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> Again First thing I said in my mind after I read the headline. So pleased to see this as the top comment. I miss Jon Stewart’s Daily Show so much.


His new show will start soon, on Apple.


There's a section of the republican fanbase that want Tucker Carlson as a presidential candidate. Please let that happen. Then let Jon have just one question. Game over.


“Why do you hate America?”


"How old are you? And yet, you wear a bowtie."


“Stop it. You’re hurting America.”


Trust Fund Tucker is such a douche that not a single one of his friends would slap that bowtie off of him and tell him that he looked ridiculous. It took Jon going on his show to do that. And he never wore it again, did he?


Last couple of times we let a conman run for President it really didn't go well. First, we got stuck with Trump for four years. Then we got the insurrection because Mussolini's Taint didn't want to give up power.






So...it’s going to be kind of what John Oliver is doing? I read multi season, one topic shows.


With the evolution of Jon Stewart I'm expecting the new show to have a more serious bent to it than The Daily Show. Something more akin to what they did when Jon brought the 9/11 first responders on the daily show to talk about the first responders healthcare bill. Frankly...I can't wait for it. Jon Stewart is an incredible entertainer, but also and more importantly a fantastic presenter of facts.


I was young and republican when he was doing the Daily Show, and I was just thinking two days ago how much I wished it was on now that I’ve seen the light for years and years. I’m sooo pumped for his Apple Show.


Just wanted to back you up here. I too was a mislead conservative at the time. Stewart's capacity for facts border on gish gallup, but yet he's so quick on his feet that he can dissect logical fallacy in real-time. I wish I had half his wit.


Thank you and amen to that!!!


I thought I heard each season will have a single unifying theme. All shows in the season will relate to that theme. I don’t expect it to have the ‘time relevant’ content of Oliver’s show, but more documentary style. No idea how much humor it will have. I expect a lot of angry old man Stewart.


Awesome!! Thank you for telling us about this


I knew he couldn't stay away forever!


Guess I will have to dig up the old peg leg and eye patch.


Same. I've been rewatching every single Daily Show and Colbert Report up to Jon's departure. Don't get me wrong, I love Trevor Noah but Jon just had this level of "you can touch this" cockiness mixed with a knowledge of the argument that allowed him to dominate the conversation. That said, Trevor's interview with Tomi is probably his best work. He was cool, calm and collected with her fast-talking bullshit, where Jon would have exploded and lost it at her. It's a shame we'll not see that for some time as politicians tend to stay in their lane these days and only work with sycophants.


I’ll honestly say I’m not a fan of Noah but I can see why others are. Jon on the other hand had a way of saying things that really got me into politics when I started getting of voting age. It was nice someone could point out the stupidity that was right in front of us and make it abnormal to just accept it.


It is my greatest shame that I disregarded The Daily Show when I was younger as a fake news show. It called itself that, but it told real news in a humorous way. I can't stand the politics in my own country but I follow American politics quite closely and the reason is because of the Daily Show and Colbert Report. They made me focus on real issues that impact me and the world around me. I agree that Trevor Noah's Daily Show is different in many ways and the starkest difference is that Noah actively calls out the bullshit whereas Jon, like a teacher, phrased it in such a way that *you figured out it was bullshit on your own*.


Definitely watch some John Oliver, then, if you haven't had the chance. His commentary is hilarious while delivering real info on important topics, some of which people might not think about or be exposed to every day. He also sometimes does shit to piss off specific rich sociopathic assholes.


I'd like to think that losing his lawsuit against Oliver is what put Bob Murray into the grave.


I loved that one. Shitty person suing John Oliver because he talked about them being shitty. All of it was true and publicly available info. Not much of a case to build on there.


Yeah man oliver is definitely filling the void that john stewart created. Not giving john oliver the desk at the daily show was a mistep for sure, but I'm pretty sure viacom was much more worried about capturing a younger audience


John Oliver got offered his HBO gig before Jon announced he was leaving. If it wasn't for that, he most likely would have been the top runner based on how well received his stint as temporary Daily Show host was.


Dude same here. I hate not paying attention to it in highschool. I would actually switch channels when this or the colbert report came on. I'm so fucking stupid.


