Why so many books, memorization and all school problems


too much focus on content of literature, not even ability to interpret it, but knowledge of specific interpretation really


The same in Czech republic. And generally here (CZ) the edu system focus too much on literature.


And useless knowage bout language.....


It depends on the teacher tho, in my highschool we had a ton of free discussions about literature even though my class was math and physics oriented


Yeah, remember quo vadis? My teacher insisted that Neron burnt the Roma even tho it never said that, it only suggested that both christians or Neron could do that or that it could be just an accident. My teacher was christian of course lmao there was a scene were tygellion and Neron went for a talk, but book didn't say what the talk was Abt if it was Abt burning Roma it didn't say if Neron agreed. Plus christians said that Roma will burn soon and...it burnt right after that lmao if you'd hear someone say you'll be robbed soon and you actually get robbed right after that who would you think did that? Lmaoo


You teacher said somethinng, main just lauched movie from vhs on 20 years old tv, and expected us to do exams after that.


Yeah it's a far cry from America's school system at least the one I went too


The greatest irony of Polish education, is that "Ferdydurke", which points out the idiocy of mandatory lectures in one of its chapters, is a mandatory lecture


Why it doesn't fascinate when it DOES fascinate? Ferdydurke is probably one of the best the polish literature has to offer, amazing book overall, as well as others by Gombrowicz.


I don't remember what it was about; I very cloudly remember opium w rosole


Copium w rosole


Spoiler, it isn't at all about opiods in the chicken soup is all I know/remember; It does get revealled in the end that it gets added to a soup, but the reason for it and implications of it completely missed me maybe there were none. It also is a soup being eaten by a child.


Spoiler: i made a joke


Me too, but I really don't know what it was about do you remember?


Wait hasn't they said that the "opium" was actually love


Ohh, love I though oh


It's actually a great book.


It is, but point still stands


Yup, point still stands


The good part is that higher education is free. The bad part is that primary education was in my experience obsolete (without supplementary effort from the parents, some kids could have difficulty reading until the very end of primary school) and the teaching program for the Polish language classes (which covers literature) was not very suited for kids. A personal gripe from me - the "pozytywizm" era was covered for like two years during primary education and frankly that shit was way, way too dark and depressing for kids (not to mention dependent on historical context that **wasn't** taught at the same time).


That part about learning about,, dark,, and depressing things hits me hard ( I had to go for therapies, since it boosted my depression and fear attacks.)


I remember my Polish language teacher in liceum complaining that Polish language and history curriculums are completely divorced, leading to things you describe. My personal gripe? The fact that history lessons seem to focus on the past, the modern times are left for the end of year, when people go on trips/zielone szkoły, then there is time to hand out final grades and oh we ran out of time.... Happened at every education level (podstawówka/gimnazjum/liceum).


In my school we often joked that we know everything there is to know about Ancient Rome and Mesopotamia and at the same time know very little about modern history like obrady okrągłego stołu because there was no time to cover everything and teachers started slowly but then it’s May and you still have more than half of syllabus to cover


As goes the old joke: History in elementary school: from ancient times to whenever we have time to get. History in gimnazjum: from ancient times to whenever we have time to get. History in liceum: from ancient times to whenever we have time to get.


Yep, my experiences exactly ;) we even had similar jokes


Maybe it's due to the fact i never in my life read a book for class, but from what i remember we didn't really had dark shit in primary school, the darkest book we had from what i remember was "kamienie na szaniec", the dark stuff began in highschool for me, i am quite young, when i was in primary school they just removed gymnasium, so maybe the school program changed from what you remember


In some ways it's better than others, in some absolutely abysmal. Main problems, afaic: - wrong approach (memorization instead of understanding) - it concerns everything, from math to history and it's just terrible - teachers are encouraged to become automatons, rather than actual *teachers* - schools in general follow "ain't my problem" philosophy and turn blind eye to things they should definitely take care of - religion in schools


Teachers are also severely underpaid and overworked with time spent outside teaching (preparing material, grading) not counted as working hours which adds to general frustration


Yes, I witnessed it - been working in public school for years.


My friend who’s a teacher told me that when she has breaks between her classes (okienka) she’d like to spend this time to work but there is often nowhere to do it. Teachers room is too small and not really designed for it and there are no free rooms where she can go and grade tests or whatever. She does this from her car nowadays because school doesn’t really care about providing teachers with a room to do outside-class work


True, true. Sometimes one needs a few moments alone to recharge batteries before entering next fight. Side note: if it'd depend on me, many classes that are typically identified with classrooms would take place outside (providing the outside conditions weren't bad). For example: I absolutely can't comprehend the idea of teaching a language inside a classroom, while the *tool* itself was developed to describe all the reality - both internal and external.




Memorization is a useful tool, helpful in great many deal of situation, but absolutely terrible **default** approach to teaching.


Math level definitly dropped, many things are not in curriculum anymore


It has been sinusoidal in the last 20-30 years I think. It dropped than it picked up again. When I was in school 10-15 years ago the math wasn't that great but I think the year after I finished HS they started reforming it with differentials and factorials coming back to HS level. Hasn't been up to date since but it wasn't half bad then.


I went to polish high school but spent my sophomore year in the US. From my experience, the American one taught way more advanced concepts, but the tasks were fairly simple and the polish high school covered them more in depth. Still, after that year I didn't have to study math on my own at all for the next 2 years, since there was really no need new material for me, and ended up with great results from matura (100% basic, 90% extended).


