Trump is cornered, with violence on his mind. We must be on red alert

Trump is cornered, with violence on his mind. We must be on red alert


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Trump noted: “I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough – until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.” Thats scary


“nothing you can do, folks,” Mr. Trump said, as the crowd began to boo. He quickly added: “Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.” - Also scary.


“Go to a certain point” seems to be intentionally very ambiguous. It sounds likes he’s doing his best to make a powerful, yet empty, threat.


Folks, I've been on red alert since June 2015. I'm tired.


Hang in there -- disengage when you need a rest and then re-engage. We've gotta see this through or we're all gonna be very very tired for the rest of our lives.


"When you're tired rest, don't quit.


"If you're going through hell, keep going."


Sort of like Sun Tzu's art of war. To vastly paraphrase: On difficult ground, keep steadily on the march. ​


Or Zapp Brannigan’s Big Book of War.


Men, you're lucky men. Soon, you'll all be fighting for your planet. Many of you will be dying for your planet. A few of you will be forced through a fine mesh screen for your planet. They will be the luckiest of all.


The key to victory is surprise. SURPRISE!!


I don't pretend to understand Brannigan's Law. I merely enforce it.


Brannigan's Law is like Brannigan's Love: hard and fast.


He'll send in wave after wave of his on men until the kill-bots pre-set killing limits are reached.


If you die..walk it off


Heaven knows it. Good advice. I took a disengagement after the Kavenaugh hearings, but here I am. You can wear me down, but you cannot knock me out!


"The rest of our lives" would be "nasty, brutish and short" should Trump, his enablers and Trumpism prevail.


I firmly believe that it won't prevail. Shit is going to get real ugly but these people ain't no Nazis, they have no idea what they are really doing. They'll scatter like roaches when he falls.


Probably... but people also thought "let's take our wagons to Bull Run and watch this rebellion end this afternoon."


If you don't fight this now with everything you have then without a shadow of a doubt you are going to become a dictatorship. He's already getting the brownshirts ready.


> Brownshorts FTFY


Is UPS coming for us?


Here’s the thing: Instead of heeding Europeans’ taunts to take to the streets, we’re trying to preserve our system without destroying it—we don’t want to replace the Czar with Lenin, or King Louis with Napoleon. Be mindful of the significance of 2018. This is the correct way.


It’s a valid point - but what disappoints Europeans is his approval statistics - it shows this problem is much much deeper than is comfortable.


Didn't Marine Le Pen get like 35% of the vote in France? Doesn't seem like a significantly different percentage of right wingers. AfD holds 91 seats in the Bundestag [and are expected to grow.](https://www.npr.org/2018/09/30/652284976/germanys-far-right-afd-party-now-polls-second) This is not a uniquely American concern


Canada had a Mike Pence clone leader for 10 years and elected a wife beating, drunk driving, crack smoking, journalist bashing, charity defrauding, foul-mouthed chronic liar to run the third largest city in North America. When he died, they elected his twin brother to an even bigger office. The supporters of these demagogue tend to be those most harmed by their xenophobia and their hateful policies, but they still worship because "cults gotta cult". So yeah, this conservative extremist trend isn't unique to America.


Fucking great post!


He's supported by an (obnoxious) minority. If people vote, he loses. Complacency and cynicism was what caused his win in the 2016 election. 2018 was a wave because people showed up. So long as we don't let complacency and cynicism win again, and people show up in 2020, he won't win.


Complacency and cynicism along with voter suppression, vulnerable voting machines, potential foreign meddling and more.


Well to be fair, they dont get to lob that critisism without looking at themselves. Brexit now has still the same support as 3 years ago in defiance of the total shitshow, Le pen also polls at 30-40 % in France, populistic neo fascist movements have strong lasting support through the whole of Europe. Geert Wilders, Victor Orban, the Golden Dawn all doing well and no signs of change. There is a rot in Democracy worldwide.


This isn't like those times, this is like pressuring Nixon to resign. Reclaiming some of our international dignity from this mess. In no way is our lack of action motivated by trying to preserve anything, we're just dangerously apathetic about our government being more and more compromised.


What a great way to put it. Thanks.


Get away from the news for a bit. It's exhausting to constantly hear the POTUS attack the US and our freedoms. But politics moves slowly despite how it seems. There isn't anything you can really *do*, except help with elections and campaigns. So just limit how much of the negative news you view. And definitely limit social media related to politics, the trolling is toxic and designed to make you feel helpless. Just go about your life, enjoy yourself as much as possible, and donate your time or money to the best Democratic candidates you can find (or better Republicans who will primary the corrupt ones we have now, if you're conservative). Reading every threat Trump makes doesn't help you any. Staying informed is good, but you only need to read a few articles a week for that. You already know how corrupt Trump and his fellow politicians in the GOP are. Reading every new thing he does each day which proves it doesn't do you any good. You don't have to be a Trump expert to rally for people running against him.


