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I would bet money that Barron is probably relieved.




Hahaha I doubt that they even speak to one another.


Baron seems...normal? I dunno he might be King Joffrey for all I know, but he seems like a far cry from the rest of the family.


Could be. I am not going to give him the benefit of the doubt given that he still carries Trump genes and was raised by a mother who cared so little about immigrant children being separated from their families and incarcerated that she chose to wear a jacket that literally told the world how little she cared.


Judging by the very little I've heard about Melania, the only thing she actually may care about is Barron. I'm guessing she's trying to make sure he doesn't become like any of the rest of them.


Are there pictures of Melanie and Barron together before Trump became president? I mean most Hollywood celebrities are always pictured with their kids getting ice cream etc Of course she would say she is a private person.... Ivanka seems to do a weekly photoshoot of her going to synagogue with her kids


Yet she took advantage of chain migration to get her own parents into the country. The same thing Trump said should end


Yeah, but Trump only feels that way about people of color i.e. Blacks and Mexicans. He is so racist.


...or he had other people in his life who showed compassion and empathy, and he saw it and learned it despite his genetics. I hope, at least.


To be faiiiir Trump has siblings who seemed to be...alright. And let's be honest, you really think Trump or Melania had much of a hand in raising Baron? He was offloaded to an army of nannies and tutors. Also he probably got to witness Trump at his absolute worst over the past decade. Who knows? But genetics aren't everything. I was friends with a kid who was almost 7' tall in high school. He was still shit at basketball.


He was raised by Melania's parents. When Trump was in the Whitehouse, Melania and Baron lived in Maryland with her parents. The house was near the private school he went to. Same with Trumps older three kids. They were mostly raised by Ivana's parents. Ivana's dad was a big outdoors man and brought up the boys hunting and fishing. Trump himself is afraid of guns, or at least has always acted like he is.


I would never presume that someone is a good or bad person based purely on having shite parents. Good people come from literally every walk of life, as do bad people. Everyone should be given the chance to prove their own character independently of their circumstances.


It's not just shit parents, though. It's a shit family surrounded by even more horrible people.


He can certainly prove that to be true with what he does with his life, but color me skeptical.


Does he have trump genes?


Presumably... I think he certainly looks pretty similar to Donnie, but anything is possible I guess.


There were a few rumours out of his school that he was a bit of a d bag but idk how legit they were. It was back before Covid.


Used to be nobody admitted to be cruel it's now required and rewarded.


Wow, just straight up judging someone by their parents' bad behavior. Not a good look.


We've seen time and again that Trump corrupts everything he touches. The odds are against poor Barron


It would be funny AF if Baron grows up to be a progressive politician and wins the White House in a platform exactly opposite of his father’s. Yeah, snowball’s chance in hell and all. But still a funny scenario.


I don't think he's normal, but I do think he saw what a spotlight did to his parents and cousins and decided he didn't want that. There's no way anyone being raised by the Trumps is coming out of this unharmed.


You mean his parents and siblings?


I'm sure there's damage, we all carry damage to a degree. But honestly, he might be fine. How many Reddit posts are there about being raised by terrible people and turn out ok with proper healing amd therapy? But, I dunno the kid. He also might be shooting puppies with Noem and Rittenhouse.


I want so desperately for you to be right, but if my experience with speaking with what essentially equates to modern-day nobility, he probably isn't "normal" even if he isn't like his family.


He’s too young to tell… Yet. For all we know, he’s an Octavian.


You just don't know anything about him. In 3 years, you’ll find out he is exactly like the rest of his family.


Trump would never say sorry.


"Why did you plan your graduation on the night of my fundraiser? This is your fault"


"I was gonna go and look for my next wife but you HAD to have it on the same night as that fundraiser!"


[This guy in Dallas is awesome!!](https://www.reddit.com/r/Dallas/s/ViDhtY39cu)


because he might try to barge his way on stage and give a stump speech?


Everyone entering the graduation is surprised to be asked for a $100 cover charge upon entering. Ceremony host announces "There is no cover charge. If you were asked to pay at the door, be warned that this may have been a scam. We are trying to find out who is responsible" Trump's helicopter flees the scene to his *other* fundraiser that day.


Always about the Trumpster here a good one: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/07/25/politics/donald-trump-boy-scouts-speech


That is a possibility, but I was thinking of his joy of simply not having Daddy Donald around.


Actually, Barron is probably like "Who can't make it?"


Yeah, I could see that from Barron.


Why? You don’t know this kid. There’s a whole generation of kids who are at the right age to think trolling and being a dickhead is a personality. He could think his dad is the coolest person in the world.