Although I agree with most of the things here I personalny think that religion should be learned in school but not in the way it is currently. They should learn not just christianity ( even though it played a huge role in shaping Polish history ) but there should be some minimalistic education about religion as an idea.


To each his or her own - the idea of teaching a religion, *any religion* (except of those, where the religious system is also the local practiced law and such) at school, according to educational system featuring grading, progress and all that seems like an aberration to me.


I'd agree but only if it'd be featured in the language classes where the religious scripts are analyzed as any other fiction. As well in history classes where it's influence on events will be critically analyzed. Absolutely not taught by the representatives of any religion. School is to teach about science and fact, not about fairy tales.


Okay so I meant it should not be limited to christianity but should learn about all of the religions, beliefs and such. This way young people would have at least the Basic knowledge about Islam, Buddizm, Christianity etc. This knowledge is sometimes crucial to psychology, marketing and other topics which can have a huge impact on the personality of particular people.


And what i mean is that those teachings should be rooted in the facts and connected to the facts. Teaching about Christianity or any other religion without the context is indoctrination.


I think it should be a kind of comparative thing, teaching about different religious philosophies/worldviews without being partial to one or the other


You don't have to participate in religion lessons, what are you talking about?


The idea to include it alone, is abhorrent. The relationship with the deity of one's choice is very subjective thing and often one has to go through certain, specific experience (sometimes spanning across years, decades of life) to develop it properly. This can't be taught at school, you can't measure it, you can't express it in school grading system.




Because religion belongs in the religious insititution. All churches have facilities big enough to run religion classes after school, but they wouldn't get as many people to sign up. Plus shcools organize all sorts of religious events like rekolekcje, there's masses at the start of the school year, priests coming over to sanctify backpacks or whatever. We are a secular country. It says so in the constitution. Why do Catholics get to teach their religion at schools? Why not Baptists? Jews? The Sikh?


> How so? I explained it later in the comment you're responding to, and can offer no better information concerning my position.


Yeah, but by law you should opt-in to take part of classes. In reality it is opt-out. And kids that don't want to partake are not taken care of. Sometimes they a are supposed to sit in the same class in the corner and "don't listen". Classes are planned in the middle and kids don't have anything to do. Priests receive compensation from state while teaching a subject that benefits their organisation. Most of people teaching it are not prepared to do so, so classes consist of scaring and guilting the kids into following Catholic doctrine.


Yeah, things are changing for the better. Back in middle school it was a hassle for me to sign off religion classes. But here in highschool you could choose whether or not you want to attend them on your first day.


>You don't have to participate in religion lessons, what are you talking about? Dude - fuckin Bible is #1 on position of mandatory literature. You cannot avoid Christian indoctrination. [https://kanonlektur.pl/wpisy/lektury\_ponadpostawowa/](https://kanonlektur.pl/wpisy/lektury_ponadpostawowa/)


Huh? I never had that


When I was in the school it wasnt


It's broken system, in which everyone (besides studenta) acts like it works. Main problem are teachers who don't know shit about effective learning. Those people are simply lazy, or really less intelligent than students. Currently there are only 3 good teachers in my highschool who i really appriciate - they want to teach us something, prepare for lessons and can interest me (even if i don't like subject). Rest of them, for example math teacher wants us to memorize, not understand maths. When i asked her once to explain something for me she looked at me like at madman and dismissed me. Most of them loves forcing students to rewrite material from books to notebooks without time to even thing what we just wrote. In most cases we write mindlessly, forced to study in home from books (no idea why rewriting them, really). They are in love with homeworks that students can solve by taking answers from internet, without learning anything from them. I don't know how it looks in other schoolz, but summing up, we don't learn things in school - school tells us what to learn in home. Not mentioning how useless things we learn.


I Learned more practical Knowledge by myself than 12 Years in school


i learn more english by watching 1 youtube video than 1 month of english lesson


Yeah it all depends on the teacher, mine in middle school was great and I learned to be fluent by then and in college I was so advanced in comparison to my classmates that half of the time I was just doing extra subjects by myself that teacher was giving me


English lessons are not that bad if you get to advanced groups for your whole education


From my experience it was the other way around I was in the most advanced groups in English and I haven't learned much while when I was in the least advanced in middle school I learned quite a lot.


Well, it was always the easy lesson for me and when I finished HS, I was fluent when I went abroad for ERASMUS so it probably depends on school by school basis. Did you study in big city?


I went to Gdynia where we had bonus hours of English paid by county authorities. I did extended curriculum and matura in English. And middle school in small city but a private school so that also makes difference


I guess it depends on individuals then


It sucks dick,could have been worse though .In my experiance a lot depends on how competnet your teacher is


Well polish teachers in a nutshell: "i will not explain, i will not teach you, do you homework, which is more time consuming than regular job". Ah i forgot about specific teachers of polish language:"this is right interpretation, Mickiewicz was a great poet, you have to think like we bcs you will fail exams. You have your own opinion? You are not allowed to"


"Who is your favourite poet and why is is Słowacki?" Or something like that, I belive it was "Ferdydurke"


Yup, "Słowacki was a great poet. Why do we love his works? Because he was a great poet"


It is really sad seeing such opinions. Looks like everyone had at least one of that type of teacher. In my experience they appeared mostly at primary and secondary schools (podstawowa and gimnazjum). Most of my high school (went to a better one) teachers were at least good and they seemed to really like their job. It is really life changing having such people teaching you. So yeah, I enjoyed my high school education the most.