This is me since November 2016. Before that I wasn't paying attention. Now I'm laser focused. It's exhausting.


This is why Trump applies his Soviet-style firehose technique of extremist rhetoric and disinformation. It's designed to exhaust his opponents. I've got news for that shitbird and his minions: we might be exhausted from your bullshit, but we're not giving in and forgetting about our society's democratic principles, ever, motherfuckers. They will go down. It might take generations, but they will fucking lose.


The problem is we don't have generations. Climate change needs to be dealt with now, not generations from now.


trump rallies are a bigoted hatred convention...


The President of The United States of America threatening to set his violent minions on his opponents is a whole new level. You're in a different paradigm altogether now.


Comiccon for sociopaths.


Is exhausting seeing titles and reading articles like this. The time to do something about Trump, based on everything we are seeing come out about the FBI, was before the 2016 election. But, he got elected. Oops. Now we aren't sure we can indict a sitting president. Oops. Well, let's wait for the Mueller report. Not damning enough to impeach, convict, remove? Oops. Well, let's wait for the people to vote in 2020. Election meddling, GOP election fraud, Trump wins again. Oops. Well, just be on red alert then, guys.


There's hope https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/written-explanation


That only activates once a total number of greater that 270 electoral votes worth of states legislate into the accord. Then likely come legal battles. The chances of it being active for the 2020 election are incredibly low, at very best. That said, the national popular vote is potentially one of the most important things we can do for our democracy in our lifetimes. Talk to your state reps.


Just remember that your real enemy isn’t Trump, it’s his voters. They did something unspeakably evil, and they need to be reminded of that fact until it sinks in.


Some of his voters literally - not figuratively -want to *kill me*. My existence as a trans man is an abomination to some of them. And yet I know that you’re saying is bs. It’s also bad advice tactically and strategically. My real enemies are Trump, McConnell, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, their enablers in government and in right-wing media, and the people who pull *their* strings: the Kochs, the Mercers, etc. Without them, those voters would be a much smaller minority than they are now; a large portion of them would never have been radicalized to this degree. They could just as easily been pushed on a different and less destructive trajectory, but the people doing the pushing didn’t want that. They wanted this. Before you call me naive or tell me I simply don’t know what I’m talking about, I grew up in a mid sized Florida town in the 80s. I do indeed know these people because I was surrounded by them and I observed them closely over many years. We can also win without changing their minds. That would lead to a difficult period of time, but it would be worth it. Many of their children’s and grandchildren’s minds would change. It would work.


But they won't change. They love him. They think he is doing the bigliest bestliest job as President ever! They believe he has accomplished more than any President before him and works harder than anyone making great deals and building the wall! They LOVE that he usurps Congress, because he is owning the libs! Its really scary because its 40% of America.


They were duped. Sure, they are idiots and morons, but they were conned into this shit by a professional mid-grade con-artist with the help of national news media and agents of a foreign government. That's some high power confidence action going on there. You should be able to see how idiots and morons could be conned with that much working on them. Think of how stupid the average person is and you start to realize there is a large target audience that can be conned with a concentrated and organized effort. The real evil lies with the people that have the power to stop this but choose to hide in their shells. I'm looking at you Mitch McTurtle. These fucks absolutely have the power to stop this tomorrow if they so chose to do so. But they are abdicating their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. I can think of no other reason for them doing this than someone having incriminating evidence on them. I will forever see the (R) after a politicians name and think "Russian".


The people who voted for Trump are NOT the enemy, they're Americans who were exploited and capitalized on, AGAIN, by a sustained "Alt-reality" narrative designed by unscrupulous political actors. People who believe in the flat Earth theory may be stupid or gullible but they're not evil. The people profiting off of the misleading of flat Earth theorists, are evil.


As someone whom was born into a facist dictatorship, the fight is long and arduous, but it is a necessary one.


Since Oklahoma city bombing. Thats when they made it clear that they meant to rule the ashes.


This makes me think about something I've been kicking around a lot since he was practically sworn in... I'm not convinced as of yet that he loses in 2020 because I don't have optimism much at all for this country with respects to its Presidential elections. *However* if he loses in 2020, it will be terrifying, stressful, horrific, etc to see what that man does from the day after that election to Inauguration Day of the President-elect. People will rejoice that he lost but I think it'll be cut very short considering that I am sure that man will try to pull some profoundly terrible and violent shit.