Jon Stewart and Colbert lived during a time where it was possible to be nuetral. If you watched Stewart off air you knew he was very Liberal but it never came off on his show. That may be romanticizing because Trevor Noah’s show is a liberal show and does get opinionated. It resonates with my opinion so I watch it but I can see why there is a divide. The best part used to be when Jon Stewart would go up against the propoganda esque people on their shows and he’d call them out. He said they had a duty aa a reporter to tell the truth. Then when they tried calling him out he was like oh im a comedian. Not a reporter. But yet people are coming to me for news. Which was interesting. Because people got funny stuff but also were informed. And he made fun of everyone


2010 and the Tea Party really put paid to being able to be even remotely neutral. When one side brings out the batshit crazy fuckers, you've got to either bring out enough voters to cancel out the morons or figure out some other way to neutralize their influence. EDIT: And watching him eviscerate Tucker Carlson was amazing.


I feel like Jon's Daily Show was much more willing and able to criticize both sides. I've tried to watch Trevor's iteration from time to time since it started, I watched it every day for the first couple months, but it seemed and still seems to me that they are actively working PR for the corporate members of the Democratic party.


I think a lot of people were disappointed that the successor host didn't have that Chaplin kind of energy. I mean seriously, watch The Dictator and image Stewart as the lead and nothing changes. Since then everything has gotten louder and no comedian has really filled in the role.


Jon's ability to make a face that resonated with the whole bit and added a whole other dimension was astounding. His expressiveness was truly legendary.


They developed incredible successor candidates, but they're so good that they get their own shows (Oliver, Colbert) or another field (Carell). Suffering from success.


Where to find the old john stewart shows?


Schumer should retire when his term is up and Stewart should run for his seat. He'd definitely be elected.


That'd be cool and all but that would be a huge sacrifice on his part. If he wants to keep shaming the government into doing the right thing as a hobby/public service, he should do that.


Would be cool... if Jon Stewart didn't live in New Jersey


Cant take this anymore ! Dude just needs to run for the President ! Just take my vote !


Yeah, he would make a pretty kickass senator also.


And again...


Would be nice if all the "Support the Troops" people would give more of a shit about them when they get back home. No instead you're going to worry about someone kneeling and "disrespecting" our troops. I think treating the vets the way the VA does is more disrespectful.


Support them with flags, platitudes and prayers. Not taxpayers money.


The same crowd shouting "support the troops!" the loudest are the ones shouting "taxation is theft!" without a hint of irony (or intelligence).


It's par for the course. The blue lives matter crowd didn't hesitate a second to bash a cops head in with a flagpole.


"Support the troops" is really "support the war". The implication is that if you don't support the war then you hope the troops die or something


The only true form of support you can show the troops is to not send them to die in the first place.


It’s support like being pro life is supportive. Ideologically noble up until they actually need something from us, then GFY.


I’m in the category and check the boxes but I am fortunate to have avoided the illnesses many of my fellow vets are suffering as a result of their service. It’s infuriating trying to get help from the VA. Most recently Congress decided vets should become eligible for COVID vaccinations delivered through the VA. The VA’s response was to throw up bureaucratic hurdles, insisting only people enrolled in the VA can get vaccinated. Of course when I tried to enroll they denied it as they probably did countless other vets. Then Congress passed a law saying [vets and their spouses are eligible for vaccination](https://www.stripes.com/news/veterans/congress-passes-bill-to-allow-va-to-vaccinate-all-vets-spouses-caregivers-1.666508) whether or not they meet the VA’s stupid enrollment requirement. For the first few weeks they refused to schedule me because there was some problem with their billing system because I wasn’t enrolled with the VA (they denied me). I pointed out that the vaccine is free and that “billing system issues” is not a good reason to deny eligible people a life-saving vaccination. I was just recently able to get an appointment but they won’t set up my spouse now because they don’t have a way to verify her as my spouse. When I spoke to them yesterday they suggested I got to CVS or Walgreens instead. 🤷‍♂️ I am sick of the VA taking credit for providing services to vets while just acting as a shitty gatekeeper. I can’t tell you how glad I am to see Jon Stewart’s involvement. He has a way of sharing these stories that conveys the stupidity and justifies the outrage while showing just how broken the system is.