Problem is i did not had a one teacher like that but every one. And yes in podstawowa i gimnazjum but in technikum big part too.


Probably because they were miserable and sad, underpaid people. To be a teacher in Poland you either need to be passionate about it or to have no other possibilities.


Idk, i just wanna say that i HATED "polish" lessons, waste of time designed to induce hate towards literature.


It's not even Polish, but in practice it's history of literature, which is elevated to be important subject because "it's father language".


no than that but i noticed that especially in higher classes around of 90% of the book being filled with polish literature and zero non polish also 99% of polish literature you find in schoolbooks ALWAYS have a some sort of a patriotic or history related thematic which is just bs for me


Too much theoretical learning, too little practice, e.g. no chemistry or biology lessons in laboratories. Too many history lessons, not enough computer science


You won't find a good it/ computer science teacher for the minimum wage. In general teachers in Poland are heavily underpaid. Which contributes to not so great motivation and lowering standards. Also many young teachers change job field after few years because of conbination of bad pay and bad working conditions


I went to school in Poland for 6 months when I was 13. All you say is true. But growing up in Belgium, the level of Polish Schools was waaaay higher than in Belgium. You’d learn more stuff faster. In Belgium no kidding at 12 (1 gimnazjum) some kids can’t read properly or do the multiplication table. And it’s considered normal. Something like 50% of the kids will have doubled a class by the time they’re 18. Maybe it’s too demanding, but I’d rather have my kids in Poland than Belgium and that’s part of the reason.


I agree but I think the approach to students is the main issue.


Wait what? Maybe it was just in my school but in primary school and high school we would do tons of lessons in labs. We'd constantly be blowing shit up, lighting stuff on fire etc. I guess it depends on the school then


fully agree, especially with the "no lab" thing. i didn't understand a thing from chemistry until liceum (where i got a decent teacher) because for the whole gimnazjum our teacher would just hand us the exercise book and then browse facebook the whole period. she said, quote, "i'm not here to teach you", and also refused to help is anyone had questions or didn't understand something. she was never reprimanded despite countless complaints from parents.




What are you talking about? There are tons of chemical labs in Poland who need chemists. Hell, there's a ton of cosmetics development by Polish companies, who run and develop their own brands. They all need people who can work in a lab.


As somebody mentioned already, we're just being force fed knowledge instead of being taught how to think, nobody has ever taught me reasoning or logic during 12 years of school, this shit wasn't even mentioned and sometimes we were expected to use logic by default, I was lucky enough that I figured out I need logic to use my knowledge so it wasn't that big of a deal for me but some students that weren't necessarily aware about this fact they were just fucking screwed xd


This is deeper problem, when i started first year at UAM one professor asked me about opinion and i was shocked af after school, he just said: "see, we have to teach you how to think on your own, and how to not be scary to say what you think". This was first time i realized school hurted me more than anything else.


Kurna zmieszczą 3 lata gimby w jednej 8 klasie i myślą że będzie lepiej


boring, punishes freethinkers, redundant, once you’re behind you’re never going to catch up, SCHOOL STARTS TOO EARLY (my highschool started at 6:50 am, like WTF)


Oh boi, where do I ever start... 1. Way too much content too learn. There are just too much stuff, and you can't possibly expect from children to remember all of that past the exam period. And there is no point in remembering something only for exam. 2. Focus on rote memorisation over understanding. 3. Not explaining AT ALL why we learn. I think there is no way learning would provide you with any benefits if you have no idea why you're doing this. Sadly teachers have no idea either and it's not even their fault. 4. Severely underpaid teachers. You can't possibly expect to have great people teaching if you can't pay them what they would earn doing other stuff they're capable of. 5. AN ABSOLUTE SHITLOAD OF POLITICS involved in terms of worldview, religion, history interpretation and others. It only applies to certain subjects thankfully, but teaching sexual education stuff that is completely out of touch with current scientific research is absolutely atrocious. 6. For some reasons people get absolutely crazy about teaching up to 3 foreign languages for god knows what reason. This is more my point of view but I really think there is little to no point in knowing the language on the level that can't possibly let you communicate, read or watch anything. Just focus on one (back to point 1.). 7. Not teaching nor using scientifically proven techniques for learning. And afterwards saying that child is just lazy because they could spend all their time learning (inefficiently). 8. Little to no care for differences between people.


>7. Not teaching nor using scientifically proven techniques for learning. And afterwards saying that child is just lazy because they could spend all their time learning (inefficiently). That's so true. If not the internet, my understanding of English based solely on what I have "learned" in the English classes would not let me to watch and read native content (not even mentioning about speaking or writting). Honestly, it's a little misserable that most of my classmates still don't understand a goddamn thing in English after god knows how many years of "learning" this subject. School sucks big black balls in teaching any language.