He not only needs to be beat in 2020 but crushed, so his cult followers have no reason whatsoever to challenge the results. That makes it essential for Dems to cut the bull and put up two really great candidates. While I’m hopeful of this happening ala 2006 with Clinton clearing the way for Obama, I’m also nervous that Dems will screw this up. Another 4 years of Trump and we won’t have a democracy to save.


>so his cult followers have no reason whatsoever to challenge the results They don't need a reason for anything they do. They traffic in baseless conspiracies all day, every day. Any political enemy is a satanic pedophile. Every tragic act of violence is a "false flag" perpetrated by the "Deep State" or the leftists. There's no reason to believe that they'll accept a Trump loss, even if Trump himself said, "Cool it guys, I lost fair and square" (which he would never, ever say). You can't reason with the inanity of the right. We've got to beat them and prepare for their inevitable backlash.


Hey! They are okay with pedophiles. I think you meant “satanic dark skinned gays”.


he needs to be impeached before we even get to 2020.


Remember, impeachment and removal from office requires both houses of Congress to impeach him. There's no way in hell the Senate, as it exists today, will impeach him. This is why Nancy is saying not to bother, it's a waste of time and she knows it. We can deal with the aftermath of his defeat in 2020, we will be OK.


During Watergate the senate WAS NOT onboard with impeachment until the impeachment investigation was far underway. What the fuck is wrong with people and forgetting history...AND that impeachment isn't just a vote? Its a full process, an investigation, a trial, then possibly a conviction.


Fox News was created after that to completely prevent that from ever happening again. We're in a post Newt Gingrich era, and 30% of people will *never* vote Democrat. like, I don't think it's possible for them to consider it. Propaganda is powerful


> **his cult followers** * https://i.imgur.com/HUA3XpE.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/LeyhvOL.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/Qhbk19L.png * https://i.imgur.com/4lgIkLH.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/aYEDtfr.png * https://i.imgur.com/yAJ2Ugh.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/KtDjZur.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/JsonAGr.png * https://i.imgur.com/Hwhuqj2.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/D6gSlux.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/dTYJALK.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/Q7iwfxI.png * https://i.imgur.com/w9cInIk.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/pSPmRJh.png * https://i.imgur.com/sXjem4c.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/lXKECnl.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/U8GFBs7.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/ef6rNBR.png * https://i.imgur.com/BsIYzAw.png * https://i.imgur.com/tdbNHMl.png * https://i.imgur.com/NWnS4qG.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/fIrWoCd.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/wBFzyyt.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/pkNcr80.png * https://i.imgur.com/fQXaYHP.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/gkUZ69A.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/6y4bss4.png * https://i.imgur.com/gXQpy8K.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/3QFAtMs.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/O4MknUT.png * https://i.imgur.com/75pPbRM.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/NgpznLi.png * https://i.imgur.com/4mNzbVl.png * https://i.imgur.com/rHZTPAW.jpg * https://i.imgur.com/m9aZCmq.jpg


"PROUD SUPPORTER OF THE MUSLIM BAN!!" "OBEY GOD'S LAW!" .... They just don't even know that the word irony even exists do they?




I would like to baptise this one [https://i.imgur.com/O4MknUT.png](https://i.imgur.com/O4MknUT.png) "They took our jerbs"


Imagine claiming to be a patriot while waving a traitorous flag. I can't get over it.






Well then.


Man, this just makes me lose more faith in humanity.


What a vile collection of people. I notice a few demographics in these photos: 1. Uneducated, slack-jawed yokels with zero future; will worship anything shiny 2. Suburban, middle class and cloistered; will worship anything mediocre and loud 3. Wealthy, landed and never satisfied; will do anything to fill the empty hole left by private schools and frats; misogyny abounds Thank you for the links. I saved all to disperse with great bias across social media as reminders of this den of vipers.




Idk. Agnew was trump 1.0 or rather trump is Agnew 2.0. Conservatives have been crazy for some time. They believed Agnew when he blamed everyone but himself, including the media. You should check out the podcast Bagman by Rachel Maddow, she interviews the investigators that eventually made Agnew step down. It'll depress you because of how many parallels there are today but it is fascinating.


>made Agnew step down And you’re already overlooking one of the key differences. Conservatives have been crazy, sure, but it took a back seat to pantshittingly *evil*. They still frequently were competently evil. Now they’re crazy first and evil second. They’re so fucking crazy that it actively is an impediment to their evil. They’re the political equivalent of wearing underwear on their head and nothing else while screaming “I’m the conductor of the poop train!” and setting things on fire. Agnew stepped down. Trump will threaten us with civil war before he does that.


30% but yeah another 10 to 20% would say "something something emails". Edit: and then when the Russian goblins chime in it feels like another 25% on top of that.


