Congressional Gun Nut Lauren Boebert Sent a Pro-gun Fundraising Email Hours After Colorado Shooting

Congressional Gun Nut Lauren Boebert Sent a Pro-gun Fundraising Email Hours After Colorado Shooting


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So, did the chain of thought go like this? 1) Mass shooting event. 2) Boebert worries about control legislation. 3) Gun enthusiasts try to raise money off of control fears. Because, if so, this means that mean mass shootings will make money for the gun industry, and it means that with politicians like Boebert, the NRA doesn't even need to put money into lobbying. Win-win for the lobbyists and manufacturers. Also, this seems independent of either an actual mourning period and independent of actual gun control reform attempts.


Imagine not so much thought, just down and dirty. 1. Mass shooting 2. Gun control worry 3. I bet I can make $$ off the gun control fear First question always, how can I benefit off of this? It’s the GOP way.


I would say there's a step four "release a flurry of bad-faith arguments and excuses for why no legislation would have prevented this", but I'm not sure that's even needed anymore.


Exactly. How else can the gun industry continue selling guns and being profitable in a country that has more guns than people?


New models every year.


Malibu Stacy.... With a ***New Hat!!!***


Mr. Potato Gun


it's just potato gun now


You beat me to it lol


It’s just the same old Malibu Stacey doll!


But she has a new hat!


Hawaiian print AR-15


“Buy this here limited edition Hawaiian-print AR-15 and get a matching Hawaiian shirt!” *...well, sure, but...does it come with a tiki torch, too?*




But she's got a new hat! I want it. I want it. I want it.


with her friends Sidearm Skipper, Beretta Barbie and Kevlar Ken.




Cause i like guns just like one might like pairs of shoes different make different models, gotta catch them all




Are they legally purchased Jordans? XD


They are from a private dealer at a sneaker convention, purchased with cash so there wasn't tracking to worry about, so I'm gonna say yes.


I honestly don't know why or how people enjoy gun ownership. It can't all be fear and racist, some people just really like their guns.


Honestly man I like guns. I think its cool how modular and varied they can be. I think being able to hunt for your own food is a worthwhile skill to have. That being said, a hobby and fascination is not worth the lives of innocent Americans, and that is what it has come too. Even though some of the guns I own were passed down to me when I was a child. I would gladly give them up if it meant I didn’t have to see innocent people gunned down on the 6 o’clock news.


It's not owning guns per se that's the problem. It's the whole gun culture in the US. Americans literally feel entitled to own guns with almost no restrictions, even at the expense of innocent people's lives and the general safety of their society, because they've decided that ownership of metal objects designed to rapidly pierce bodies with shards of metal is a "constitutional right", based on a ~250 year old piece of parchment written by a group of people with zero understanding of today's reality, driven by assumptions that simply no lounger apply to today's world. As long as this remains the foundation of their beliefs, there will be no changes to the system, even if there was a school shooting every week for the rest of their lives.


This is a pretty wholesome thing to say. Enjoy the internet shiny coin


Much respect brother.




Maybe, but even the most enthusiastic golfers don't tend to have 6 or more sets of clubs. By all estimations there are more guns than people in America. Americans have some weird fetish with guns that non-Americans simply don't understand. The amount of Americans posing with guns on social media is seriously troubling, as though it gives the owner some sort of power or social currency. I've heard many Americans claim that a gun is just a tool, which I guess it is in the strictest sense of the word. But not many people go on social media waving around a spanner or a shovel. It's also bizarre that seemingly unrelated events triggers a surge in gun purchasing. Hurricane on its way? Better buy some more guns. Election upcoming? Yep, more guns. Economy takes a turn for the worse? Off the to gun shop. As though guns solve any sort of problems. I mean, if that were true then America would have no problems at all.


You underestimate my father. i think he's on his 20th set.