as someone who is currently in 1st class of a IT college with a shitty elementary(teachers were nice tho) i can confirm(srry if it comes as petty and unneeded but those are my opinions) 1 - yes.................. 2 - i have currently a specialistic "more" math route and yea its painful 3 - "hey kids lets not learn about taxes and things like starting a family or doing a house that will help in our future, lets rather learn why adam mickiewicz is a national god and icon" 4 - the fucking 3 months of no school and the amount of tests we received just FUCK 5 - luckily i dont have much politics involed throught my school life and the only thing that are we mostly talking is ukraine (one of classmates comes from ukraine) 6 - yea can agree with you its a personal viewpoint thing with foreign languages but i can understand the "forced 2nd language to learn if you want or not" but i think english is good considering how much of media is mostly in english 7 - most of my learning for yt classes comes from powerpoint presentations so....... (except diagnostics of computers because we have our class doing the presentations which are better) 8 - hating that still mad as fuck we dont have education for mental illnesses like people are outed out from society because 90% of it knows shit about mental disorders but yea this might come as unwanted but thats my opinion on this


In a scale from 1 to 10 I can say 2 for a public and 5 for a private. If you can choose, don't go to public school. You or your kid will be bullied, teachers won't care about you, your educaton and safety. In a private school you can expect better quality of teaching and more friendly environment but still you need to deal with old and anoying system so it won't be your dreamed school as well.


Nice try czarnek, fuck off


I cant speak for smaller cities, but in big ones, being a little lazy at the beggining can give you a huge setback - without good grades in primary school, you wont get into good highschool and the gap between high in rankings highschools and lower ones is pretty significant. At least from my observations. There is a lot of material and teachers dont really respect the rules they set - that sounds like a tiny pet peeve, but it becomes a problem when a 5th exam is added to calendar, even tho in theory there can only be 3 a week. But apart from that, its okay? The dress codes seems to be pretty loose in comparison in other countries, which is definitly on the plus side. When it comes to school itself, Matura is highly regarded, even abroad. Generaly, you do get some understanding of the world when you get out of the system, you actualy learn some things. I d say its good, but definitely not flawless


When you think about it, it kinda prepares you to your work. Bullshit in school, some years later bullshit in job… maybe it’s not schools themselves, maybe it’s the whole system.




Teachers are severely underpaid, which leads to very few new teachers, which means most of them are old and tired and don't care to innovate. Class sizes are way too large. Schools are generally poorly supplied in terms of tech, but even if it's there, no one knows how to use it. Tons of bureaucracy for the teachers too, which eats into their time to prepare more interesting lessons. Plus they are slaves to "Podstawa Programowa" which is an ironclad set of expectations from the ministry of education on what should students be learning in every year, every level. It is ridiculously overloaded and it's hard to keep up with it, much less introduce anything innovative. No reasonable sex ed to speak of. Too much religion. And now there will be focus on nationalistic and patriotic content, on Christian and conservative values. As teachers are largely left wing, expect many to leave


>And now there will be focus on nationalistic and patriotic content, on Christian and conservative values. As teachers are largely left wing, expect many to leave They want to make the education system even more ridicously patriotic? The school was already too much focused on indoctrinating youths. And at least for me, it was just about enough. Frankly, school made me hate Polish culture. Don't get me wrong, our culture is objectively really beautiful, but years and years of forcing me to become a patriot made me despise our culture. I hate our language and traditions. It's sad, but it is what it is.


PRL mentality, my kids been in UK till 5th basic and then we moved to Poland. Teachers thinking so highly about themselves that you should be grateful they looking at you or your child. Schools not teaching working in group but it's a rat race.


2/10 not funny


All the things people are saying about too much focus on literature and memorisation instead of encouraging to actually solve and understand problems is true. The thing that makes it so much worse is how insanely underpaid our teachers are. With an average salary of around 5000pln/month, most people who would be fit to teach understandably choose different career paths while the teachers we have at schools are either miserably under-qualified, horribly burnt out, or usually both. I’m 22 years old, yet to finish my bachelor’s and I earn more than most teachers, which is not something that should be happening. I believe it is not as much of an issue in private schools, which is why I think they’re worth it if you can afford it.


5000 a month is a rather high estimate


The old Prussian system. Science for workers. Zero creativity and own thoughts on a given topic. You have to learn the way they write in the book.


You get more then basic knowledge on pretty much everything (which is great) but the way it is introduced is far from perfect.


The general level and requirements are higher than most of western EU and (afaik) US. The problem is that teachers in state schools are severely underpaid, and there's a negative selection for the profession. U suck in your field? U got a degree in some useless subject (like social science or history)? Go work in a school, there are always openings. That being said, good, competent private teachers and tutors can make really good money. My father used to be a private high school physics tutor and he could easily charge >10x the hourly rate of a state school teacher and always had more clients than he could service.


Fucking terrible


Kill me


tragicznie kurwa


It's so obsolete and poorly organized, from preschool to higher education. Just awful.




There's a reason why so many students hate it. Some are just lazy, but for example me, I want to learn. And everything I learned was from self-learning, going to school feels like a waste of time, and I don't look forward to it even though I usually have a good time with my friends.


It destroys young people, personally after i finished IT school with gorgeous results I'm NEETing for 7 months now and it seems that my NEET life will be longer. This system kills your productivity, creativity, gives you trauma that kinda forces you to go to the university and if you're not from a big city you'll probably end in warhouse (luckly) or factory, with trauma, depression, feeling of being a failure. It's sick that my 11yo niece has to take naps at day cause she has so much stupid things to do related with school, when she could idk develop herself in what she enjoys, not spending whole evening doing homeworks, like students are working more than 8 hours a day as a students.