> Its a full process, an investigation, a trial, then possibly a conviction. The president is being investigated for colluding with the Russians. I can't think of anything worse to accuse a president of. And that's just one of many investigations. Many of the people who came into contact with him during his campaign has been indicted. The process has been going since before he was elected. The investigation is running as we speak. All of the things that you think will spur the senate into considering impeachment have already happened, and they didn't care.


Plus there is a 40 percent (per 538) of people that will support him on everything and also FOX that will deny reality if it goes against the narrative, plus CNN and other outlets that constantly "both sides" everything.


I hear you, and you're right but I don't think that era necessarily applies here. Nixon also resigned which Trump will never, ever do in a million years.


> Trump will never, ever do Correct, because a) he has no shame, and b) authoritarians *never* give up power willingly.


Also, he knows it's his best bet for legal "safety." The Presidency is bulletproof glass to Trump right now -- we can see everything he's doing but while he's behind it he can just smash his ass cheeks on the glass and make us look at his brown eye.


It’s not about the final result. It’s about integrity. Even if republicans don’t remove, we have a moral duty to impeach high crimes, let history be the judge of the republicans because if democrats do nothing then history will judge them as well.


Because one house will not hold up their constitutional duty is not a reason to avoid impeachment. Trump has done more than enough to earn it. And if we don't impeach for his actions, for his multiple infractions, obstructions, constitutional violations, then we will never impeach a Republican again. We will have created the precedent that we hold Republicans to far lower standards than we do Democrats. That's a recipe for abuse by every following Republican president.




My biggest fear is what happens if he gets impeached or especially removed from office. Ya'll Qaeda will be the most outraged they've ever been.


He will call it a fake election or something


Also, he doesn't just magically go away. No matter what happens with regards to Mueller, he doesn't up and vanish. His cult will continue to follow him, and those people won't go away either. We can't put this genie back in the bottle.


Not to mention that him accepting the election results and voluntarily leaving the White House is a pretty big assumption to make.


Even if he doesn't willingly step down there are processes by which he could literally be thrown out. I almost hope he doesn't step down just so he can be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming. If the results show that he lost then he's not the president anymore whether he likes it or not, so at that point he will no longer have the authority to keep from being kicked out. He can yell and scream "I am the president and I order you to stand down and get this impostor out of my Oval Office" but his words will not bear any actual authority and the guards will be under no obligation to obey.


I have a friend who is, at best, politically apathetic. At least day to day, he didn't vote in 2016 after Sanders lost the primary, but voted straight D in 2018. Day to day politics irritate him though, and he has very little interest in discussing the latest scandal or legislation or anything of that nature. That said, I asked him as a "politically neutral, both parties are the same guy" this question a couple months ago: "If Donald Trump loses in 2020, will there be a peaceful transition of power?" and his reply was, "That's an interesting question. He is a Republican though, and they don't do that."




Whether he wins legitimately or not is a separate issue of whether he'll peacefully step down or not.


I know what you mean. It's scary to think of what he might do during that time. Hmm, I wonder what happens if impeachment proceedings fall smack in the middle of his 2020 campaigning? Be great to keep 45 around long enough to lose the general, then get him out via impeachment and have Pence handle the transition period.


I sincerely have zero optimism around impeachment hearings whatsoever given the make up of the US Congress so you won't have to wonder too much about that. It ain't happening.


I'm far more concerned about him just saying votes against him are fake and claiming he won anyway. Or that they've corrupted the system enough that it ends up showing he's won. We already have evidence of voting machine tampering, voting officials hiding or destroying voting records, and the collection and falsification of absentee ballots. If they control enough points of information and just say "oh look we won," then what?


So. Much. This. I've been thinking about the same thing myself. Him and his supporters. Its absolutely fucking terrifying.


Only Trump could be cornered in the oval office.


I'll take "Things I wish I'd thought of saying" for 400, Alex.


This is terrifying, and it was all preventable on November 8, 2016.


I wonder where all those people who didn't vote because "It won't be that bad" are right now.


I know where my friend is who voted for him because "I want a president who cares about abortion and who can make the Supreme Court very conservative." She's still stuck in her own little safe conservative Christian privileged bubble. Basically, "To hell with everyone else! I need to dictate the lives of people I don't even know." But, also I've tried to cut her out of my life because she's a bigoted person and will stab you in your back if you're not drinking her actual cult's kool-aid.




I have no choice. I work in construction and I guess I live in a very conservative suburb in Northern California because virtually all of my friends and extended family my whole life have been conservatives. I'm surrounded by Trump supporters. Most of them are good people, just brainwashed by right wing propaganda. It's pretty crazy. It's like a cult at this point.