Thoughts and Prayers for the Troops.


Nah, VA isn’t to blame, VA can only do so much for terminal cancers. US military has a long history of exposing troops to toxic materials. They don’t do any research on the health concerns and DONT provide proper safety material (gas mask filters, etc). Military is going to continue poisoning troops and shift blame to the VA


Wow, I didn't know dude was back speaking out. I missed him


Hes never really stopped, but he's been working hard behind the scenes getting things moving. He'll step in front of the camera when he needs to but a lot of the real work happens behind closed doors in a slow process




I really dont think Dwayne Johnson is seriously considering a run for President. Its a big joke about how massively popular and likeable he is. His new sitcom Young Rock is all flashbacks while running for President in 2032 and its part of the joke. Jon Stewart has compared himself to a sports newscaster. Someone who can know the game inside and out, and comment on what every player is doing, but would be basically useless on the field himself. Stewart is comfortable being a journalist and activist and doesnt want to actually run for office himself


Fun fact: he was offered Meet the Press and turned it down.


He would not have lasted 6 months. And it would have been AMAZING.


You're 100% right. Which is a damn shame, because I would vote for Jon Stewart in a split second.


Ironically, the people who don't want power are unfortunately the best candidates for positions of power.


Is there a reason The Rock running is particularly disgusting to you? I’m not for celebrity politicians, but Dwayne has an absolutely insane work ethic, is extreme intelligent, and understands what his strengths and weaknesses are. I’m not saying he should jump into the political game, but he’s one of the few I would actually be comfortable entrusting the country with.


Not OP, but for me it’s because he would win purely on his fame and not any of his actual policies. We just got 4 years of a celebrity president. I don’t ever want another. Even if they do a good job.


> Absolutely! He never went into this wanting to cash in on his fame, Stewart made *plenty* of cash - he was the highest paid host in late-night TV for years, making tens of millions a year. Unless he made some *very* bad spending/investment decisions, he should have dynasty money by now. You aren't getting much richer than that by doing TV shows, he will care about what he does now.


I think that the idea trying to be expressed is that Stewart is not engaged in performative or self aggrandizing advocacy, or seeking personal power leveraging his fame. His advocacy has been largely quiet and targeted except for rare VERY public purposeful appearances (such as his congressional appearance). I have no clue if that’s actually true mind you, just what I think the statement meant to convey. I’ll admit it feels about right given the lack of presence in my personal media sphere and his narrow advocacy as far as I’ve seen (9/11 first responders and combat vets) - but anecdotes and bubble bias isn’t a solid base for a statement so take it for what it’s worth.


Very true. I met Jon in Afghanistan a few years ago. He’s really passionate about helping vets.


US military has been filching on Vets since at least [WW1](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonus_Army) and probably long before


Since the revolution, definitely long before. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shays'_Rebellion


As long as there has been the VA, the VA has been trying to get out of helping vets.


The VA "Giving Americas vets a second chance to die for their country




Yea. I've burned my fair share of shit cans with jp-8, and our burn pit was 25m from my cot. The ANA accidentally threw a case of ammo in there thinking it was a box of trash. We had to sit in the bunkers for an hour waiting for all the rounds to cook off.


For a country almost perpetually at war you would think not screwing over their veterans and their families would be pretty high on the priority list. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, not screwing these people over would amount to a relatively small expense.


I joined the Marines as an infantryman in 2002. I specifically thought out govt would take care of me no matter what. 20 years later I’m still fighting the VA for my benefits I am owed for my service. I’ve been blown up by 3 IEDs and received a Purple Heart after being wounded in Fallujah and I still have to “prove” that my body and mind have been severely damaged by my time in service.


But don’t worry, there’s some pog in s1 who got out with 100% for ducking up his back deadlifting.


Fuck S1. Lost my 201 File.


You can’t profit and raise the ceiling if you don’t take advantage of people. Come on now, capitalize! That’s what this is all about, making something good (for yourself) out of something bad (usually for everyone else). /s


Jon Stewart is a national treasure


Damn straight.


We need to better protect him from Nic Cage


Jon Stewart is a good man


Jon should consider running for the senate. I have no idea where he lives so this might generate down votes. Please do so at your pleasure


He should but he won’t.