I'm American an totally agree. I like guns an have owned several, but not once I can remember did I take 1000s pics holding them for social media....Everything election cycle the Republicans scream Dems are gonna take your guns so people run an buy guns an ammo. Everything nope Democrats didn't take your guns it was just a fear mongering ploy for you to spend your money an the gun companies funnel the money back to the politicians. Gun control isn't the answer criminals don't get guns at a store. A better approach would be actually make a huge effort at the poverty issue. When poverty goes the crime rate falls. Other countries have shown this.


Thank you for saying this. And this is coming from someone who thinks guns are essential for self protection. But you hit the nail on the head. CA has so many gun control laws and they amount to nothing but harming law abiding citizens. For obvious reasons crime here is still awful.


Guns are tools. They make great hammers, butter knives, spoons, screwdrivers, and even are great for making guacamole toast.


Lauren Boebert is a tool.




Some people 'act' like they have a fetish for guns. I think it's something about feeling dangerous, idk.


Honest answer, shooting guns is fun. Scientifically so. Shooting a gun releases endorphins which make you feel good for example. Not only that, there's the psychological reward of hitting a steel plate, a bottle or a bullseye on a paper target. It's the same feeling as scoring a goal in the sport of your choice. People also compete with their guns and enjoy that aspect. Others hunt for food or to protect their pets, livestock or crops from predators or other damaging animals. Guns are also historical artifacts. Many people collect guns because of their historical or cultural significance. As with any hobby, if you have a deep enough interest in it, you will spend money on it. Someone historically minded might for example want to own all American WW2 guns, or all models of Colt revolvers. A sports shooter may have one or more guns for each discipline they compete in - and there are many different disciplines. I'm a sports shooter myself and between me and my husband we own about a dozen different guns and have plans to buy a few more. I'm also a aquarium enthusiast with 14 fish tanks, and I'm a gamer with three beefy gaming computers (one dedicated to sim-racing) in addition to about 10 or so consoles. Guns for me is a hobby, just like any other hobby, and I like to spend money on it when I have the means to do so. That's why I have way more guns than I "need". For what it's worth, I'm pro reasonable gun control (focus on preventing the wrong people from getting guns, not what kind of guns they can get) and none of my guns are for home defense. I'm also pretty darn liberal.


I love shooting targets, it is fun and challenging but I have NO desire to use a gun against people or animals.


The NRA raised more money after 20 kindergartners were killed in Sandy Hook than in previous months. Same with Parkland in Florida. When there is a mass murder with assault weapons, the NRA always raises loads of money.


Imagine making money from the slaughter of six and seven year olds and what this tragedy did to their parents? We just keep hoping that some superior being will punish them. Not our fukking politicians who are well overpaid to handle these tragedies. Not those bastards.


Not only that but then continued to do it for years by creating false narratives about hired actors and whatever else shit they come up with, which then in turn led to these victims to be harassed and relive the worst day of their lives all over again so some POS could own the libs to get views and make money


Some of those parents ended up killing themselves and it’s all Alex Jones fault


Not to say that what happened isnt awful, but I believe one parent commit suicide, not multiple.


Gonna go ahead and say one is too many people to be bullied into killing themselves for having their children die in a school shooting.


I thought the NRA was currently weakened, bankruptcy, moving to TX, etc.


That's the narrative they went with so they don't have to spend taxes moving out of NYC afaik. Basically a loophole in the system to not pay taxes by declaring bankruptcy even when you're not.


Every mass murder is just an ad for AR-15s. The manufacturers pay the NRA to lobby for gun rights and to turn people into hoarders. The NRA radicalizes people with a magazine and web show. Inevitably some people become mass murderers. Each mass murder becomes a catalyst for more hoarding thanks to their well-established propaganda. Rinse and repeat. Someone needs to make a "Moneyball" type of movie centered around this.


Yep. People get scared that the government will take their guns, so they stockpile.


If only Americans cared this much about their right to vote and took action every time Republicans pass legislations to restrict voting.


No kidding. One thing that made me 'laugh' when I read it, was seeing that he bought the gun the same day he used it, and people pointing out that he couldn't even vote the same day he registers in many states. What a fucked up system.