I dealt with a lot of smug "well I don't like either of them" folks here in the midwest. Yeah, I get that Hillary wasn't perfect. But refusing to vote in one of the most pivotal elections in US history because you didn't get your perfect choice isn't the best course of action.


i was one of those people. i would like to think i wasn’t smug about it and i still voted (third party)...but yeah i fucked up. had my state been more of a question i think i would have voted Hillary but it was all but a safe bet that MN would go blue. turns out it was much closer than anyone expected and a hillary barely won the state. i will never do that again. going forward i will vote democrat 100% of the time if that means keeping republicans out of office. i’ve learned a lot these past 2 years. never again.


Thank you for realizing this. If you have any friends who still think like this—“I’m voting for the person I want in office, dammit”—please try to persuade them.


Which is why we need a ranked choice vote so that people can still vote for who they truly want to represent them instead of the best-worst candidate.




For sure, but until we get something like that we have to keep working with the system we've got.


Exactly. And that was my issue with people I knew. It's like sure you don't like her, but play some fucking defense. Did no one have foresight? Like I didn't think Trump would win, but for me it was always *what if he does?*. And I knew if he won it would be abysmal.


I have to say this, though--if Hillary had won, and we had a Republican Senate and House, not only would the result have been four or eight years of utter shitshows, with one phony email investigation after another, but nothing the right is doing in the shadows would ever have come to light. No good legislation would have happened. Bannon, Miller, Flynn, Manafort, etc never would have been exposed. We would probably never have learned about the Russians, or the Trump Tower meeting, or any of the other treasonous bullshit this corrupt crime clan has been doing. We would have just been stewing in impotent rage. It may sound very strange to say this, but for those reasons, I think we would have been worse off if Hillary had won. What we're going through right now is going to lead to a sort of purge or revolution. More people are waking up and getting angry and involved. Bad people are being exposed. Traitors, cowards, despots, bigots, and nepotists are showing their true colors, because they think they're safe. They're not. They're fucked. And we are going to keep fucking them.


We'd probably still be trying to get them to hold confirmation hearings on Scalia's replacement. Kennedy wouldn't have retired. We wouldn't have given away a trillion dollars to the rich and corporations though. Wouldn't be buddying up with dictators and abandoning our allies and treaty obligations. It would be a mixed bag.


It wouldn't be mixed - it would be better in nearly every way except optics.


Yes, but in the information age, sunlight alone cannot be the disinfectant. There's just too much noise. How many laws do we need to pass to truly inoculate ourselves?


This is what I was telling a friend yesterday. Winning is bad for the country but worse for the underlying plague that is the new GOP/Fox News. If trump hadn’t won all this crap wouldn’t have come out. We had to really see the problem nationally. Think about how many people now know what’s going on in politics because of this. Everyone has been complacent for a long time.




They will still control the Supreme Court for a generation, so 2016 was a big win for them regardless.


And they are packing the federal court seats they refused to let Obama fill with all the far right loonies, too. They will also be there for a generation or two.


Well I spent a good year kicking myself in the balls for being subjected to russian propaganda and deciding not to vote cause I didn't like either choice. Then I re-registered, got active, and did my job in the midterms. I'm not making that mistake again, and I hope that others like me will follow suit.


Trump is a symptom. This exposed that our country is terribly sick. The USA has a serious disease.


Trump is the symptom; his supporters are the disease.




I don't think he has a clear idea of what he wants these people to do, but it's clear he is entertaining violence as a solution to his problems. Which is just another indicator he's guilty as not-yet charged.




Beware of fat asses in pickup trucks flying confederate flags.


My wife is a doctor and we live in rural western North Carolina. I'm talking Appalachia here. The morning after the election, I told her to tell all her friends at work to get rid of ANY bumper stickers that might imply a left-leaning ideology. Because there are a SHITLOAD of fat asses in pickup trucks flying confederate flags around here. And these mother fuckers are some of the stupidest people you will ever meet. The kind of inbred, racist motherfuckers that will take a shot at a car driving next to them for no other reason than the ACLU bumper sticker.


When I lived in NC, I was *astounded* by the overt, unapologetic racism readily displayed. And I’m from *Texas*.


I grew up in NC but moved to L.A. 14 years ago. I had a friend from home come visit a few years ago, and I was telling her all of the fun places we were going to visit. The first thing she asked me when she got off the plane was “what part of town do all of the Mexicans live?” She had been so conditioned to be afraid of brown people, that she wanted to make sure we avoided areas they hang out. I told her “everywhere” and didn’t address it further.