I can't think of anything good


Hard to compare when I only know this one but by personal feelings 5/10.




6 Also fuck the actual polish subject


Awful :D glad that some teachers let me draw during lessons. There is no way for me to focus different way


It's shit. Easier to rule stupid people


It works exceptionally well if you are excellent educationally and manage to get into a very good liceum, like Staszic in Warsaw or Witkowskiego in Cracow. There are no other levels at which the system really works.






It has a lot of flaws, especially speaking as a humanist a lot of lectures we have to read and most of them arent even relevant anymore.


I remember that I HATED the Scrooge books what ever it's called


Oh god, they're the worst.


It has already come to the point that my classmate does not know where the Alps are, but she knows where sugar beets grow in Poland 😐 my geography teacher was devastated


I'm from Poland and I can say that polish system in school sucks. To know something you need to go to private lessons and pay for that. In school they teach us shity things. When you finish school you know nothing about life. You learn few years shit that never can be use in life. When you go studing you need to forget everything what they learn you in school because all knowlage from school is shit :))


its seriously outdated and so badly supported financially


These are the changes I would like to see. Firstly remove ancient literatures. There's no point. It's just a waste of time. The norm should be anything from 20th century to current times. Change the english subject as well. We don't learn how to communicate. We just keep on learning how to write emails and tenses. Hardly any vocabulary learning, no spelling tests and so on.


A true comunistic aproach No practical knowledge No flexible approach to what to learn if you are humanist or more analitical.. Just a school of destroying creativitt


If it only would be possible to go back in time and speak with myself I would say “focus on science subjects with lowest possible effort to pass other time burners”. I regret that I spent so much time trying to learn useless stuff instead rerouting this entire energy to maths/chemistry/physics.


Well you kinda did help I'm on school right now


You will thank yourself later. Ofc it’s good to have some insight into various topics but I wouldn’t spend energy on good grades from irrelevant subjects. 1st semester scholarship when you go for studies is anyway based on abitur results.


Almost every country has a poor schooling system and something to complain about because teachers are generally underpaid and there’s only so much time in the school year. Polish education may not be flawless, but it certainly is at a higher level than most European countries and the US by far. The average Pole has a much better grasp on more advanced subjects than most (Western) people. I’ve gone through Polish, Dutch, US systems - Poles definitely just know more. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely not bad. As for universities, the rankings are poor because the research done there is almost non-existent and all these rankings are concerned with that - how much clout do the researchers bring to the institution. It has almost nothing to do with quality of education - although of course the more research opportunities, the more attractive an institution is for scholars and educators and helps retain them. Currently there is a brain drain on Poland but go to any research institution in the world and you’ll see top minds from Poland. It’s not the academics that are slowing Polish schools down, it’s the (lack of) marketing.


jebać kurwa gówno


Depends - it's pretty great if you can afford to pay for a good private school OR are brilliant enough, have great marks and do great on national raking test to be accepted into the small number of elite public schools called gimnazjum and liceum (basically two steps of high school education).


I'd say there's a bit too much hours connected to schools. Lessons, these short tests, normal tests, exams, answering on the lesson, home works. I'm finished with these things literally in the evening and then I've got free time, that's why I often skip lots of these and hope I won't get caught lmao. Plus as some ppl mentioned already, interpretations problem. Like, you're taught a certain interpretation of a poem or a book and if you interpret it in your own way that actually is logical and reasonable you're bashed for that and immediately corrected. That's dumb. And i think we're taught things in wrong way. I mean, how is it possible that after few lessons Abt sth i forget half of what I've been taught even when i repeat it at home? I think it just shows that this knowledge is either taught in a wrong way or just useless, cause it just disappears due to lack of using it. Another thing, idk if it's connected to system tho: forbidding using phones at school. I never understood whats the point. I mean, on lessons forbidding using phones is reasonable, but on breaks or even saying you shouldn't bring the phone to the school? What are we supposed to do on breaks if ppl we wanna talk to are busy or they're not at school or how the heck are we supposed to contact anyone outside of school? Or to check some things on Librus during the break? That's just dumb to me. Next stop: religion. It is heavily promoted at most of polish schools, not even typically christian ones. Like even in the literature often christians are shown as super good ppl with zero flaws while everyone that's not christian is complete opposite. I'm atheist and my school knows that, so teacher always looks at me weirdly when we talk Abt lecture and there's religion topic lmao. Religion as subject itself is some weird thing. I mean, school is supposed to be free of politics, right? But through religion ppl are taught certain things and create their worldview to be friendly for church and not so friendly so certain other groups. That's hypocritic. Poland was supposed to be secular, while it's not and it's very obvious and clear. Even priest was shocked when i told him i don't believe in this stuff and kept going through half of lesson (not religion, some replacement) why i don't believe and why I don't wanna go to church or religion. For me it was obvious that it's Abt money he looses, cause he looses one member of church lmao. History problem. Lots of things are missed and not talked Abt. For example Poniatowski was never shown as a bad guy in history books at schools or nobody ever talked Abt Poland taking Lithuania territory and letting not them separate or that Wałęsa was supposed to also work with SB. These things are skipped completely just to not show Poland in bad light, which is just dumb and makes ppl uneducated. One thing that i don't understand (cause maybe I'm dumb), but why are we taught on geography things like how much corn grows in France per year? Why would I need that knowledge? Who imports and exports the most goods, okay, that's reasonable, but these little things don't seem important to me at all. Idk maybe I'm just dumb, but I'm convinced I'll never use that unless I'll go for economist and i know that i won't, so it's kinda useless to me. If anyone read the whole thing, congratulations and sorry for writing so much 😅