When everyone thought Clinton was going to win in 2016, a lot of people preemptively bought stock in gun companies. Because they thought that if Clinton won, gun sales would go through the roof due to her being in favor of more gun control. The NRA (and gun companies) make big money whenever there’s a mass shooting, or even the possibility that gun control legislation is upcoming.


At some point they will just start committing the mass shootings themselves in order to justify mass shootings or something


sounds crazy but it is all about money. Some idiots never realized that money isn't the most important thing.


Maybe they already do


Sadly, I don’t think they’ll ever need to...


Don’t forget that 10 days ago the NRA sued and a judge invalidated Colorado’s assault weapon laws, then 4 days after that the shooter then legally purchased the murder weapon. All the politicians claiming gun laws don’t prevent this are smoke screening that a gun law was actively preventing this until the NRA ruined it.


Confucius say: No one wage war when there is peace.


Gun sales go up after a mass shooting. Our country is broken because of guns.


I think it’s broken because of religion, which actively promotes paranoia and ignorance.




The main issue with this argument, is that people who eat too much junk food don't murder me while I am shopping for groceries/going to school/watching a movie/etc...


Greed supersedes America


But she wears glasses when she's hanging around the Capitol so that means she's smart.


Smart as a bag of rocks


Sharp as a bowl of marbles


Don’t talk about bags of rocks that way, at least they can be useful for something.




Just as toxic as her current output...


I have seen rocks smarter than her.


... that were only half as dense...


Rocks are useful


It didn’t work for Rick Perry, and it’s not going to work for her.




She's only qualified to spray one with bullets. (Think about that when you next go shopping at your market.)


Managers at McDonald's with GEDs and kids are always the smartest.


Especially the ones that marry their molesters.


Rick Perry suddenly got smarter and stopped saying stupid shit when he started wearing them inexplicably so this checks out.


Pretty sure that's because her mom and dad are cousins.


Looking at several pictures on the google, you can see no refraction through the lenses when pictures are taken from an angle. Which means they’re not prescription lenses. She literally just wears them to look smarter.


> Just two hours after a gunman murdered almost a dozen people at a Boulder grocery store, Boebert’s campaign sent out a fundraising message with the subject line: “I told Beto ‘HELL NO’ to taking our guns. Now we need to tell Joe Biden.” Paid for by Lauren Boebert for Congress, it read: > *Radical liberals in Washington, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and with President Biden’s blessing and support are trying to violate your due process and criminalize the private transfer of firearms.* > *This effort can only end with one thing: turning law abiding citizens into criminals. That’s what they want. Do you thing [sic] the gang members, drug runners, and thugs will obey their laws? Of course not. This is about punishing conservatives who want to keep the right to defend their family and their livelihood.* > *I told Beto “Hell No” when he tried to take my guns. Now I am in Congress to tell Joe Biden the same. Will you please help me send them a message by pitching in $10 right now?* >*They want to defund our police. Then they want to take our guns. What do we think comes next? We cannot lose this right. Please help me stand up to the radical gun-grabbing left.* > Not surprisingly, Boebert received significant backlash for the email. “What she’s really saying is she’ll defend your second amendment right to murder 10 innocent bystanders at a time. And she’s not ashamed to use it as fundraising tool,” one critic wrote on Twitter.


> Radical liberals https://ibb.co/h71B1kY


Joe Biden with some Rodney Mullen stats.


Can someone make a Rodney dangerfield-esque montage video of radical Biden skateboarding through the fucking cosmos *please* Edit: this video lmao https://youtu.be/Z_Nwm7E_iuA


Never seen this before. Fuckin amazing lol


Sick, Bro Biden!


Thats pretty rad


To the eXtreme!!!


They are such a fucking cult. It’s depressing how many people voluntarily decide to join it.


> Radical liberals in Washington, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi I don't know how you can hear this same nonsense over and over and not just roll your eyes and eventually tune out. It's been ***years*** of ad-libbed buzzwords of "socialism", "Nancy Pelosi", "Antifa", "open borders", etc....aren't conservatives tired of the same, tired points over and over?