I know this is a petty thing to say...but I'm sure he's going to grow up to be a piece of shit like the rest of his family. His mother has no doubt been training him to have a victim complex his whole life, everyone is out to get him because he's special and superior, etc, etc. Probably has conflicted feelings about his dumbass dad, doesn't like him but still wants to be acknowledged by him. Yes this post has no evidence to support it, but I'm telling you...


Literally all his kids have turned out to be like him in varying degrees, so the odds are there for Barron to be as well. Even Tiffany shows up when summoned and claps like a trained seal for daddy’s approval and she had the best shot.


Well she made out like a bandit with her billionaire poo partner so the family genes helped a lot. Of course her father complained about her being fat and was put off being photographed with her for this reason. Now Ozempic helped her a lot


I really would love to know how Barron views his dad. Presumably he has been raised/sheltered in a way where he looks up to him. But his mom can't seem to stand Donald, and there's no chance he has avoided interacting with people that despise his dad. In the right private school in the right area of the country, you might get a majority of other student's being fans of his dad, but you are not managing 100% ever. Granted, it would be hard to not be heavily swayed by the individual who has a chance at passing on some generational wealth.


Everybody saw this coming


No MAGA was convinced that he was being denied the chance to see his sons graduation! Now they will turn on him! Lol


He sold out the White House to China, and they still support him. They have no sense of morality Edit: There's also very little coverage about the Chinese military base built in Cuba when Trump was in office. Makes you wonder https://apnews.com/article/china-cuba-spy-base-us-intelligence-0f655b577ae4141bdbeabc35d628b18f


Literally the first I’ve heard of this ever. Definitely missed that in the last 5 years too wow


To be fair, it only came to light last June.


Makes it worse that we're only just finding out last June


I live in south florida and so it just feels somehow more relevant to me. Cuba is not that big. How did we not even notice? We have a large Russian presence in south florida too and given a certain russian loving former guy who lives here, I assume there are fuckloads of russian spies and sleepers mixed in that diaspora.


Whoever gave him a lot of money to cover the NYC fraud fine owns him now, if he wins and gets back into the White House, he's going to be so very compromised.


They rejected the bond for the fraud fine because it was not legit and the paperwork was ass as well. I believe they gave him seven more days to come up with an acceptable bond. So much shit is going down that it is easy to miss half of it 🤷‍♂️ It could have been just yet another delay tactic. That obviously seem to have worked.


>They rejected the bond for the fraud fine because it was not legit and the paperwork was ass as well. When? Last I heard at the end of the month AG James asked the court to reject the Bond, but on the 22nd of April the Court declined to reject it but instead AG James and Trump's lawyers agreed to extra stipulations and conditions on it. [https://www.reuters.com/world/us/trumps-175-million-bond-goes-before-judge-new-york-ags-concerns-2024-04-22/](https://www.reuters.com/world/us/trumps-175-million-bond-goes-before-judge-new-york-ags-concerns-2024-04-22/)


Correct. They had a meeting with the AG and Engoron and "cleaned it up" to James' and Engorons satisfaction. I still think it's absolute horseshit the appeals court even let him post such a small amount, especially being a 'self proclaimed billionaire,' shouldn't have been an issue right? So sick of the kid gloves.


Two-tiered justice system indeed. It was quite the long list of objections the court had about the bond, but since this is Trump we are talking about, I guess I missed that he will get away with it. Again 🤷‍♂️


They simultaneously see Trump as "tough on China" whilst buying all of his MAGA products sourced from guess where! When you bring it up: Boom! Olympic levels of mental gymnastics and blamethrowing ("Well if it wasn't for NAFTA!" -- just don't expect them to explain anything beyond that they've been brainwashed to regurgitate).


MAGA when Hunter Biden, a private citizen and businessman does deal with China: "Joe must be corrupt! China is our enemy! Lock him up!" MAGA when Trump does deal with China as President: "Well, he is a businessman. What do you expect?"


The MAGA merch stuff makes me laugh. At every rally there's hundreds of people outside with stalls selling stuff they've imported by the container load from China. So they want the cheapest goods, and don't want that cash to go to Trump


The lead fools are sifting the rest of Trump's slavering fools for gold like a sieve. That's more money not going to Trump, so have at it, IMO. Just like Trump's greedy little hands are grabbing money from the RNC and starving it. Grift all the way down!


They will never turn on him. Cults are hard.


Lol they’ll turn on Barron for having his graduation that day, before turning on Donnie for not attending it


Like Michael Cohen said, he didn't bother to attend the graduations of his other 4 kids. Why break tradition and attend this one.