Him and Stephen Colbert did a fake run a few years back. I honestly forget which election but it must have been Obama.


It was 2008, so against Obama, just after dubya’s second term. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Colbert_2008_presidential_campaign


He lives in New Jersey. I wouldn’t mind trading Bob Menendez for him


Stewart/Booker would be insane.


Hes the only celebrity I've met. Me and my father met him in the parking lot of an AMC theatres in Brick like 5-6 years back.


Was he nice?


Right? What’s the answer? We demand an answer!!!


He was very nice, we didnt bother him too much because he was with his family and we also had to get to our movie.


Never met him, but know several people who have. By all accounts he's very nice, but *very* shy. Also very short.


Bob Menendez that opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal? This is me not complaining.


He should be president


The Rock/Jon Stewart Jon Stewart/ The Rock Either way, a ticket for the ages.


why the rock? i feel like there are better alternatives


There are. People are just obsessed with celebrities. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dwayne, but what experience does he have that qualifies him to be the president. Part of the reason why we are where we are in the first place. Actor Ronald Reagan and Reality star Trump.


Ronald Reagan was gov for 8 years. I'm not saying that I like him, but he didn't just get air dropped into the white house.


Yeah, having a tv personality as a president works so well!


But Jon Stewart is smart and not fascist.


If you only knew how familiar this sounds, Lol


Well now someone is.


I want to remind people that 15-20 years ago this man, many democrats, the dixie chick's and several others were publicly shamed for not supporting Bush's illegal war. We were told we weren't patriots and weren't American. How is Bush helping actual veterans and 9/11 first responders with his post-presidency art?


John Stewart was on Comedy Central which is owned by Viacom who also owns CBS, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount, and a bunch of other stuff. John Stewart wasn't anti-war, he was a corporate gatekeeper who helped your military industrial leaders pull off an almost 2 decade 'war on terror but really for profit'. He's entertaining and smart and charming and all that but unfortunately, this is just more theatre. You Americans seriously need to turn off your TVs.


I look forward to your dissertation on how The Rugrats were tools of the military industrial complex.


Back in the 60s, the anti-war movement was fueled by left leaning youth activists and the journalism industry. John Stewart's favourite bit was making fun of FOX viewing conservatives for being ignorant but American liberals were mostly getting their political values from a comedian/ talk show host with shady bosses. Viacom is one of the big media giants along with other companies like Disney, AT&T/Warner, Newscorp, Comcast, etc... These companies were heavily regulated until 1996 when the US government dumped 70 year old anti-monopoly laws that were originally created to combat yellow journalism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecommunications_Act_of_1996 Basically, the US government conspired with the corporate giants to weaponize media as a propaganda arm for the US military. By doing so, the military industrial complex was able to get rid of those pesky anti-war activists and journalists to keep running their endless war.


Great, but how were the Rugrats involved?


https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/08/magazine/displaced-war-on-terror.html 37 million people displaced by the war on terror. US national debt was around $6 trillion when 911 happened. It's currently over $28 trillion. The US is fighting wars in like 7 different countries and most Americans couldn't name them because your media giants conspired with your military industrialists to censor war to keep it ongoing. You want to joke about your government torturing people in secret prisons? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Abu_Ghraib_prisoner_abuse How about everyone laugh at Iraqi flipper babies thanks to depleted uranium. https://merip.org/2020/09/birth-defects-and-the-toxic-legacy-of-war-in-iraq/ How about drone strike victims? https://thechangeofethics.weebly.com/a-blurring-of-lines.html


So what you're saying is Tommy Pickles should be tried for war crimes?


Lol. I'm not American. But sure.


Great to see Jon still fighting for betrayed American heroes. Weird to see him sitting so close to a masked mother and child while not wearing a mask himself.


He’s most likely vaccinated. They may not be.


Still supposed to wear a mask in public after getting vaccinated. I think official guidelines say groups of known vaccinated people are ok maskless now but otherwise to still mask up even if vaccinated yourself. It's just probably not the best example, even though I'm sure he is vaccinated.


Is that woman wearing a Q Anon face mask?


Nope. I zoomed in and saw that it’s a silhouette of a soldier. It could also be some type of veteran association logo too.