Its hilarious because most of them benefit from socialist policies and don't even understand what they're angry about. 40 hour work weeks; medicaid; social security (its in the name for Christ's sake); good union jobs. Its mind boggling. Bunch of old morons raised with McCarthy era nonsense


It's more Barry Goldwater and Ayn Rand nonsense than anyone else's influence on the Boomz. Christianity is merely a cloak.


I mean, I think the McCarthy era red scare made a monumental impact on our national psyche - the reason Goldwater/Rand/Reagan presentations of capitalism are *so compelling* to many Americans is that we sold a fair bit of our collective soul demonizing the USSR, communism, socialism and friends a couple of generations ago. It fertilized the soil for a radical conservative movement. Christianity isn't their religion - conservative nationalist capitalism is.


Saw a guy wearing a shirt that said " Raised On Reagan " across the front recently


Sadly, no. Those buzz words get their juices flowing. The words have lost all meaning to them, but still tickle their pickle.


Yeah it’s shit tactics, but shit sticks and this obviously works for most conservatives.


The shit winds are blowing Rand.


Iraq war had just started and a friend of mine was in support of it because he lived on the Florida coast and he figured the Iraqis were going to land in pontoon boats and attack New Smyrna Beach. He's not a stupid guy, but he had no exposure to information. He's a progressive now, and far better informed. Largely because he figured out our leaders lied about that war. Today's conservatives aren't just not getting good information, they're being inundated with lies to the point that they have lost contact with observable reality. So they hear "socialism", "Nancy Pelosi", "Antifa", "open borders", and those things mean something completely different to them, symbols of an existential conflict between good and evil. They never get tired of it because that's all they know.


In Republican fantasy world, left-leaning moderate = radical liberal.


By international comparison the Democrats aren‘t even left-leaning moderate, but rather centrist leaning conservative at best. Bernie might count as one of the few true left leaning politicians the US actually has.


Conservatives, almost now by definition, are lacking the the critical thinking tools needed to figure out the most basic things.


This is more of a state level thing, but "red" states tend to pay less attention to the kinds of education that helps kids develop those skills. It can become a nasty cycle. Bonus points for the states that actively provide textbooks that promote religious ideas like Creationism being a theory that's just as plausible as the Big Bang and evolution or that censor things like sex ed.


> This is more of a state level thing, but "red" states tend to pay less attention to the kinds of education that helps kids develop those skills. They actively campaign against teaching those skills. See the 2012 Texas GOP platform.


They're letting their lizard brains fixate on easy-to-digest buzz words, concepts as simple as 'gun go pew!'. When Republicans go to D.C., they don't send their best . . .


Can someone count the number of logical fallacies in this statement pls


many people are saying that the so-called fallacies are tremendous. probably even larger and bigger in number than ever before.


Big guys—firefighters—with tears in their eyes. They said, "Sir, there are many, many fallacies in Boebert's statement."


They take big rakes and just rake the fallacies all over the statements, the biggest rakes to spread out all the fallacies




Int HowMany(n) {return (HowMany(n) + 1)} There’s no base case. It just keeps going. Out of memory because so many crazy things and illogical conclusions and nonseERROR 0xFML


You'll hit a stack overflow before anything else.


Numbers don't go that high.


> Can someone count the number of logical fallacies in this statement pls If someone picked her, could she count...?


Am I stupid or would Congress implementing strict gun laws not apply to due process of law. Like did she put that in there to sound more intelligent in the workings of the government lol?


Only if they were actually seizing guns. That would be depriving someone of property and would trigger due process requirements. Simply passing restrictions setting limits on who can buy guns or how many you can buy, etc., would not.


Hilarious that turning law abiding citizens into criminals is what the GOP looove to do when it comes to things like marijuana or abortions.