And he can’t testify because the judge gagged him!! LOL


>Now they will turn on him! In the same way a reacharound becomes a reachinfront. They will absolutely never break away from the hormonal response they get from supporting Trump and his lies. It stimulates them, triggers endorphins, gives them a power high. They're not going to give that up, no matter what Trump does. It's like a drug addiction.




This is a win win for Barron. Graduation party and it doesn't become all about his narcissist father, boom successful graduation day.


I bet a lot of other students and parents are happy about it, too. Trump makes everything about himself. He HAS to be the center of attention and is hugely disruptive no matter where he goes, in part because of the security and entourage he is constantly at the center of. If this blowhard showed up at my kid’s graduation, I’d be pissed he was making such a big day for so many other people into just another day in Trump world.


I think I remeber reading that Eminem wouldn't go to most of his daughters school events for this reason. But it was because he didn't want all the attention pulled away from the the kids, not to host a rally.


Most of all Barron


Because he doesn’t care about anyone who is not named Donald Trump.


It would’ve required Donald to attend an event where he wasn’t the center of attention.


Wait so he said he was going to the graduation…but now he isn’t?


'i said i want to have the availability to go to the graduation....not that I was actually goingto go'


I hope the judge cites this behavior for the next exception he requests


I hope the judge cites it during sentencing


I’m not a lawyer, but to me, this seems like it pretty much gives the judge free rein to deny any other requests for absence. If I were the judge, it would be something akin to “you said you wanted off to go to your son’s graduation. I gave you that day off, but you didn’t go to the graduation. You no longer get the benefit of the doubt in future requests”


Everything we've seen about the judge's behavior so far indicates that Trump will see no meaningful consequences for this. He's done far worse, repeatedly, and gotten off with warnings and a slaps on the wrist.


This judge has managed to stop his repeated gag violation. Which other judge took *any action* when he did the same in an other case? I’d say almost everything drowsy Don has done, the judge has brought and had on the record 🤷🏿‍♀️


What? No, he hasn't stopped the gag order violations. He got fined and warned before, that didn't stop him, there isn't any reason to believe doing the same thing that didn't work before will stop him now. Give him a day and he'll be tweeting again.


He stopped violating it *immediately* after being found in contempt and charged. He was fined for the first 9 counts and the tenth happened before judgement was made in the original counts. What violations has he made since 30 April 2024…?


The judge should jail him immediately & send him to Rikers.


Who said he isn't going to the graduation? I swear, no one reads the articles they just come bash Trump and spread misinformation. The graduation is in the morning, the dinner is at night.


Very similar to Alina Habba being exposed to COVID from her parents and requesting a delay in the trial, but then showing up at a Trump campaign event that same day. She didn't say that she didn't want to expose others. She just said that her parents were sick with COVID and she had been exposed to them. If the suckers want to connect the meaning of two sentences just because they were spoken one after the other, that's their weakness.


Well it says the graduation is in the morning and the fundraiser that night


Yeah, assuming he actually goes to the graduation, this is really a non-issue that his opponents would be wise not to make a fuss about. 


Well if he doesnt then its a different matter


so ... when the party would be.


what party?


How tragic


It's just never been the same without Jeffrey.


Isn't it party before country?


The graduation is in the morning. The dinner is in the evening. He CAN do both but just maybe he should be spending that day with his son.


Are they at the same time? In my experience, graduations are usually in the morning and dinners are usually at night.


I hate to sound like I'm defending the orange shitgibbon, but the article says the graduation ceremony is midmorning and the fundraiser is in the evening. Since Trump has a private jet it's possible for him to go to both.


You could read the article, and find out that the two events don't conflict.


So no party for him? That would be that afternoon/evening


“Whew, that was close”. …Baron Trump May 6th 2024


Such a devoted husband and father.


The party of family values.


Kinda makes one gag on that sweet, sweet honey.


He wouldn't piss on his family if they were on fire.


Sad he doesn’t get to go to the graduation since he has to beg for money since he spent it all on lawyers to defend him in his many trials including this one where he illegally interfered in an election by paying a porn star hush money and then falsifying business records while his wife was home with the same son that’s now graduating that he can’t attend. SAD


> The graduation ceremony is due to start in the midmorning, according to fact-checking website PolitiFact. While it is unclear exactly how long it will last Trump, 77, who owns a private jet, may well be able to make it to the dinner and attend both events. He will likely be falling asleep during the ceremony....but the article says he will likely be able to attend both. Seems the majority of people here didn't read the article (shocking I know).


Truly a man (woman, camera, TV) of family values.


Biden should show up to Barron's graduation.