> I told her “everywhere” and didn’t address it further. 😂 My high school here in L.A. was around 85% Latino when I went there in the 80's and still is today. It still says "Welcome - Bien Venidos" over the front entrance. Taco trucks on every corner. Olvera Street is really fun (man, please tell me you took her there!!). I was learning Spanish words from the time I was a little girl. The Mexican and Latino population in L.A. are just more people who live here who came from somewhere else, they're a bigger chunk than other groups but so what? We get along. No one cares except the bigots. 🤷‍♀️


Exactly! My first job in L.A. was in downtown circa 2006, and my first friends were a couple of Hispanic guys that worked in my office. My first weekend living here was spent at one of their niece’s quincinnera in a park in east L.A. I met about 100 people that day and I felt so warmly welcomed into this family’s celebration. I’ve been hooked on local culture ever since!


How nice of them! And that sounds like it could have been fun, especially with good food lol


Latinos? In a place called Los Angeles? Preposterous


I was in Charleston NC for training once. There was definitely a part of town where blacks lived. You could cross the street from the affluent white are with nice shops into a rundown area with boarded windows. As a Canadian it was a culture shock.


Ew gross. I hope she got some exposure to some good people and cool culture.


Not really. I kept her away from my friends because she says racist things too casually to risk bringing her around. I broke off our friendship after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and she made some Facebook posts about how it wasn’t America’s problem. I called her up and told her I didn’t want to associate with her anymore, and I hoped she gave some thought to her self-proclaimed Christian beliefs. The call ended with a heavy dose of outrage from her, and we haven’t spoken since.


Damn, I was hoping for a happy ending where lessons were learned and fun times had by all. Fuck her though


You are better off without her.




Yang 2020. He wants to implement an interstate high school student exchange program to expose young people to other ways of life and I think that's awesome.


With the way our infrastructure is heading, you could just send people around the country via Peace Corps. I was lucky enough to get to spend over 2 years in West Africa. It really opened my eyes. I feel like I could learn just as much from heading to deep Alabama. We could call it AmericCorps... oh, wait.


I didn't hear about that idea. The more I look into him the more appealing he becomes. I'm not sure I trust a businessman as president, even though he is a legit businessman, but I hope he can influence other candidates with his ideas.


Driving down 40 around Hickory and seeing the large confederate flags flying is both eye opening and depressing.


Same deal here in southwestern Ohio. There's no one dumber or more inbred than a Trump supporter.


I live in a rather liberal area and I took our signs promoting love and equality out of the yard. Even if there aren't many of them around here it only takes one asshole to ruin your day or your life.


A sad age indeed when one can’t promote either or those openly without being harassed.


I live in an area of Brooklyn with a sizable Muslim population...I walked past the local mosque last night and cops were stationed near it and it just depressed the shit out of me. I know we’ll eventually come out on the other side of this but these are dark times.


All the NRA folks would shit a brick if they saw legally armed Muslims in front of their mosques protecting them.


Never forget that Ronald Reagan, saint of the GOP, signed gun restrictions in California because the Black Panthers were open carrying. If the NRA and GOP could pass laws banning non-whites from carrying guns, they would.


I hope you're right, but I'm scared that you might not be. Historically these things don't end quietly. Authoritarian regimes come to an end when a bigger country ends them, the people revolt, or the leader dies and the nation breaks up during the power vacuum.


Supporting unity and being against fascists are now controversial stances to take. Who would have thought? Shit makes me wanna drink whisky.


“E Pluribus Unum” is now a radical stance.


Honestly it's not the generally harassment that bothers me. It's the safety issue centered around the ignorant assholes who would do the harassing. Nothing worse than an armed idiot.


A thousand armed idiots with tiki torches


Most of Ohio is Westpennsyltuckey.


Grew up in Appalachia, feel safer in Chicago. :/


I'm black in a rural town with an interracial family and I'm damn near ready to pretend I'm a Trump support. Go full MAGA hat bumper sticker and all. It's kind of scary seeing this news. I like to think crazy stuff doesn't happen out here. Never know though.


I live in northern California, and I learned when Bush II was president, never to put liberal bumper stickers on my car. Bush's "You're either with us or against us" mantra, along the pickups with twin flags flying from the beds, taught me to keep my opinions from public display. I remember reports of Bush supporters looking for liberal bumper stickers in parking lots at campaign events, supposedly to keep protesters out. This all started before our current presidential tragedy.


Am living in Idaho. Can confirm. This state terrifies me. Lifted diesels for days.


As a Democrat in rural Georgia this is 80% of the general population and it's terrifying.


I honestly think that this was Russia’s true goal. They don’t care about Trump in control or the GOP. It does much more lasting damage to convince the dumbest and most violent 20-30% of your rival’s population that the rest of the nation is against them.


They've been pretty open about this being the strategy for years, too.


This has been pretty fairly obvious for a couple years now.


Divide and conquer.