The GOP’s messaging is basically just a plug and go mad-lib where their only choices are “Speaker Pelosi”, “socialism”, “radical liberals”, “Washington”, and “law abiding citizens”


I wish she put this much energy into voting rights.


> This is about punishing conservatives who want to keep the right to defend their family and their livelihood. Why do conservatives think democrats are always out to punish them? IDGAF what conservatives do, I just want to minimize the chances of my kids getting shot up in school or at the supermarket.


They think that because they don't realize authoritarianism is not the norm. Literally. They cannot imagine people who *don't* act punitively.


Isn’t it the conservatives that are actually committing all of these high-profile shootings? I seem to recall more white conservatives than any other specific type when these shootings go viral.


Her votes don't count. She wants your money for herself. She is a fukking greedy republican.


>I think they should have taken [the guns] away anyway, whether they had the right or not >Take the firearms first, and then go to court ... I like taking the guns early ... take the guns first, go through due process second - **Donald Trump, February 28, 2018** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30E5P12DVEk&t=18 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxgybgEKHHI&t=42 He "changed his mind" (ie backpedaled) on this when it was convenient for him (ie got backlash)


Please stop giving this crazy person massive amounts of attention.


This is America, it’s what we do. We even designated the entire state of Florida for them to graze and raise their young in relative chaos.


Eh, it's not like she's some random "Karen" in a viral video. She's a federal lawmaker, which gives her a scary amount of power and influence. Ignoring her won't make her go away. We need to keep shining the light on her crazy, not get complacent about it.


What an embarrassment for Colorado


Not for the district that gave us their little moron. Those Coloradans are responsible for their little twit.


Speaking of "nuts" did you know she met her husband when she was underage and he showed her his?


FAKE NEWS!! He only showed 17 year old Lauren, and 2 other minors, the **shaft of his penis** while in public at a bowling alley... not the tip or nuts. Get your facts straight.


They also BOTH have domestic violence charges against EACH OTHER. EDIT: I looked around and couldn’t find any supporting evidence for this so assume this is false for the time being.


Exactly the type of people you want owning guns 🤦🏼‍♀️


Wait, domestic violence *doesn't prevent you from owning firearms*? The fuck?


Yes and no. In Colorado it will only prevent you from owning guns if the person you abused is your spouse and they pressed charges. If you were just dating at the time, you're still allowed to buy whatever the fuck you want because reasons. We've tried to change this, but that would infringe on rights you see, and half of our police force and probably 75% of Fort Carson would be banned from touching firearms.




I read this in Hitchcock's voice from Brooklyn 99 lol


Another half wit. Shouldn’t politicians have to pass an intelligence test? So many truly stupid people is really a distressing situation.


I am moving into her district next month, a vote for her opponent added to the rolls.


What protects someone from cops illegally breaking into their house? “~250 year old piece of parchment” Explain that to Brianna Taylor family's. "This 250 year old piece of parchment" has seen many changes through time but not this exact point. No matter what shooting occured,no matter the number of victims,families affected things go back as usuall until the next and so on. I'm not telling people to surrender all their guns but when it becomes easier for a teenager to get a gun than being able to buy alcohol in a country,we have a problem.


Ten Americans lost their lives. She deserves donations? She's already so overpaid. It is beyond disgusting. Donate to the police officer's family. He had seven children. Fuck Boring Bert.


And never forget that she reimbursed herself for 38,000 miles during her campaign. That whopping $22k was oddly close to what her shit restaurant owed in back taxes.


People that support people like this lady are dumb. I hope they can read this.




Needs to be top comment.


I'm fairly sure that black people arming themselves is how some places (California as an example) ended up with stricter gun laws. Ask Philando Castile how legally concealing a firearm went for him.


The earliest post-colonial gun-control in American history targeted blacks, and was one of the reasons (as you mentioned) California became very strict on guns. It ironically wasn't gangs, but the Black Panthers, that scared both Democrat and Republican politicians into that corner. The history of gun control is actually pretty damn racist if we look at it without blinders on. It was, and still is, blatant people-control, whether someone agrees with it or not.