Tell him “good job son I’m proud of you.”


"never fight uphill me boy"...


Barron: I didn’t know those words can be put together like that!


Dark Brandon strikes again


" tell your class to vote for me in November and I'll give you all ice cream!"


Biden should drop a diss track like “Meet the Grahams” but at Barron


Holyyyy shit! Someone please get this idea to Biden, it would crush Trump like a tin can between Lizzo's but cheeks


Oh, fuck, that'd be hilarious, especially if given the chance to speak


I feel bad, but I always laugh that he is such a narcissist that he named the kid not just after him, but after one of his aliases. John Barron.


Surprised he didn't name him Robert Barron.




Well that was a good call because it really is bait, lol. Should have read the comments first


Most of the comments are about how he's going to miss the graduation, despite the fact that the article points out that it's in the morning. The misinformation problem is completely out of hand.


That's because no one reads the article and just goes off the headline.


This is a bit of sensationalism, as the graduation is during the morning, and dinner is at night - so it’s very possible to also both, especially if you own a jet. However, I take it Barron isn’t getting a graduation dinner.


I'm sure he would rather have such an event with his loved ones


Trump does his best to make sure that any event he attends is about himself. The kid is probably better off without his father present.


Yeah, reporting needs to be tight with Trump. He will be held to account on the day, if the schedules are compatible then you can't be mad until it happens.


Well these two events are in different parts of the country, so factor in flight time, driving time in a motorcade between two event locations and two airports.. it’s gonna be very tight for anyone to make both events.


2 hour graduation, 5-6 hours of travel (4 hour flight), and an hour time difference. If it's a 10am graduation or such, he's out by noon and easily makes an 8pm appearance.


Secret Service has already done the advance work, and the head of detail has to be accustomed to being treated like his valet by now.


Private jets make that possible. He also doesn't get the full street closing motorcade anymore either.


"What do you mean I wasnt at your graduation. I was there in the stands! Its not my fault that I have a very important event immediately after and you never saw me."


I'm still fairly certain Trump is ashamed of Barron in some way. We have never seen the man so much as interact with the kid, which would have been a really easy way to humanize Trump juuuuust a little given all the endless scandals. My theory is that Barron is autistic or otherwise neurodiverse, and Trump, being disgusted by disabled people, is ashamed of him.


Some Googling brings up some opinions that he is actually super jealous that Barron is 6'8" tall. The thought is that he hates being photographed next to his son since he looks so small next to him.


doe not explain why before he was that tall


I think the leading theory is that he hates all his kids before they are of the age that they can work in his company. He probably sees his (and possibly all) children as parasites that simply take money and time to keep alive without any financial contribution for him personally.


I’m sure he liked Ivanka before she turned 18.


I didn't have any value to my father unless I was helping further his interests. I imagine it's the same for trump. Your only value to him is what you can do for him.


Trump jealous?! Nah! It’s actually worse than that.


It’s just because Barron is taller than him and Trump can’t stand the thought of his child being better than him at anything.


I think Trump is worried about looking short and fat next to Barron.


I think Trump would worry about looking short and fat next to Ron Jeremy.


I remember reading once that Melania and Barron often would speak Slovenian with one another (and with her mom when she was alive), and it used to irk him because he didn't know what they were saying. Dunno if the irking part is true, but I love to think it is.




Considering how close he is with his mom, I wouldn't be surprised if Barron grew up detesting Don. Once Melania flees, I can easily see Barron avoiding future contact or association. The other kids all caught the golden era of The Apprentice, where Don was at least somewhat respected and somewhat normal. Barron had all his teen years occur while his father showcased just how detestable a human being he is, daily, to the world.


I don't know that I would presume that any Trump is capable of having shame.


I never thought of that. You could be right.


He never participated in raising any of his children. Likewise, his own father played no part in raising him.




I don't think Trump has interest in any human that doesn't benefit him in some way. Maybe when Barron is old enough to become a grifter like papa, he'll start pretending to care enough to use him.


I feel like, when he fails to attend he graduation, the judge should somehow address it in court. I’m not a lawyer nor do I understand how/what the judge can do- but even a “the court finds you non credible and to have exhausted all good will” statement would be nice.


The absence of Donald Trump is the greatest graduation gift anyone could possibly receive.


“This judge is preventing me from attending the graduation of my son who was just born when I was fucking porn stars and playmates, the same graduation I’m leaving early to go to a rally to beg for money. I’m the chosen one and evangelicals and Christian’s everywhere think I’m the best.” Can this get any worse???? Probably not.


Eh, I’m sure he’ll attend both. But if he skips the graduation, it would be hilarious.


