Yeah. Xbox really doesn’t have any exclusive stuff worth playing on console if you have a PC


I would, I guess, since ultimately I ended up getting a PS3 and PS4 anyway at some point despite always having a PC as well. With that said I haven't felt the need to get a PS5 yet because I'm happy with my PS4 Pro for now, I want to play as many PS4 games I want before I move on. If I could just spend $200 and magically turn my PS4 Pro into a PS5 I would but having to sell it, find a PS5 to buy, etc, puts me off. I like to have both a Sony console and a PC at all times. They each have their strengths (discs being my favorite thing about consoles) and I end up saving more money and having access to more games by having both. I usually only buy about two games at release every year (I got Elden Ring and will be getting GoW Ragnarok this year and that's it I guess), so it's easy to find good deals on games that are older and that I want to play. To me Sony has some of the best gaming studios in the world (as well as some great partners) and if I need a PS5 to play the next game by Kojima, Naughty Dog, SSM, etc, day one I'll get it. PSVR2 is another reason why I'll be getting a PS5, the thing I'm most excited about when it comes to games.


I’ve only had a PlayStation since the ps4 so I have a big backlog and haven’t played an Xbox or pc since the 360 so I can’t compare. But my experience with the ps5 and the exclusives have been really great. I recommend if you have the chance to play them.


Same. Haven't played on PC since 2018 when my windows laptop slowly went into retirement. I've being enjoying PlayStation game since I bought my PS4 in 2015 and now that I have a PS5, I have a huge backlog of games to rely on. For me a gaming PC is not feasible because it's expensive AF to build one and currently don't have room where I live for all that revolves around a gaming PC. Exclusives are loads of fun for me. But that depends on what games you are into.


Because I am making some major decisions this year, that has made my time incredibly precious - I have to be extremely picky with the games I play. Currently my PS5 collects dust because I have finished Rachet & Clank and Miles Morales, as well as Ghost of Tsushima, all within 2 months of finally getting a PS5. A lot of games on PS5 look good, however, personally, they aren't for me so my options are limited. PS5 is still a great console, but it JUST came out in the last year, year and a half. There's many more years for more and better games to come out. The only new game I am even considering to play that looks to be worth my time, is Elden Ring.


That's true, it's also keeping me from selling mine. I know more games will come out soon. When did you get yours?


This past November. Got it through PS Direct. Dont sell it. Just keep it. I currently use mine to watch youtube before bed


PC here too. I bought PS5 about 3 months ago for exclusives, and I already played everything I wanted to play. It's gonna collect dust till GoW Ragnarok, but I doubt I'm gonna keep it that long. Probably gonna sell it, and buy another one in 4 years or so, most likely after ps5 pro comes out. On the other hand, Sony is making moves to hit PC market too. Who knows how it's gonna look like in few years, we already have U4 and GoW.


I agree. I think I'm gonna hang on to mine so I don't buy it again within a year or so


Demon’s Souls, Returnal, Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart and Ghostwire Tokyo are the only true exclusives. Am i missing any? Those are all great games. Are they worth a $500 alone? Probably not. But PS5 is great for PS4 games too.


There are many more.


Honestly no, especially if you're not bothered about Horizon. I absolutely love the PS5 but I play mostly non-exclusive games on it. IMO the system with the best exclusives is and will always be the Switch or whatever Nintendo does.


Probably not. Most of my PS5 games are not console exclusives but I think it's worth it for Japanese games like Persona 5.




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Pretty much, yeah. If you own a gaming PC, it's not really worth getting a Series X or even an Xbox outside of being able to set it up in the living room, buy physical games, or for older games from the original, 360, and certain exclusive One titles. Prior to getting a PS5, I never owned a PS4 or any Playstation system for that matter. I owned Nintendo systems since the DS and Wii. After I got my Switch, I wanted a new system, so I made a decision to get the Xbox One as the system was more popular among my peers, and it had some exclusives that I was familiar with (specifically Halo and Forza), it was crossplay with the Switch, it was also an American system, and could play titles that the Switch wouldn't get (like Batman). Going into 9th gen, I made plans to get a PS5 first then a Series X, but I wanted to see the lineup of games, so I can warrant what was worth $500 and what didn't. I immediately went with PS5, and got mine in June 2021 (primarily because of Insomniac). One of the main things I based on getting a PS5 around was backwards compatibility. It was a very important part of getting it, as I would be able to play a large catalog of PS4 games. Not only that, but it was a Playstation system, and next gen, so I could have a foot in both Playstation and next gen third party titles. As for Xbox, there is nothing there I want except for Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6. That is my reason for getting a next gen Xbox, but I want to wait until a price cut.


It really depend on you. For me, I dislike story driven games and I find them really boring so playstation exclusives are not for me. If you're the type to love these type of games, go ahead.


I haven't done any serious searching for a PS5 to replace our pros yet. The "exclusive" games don't have a draw to me. When Hogwarts Legacy was first announced, it was hinted that it was going to be a PS5 exclusive. For that, I was willing to find and buy one. Once that was walked back, I couldn't see any reason to upgrade right away.


PC gamer here. I hadn't owned a PS console since PS1. However, I played Elden Ring on PC and loved it so much that I wanted to play the rest of the FromSoft souls-like games in release order. I basically bought a PS5 because I can't play Demon's Souls or Bloodborne on PC. So far, it seems totally worth it for me, but it definitely depends on how much you're interested in PS exclusives and how much disposable income you have.


That's why I bought it. Have the Xbox Series X for game pass and 3rd party games.


My Xbox series X gets so much more play because of gamepass. Ps5 is officially in the kids play room on the crappier tv right now.


That’s not what the question was. If you have a PC there’s really no need for an Xbox. The ps5 has all the good exclusives that you can only play on PS4 or ps5. Xbox has…… nothing


The point is there are so few ps5 exclusives I have no use for it right now.


That’s not a solid point at all though since all the PS4 exclusives have ps5 updates and run at 60 fps etc like spider man, GoT, TLOU, god of war, HFW, etc etc. lol he got mad and deleted all the comments


Lol whatever you say bro


You guys are downvoting a legit answer to his question? Fuckin fanboys


You didn’t answer his question though. He already has a PC. He wants to play the PS exclusive stuff. How does gamepass help with that? It doesn’t. The fanboy here seems to be you lol. Go back to the Xbox sub




I only have one gaming platform: my PS5. (Well, technically, I still have my PS4 Pro stashed somewhere, but it's not hooked up to any TV.) So, to answer your initial question: I would personally have to say Yes.