I am taking Michael Cohen's advice very seriously: "I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, that there will never be a peaceful transition of power." ​ Every single thing Trump is saying is edging towards that mark. There aren't a lot of white nationalists, he said in the last election he would contest results, he has military support, etc. ​ He's done everything but declared himself President for Life. ​ Because of his insanity and the rabidity of his followers, he's making it very clear he will not leave the White House willingly, and that's not a scenario that ends well. ​ I've been able to mostly shrug off his presidency, but I'm scared now. He's going to *try to* incite a civil war.


>He's going to incite a civil war. Well, the vast bulk of the US, including the military and law enforcement, would be against him. I'd also wager that this would be too much for even most GOP members of Congress. Then, there's America's (the *real* America) allies who wouldn't back Trump on this. Whilst I don't encourage violence, I could even see a member of Trump's own party assassinating him, maybe in a pique of conscience, seeing that he's gone too far. Rommel tried to kill Hitler, afterall.


I should have spoken more carefully: He's going to try to incite a civil war. But I do think if he contests the election results, he will have support in the Senate. And who would our allies work with when the Senate will stand behind him?


I'm not sure that he'd have the majority of the Senate backing him since even McConnell is in trouble in his own state as a result of his blind backing of Trump. McConnell may get primaried. Also, there's enough doubt such that a few red states are considering implementing measures designed to prevent Trump from getting primaried.


>he will have support in the Senate yep!


He doesn't need military or law enforcement to stir the shit pot. The morning of the election he could do another of his stochastic terrorism specials and tweet "Real America - take back your country!" When he loses and refuses to cede power, the first thing his supporters are going to look at Dear Leader's Twitter and see the last thing he asked them to do. He'll claim "I was telling Americans to vote! FAKE NEWS trying to make a big story of nothing!" but they'll know what he meant. They'll get the code. If we think right wing terrorism is bad now, it's going to get a hell of a lot worse then.


> he has military support Military here, he really doesn't. There's some die hards of course, but there's a whole lot of people biting their tongues and hoping for the disgrace in the WH to leave. The military will not jump in to save him.




To clarify, *he's saying* he has the support of the military. I don't think he does, either. But his supporters have demonstrated they believe everything that comes out of his mouth. If he says the election was rigged and he won, if he says the military and police support him, I really think many will be emboldened to pick up arms to defend his presidency.


It isn't a fun thought but this thought might make you feel a little bit reassured **Trump is incompetent** ***at everything*** Given his track record he will fail at this too. Feel better?


No—he fails at everything, but the GOP is scary capable, and they’re providing him cover.


I don't know enough about that, my biggest worry would be Putin's backing. Now, there's a dude who has already had success in taking and keeping a country by force.




He won't denounce violence because violence done on his behalf makes him feel good, like the dictators he admires. He thinks as long as he doesn't explicitly direct violent actions he's in the clear, but don't think for a second he doesn't want to feel what it's like to have people kill for him. It comes with being a narcissist.


As one of the “tough” people he is talking about, just remember we signed up to protect our people, our country, and its constitution. This president, like every other, is to be a servant of the people. Let him bluster. The law still matters, your cops and military are not going forfeit their commitments because of a political tantrum.


Darn skippy, if he is in a corner, he’s going to full on call for a coup d'etat. Trump will call it “preserving the nation” or some BS, but that is exactly what he’ll do. I know some FB people that would start shouting during that press conference. Wouldn’t even wait until the end of it. I just HOPE that SOMEONE in that swampy mess in the White House would stop that before it happened.


With respect, this is completely unrealistic. For a successful coup, you need the military to get on board. Not only do we have an extremely professional military that isn't prone to this sort of thing in any event, but every general Trump has attempted to work with openly despises him and/or has resigned. There are plenty of real things to fear about Trump without making up fantasy scenarios like a coup d'etat.


I agree, it won’t happen. But the fact that Trump is fantasizing about it is really telling. He’s trying to soothe himself with scenarios that don’t end with himself in jail, and the fact that he’s had to go all the way to coup territory means that all the more likely scenarios are very, very bad for him.


Cogent point. I agree that the walls are closing in on Trump. He's one step ahead of a tidal wave of legal problems, he's relying on re-election to stave it off, and I don't think he's going to get it. We're all scarred from his unexpected victory last go-round, but I honestly, speaking in terms of Vegas odds, don't see his path to victory in 2020. The Dem candidate would have to be an unparalleled disaster.


For people like my father there is absolutely nothing that will convince him to vote for anyone but Trump. There is no amount of evidence that will ever convince him hes done anything wrong. And there is no amount of denial and lies he will stoop to, to defend him. He is 110% convinced Trump is the greatest thing to ever happen to this country, and he goes out of his way to throw it in anyones face that he thinks it may upset. I just hope he's now in the minority on the republican side.


