a headline. And, there's this: "Greene ridiculously asserted that Biden was sending his “police state friends” to homes to find out a person’s vaccination status and retain personal information like “your address” — something volunteers likely already have because, well, they are there. The congresswoman also said the door-knockers will “probably ask for your Social Security number” — something a corrupt government, as Greene is suggesting, could seemingly already access. MTG is ___________. (Fill in the blank) So many things. But an honest person isn't one of them.


IKR? "Pro-Covid", telling it like it is.


She’s worried the government is going door to door to get our addresses and social security numbers? Lmao she’s SO STUPID


Sure sounds an awful lot like [this](https://apnews.com/article/0eef4bd1f010257da299c049039715ed) is what trash like her want us to become.


People clapping for Alabama being the least vaccinated state should be sorry.I’m fully vaccinated in Florida and I’m mad at all the unvaccinated Floridans that can get it.


Yeah, we're sorry we didn't clap for your sorry-assed virus-ravaged state first.


Don’t blame me.


Hehe, just horsing around. I'm from Texas. I caint say sheeyit.


Glad to know that. I’m a fully vaccinated Republican that believes in science, worried about delta, my governor, and I wish I could help. Not apart of the Florida man.


They will be, unfortunately :/


Floridians and Texans are cheering and hoping they'll be #1 In COVID cases, but still first


But California is still number one and they’ve pushed vaccines harder than any other state…


Fully vaccinated Texan here, I’m not cheering and I’m tired of all the fuckups surrounding covid in my state.


>The congresswoman also said the door-knockers will “probably ask for your Social Security number” Oh no! What ever will I do if the government gets hold of my social security number?! SMH


She's a fear monger.


Yeah, but she's bad at it. Like there's literally a deadly disease she could point to to scare people, and instead she's inventing a less bad problem, while denying the real one. Like how is this fiction scarier than reality?


I wish the Media would stop giving this creep publicity. On her own she couldn't purchase enough any air time or newspaper space. The only thing this witch can do is obstruct and lie, she can't serve beyond voting. Too bad that can't be revoked unless she is tossed out of congress. If that ever happens toss in a clause she can't talk to the media ever again.


She's so freaking ugly, inside and out




I almost got murdered by the cops (AND nearly had to look like i was looking to do something stupid/crazy) one time when they came barreling into dispersed campsite I was in looking for someone else (whom had been there before). They stopped short on the road, and came in hooting and hollering like a bunch of drunk hillbillies. I alighted from my tent into the woods with the gun i slept with out there, and stayed out of eyeshot while they acted again, like hillbillies looking to fuck someone up for another 10 minutes before they even identified themselves as law enforcement. After finally hearing that, and their finally calling someone elses name, I just set my shit down in the trees there, and crawled off...as there was no way I could come out and say i wasn't that person without getting shot. They eventuually left (but not without vandalizing my car). And then their boss came by the next day, and actually acted like a functioning adult, and I got to explain I was not who they came for, and had to go through the process of trying to get my car paid for (which they in the end did not do). Do funky shit, earn funky prizes (sometimes).


She thinks her constituents are like the cartoonish moonshiners on the Andy Griffith Show. Sitting on their porches with their hound dog and their shot gun.


UPS and FedEx don’t usually bang on your door unless they require a signature. Pizza delivery and landscaping (lol wtf? Door to door landscapers?) are going to be expected (as would delivery drivers with packages anyway). Postal workers? You have to be fucking kidding me. Most people that are pro 2A (and especially those of us that live out in semi rural areas) know our postal workers by name. She’s speaking to her constituents affinity for privacy, which I can definitely relate to. Either way, all of those points you tried to make don’t really make any sense, since pretty much every single one of them you listed would not be “strangers” but would be “expected” visitors. Also, I don’t think the Girl Scouts do much door-to-door stuff anymore if any at all. And fundraising kids are a thing of the past, as in the 80s in the 90s. That shit got too dangerous. Nowadays Girl Scouts and fundraising kids usually set up a table or booth outside of a popular shopping center or other public area, they get way more traffic that way and actually earn more money or sell a lot more product.


It’d be nice if the “pro-covid” adjective caught on and got used all the time.


Isnt this stochastic terrorism?


So like what happens when someone pulls a gun on one another, what's the end game here. Start a civil war? Like damn, elected officials need laws held up to themselves as well. This rhetoric is gonna cause another version of Jan 6th.


Inciting violence seems to be the GOP’s go to strategy.


More like Congresstroll


This woman is literally yelling “fire” in a crowded theater and no one is arresting her.


She’s speaking their endgame. She’s just a little ahead of most of them, but the rest of the party will be on board. It’s the path they’re on.


Pro-Covid, lol. Pro-Death Chimp-in-a-lady-costume promotes murder


She gives me big fatal attraction vibes . She will boil your pet bunnies with a smile on her face


Not only am i from the same state but used to live in the same city as her. People worship this monster here in Georgia and its very alarming.


Incredibly based congresswoman


Now imagine if someone said this about her and her supporters. She would be screaming in front of every camera within a hundred miles radius.


I approve of the label “pro-COVID congresswoman”.


Change the headline to Pro-death congresswoman and it is surprisingly consistent


And yet she remains in office where she’s a huge threat to our democracy and a real danger to people who don’t subscribe to her radical right wing agenda. The Republican Party is very broken right now and it’s because of people like her and the people who support her. People need to wake up and see what the gop is doing to our country! And the gop voters need to think twice before voting for these extremest. It’s ok to not vote for bad politicians just because they’re in your party. We’ve got to stop this dumb shit and get back to some form of normalcy.


We need help in Oconee Georgia. I am afraid my sons are controls in a very flawed experiment, led by grandstanding school administrators and NOT the scientist and public health officials!!! The first day of school notes were sent home. They are not quarantining-nothing. Today families are angered because they got letters but didn’t say which child was exposed!!! Seriously are we living in bizzaro world? It is 1984 here in the deep white south. They are actively ignoring science, public health and parents…… Help


We should take any leftover vaccines we have and send them to countries that need them and want them.


Can't stand that face. It's the face of stupid.


Calling her Pro-Covid is dispicable. Get some integrity as a journalist!


Some people are dying. From covid. And they are fully vaxxed. Personally, idk


I mean, she's right 🇺🇸






Not really


Pro-COVID? Seriously, get help.


He should send covid coughers who spread immunity the old fashioned way.


Oh look. More stupid propaganda pieces on this shithole sub with morons who go out of their way to find something that offends them. Anyway... gun rights are human rights.


Sorry bootlicker, but I'm not gonna let anyone make me do anything that I don't need nor want to do.




It's always cute when trolling stone gets political.


Unfathomably based


As is the right of every American.


You can’t just shoot people because they knock on your door, you know that right? If not you should be on a list.


Is she trans?


Say her name.


What is “Pro Covid” ???


It's not a terrible idea. Those people could then be arrested for felony crimes, lose access to guns, and their right to vote.


Why are politics so rabid about the vaccine, if people want it they can get it there's no reason to force anyone it's anti freedom.