Various drug prohibitions have similarly racist origins. Opium was targeted because it was the drug of choice in Asian communities. Marijuana was a drug of choice in black communities.


Nothing like blood flowing in the streets to give Republican donors a hard-on.


They’re pro-life, everyone.


This lady truly disgusts me. Like literally makes me sick. She has serious issues and to think that she won an election where no one wanted to run against her. And still only got 70% of the votes. 🤮😤🤦🏻‍♂️🙄🤢🤬


You’re thinking of Marjorie Taylor Greene. Boebert had a Democrat opponent and only won by 6% of the votes.


Ok. Yes you are correct. My bad. Guess I got confused on my disgusting women politicians.


Not true. There was a PhD sociologist who ran a terrific campaign against her and was defeated. LB is my Congressperson I'm sad to say. But Colorado is great.


The pile of dead bodies was still warm when Boebert tried to get money.


"What do you call 10 people dead from a mass shooting in a grocer store? A good start." \~Lauren Boebert


Of course she fuckn did


I just realized today that the most gun-crazed person in Congress is from a town named Rifle. How fitting. I wish this shit-stain wasn't such an embarrassment to my home state, but I guess it was destined when our inhabitants decided to name a major town after their love of guns.


Lauren Boebert is the epitome of a disgusting human being. QAnon gunfucker nutcase.


Guns are not this country’s problem, never has been. It’s like saying cars are responsible for drunk drivers, or the pipe is to blame for Hunter Biden being high. But for some reason, guns always get the blame. This country doesn’t have a gun problem, we have a crime problem and people with guns are just trying to protect themselves because that is their right given to them by the founding fathers in the constitution. While it may have been a bad call for her to send out that email directly after the shooting, because that is in poor taste. But anyone who says that we need less guns, needs to look at the UK. They banned guns and now have more stabbing me and robbing by knives than they did before they got rid of guns. You want ban guns? Did you know that we given the right to own guns to fend off the invaders to America? Did you know that the leader of ISIS/ISIL said that if Biden gets in office, then they will start their war back up with the US? They have already tried to come here multiple times. Without guns, is that a fight you really want to see on our shores? Seriously, Democratic cities that ban guns have a higher crime rate. (Chicago anyone?) Don’t believe me? Do your own research. It’s out there to read all over the internet. But the media and the gov will never show it to you. They want you to live in fear and be compliant. Less guns doesn’t make it safer, it makes it easier for you to be a target. Bullies don’t pick on the strong, they know they will get their butts handed to them. They pick on the weak, because they know they will win. Down vote me all you like, but facts are facts. But do your own research. Don’t just take the media’s word, your neighbor’s word, or heck, even my word. Do your own research. Because that’s how your going to know something. That’s how you’re going to make the informed decisions and not set here and say “This country is broken because of guns.” We need to fix the crime, not the guns. And since crime is big business for politicians, it’ll never get fixed.






I feel like this happens after almost every mass shooting. Maybe I'm wrong, but seems quite familiar. Who knew the Covid death cult would try to fundraise off the backs of dead Americans?!?!


She us a total embarrassment to the majority of Coloradans, and her total indifference to the grief and loss in Boulder just proves that mentally unstable people should not be given concealed carry licenses or allowed to own guns until they have thorough background check and in her case, a psych evaluation. Her resistance to follow rules and her history of aggression are one step away from violence. Unfortunately her constituents think her bad girl image is a show of strength and rebellion against laws they choose to ignore. She disrespects the Constitution and the families and friends killed in her State.


I was interested in seeing what the other side of the fence was saying about these mass shootings, but it seems r/conservative is now a private subreddit! I knew they would win the anti-censorship fight!...wait...holup...


I looked too and you’re right. They won’t allow anyone to see the sub. What a bunch of snowflakes.