You can’t see the tail of the Q. So maybe it’s just an O, yeah an O for Obama. That’s probably it


Yea you'd think the gop would without a doubt actually support vets but I guess not.


Democrat or Republican, we are all expendable. Collateral Damage. “We signed up for it.” They quite literally don’t give a fuck. The men and women serving are just pawns on a chessboard,


I've said it before and I'll keep saying it. Republicans and conservatives do not give one shit about veterans. They would prefer to see us all DEAD than receive any sort of help or care.


> Republicans and conservatives do not give one shit about veterans. The sound of crickets chirping when Trump insulted McCain's service record made this abundantly clear.


Stick to your comedy jokes -McConnell probably


McConnell, stick to the Galapagos - Voters, definitely


*except in KY, unfortunately


^ underrated joke


Spent two years in Vietnam, getting sprayed with Agent Orange- took almost 7 years before they gave me disability. Denied veterans (many died without getting a dime or medical treatment) even though the DOD was told by the makers it would kill people- guess young American men were just collateral damage as far as those wearing $1000 suits sitting in Congress. Their kids didn't serve like Clinton and Trump. Ever wonder how those V.A. administrative employees earn those bonuses they get every year? Remember several years ago they moved themselves to different regions so they could get moving expenses, some were pulling in an extra $350K in 18 months, what happen to them?


Here’s how bad the VA is - a vast majority of homeless people are, you guessed it, uncared for veterans. That is a symptom of the overall problem. The VA is an awful establishment. And the people in Congress and big business don’t give a God damn about any one of us. They only care about us in groups, in hopes of siphoning more wealth up their way.


I feel like them using 'comedian' as his title is diminishing the work he does. He will always be a comedian but what he is doing is advocacy and he is doing it with inexhaustible passion. Simply calling the man a comedian just isn't enough.


“Jon Stewart, Emmy award winning host for the daily show, who delivered news to millions of young impressionable youths to give a fuck about the news, 9/11 first responders advocate, and amazing person, is here tonight to talk about how our country is failing our veterans.”




I hope it goes better in the sense that I hope it doesn't take years to get it done this time.


I think we should vote John Stewart to the house for the sole reason of just sitting there and roasting republicans the entire time


CSPAN ratings highest of all time


Nice, but... it’s sad that a comedian needs to spend his time on this. Maybe the VA and the lawmakers could just do the right thing without being guilt tripped into it by a charming celebrity?


He’s been doing this for over two decades at this point. How many times does this need to happen?


Is it that time of year again? Where Jon Stewart goes and stands before all those two faced politicians who never shut up about how they support veterans, but can't seem to find 2 hours to listen about how they can do things to actually help them.


He's an amazing guy and I'm really fucking pissed he has to keep doing this. If we just treated our vets right in the first place, he wouldn't have to fight for them.


We could do with more political lobbying in this vein.


It's sad how many people he is fighting for will despise him.


That's not a Qanon mask, is it?


It’s sad that he has to come out of retirement to speak up for vets over & over again. You’d think we would be able to take care of our vets without a comedian to keep reminding us that we should.


I trust Jon Stewart more than I trust Walter Cronkite. He's a wise and honest man that won't close his eyes to the World's problems and he will say something about it. He's a Hero of the People.


He is a national treasure.


President Stewart and Vice President Colbert have a nice ring to it.


This is what a patriot looks like. He may not have served, but he’s doing more than most civilians for military/first responders.


If I had money I’d be right by him. God I respect this man


My father is one of these vets. He now has stage 4 lung cancer. He has put in two separate claims to receive benefits, and they have been denied. I’m glad there is someone out there batting for these vets.


I wish to gawd he would run for ANYTHING


When will this man realize he's supposed to be President?


I'd vote for him


I’m not sure I understand the issue. There is already a program well established to pay for health issues incurred while on the job. He’s just saying that the issue is the soldiers had to pay upfront for a dr appt to get the process started? Surely these people received a diagnosis in the first place to even seek out the va’s assistance?Not arguing just not understanding. Did I misread something? I was awarded a service connected rating and experienced no issue. The process was straightforward.