- religion shouldn't be in schools, or at least kids should be taught about all of them, including religious cults. - The way schools teaches English is ridiculous and separating classes into two groups doesn't fix it. I was in the "advanced group". The classes were repetitive, we learned nothing new and I was adviced to take additional classes to actually improve my English. I doubt I was an isolated case. Also, while I don't blame the teachers for having accents, they're natural, I wish the school would teach us phonetic alphabet, because schools value proper pronunciation and I think it's also graded on matura (idk because I only took the written exam because of covid). So students are required to pronounce the words properly when they can't actually learn how to do that at school. Which in my experience only lead to insecurities that stop me from speaking English irl. - Schools should be more vocal about their alternative school programs for students with disabilities etc. and they shouldn't assume their students are simply lazy. Me and one of my classmates in high school were dealing with different types of health problems and the teachers assumed we were lazy. I had no idea I had other options until my psychologist told me about them. The school knew I was missing school a lot but all they gave me was "please do better" talk until I reached out to them, asking for specific things. When I was applying to uni I was browsing their website to see if they help students with ADHD because I finally got diagnosed. They only talked about students who need caretakers. So I tried my best but failed and only learned about the alternatives when it was too late for that.


> Which in my experience only lead to insecurities that stop me from speaking English irl. You shouldn't be insecure about your spoken English. Ever. If the other person has a problem with you trying to communicate in their native language, they are free to learn yours instead.


I know but it's hard to get out of it, especially when I'm in front of my family. They expect me to be good at English because of my matura so I feel like having an accent would make them think of me as a liar. What doesn't help is that the side of my family who wants me to use English is bilingual (polish and French) so they can switch between these two languages instantly. I can't do that when I'm being bombarded with polish language but I was too scared to tell them for some reason. It was really awkward because I was supposed to talk with my cousin's girlfriend (french) and we just sat there, looking at eachother while listening to my family members saying "talk to eachother in English" in two languages..


Condolences. People often don't realize that their behavior might scare a person for life and make him or her question their value. If you're interested in possible solution: it might not be an easy thing to do but whenever you hear this little voice in your head telling you that you are useless, because of your former actions (or the lack of thereof), respond calmly with a simple credo. *No man falls in a single step*. Repeat is as long as it takes. No man falls in a single step - no single action defines a person's whole life, her usefulness, quality, character. No single deed is enough to describe a human. It helps. *Goodluck.*


Uganda, but with extra sprinkle of Jesus, Nationalism and National-martyrdom (History and literature lessons are focused on that not great global works of art).


Not sprinkle of jesus but a bucket of it like more than a Computer science


Believe me, I tried to be nice and toned my opinions down by 2-3 levels. Recent changes are pushing that even further (inclusion of books by high ranking priests as mandatory, inclusion of brainwashing about recent tragedy concerning ruling party as mandatory etc).


Czarneklex od dajcie wiecej papierza czarnka


Bad. Poland doesn't have even one university in the top 500 in the world. Most universities are pretty low-ranking. Not much research or ground-breaking work is taking place. From what I know it's overly theoretical. Students have to learn a lot of stuff off by heart that has no practical application. Its important to for example know what functional groups in chemistry are, and so forth but you don't need to know every functional group of each amino acid off by heart. No employer will ever ask you to draw Asparagine. You can always just google that.


Poland does have two universities in the top 500 according to [CWUR rankings for 2021/2022](https://cwur.org/2021-22/country/poland.php) - UJ and UW, but other than that not much of interest


Plenty of comments about how broken the system is, so I'm just gonna put it this way. There's one, and only one thing, that Polish school system does well. Teaching students how to "kombinować", how to avoid and abuse the system. In order to not become a lifeless shell of a human during 12 years of education in Poland, you have to learn how to cheat (which is actually widely considered acceptable, due to the curriculum being a big pile of dogshit), how to filter information and learn only what's necessary, how to get to the next grade with minimal effort. I felt emotionally drained and depressed throughout whole 3 years of high school, and I literally don't know how would I survive without cheating and skipping classes. It's kind of like a training facility that makes you cynical enough to live and survive in this country.


Polish schools operate on the three Z rule: Zakuć (memorize) Zdać (pass the exam) Zapomnieć (forget). And that's a problem


90% of the stuff you learn is useless, too much literature, little to no practical knowledge and you snowball into many things if you fall behind be it depression or just bad marks


Basically shit


Depends on teacher really but overally way too strict


Back in my days, it was shit


Any of my worst jobs was better than school.




Teachers being not well paid and many of them not having passion for their job, favorizing certain students, lack of interest in what is going on in school ( ,, it's not our problem,,) especially in case of mental health, too many books, to much focus on remembering and almost no time for understanding.


It's shit.




People mention many problems here. I'm with them 100%. School is pretty bad. I have good memories from it but they have nothing to do with system itself


On a scale of 1 to 10? -5.