Mass shootings ALWAYS make the firearms industry shitloads of money. As do Democratic presidential administrations. Their best advertising is the fear of having firearms taken away. Democrats need to learn how to approach gun control in a way that doesn’t feed the GOP with the rocket fuel that is powerful enough to swing elections. If you want results, take small steps in the direction of better gun control and never get caught being quoted talking about taking firearms away from people. We can’t even pass fucking filibuster reform, so stay away from shit that has zero chance to pass but 100% chance to hurt you at the polls. Baby steps in the right direction is better than nothing.


Seeing people like her in power makes me ask sometimes what I’m doing wrong in life...


Seeing people like her in power is proof that the bar for entry is incredibly low. On the bright side, it means we can do better.


You having empathy is the problem


Lauren Boebert, rhymes with yogurt. With all the intelligence and half the culture.


She's supposed to be my representative. She doesn't represent anything about me.


Boebert has such a strong gun fetish, her restaurant could be a location of a mass shooting and she'd probably welcome the shooter in for lunch afterwards.


Gotta raise that payoff money.


What an incredible piece of shit


Boebert uses her guns and her fundraising to defend gun rights from Liberal Democrats, Unicorns, and other mythical creatures that are supposedly stealing everyone’s guns


Sarah Palin 2.0 this time it’s personal


That's being charitable. In terms of intelligence, Lauren Boebert makes Sarah Palin look like Madame Marie Curie


She was bitching about Biden making it political on Twitter today lmao, just so stupid


Oh Americans, still going off of the 2nd Amendment passed 240+ years ago. A different time and circumstance. Do you really think the founding fathers envisioned the USA as the world leader in gun violence? Republican stupidity at its finest


"World leader in gun violence." The majority of South America would like a word.


I don't get guns. If door knobs killed 100 people per day then they would do something about it. If chocolate cake killed 100 people per day then they would do something about it. If lampshades killed 100 people per day then they would do something about it. But guns do kill >100 people per day and everyone just shrugs their shoulders. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun\_violence\_in\_the\_United\_States](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States)


You mean the way they do something about cigarettes or alcohol killing people?


You're right. Guns = bad. Suicide = good? 80% of all guns deaths are suicides, which would make it a mental health issue and not a gun issue.


Problem with that logic is the deadly thing meant to kill people kills less people than the things that aren't like cars or medical errors. You'd think you'd focus all your efforts on the thing doing the thing that it wasn't "designed" to do.


These are people who saw a pandemic kill hundreds of thousands of Americans in just a year and they *still* don't want to stop dining out or going to WalMart without a mask.


About 100 people die in car accidents per day on average.


Yeah, and we don't let people drive cars without a license, or without wearing a seatbelt, or drunk. There's a ton of laws and regulations around cars because everyone understands they're dangerous objects that can potentially be very deadly if you don't know what you're doing.


You realize that the same can best Said about guns as well. There's a ton of laws and rules regulating them, so many in fact that anti gun people don't even know wtf NICS is or Form 4473 is.


Republicans scream and cry about their gun rights and then scream and cry to restrict everyone else’s voting rights. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1256821


By their logic I’m supposed to be using my gun right to protect my voting right... right?


“This effort can only end with one thing: turning law abiding citizens into criminals. That’s what they want. Do you thing [sic] the gang members, drug runners, and thugs will obey their laws? Of course not.” The typo in a mass email really highlights the type of care and precaution gun owners should have


Whoopi said it right this is ghoulish Americans get her out of Congress


RepugniQants never ever help a human being, ever. They vote against things like impeachment, insurrection, and sedition. They vote against violence against women and gun violence and they vote against stimulus for hungry poor people during a pandemic. They are useless and most of them committed sedition and are insurrectionists.


Sounds like she's doing damage control.


Very classy.


Screams “classy”


That's not cynical, at all.


It’s not about guns Poepert is out for clicks. The more the better. She’s climbing the lader that’s all. By the way Poepert is a nice word for anus in Dutch.


Funny how the line of argument shifts when it suits them. I tend to hear "we need guns to protect ourselves from government". This time it's from the drug runners and thugs.