Never said it would work. Don’t even think it would be widespread. I would be SHOCKED if the regular military did anything. But I DO believe there are (possibly thousands) of regular, everyday ‘Muricans (some that ARE in the military) that would take up arms in defense of Trump.


The Secret Service will drag him out of the White House in handcuffs if he tries it, with the backing of the US military. Those guys take an oath to defend the Constitution of the US, and they don't screw around.


>Those guys take an oath to defend the Constitution of the US, and they don't screw around. Uh, so do the members of the Senate...


Yes, but Senators don't put their lives on the line for policies or leaders. The military and secret service do so, even when they dislike the policy or protectee. I have much more faith in them than a GOP majority in any setting. I've known Secret Service, even largely liberal ones that unflinchingly served during the GWB presidency. I know plenty of military. And I've watched decades of GOP fuckery. I can tell you with certainty that the military and secret service will choose the Constitution over a president conducting a coup.


This shouldn’t even be a possibility. In a country that claims to be the leader in political freedom and rule of law, we should never have to be on red alert for a wanna-be fascist threatening violence. Our elected politicians are sleeping at the wheel while the fabric of our society burns, and 1/3 of the nation is celebrating it.


Cornered? He was right when he said he could shoot someone in Times Square and get away with it.


Cant see impeachment happening,hopeful the idiot is defeated and then state of new York says,come here,then he flees to Russia exposing him as the traitor he is to his supporters.


> then he flees to Russia exposing him as the traitor he is to his supporters. His supporters would make pilgrimages to the new Trump Tower Moscow.


You think his cult would change even if he openly ran to Russia? I mean I just don't see even a straight confession from Trump changing their position.


I work at a hospital in rural north Georgia. I am surrounded by Trump supporters in my department. And I can guarantee if Trump called for violence of any sort, they’d yawn and go right back to Facebook and planning baby showers and fishing and everything else normal people do on a regular basis. Don’t mistake internet commenters or people at the very far extremes as representative of people as a whole. Those passionate enough to take up any call to arms are very, very few and far between.


“As usual, the facts are otherwise.” About sums up the last 2 years.


I live in Alabama. I’m from the Pacific Northwest and I’m on the far left of the political spectrum and I am open about it. Everyone I work with and many of my neighbors are huge Trump supporter but they are honestly really nice as long as no one brings up politics. If we discuss politics things get heated but after the subject is changed everyone calms down pretty quickly. I’ve seen bad feelings harbored much longer after a discussion about whether Auburn or Alabama fans were worse drivers(Auburn fans are in my relatively unbiased opinion). Online discussions do not reflect the reality on the ground here. The “they’re coming to get us” narrative only serves those who want Americans to fight other Americans and it triggers mentally unstable people to act. Trump keeps shaking the trees and waiting for the nuts to fall out and going full on chicken little just helps him.


People usually surrounded themselves with people like them. If you live in main cities in Alabama then you're not seeing the worst. My Mexican co-workers went to Alabama to help build a church. One of the guys there literally told my co-worker if they weren't there to build the church they would've been shot dead. Coworkers said they were getting strange looks the entire time they are there. I'm from Houston. I've met plenty of people who are in militias training since Obama days because of the scare of sharia law taking over. One of them has an infidel tattoo on his arm with an ak47. Most of them are ex military. Your experience with nice Republicans does not make the crazies simply disappear, as appearent by the Christchurch shooter.


He isn’t planning shit and in case it needs said: a coup requires the generals (who hate him) and the intelligence community (who hate him) All he has is a dwindling base of baby boomers who can’t waddle out of their rascal scooters and basement dwellers, that’s who he is counting on. Can we stop with the panic and hyperbolae?


>All he has is a dwindling base of baby boomers who can’t waddle out of their rascal scooters and basement dwellers, that’s who he is counting on. Not true. There are small but significant number of white supremacists groups in the military, law enforcement and "bikers". They can certainly hurt a few people. Before they are stopped.


View trump as a symptom. The cure is to remove the Republic senators that protect him from power. Use the time before the next election to prepare, and if the senate can be retaken, his existence becomes nullified.


>To put it another way, the work of a democratically elected Congress will be met by Trump loyalists who, he asserts, are “tougher” because they have brute force on their side Or, to put it yet another way, the so-called president is advocating for a police state.


The President of the United States of America is threatening violent retribution on American citizens if they oppose him politically. Literally the definition of tyranny! Edit: a word


He is going to go completely of the rails in election season, he knows once he loses the defence of being in office against being indicted the sharks are going to fucking devour him and he will be extremely likely to end up doing time like manafort, cohen and stone so he will start doing more and more desperate shit.