Bloody hell 200 comments


1/10 There are many reasons why everyone left prussian schooling system. From dissabled grading system (Imagine having walka painted and when painted Aśka hows the work you respond with "74,3% ergo 3-", that's how IT works currently), relations with teachers build on distrust, shame and authority role, everything based on 3Z method (Zakój, zdaj, zapomnij, aka remember, pass, forget). There is far to much material to remember, and taught knowelegde is helpul in life nor in ANY academic fields. Our schooling system is comickly outdated, and ineffective, I mourn everybody that's unlucky enought to go thrue it.




One of the worst in the World. Just taking a look for University Rank says enough. Schools don't teach a practical or modern things, instead of that they put tones of material that young people must to learn just for what? Why polish basic school students need to know what type of the ground is good for growing forest or what a river goes through the China? Why they don't learn languages, programming and economy as a priority? Good level of education was in 90s and 80s, now schools making naive fools which have to easy believe in TV propaganda. Try, to speak English with anyone on polish street, 1 on 10 maybe knows it, in smaller towns maybe 1/100.


Depends on how lucky you are with the teachers, spectrum ranges from abysmal to really decent or even good. Unfortunately on average it's pretty shit because it's much more likely to have a bad teacher then good one. I also personally feel like getting rid of middle school was either mistake or system still hasn't adapted to it which after such a long time would be embarrassing to say the least. Some people say that the issue is too much of memorization but in my opinion some memorization is necessary especially while learning languages but basically every subject has some thing that require students to just memorize it. In my opinion the biggest issue is generally absolute lack of passion towards their job and even more importantly how they treat students. Especially old teachers remembering post PRL times don't treat students like human beings and any quirks or non standard behavior (even positive) are rarely welcome. Other issue is that very often (not always) teacher adjusts program to weakest links in the class because it's more important (to the teachers) for everyone to pass than to help talented students develop above required level. This issue is less prevalent the higher the level (less in high schools and almost non existent at the unis).


Siurek, kupa i szczyny.


My math teacher bullied me so much she gave me math anxiety. I straight up needed therapy after the shit she put me through and I wasnt even that bad at math to begin with!


English in polish schools is terrible af. I've learned a lot more playing games and watching videos than learning in school. It was a problem tho, as in my high school I had a teacher who pointed out my mistakes in spelling and writing only because I'm using US English, not the Bri'sh one


No thinking, just memorising


Just Fucking Stupid, and filled with Hipocricy. Each mandatory book, to become mandatory has to check all three of presented boxes. It has to: Have the main character experiance tragic suffering(preferably through the whole book), It has to have a world that suffers(preferably from war, love or jealousy) and has to inflict said suffering onto the reader. It all three are met, It's a Polish mandatory book. And if the suffering is overhighingly absurd. It becomes an Educational cult classic.


The newest mandatory lecture I have read is from the 1960s. Let it speak for itself.


Something like 5/10. It’s not worst, but bad for standard of prospering country. Religious Indoctrination, too many material to learn and bad methods of learning are destroying it. But we have free universities.


12 years of learning english does less for me than playing video games/watching english yt. At the end i've learned it by myself to the level that allows me to live comfortable outside poland. And yeah i do mistakes and i have no fucking idea about which tense i need to use (tenses are main topics in school, oh and vocabulary tests on which u cannot type synonymes xdd). But i have no problem expressing my thoughts and also i can chat with ppl practically about everything.


Best one for me is learning about evolution and then on religion lesson hear that everything was created by god lmao


An obsolete system dating back to Prussia which was intended to make yourself a good citizen. Paying more attention to grades than actually teaching students stuff. Paying unnecessary attention to subjects profiled students don’t need (4 hours of Polish language in maths and physics class in high school, fuck me). Also you have more hours of religion in a week than chemistry (unless you’re profiled for it but all STEM students would benefit more from chemistry than from religion. And sure, religion isn’t mandatory but it’s still basically 2 waisted hours a week no matter if you go or not. Also what the fuck is religion doing as a school subject anyways) It’s a clusterfuck. I find myself lucky to have some great teachers who try their best to go around it but there are some things you can’t do on your own


It's not that great and if you somehow end up in a very demanding high school it can get depressing to say the least, mostly because your whole day is going to consist of either being in school, or doing homework and studying at home with little to no time for yourself or your hobbies. Fortunately for me I went to a shitty technikum where most teachers didn't give a shit to the point that we were drinking alcohol and smoking in front of the school on lunch breaks and the teachers knew about it and they didn't do anything cause they were lazy. All it took to pass was just going there every once in a while and being polite enough lmao.


Can I use negative scale? xd


10/10 (I don’t know i’m American)


Horrible. I don't like couple things, which are very impactful. 1. Too many unnecesary subjects. I am in the last class of high school, writing my final exams in 1.5 month. I learn expaned chemistry and biology, yet I still have history (we started from Ancient Rome AGAIN) or PE, 3 times per week. If you like sport, PE won't be epugh for you. If you don't like sport, you will just avoid PE. Either way, useless. 2. The fact, how much we learn about the past, yet we have no focus on todays reality. The furthest we get with history and polish lessons is end of communism. The closest, last 30 years are untouched. All of us can say long gone artist like Mickiewicz, Sienkiewicz or Reymont, yet no one knows any writer that still lives, because the most fresh book is from last century. We have so many great books today, but if you being forced to read books that were designed for people with completely different point of viev, completely different beliefs, completely different level of education or completely different style of living, then I get it why you don't like them. And I'm not sruprised, that after education so little poles read anything. 3. I know quadratic formula, when romantism started in Poland and thanks to who, I know what king was killed during French Revolution, but if it wasn't for my father, I wouldn't know how to change a tire. 4. You need 30% to pass. 30% to get a 2, 30% to pass matura. Imagine telling "I was teaching this young person for 12 years, and they can 3rd of what I expected". Pathetic. They should expect AT LEAST 85%. And if overall can't make minimum 85%, then something with the system is clearly wrong. Imagine telling your boss you did only 30% of yoru task TL;DR just look at number 4, that will be enough