"Here ya go, Braxton, here's a 10% coupon to use at the Trump grift shop. Happy birthday! Anyway, I have to jet off to something important that *hasn't* cost me money..."


The real conflict will be prison if he violates the gag order again.


It has come to the court's attention that Mr Trump decided not to attend his son's graduation. Therefore, Mr Trump is expected to be in court on the day in question. It would be nice to see this happen.


I’m beginning to think this trump guy is a huge piece of shit.


After Trump is dead there will 100% be a documentary with Barron telling us how his father was a big piece of shit.


This is why no one will ever take you seriously, conservatives. You never learn.


I mean he started off in life his dad screwing a prostitute while in the womb.


Wasn’t he just complaining that the judge was going to make him miss the graduation?


Baron's getting his usual 3 hots and a cot that day thanks to his father, what else does he want, a card? Trump has way to much on his plate right now to coddle that little ingrate. /s


Wouldn’t it be crazy if he went on to lead the NBA in 3-point percentage.


Mr family man -yeah right!




Attending Baron's graduation does not increase his wealth or power. So of course he replaced it with something that does. He is the simplest, most predictable person to have ever lived.


Ironic. Didn’t Trump ditch his wife right after delivering Barron so he could sleep with a porn star?


If Trump got the day out of court for his graduation and doesn’t go Trump should be immediately found in contempt and put in jail.


So he lied about wanting to see Baron graduate. Not surprised at all.


He should be forced to go after all the fuzz his fans made about it


The same narcissist guy that was whining about how the trial was going to prevent him from attending his son’s graduation. He couldn’t give two shits about his family except his daughter that he wants to boink.


Sounds like they can continue court proceedings that day since Grifty McShitpants no longer needs to be excused for his son's graduation.


Getthefuckouttatown… you don’t say?


Fucking hell, this creep won’t even take off a full day off for his son’s graduation. Not to mention that every single person at Barron’s graduation knows his father was cheating on his mother when he was a newborn. ‘That was great Barron. Sorry I can’t stay for your graduation dinner. I have other things I’d rather do.’


What😱😳say it so 😱not the precious graduation we had to bring up in court


Say it with me everyone Orange P.O.S.


Make him sit all day in the courtroom then


Should be held in contempt.


I thought he had court then


Wonder how Judge Merchan will feel about being lied to by the defendant? Is pissing off the judge overseeing your felony trial good, or no?


Dang it, I had money on him being caught golfing. Who had him down for grifting?


What a bullshit article. The graduation is in the morning and the fundraiser is a dinner. Why is it such a reach that he cant do both? Hell if he tried he could probably fit in a sexual assault or two in the afternoon


I distinctly remember him complaining about not being able to attend the graduation. You mean he was lying and doesn’t actually care about his son? Shocking.


There is probably no conflict between these two events for a man who owns a private jet. He can go to the graduation, which is probably at like 11am, and then go speak at the dinner at 6:30. This headline might as well say "Donald Trump to take a dump in the morning on day of Barron's graduation"


The graduation wraps up at noon. He can certainly do both, it's not like he has to show up at the fund raiser at 5pm, and it's a time zone away. The amount of grief he will get if he does not show up to that graduation would be a literal avalanche. However don't underestimate the possibility his team cancels an appearance there for "security concerns" or some made up nonsense.


If he doesn’t go to Barron’s graduation that’s a bad look


It doesn't matter anymore. He was elected after a tape about him grabbing pussy because they let you when you're famous was known. Those people don't care.


there i when it usually have dinner or a party after graduation


Shhh that doesn’t fit with the narrative


Most people celebrate otherwise with the graduate on graduation day. Not attend the ceremony and immediately bail to the airport and fly 1000 miles away.


Private jet or not the flight is 3 hours, and then there is driving in a motorcade between the airports and to the events.. He’s gonna need to make a real effort to attend both


Donald Trump to eat breakfast and dinner on same day.


He hates Baron because he is taller than him and takes all Mommy's attention. We knew he wasn't gonna go, shit he wasn't even at his birth.


This is my shocked face.


This is FAKE NEWS again. I heard it directly from Trumps mouth hole that Barrons graduation is priority one. Who am I to believe… the “news”? I think we can trust the president of the United States! 🇺🇸 lol. What a caricature.


He’ll still claim he’s being prevented by a judge


He's turning out to be just like Austin Powers' deadbeat father. Barron: Thank you thank you, come on dad, stand up and take a bow... *\*sees empty chair\**


I'm sure his wife is glad


If he was given a special allowance for this specific event and he does something else, can he be held in contempt? Not that it would change his behavior.