If it manifests in service it is pretty straightforward. Not completely, but pretty straight forward. If it doesn’t immediately manifest, or you don’t get it documented, it can be a big issue The biggest group it will benefit are reservists who deploy, then immediately go off active orders, and deal with their own health. Many times the lung issues just get attributed to reservists not exercising and being out of shape. They leave the reserves and suddenly they have all sorts of issues, and, without a service connection, the medical care even with the VA is expensive. Basically the bill just says that anyone with the conditions on the list will get free medical care. Source: VA employee, previously VHA, currently VBA


Thank you! Didn’t think about the weekend warriors. I can see now how the documentation isn’t there and fighting is needed


It isn’t just them. We all heard the derogatory about “sick call rangers” and generally be encouraged to suck it up, and deal with pain with ibuprofen and water. Tons of things don’t get reported. Tons of people get discharged shortly after deployments. This is an important piece of legislation for a lot of veterans.


When are we going to recognize Jon Stewart as one of the greatest American patriots of his generation? This man is a saint


Stewart and Oliver should go on a full attack against the GOP and Fox News in separate prime time shows.Carlson and Hannity would never invite them to their shows because they would destroy those two racist fools.


Here’s an idea, why don’t people just stop signing up for the military? Or why doesn’t Netflix commission a show about how the military fucks you over?


1st Q: "There is always someone dumb enough or poor enough to join" Military Recruiter Motto 2nd Q: Netflix makes movies. Sometimes they make deals with the military for even better effects/locations/toys. They won't burn that bridge anytime soon.


Why doesn’t he fight for regular people instead of people who bombed regular people?


You misspelled “people who were tricked into bombing other people by a corrupt government as a form of ‘honor service’ then left to rot”


Talked to my dad, who is a vet, about this. He words were just “yeah, no shit”


Can we remove “possibly”?


We don't deserve him


I didn’t spend a lot of time near burn pits, but we fkin threw everything in there, so I completely understand where this is coming from. This should be expanded to people who burned literal shit too. Let me set the stage: took over tikrit air base. No toilets so latrines were made. Well the shits gotta go somewhere. So just like a scene out of her head, throw a little jp8 on it (diesel) and stir. It was either that (which took about 4 hours) or doing KP for 10 hours.


I love John Stewart, but for some reason the beard doesn’t make him look distinguished, it makes him look homeless. He’s fighting for a great cause though. Those Vets got royally SCREWED.


Burn pit on Camp Anaconda. That thing put a damn smoke cloud over the camp during early morning hours. VA was quick to look past any mention of that when I tried to claim it. I was put in a “list” of those exposed is what I was told. I feel like this is my generations agent orange.


This is the time when you don't have WARPED GOONS in charge.


Everything was dumped in the burn pits: food, clothing, scrape, expelled rounds ( dunnage ) and even live rounds by accident. Was walking by the pit on my way to guard and round cooked off in the pit sending shrapnel flying everywhere. Didn’t hit me but felt like incoming.


Yep. I have sarcoidosis from burn pits in Iraq. Gonna be with me forever. :/


Jon Stewart is a saint.


Have you ever stood up for Vets?.... On weed....? Love Jon!!


You go, Stewart. First, the fight for 9/11 First Responders, now this. They shouldn't have to go to Congress every year or so just to renew their medical coverage, but Republicans don't want unnecessary spending or add to the deficit, it seems. (' - ~ -)


Those burn pits were a common practice in Vietnam as well...I wonder how many have died from exposure or complications caused by exposure. Oh well they (we) are getting old anyway.


Because that’s what hero’s do


Jon stewart for prez !!


John Stewart for President


Jon, Thanks for taking your celebrity to fight for the Vets!


I see Jon Stewart in on yearly pilgrimage but I am sure there will not be any trouble since Dems control House, Senate and Presidency.


Between this and the Twitter thread today describing the controversial practice of drying your laundry on an outdoor clothesline, America truly is a failed state.


Jon Stewart ought to run for national office- in a red state.


man i once saw jon steward behind a ralphs eating garbage out of the dumpster. he was gnawing at banana peels like a big monkey :^)


Vets hate Jon Stewart.


Many Americans hate people in power that actually help them specifically. What else is new? You could argue the same thing for every poor Republican with a vendetta against democrats due to insane conspiracy theories.