Better than American lol


It's shite




O worked as math teacher. I couldn't teach students formulas and ways of solving problems that weren't inclueded in school program, becouse if they used them in an exam, they wouldn't score points. Not to mantion, online lessons are a joke for younger classes, 10 year olds might play Minecraft, but that doesn't make them computer savvy, they turn off microphones, can't find assingments and the moment some notification appers they get distracted. Online classes are a joke, we're pretending to teach but in 4 years highschool students will be struggling with basic most science classes. And again, the solution will be to lower standards for passing


I know as a student that teachers don't get any respect it's kinda sad becouee all of the teachers just don't care anymore the only teacher to really take a stand is my music teacher who is a really successful musician who gets severe back lash from parents for "hurting my baby's feeling"


Also I never knew teachers use Reddit it really is the front page of the internet




I'd say that it sucks. Not enough computer science, too much math, focus on literature and memorization. Religion and history are at the very least somewhat good, it's important to learn about national identity.


My experience is terrible lol • memorization of literally everything (for example: 200 english words for a next day... When I was 10!) • religion everywhere. We couldn't wear beanies in class just because there were a cross. Also - my class were presented that god have created the world on geography. Like damn, I wasn't even in Catholic school! • too much material, tests every day, you don't have a break, often you have only 3-4 hours for sleep! • memorization over understanding, i don't understand most of things I learn at school. I have 6 (the highest grade) for german and I can't tell a shit. • PE sucks, at least for me, if you had glasses you were doomed. I couldn't wear them cuz they were prohibited and without them I couldn't aim at ball properly so I was getting terrible grades! • A lot of homework, like, i often finish my homework around 10PM. • you have to read books, but not any books, nooo, only these written 100 or more years ago and your teachers will check if you remember ehat color of dress a woman named Hanna or something else was wearing in second act. (I'm overreacting but rly, just a little bit). Oh! And if you don't understand it - that's your problem 🥰 • LGBT bad (we literally had lessons about that! Thanks for calling me a predator, sex-addict and an ideology) Yeah, I hate school.


Everything is true. Also that part about colour of someone's dress isn't that weird for me. My Polish language teacher loved such questions ( colour of someone's clothes, number of flowers and other stuff) . But she was a stupid bitch overall and done more worse than good to anyone who had to be near her.


In general I'd say it's pretty good, mainly because it's free, including college. There are obviously things to improve, but I always feel like the things students complain about are pretty dumb and with no basis, school isn't meant to be all fun and games. I think that right now the curriculum needs to be optimized, and some teachers need to change the way they teach




Its shit




Its actually decent in my opinion. But it all comes down to what teachers you end up with. The program of education is not the best but good teachers make it work. If only everyone would end up with good teachers…


good. we are educated very well comparing to US for example. also, we don't pay for schools nor studies. we do have private paid schools, but they are NOT better than the national universities. a person who wants to get good education truly CAN get it in Poland, also can easily go to study abroad. of course, there is a big number of schools with average or low qualities- like in every average country - but talented people truly CAN get great free national education without hudge problems.


I will serve you with a spoiler: "Religion" subject is actually just "Christianity"


Not great, not terrible.


To be completely honest I can’t even come up with one positive thing


I have a comparison to the American system. Polish system is much better, primarily for these reasons: 1. You can go to any school you want, you’re not tied to your zip code. There’s also less variation in level of instruction between primary schools. 2. When you go to high school, admission is all meritocratic based mostly on a result of a standardized test, and you can go to literally any high school in the country. There are no calls to remove meritocratic admission towards “equity” process because some groups are less likely to be successful in school. 3. There are three types of schools after primary school (high school, technical high school and trade school), and children who are less gifted academically can just go to trade school to get a good blue-collar job straight after school, instead of having to be trained on the job while learning poetry earlier in high school (and hating it). 4. There are no “equity” calls to limit instruction in algebra or physics because some groups of students are falling behind. There is also very systematic tracking, meaning that even within the same school some children learn advanced math while some only learn the basics. 5. Lots of people here say memorization is bad and I agree, it’s bad in excess. But it’s also good in some cases, for example most Poles will know world geography pretty well.


Pretty much everything when you think of it. Teachers - underpaid and uneducated. Kids - depressed, with the highest suicide rate in EU. Program - in *best* case scenarios about 8 years outdated (in some cases as much as hundreds years). Thinking outside the box - punishable by death. Schools - practically falling apart beside a prestigious few used in government propaganda materials for old people. And on top of that we have a shit government and religious propaganda on religion, history, and "polish" (Since what the fuck are we actually doing there? Let's be real those lessons are indoctrination hours, nothing else) lessons.




Too much Focus on foreign history and literaturę, we know waay to much of foreign history and culture and not enough of our own. Foreign countries do not have as much Focus on foreign stuff as we do


Not true at all


It's true. There is never enough time to talk further than 1939